TSS With Zaid Hamid and Dr. Shireen Mazari on Rawalpindi Attack

December 8, 2009

Ahmad Qureshi brings a new episode of Thori Si Syasat and discusses the issue of Paradeline Mosque Attack with Zaid Hamid and Dr. Shireen Mazari.

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part 2

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  1. I would like to thank PPKH for uploading the program here. I missed it. i’ll comment after watchint it.

  2. TTP+Xe(Black Water)+RAW are involved in all terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

  3. Ahmed Qureshi and Dr. Mazari Rocks !!!

    We need more patriotic Pakistanis like these two.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  4. Consider Iraq – they are facing daily such attacks which are started to happen in Pakistan as well. I heard that there were 5 car bombings in Baghdad that killed over 100 people.

    All this is happening under US control.

    what we should be asking

    1. If US and its zionist leaders had any plans (security and financial) for iraq or afghanistan then would such daily massacre have had happened there? NO – there are reports that educated class of iraqis including teachers, scientists, lawyers, doctors etc were deliberately targetted.

    A searing assault on Iraq’s intellectuals

    “Iraq’s urban, educated, largely secular middle class had everything to gain from the fall of Saddam Hussein’s oppressive and isolating regime. Four years later, it is on the way to being wiped out.

    Writers, doctors and university professors are hunted down and killed. Entrepreneurs and engineers are kidnapped for lucrative ransoms.And the symbols of Iraq’s intellectual heritage — its bookstores, libraries, museums and archeological sites — have been plundered and burned.

    More than 200 Iraqi academics, 110 physicians and 76 journalists have been killed since Hussein’s fall, according to figures compiled by government ministries and professional associations. Thousands of others have fled the country.”

    There is no doubt that this is intentional killing to push iraq to centuries back and meanwhile they are busy in stealing their natural assets.

    It is quite shocking to witness the same sinister plan of action in Pakistan under Pakistani govt.

    2. how is it possible that the lives and property of pakistani people are not secure under their own govt?

    the ground reality is clearly suggesting that one section, which is in power because of US, can only stay in power if they have some backing to stop army kicking them out.

    the backing is provided by the so-called TTP or blackwater. interestingly they have only spared the PPP politicians in country. no one else is safe.

    If any (angry or brainwahsed) Pakistani is involved in this then should they not kill the likes of zardari or rehman malik or fauzia wahab or nawaz sharif etc to earn “heaven”???

    if this is the condition of Pakistan under a pakistani govt then what would happen if US has direct control of Pakistan?

    Our puppet media should have independent assessment of the situation – how long they will be “translating” news from BBC or CNN or Fox or indian media for us? can’t they come up with their own analysis of the situation?

    I am sick of hearing about “what is happening in pakistan now is the consequence of soviet war” – then what is happening in iraq is the consequence of?

    this is ridiculous.

    instead of honouring TTP, which faifully claims the responsibility for US and India’s terrorism, for almost every terror act we should point finger to the actual players.

    It is quite obvious that TTP is created for such purpose but when they are quite successfuly dealt with then why innocent ppl are still dying in daily attacks? is it possible that this is another hidden wing of enemies which is hiding behind TTP’s identity but working for differnt objectives?

    their objective seems to be to create unrest and if public stands up against their govt which may happen – then they can use civil war scenario for their own objectives – they have tried a lot to ignite civil war in iraq.

    if they achieve the objective of civil war in Pakistan then it can be used for disintergrating Pakistan and for the control of its nuclear assets.

    all they have to do is to create confusion – they have their asset in balouchsitan BLA – their media might be telling world that it is war of independece yet it will be an uprising against the corrput govt.

    >>>Janes information group, the world’s foremost source on intelligence information, reported in July 2001 that “The Indian spy agency RAW and the Israeli spy agency Mossad have created four new agencies to infiltrate Pakistan to target important religious and military personalities, journalists, judges, lawyers and bureaucrats. In addition, bombs would be exploded in trains, railway stations, bridges, bus stations, cinemas, hotels and mosques of rival Islamic sects to incite sectarianism.”>>>>

    • I endorse ur view amna,but my question is how ppl can b united against these agencies or terrorists.I unfortunately foresee a divided pakistan(nauzubillah) which ofcourse is a worst news to indian muslims.

      • @ Musalman Khan

        Pakistan is not divided my friend ..it is the corrupt leadership which is divided ..The mainstream public dont get anything out of supporting either political party.

        You will see the public will unite before the proper ruler and THAT will Happen very Soon Inshallah 🙂

    • >> how ppl can b united against these agencies or terrorists.I unfortunately foresee a divided pakistan(nauzubillah) which ofcourse is a worst news to indian muslims.

      I don’t see a “divided” Pakistan in future.

      the enemies game seem to be to engineer such events in Pakistan that they could sell to their ignorant audience that “civil war” has broke out in Pakistan and their “intervention” to aid the Pakistanis (read their stooges) is direly required.

      Pakistani people are united with their armed forces and trust their ability to neutralise the threats to Pakistan.

  5. Well may b i would sound stupid and bore to some people,however i would like to tell to my muslim brothers and sisters in pakistan that we have to see that whatever is happening in pakistan has some answers in hadeeths and quran.Recently I heard sheikh imran hussein on youtube(you can search abt his lecture on gog and magog) and it fits my logic that we r living in end of this world.Quran talks abt yajuj majuj while hadeeths says abt dajjal.According to hadeeths dajjal would rule for 40 days his first day will b equal to one yr 2nd to one month 3rd to one week and rest of his days will b like our days(i.e. dajjal will b in our time zone or dimension).dajjal already completed his first year by ruling the world from england, his 2nd day will be finished very soon from usa and since he will show himself as christ or messiah (ofcourse false messiah)his third day which will b like a week will start from jerusalem on the throne of Daood(A.S.)at a time when yajuj n majuj will destroy masjid aqsa in jerusalemand rebuilt solomon temple.We all know that they have already planned to destroy al aqsa,and they know that when it will happen muslims all over the world would be fuming in anger and many muslim rulers(western puppets)will either b killed by the people and people will then pressurise their countries to attack israel.Israel is not afraid of muslim countries army since she will b helped by european and american army to help(yajuj ‘s army).All they r afraid is of pak’s nukes cuz fortunately pak’s missile’s range can target israel with nukes, so better take control of pak nukes before they destroy al aqsa.
    Yes unfortunately yajuj n majuj r here but we muslims think that they would come out of blue.The barrier was destroyed after the death of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).Even in the past Yajuj n majuj were not defeated by muslims though muslims tried many a times to defeat them(not knowing that they r yajuj n majuj),you can see that place where barrier was built by dhulqarnain (r.a).That place is known as darial gorge.You can check this place in google.
    Hope somebody here understand this theory which may b true.But atlast i would urge pakistanis to raise a movement to seek ALLAH’S forgiveness individually as well as collectively.I wish that Mr. zaid hamid and his team read it and make it public movement,yes a movement to seek ALLAH’S forgiveness.It is my hearty advice to my muslim brothers and sisters in pakistan.ALLAH gave u pakistan in the name of islam and u cannot fool ALLAH.ALLAH has given u 62 yrs time.


    Terrorism means the fear full situation for people in whom some people (who suffer some time in mental destructions) violate the norms and values and create fear full situation for those people who lives in the society or in state to gather. these people creates fear full situation with the help of bum blast, killing innocent people, attacks on economy of any state and doing different type of criminal acts. The people whose doing these all acts known as terrorists.
    We are seeing this type of condition in Pakistan now days. Pakistan facing terrorism at large scale. Every person who lives in Pakistan feel frightens and also feel great depression to this current situation and Pakistani people feel that their lives their property are not save. What are reasons behind these all??
    Is it Terrorism??
    Who are those people known as terrorist??? And where’s comes they are??
    What are their aims? Why they want’s to destroy Pakistan?? Why people of world said that THE TERRORISM IS MONOPLY OF PAKISTAN AND THE MONOPLY OF ISLAM??
    Are these all terrorist are Muslims?? Is these all of Pakistani????
    The answer is no these are all not Muslim these are all not Pakistani. The terrorism is not monopoly of Pakistan the terrorism is not monopoly of Muslim the terrorism is not arouse from Pakistan.
    Are we having any proof for this???
    Yes off course we are openly saying that this is not monopoly of Islam and Pakistan. We proof these all.
    Islam is greater religion of this world and having more broad views and having very effective norms and values. This religion gives a lot of right’s to animals and also techs us treat with animals within pity heart. Than how it is possible that this religion spread terrorism against human beings?????
    {One who killed any one person actually he killed all the mankind}.
    Then how it possible that this religion is cause of terrorism???
    If we read the history of Islamic wars we shall know that always the enemy of Islam and enemy of Muslims attacked on Muslims. Muslims were just always defending their selves. Muslims were not attacked first they always defending their selves. During war the Muslims were not attacked on women, children and the sick persons. Islam gives independent every one in to his or her religion. And not treat harshly within non- Muslims. One major thing is there are one lake and 24 thousand messenger of ALLAH comes in this world they all teach us living like as brother don’t live like a cruel person. Islam is the name of a religion which is spread love to all over the world then how possible that this religion spread terrorism???
    Just seeing appearance and said that this person is Muslim. Just Beard or shave is not the symbol of Muslim. The people who spread terrorism in Pakistan are not Muslims these people have just appearance like and Muslim their character’s are not like any Muslim only those people can said that(these are Muslims) whom having no teaching of Islam.
    Second which is major thing is these all of terrorist are not Pakistani the master mind of this all terrorism of Pakistan not relate to Pakistan these all are those people who dose not want to seen Pakistan like as a state. Also the atomic energy of Pakistan is creating some problem for Pakistan.Terrorism in Pakistan since the 1980s began primarily with to the Soviet-Afghan War and the subsequent war against Afghan communists that continued for at least a decade. The war brought numerous fighters from all over the world to South Asia in the name of jihad. These fighters, known as mujahideen, carried out insurgent activities inside the country well after the war officially ended.
    One research is proved in 1980,s many Indian people round about ten thousand Indian people come in Pakistan in the shape of TALBAN or mujahad. These are all people are non Muslims but they were having great help of united state of America. In 1992 when were the war held b/w united state of Russia and Pakistan and Afghanistan than U.S.A again help both country and provide them a large no of people in the shape of mujahideen America want’s to take the control the middle east which were part of Russia. Because the Middle East is full with natural recourses the natural recourses is always attract America and all others western country because they have lake of oil, gas, and these all kinds of recourses. In short this all the fault of America, Britannia, and Europe. Only those people are Pakistani are in it who are illiterate and having no knowledge what’s correct and what’s wrong these are all those whom brain washing by criminal minded person. These are all teen ages. America Britannia, Europe India and Israel are the country which were cause by this all terrorist in Pakistan mostly terrorist belong from India and Afghanistan just their appearance like as a Muslim but in fact they are not Muslim. In America where no thing is hidden from government of America then how it possible that the nine-eleven world trade center incidents were happened??? If Pakistan spread terrorism then what’s America spread? Why America attacked on IRAQ, AFAGHANISTAN why Israel and India illegal control on Philistine and Kashmir??? If these all are not terrorism??? If not then what is this??? Why every one blames always Pakistan that Pakistan and Islam spread terrorism? Why why???


  7. @Mu-salman Khan from India
    slam dear brother plz dn,t belive these all of net reserch of net ya juj mjuj is not any theory it is a fact which is in HOLY QURAN
    actually these all of reserch are misconcepitoin
    WE ARE KNOW WE get pakistan at th name of islam dear use your commonsense ALLAH TALA give us this country.
    if ALLAH tala donot want the pakistna in the shape of islamic state so ALLAH TALA can stop the the struggling for pakistan all the strugle of QAUID-EA-AZAM and others wiil be waiste if ALLAH TALA dn,t want pakistan. but pakistan come out as a coountry with the help o ALLAH
    We are very well known we dn,t walk on right path of islam but in all well educated and those all of persons which have devloped mentaliaty walk on golden rules of islam
    just the people who getting newly money adopt eurpion style.

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