December 10, 2009



  1. I see that Brasstacks has made these videos (am I correct?), they’re doing a fine job.

    • Brother we all are BrassTacks here!

  2. Inshallah the old sleeping lion is gonna wake up………its jst a matter of time

  3. An army carrying black banners will come from the East (khurasan). No power will be able to stop it, and it wont stop till it conquers Jerusalem. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Tirmidhi

    • Insha-ALLAH
      bro you just say the words i think in my mind

  4. *** To Everyone ****

    The above mentioned Hadith CLEARLY mentions the word “ARMY” that will come from Khurasan and we MUST join this army . THUS WE SUPPORT the RIGHTEOUS ARMY that is from Khurasan – Which includes The Pakistan Army …that will Inshallah become the Nucleus of the Khurasan Empire in the Future !!

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