PAF Early Warning System Saab 2000

December 10, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Air Force on Tuesday received first of its four Saab-2000 Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft from Sweden.  According to an official announcement, the aircraft landed at one of main operating bases, marking a major milestone in PAF’s overall modernisation plan.


With the induction of the Swedish system, PAF has become one of the few air forces in the world to have Airborne Early Warning capability.  Besides detecting high- and medium-altitude aircraft, this state-of-the-art system is also capable of detecting low-level flying objects over land and sea at extended ranges. The system is capable of picking even the surface targets over the sea.  By virtue of these features, PAF would be able to boost its operational capability manifold by achieving requisite early warning for efficient and meaningful air defence of its airspace.

The Erieye AEW&C mission system radar is an active, phased-array, pulse-Doppler sensor that can feed an onboard operator architecture or downlink data (via an associated datalink subsystem) to a ground-based air defence network. The system employs a large aperture, dual-sided antenna array housed in a dorsal ‘plank’ fairing. The antenna is fixed, and the beam is electronically scanned, which provides for improved detection and significantly enhanced tracking performance compared with radar-dome antenna systems.Erieye detects and tracks air and sea targets out to the horizon (and beyond due to anomalous propagation)—instrumented range has been measured at 450 km.

Typical detection range against fighter-sized targets is approximately 350 km, in a 150° broadside sector, both sides of the aircraft. Outside these sectors, performance is reduced in forward and aft directions.Other system features include:Adaptive waveform generation (including digital, phase-coded pulse compression), signal processing and target trackingTrack While Scan (TWS)Low sidelobe values (throughout the system’s angular coverage)Low- and medium-pulse repetition frequency operating modesFrequency agilityAir-to-air and sea surveillance modesTarget radar cross-section displayThe radar operates as a medium- to high-PRF pulse-Doppler, solid-state radar, in E/F-band (3 GHz), incorporating 192 two-way transmit/receive modules that combine to produce a pencil beam, steered as required within the operating 150° sector each side of the aircraft (one side at a time). It is understood that Erieye has some ability to detect aircraft in the 30° sectors fore and aft of the aircraft heading, but has no track capability in this sector



  1. huge boost for the airforce. in today’s netcentric world, this capability gives the PAF a big advantage in the battlefield. mashAllah! may we prosper and grow as a nation.

    • Mashallah, Congratulations!!!

      Mubarak ho!!

      Aur ap sub ka mo Mitha ho!!!

  2. Paksitan Zindabad!!!

  3. At last. Innocent as they may look, these Erieyes nonetheless massively boost PAFs capabilities.

  4. great news…erieye will prove to be the force multiplier pakistan has been looking for. we also have advantage of mounting these awacs on the saab 2000 plane itself rather than an ilyushin as IAF did with phalcons. Great system all in all. more good news coming in with induction of chinese kj-200 awacs which are reportedly said to be better in range and performance than the phalcons. with these two diverse systems, paf can better position itself. this will also be the first AESA deployments for PAF, benefiting our fighter jets which currently lack AESA radars.

    MashAllah…keep up the good work PAF.

    • chinese awacs can never be better than israeli phalcon

      • chinese awacs are pretty good. u have your opinion, its good, but we have ours. such things have been said about pakistan and china in past too and pakistan has succeeded everytime with producing own tanks, artillery, figher jets, missiles, nuclear weapons and more. these statement do not matter anymore because actions do speak loudly.

        pakistan is also developing its own UCAV now in collaboration with china, after successfully launching its UAVs. With this development, pakistan will be amongst those countries who can produce their own UCAVs too.

        great goin pakistan. We love you.

      • @ shumayel

        no. when it comes to avionics, israelis dominate. did u know that china wanted to buy a phalcon awacs from israel but the deal was blocked by US?

      • i know about the phalcons deal and more. But do you know china acquired key technologies in designing AWACS before the deal was entirely called off?

        Also, israel may be good with avionics but it does not exactly ‘dominate’.

        Anyway, are you an indian? Because if you are, i think no one is getting anywhere and this talk should be dropped.

      • @ Shumayel

        SAL is a MALU ….from Keralaaaaa 😀 😀

        They are true specimens and an incredibly hilarious breed …lol lol lol lol

        You can identify by the way they write small sentences because they are shy of writing proper y-inglish…lol lol

        Ask them their qualifications and they will reply – Yem Bee YaY…


        😀 😀 😀

  5. Lol Israel dominates only in some people’s minds. In the Arab wars Pakistanis called their bluff and so did the Soviets. Only people willing to take threats laying down will be scared of Israel.

    • care to explain why israel has replaced russia as india’s biggest military hardware provider if their stuff is so bad?

      • @sal the malu lingum sucker….as usual comes up with another stupid statement veiled as a dumb query. dumbass it is because india has decided to play slave soldiers to israel..thinking that it is the only way to stop Pakistan from straightening out india. but as usual u will fail again…so go change ur pants now

      • I’m a bit amused by this Q&A. I don’t work for the Indian military. I can’t read their minds, go ask them.

        In Pakistan we don’t judge military equipment on the basis of who made them. We even went to Sweden because they offered the best bang for the buck in the field of AWACS.

      • Abe Sal-ay saray PAK k,
        we neither afraid of any weapon nor the country which is producing it.we don’t give shit. It’s the spirit which fights in wars. It’s not ur fault of being afraid of “powerful” countries.it’s in ur blood. Hindu has always been warshiping figures more powerful than him/her. No wonder u r scared of being out-numbered in army or weapon but we give a shit about it.

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  7. No point in this arguing, we´ll find out when we see the real capabilities anyway wont we?

    • Its capabilities are no secret:

      These are its real capabilities and this system is exactly what PAF needed to fulfull its surveillance requirements.

  8. congrats Pakistani Nation, Today the first saab AWACS was officially inducted into PAF. Great news.

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