Pakistan Air Force gets Ilyushin IL-78 MIDAS aerial refueling tanker

December 9, 2009



  1. washmallai…fit:)

  2. Mashallah

  3. Ghazwa e hind near . . . India is mine now! Welcome to Dehli Pakistan . . . BD

    • Insha-ALLAH

      • India already has several refuellers of ironically the same type.

        Actually its difficult to see what role pak is going to use these refuellers.

        Pakistan is not more than 400-500 km wide on average.

        Most Pak bases are within a few hundred km of the Indian border so as it is it aircraft do not have to fly far.

        Refuelling is an operation which HAS to be done either over home or friendly airspace.

        Refulling aircraft cannot be done over enemy territory as it is too dangerous.

        Such a big aircraft will be a sitting duck for aany fighter.

        Aircraft while connected for refuelling are also very vulnerable.

        Such large aircraft, also need their own escorts .

        At best they could be used to increase endurance of Combat air patrols or AWACs flying over pakistan or maybe maritime missions over friendly seas.

        India has much more use of such aircraft since it has bases ver far away also.

        Palnes can be brought in from Andamans and Nicobar, northeast,bases like kalai kunda in west bengal or Chennai in deep south.

        These are far away bases from pakistan and the aircraft refuel within India and fly onward for their mission.

        Not really a game changer like the Erieye AWACS though even these have been countered by the much larger and sophisticated Israeli Phalcon radar.

        So do not hurry onto Delhi yet!

    • yes plz come. our su30s and mig29s need practice

      • @sal and rajk the cow piss drinkers…there is a saying “never underestimate the predictability of stupidity” and u cow rear lovers fit the bill completely. here we have these lingum suckers giving their hogwash analysis ( read utter stupidity) and then when one tries to counter these pathetic and cow dung of analysis these asswipes come up with more nonsense…..hence never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. so i am not even going to waste my time to counter ur analysis which by the way personifies a true indian mind – shit head

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  4. good great going

    paf also got first of four erieye saab awacs.

  5. Mashallah

  6. Beautiful plane, masha’Allah. If any new Erieye pics emerge don’t forget to share.

  7. this will help to deep strick in enemy taritory and for long border scurity flights. InshAllah

  8. Uuuuh big deal. A refueler. Considering what pk really needs compared to pk fauj operations0, this is just one tiny itsi bitsi peanut, which PAF probably could have made themselves.

  9. great news

  10. Mashallah and Alhamdolillah

  11. A big chunk of aircraft’s fuel is consumed when aircraft takes-off and reaches the desired altitude, leaving the rest of the fuel for the rest of the mission. The idea is to fill them up somewhere over the Indian Ocean. Its a strategic decision.

    • they will probably get shot down before they reach there

      • sal u f**k head..go back to drinking ur cow piss cola. do u even think that ur pathetic flying coffins can penetrate our airspace. ur flying coffins are more liable to go down in shit smoke than make it out of ur boarders. and like the asswipe that u are with sever memory lapses..ur airforce had to beg mike mullen to coerce PAF into allowing ur aircraft to breach our airspace after ur self inflicted but failed mumbai drama…the response..mullen was shown a picture of one of ur aircrafts locked into PAF’s radar and a strong message that next time it would be brought down…come to think of it u guys had the shit scared out of u and ran like vermins when PAF took to the skies..so go back and hide in ur cow’s rare.

      • @ saffron-layer

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    • i really don’t think that indians(cow cola ) lover needs any one to destroy there flying cofins .
      there flying cofins hav self-destroy mode too ( only technology that only india hav ) they just hit the earth by will .
      so pak airforce don’t need to waste there time and ammunition to hit them .

  13. when ever i c world map i feel shame that my pak land is situated with shithole (india)do any one have any idea how can v clean our world from this shitt hole????

  14. I am really confused on why our Govt is spending so much money on these mid-air tankers! Are we planning to patrol the Somali coastline by any chance?

    There is no way we can fly these over the India in case of a war, or even over Taliban controlled areas as they can come under anti-aircraft fire…

    Even all the targets of Taliban are near to our numerous air bases!

    I really think it is a waste of valuable sum of money which could be used on something better for our ageing fleet of aircraft.

  15. I can’t give an expert opinion about air force requirements but It gives me a lot of pleasure to know that Pakistan Air Force is finally being made an Air Force of 21st century! MASHALLAH! PAF is undoubtedly a symbol of pride for the nation and we love our Shaheens!

  16. Guys,
    For those guys who don’t know the right usage of these In-air refuel tankers.
    These planes donot enter enemy territory, so no worries that they would be shot down. They remain well inside the borders. They just refuel aircrafts which took off using full thrust and losing much fuel. Thus making the fighter-plane ready to penetrate deep into enemy territory. Plus the planes which are patroling the skies, those birds will not need to land and then take-off.. they would also be refueled within air. So, very useful addition..

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