Pakistan is Bastion of Islam: Gen. Kayani

December 7, 2009

COAS thanks nation for wholehearted support and sympathy

By Sajjad Malik

RAWALPINDI: Friday’s terrorist attacks strengthened the resolve of the people and the Pakistan Army to defeat terrorism, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Kayani said on Saturday.

“Pakistan is our motherland. It is the bastion of Islam. We live and die for the glory of Islam and Pakistan. Our faith, resolve and pride in our religion and in our country is an asset, which is further reinforced after each terrorist incident,” he said while talking to the relatives of the victims of the Parade Lane mosque attack.

He expressed his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and said the nation, including the Army stands united in sharing their grief. While talking to members of the bereaved families, he praised their exemplary strength of faith at this moment of trial.

This intrinsic strength was a true reflection of the indomitable will and resilience of the Pakistani nation, General Kayani said.

The COAS thanked the nation for their wholehearted support and sympathy at the hour of grief. He said this spontaneous and overwhelming show of solidarity by the nation with the army was a treasure, which “we deeply value and cherish”.

“Such acts (terrorism) of cowardice would not dent the resolve of the armed forces and the nation to fight terrorism,” the COAS said.



  1. He is implying that in the war of civilizations, Pakistan would lead the muslims against the Jew-Chiristian-Hindu combine …… !?

    Good for them……

    • @ Neel123

      No need to shit in ur pants neel ..although shit and piss are nothing new to you …We muslims treat our subjects fairly and we dont persecute them like u People 😀 😀 …your just not fit to govern ! 😀 😀 😀

      This is Radio Pakistan New Delhi 😀 😀

  2. what a man! ashfaq kayani is a soldier’s soldier. pakistan army is truly blessed to have him as a sipah-salaar. pak fauj zindabad!

    • thoose are the words of PM gillani not COAS

      • wait my mistake it was COAS

  3. MASHALLAH …we are and we will face every situation for the defense and progress of this PAKSARZAMEN

  4. without any hatred of pak army(i respect them and love them as my brothers),I would like to ask a question to pakistan govtt.If its pakistan’s war then y is it taking money from usa and allies(allies of yajuj n majuj)?If they r taking money to fight their own men(patriotic pathans)then they r acting as mercenary army.BTW pakistan army is very cheaply sold $10800 per annum in comparison to $1 million per soldier of usa.
    I as a muslim believe in hadiths which says that yajuj n majuj will be released before qayamat and they will spread as waves to the whole world.may be anglo americans r yajuj and ashkinazi jews( european white khazarite jews)r majuj and dajjal is in usa guiding them(before dajjal was ruling thru england).His next stop will be jerusalem when jews will destroy(nauzubillah) al aqsa masjid after disintegration(nauzubillah) of pakistan and acquiring paki nukes.ALLAHUALAM. but i need ur thoughts my muslim brothers n sisters.

    • Brother i have seen many peoples taking wrong meaning of hadith. They think Dajjal or Yazid is USA. And here in this example you given yajuj n majuj.

      Dajjal will appear from Esfahan, Iran. And when he will be killed so his blood will be on sword/neza of Hazrat Esa alay slm. Better you ask different imam’s. And same with yajuj majuj. You think it is normal peoples, like Pak Army. Then better you read some hadith here on this site and rethink about Pak Army. http://www.ghazwatulhind.com/

      And we Pakistani are not like USA who drop Atomic Bomb on countries. Pakistani Atomic Bomb = Islamic Bomb. Please Re-Think your thoughts. As a normal muslims so open our hearts window and watch in it.

    • Brother u r too emotional most of the time. U keep saying that we are killing our own people BUT the situation is different. I will request u to cool down and try to understand the complexity of this matter before blaming OR supporting anyone 🙂

      • I agree with you. I have also seen comments of this brother which i didn’t liked. Because it is just misunderstanding.

  5. Mashallah … Pakistan army is truly blessed to have him as a sipah-salaar.

    I Just pray that may Allah have mercy on us and give us someone like him can run this country also…

  6. After hearing this all minorities (non muslims) in pakistan will come to india in bigger droves.

    • Did you get Babri Mosque dilema solved? and im sure the people who did that were not glorified hindus.. were they?
      and hey… what happened in gujrat in 2002-2003.. was it? somthing like hindus burnt muslims alive… damn you guys are so good innit?

      Please have a cup of piss and hold your peace.. and dont forget to send 180million muslims to Pakistan…

      • @ Asim Javed
        For your info, there are at least three more such mosques, that were built by the muslim invaders on the properties of existing temples in India.

        These will also be demolished in the same manner, unless these are removed elsewhere.

      • @sal
        Come to India to get raped and burnt alive? This happened with nuns in Assam.

        Please read this – Why did Buddhism disappear from South Asia? Brahman atrocities that destroyed Buddhism in the sub continent

      • I will have to agree with sal.

        minorities are mistreated in pakistan more regularly.

        i have read frightening stories of the fate muslims who convert to christianity.

        also IM, rupeenews.com is written by a slightly unsettled and desillusioned pakistani. ALL articles in that website have false info

      • @WTF

        lol lol lol …SAL …or WTF are the same person …so SAL…..you MALU …go back to speaking ur coackroach language which no one y-understands …lol lol lol 😀 😀

        zimply sayh ..dat you are yay MALooo …hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        lol lol lol lol lol 😀 😀 😀 😀


      • @wtf
        If minorities are treated with so much ‘love’ in India why is India been put in the US commission on international religious freedom’s watch list?? It is because India is failing to protect it’s minorities! Other countries in the list are Somalia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba etc. Pakistan’s name is not in the list!

        Secondly dude have u even read that article from rupeenews?? Checked out the references?? It is not written by Pakistani or Muslim, it lists only Indian,Hindu, Buddhist and Brahman quotes.
        Besides many of the articles of Moin Ansari have references of articles from various newspapers and he criticizes lot of countries including Pakistan, but I guess you guys fail to see that.

  7. @ WTF …OR …. SAL – The Malu 😀 😀

    SAL…this is why MALU’s like u are such low life biggots because they are disgraced by there own ethnicity …but a MALU ?:D 😀 …cant hide his filth by changing his name ! 😀 😀 😀

    Here LET THE WORLD read about u TREAT ur Majority…let alone the minorities 😀 😀 😀

    NOW..we pakistanis SIMPlY mention what is widely done in India …BUT you take it as if we are expressing hatred.

    If you said that as muslims pakistanis prostrate to GOD …woould we be offended at this ?? – NO…similarly what I’m mentioning is also what i read about and I would like to share it on this forum – Thats all ;D

    Here check this out Infant INdian girls are married off to frogs


    Note this has been reproduced in the times of India…your prime newspaper

    ALso this is a google search link of the terms “Indian girls married to frogs”


    The result produced only 71,400 results

    Here check this classical rant by a christian…the pain he feels for piss drinking and cow dung eating hindus is amazing …he describes how tooth paste and pills made from cow dung are sold commonly in India


    Chao !

  8. Janes information group, the world’s foremost source on intelligence information, reported in July 2001 that “The Indian spy agency RAW and the Israeli spy agency Mossad have created four new agencies to infiltrate Pakistan to target important religious and military personalities, journalists, judges, lawyers and bureaucrats. In addition, bombs would be exploded in trains, railway stations, bridges, bus stations, cinemas, hotels and mosques of rival Islamic sects to incite sectarianism.”


    what government of Pakistan has done to counter it and inform not only Pakistanis but rest of the world about it?

    let no one be in doubt about the enemy and required measures should be taken againt it by first removing their whores in all govt departments.

    • @Amna
      I never knew about JIG reporting this, thx for the info. BTW the link not working!

      • Consider Iraq – they are facing daily such attacks which are started to happen in Pakistan as well. I heard that there were 5 car bombings in Baghdad that killed over 100 people.

        All this is happening under US control.

        what we should be asking

        1. If US and its zionist leaders had any plans (security and financial) for iraq or afghanistan then would such daily massacre have had happened there? NO – there are reports that educated class of iraqis including teachers, scientists, lawyers, doctors etc were deliberately targetted.

        A searing assault on Iraq’s intellectuals

        “Iraq’s urban, educated, largely secular middle class had everything to gain from the fall of Saddam Hussein’s oppressive and isolating regime. Four years later, it is on the way to being wiped out.

        Writers, doctors and university professors are hunted down and killed. Entrepreneurs and engineers are kidnapped for lucrative ransoms.And the symbols of Iraq’s intellectual heritage — its bookstores, libraries, museums and archeological sites — have been plundered and burned.

        More than 200 Iraqi academics, 110 physicians and 76 journalists have been killed since Hussein’s fall, according to figures compiled by government ministries and professional associations. Thousands of others have fled the country.”

        There is no doubt that this is intentional killing to push iraq to centuries back and meanwhile they are busy in stealing their natural assets.

        It is quite shocking to witness the same sinister plan of action in Pakistan under Pakistani govt.

        2. how is it possible that the lives and property of pakistani people are not secure under their own govt?

        the ground reality is clearly suggesting that one section, which is in power because of US, can only stay in power if they have some backing to stop army kicking them out.

        the backing is provided by the so-called TTP or blackwater. interestingly they have only spared the PPP politicians in country. no one else is safe.

        If any (angry or brainwahsed) Pakistani is involved in this then should they not kill the likes of zardari or rehman malik or fauzia wahab or nawaz sharif etc to earn “heaven”???

        if this is the condition of Pakistan under a pakistani govt then what would happen if US has direct control of Pakistan?

        Our puppet media should have independent assessment of the situation – how long they will be “translating” news from BBC or CNN or Fox or indian media for us? can’t they come up with their own analysis of the situation?

        I am sick of hearing about “what is happening in pakistan now is the consequence of soviet war” – then what is happening in iraq is the consequence of?

        this is ridiculous.

        instead of honouring TTP, which faifully claims the responsibility for US and India’s terrorism, for almost every terror act we should point finger to the actual players.

        It is quite obvious that TTP is created for such purpose but when they are quite successfuly dealt with then why innocent ppl are still dying in daily attacks? is it possible that this is another hidden wing of enemies which is hiding behind TTP’s identity but working for differnt objectives?

        their objective seems to be to create unrest and if public stands up against their govt which may happen – then they can use civil war scenario for their own objectives – they have tried a lot to ignite civil war in iraq.

        if they achieve the objective of civil war in Pakistan then it can be used for disintergrating Pakistan and for the control of its nuclear assets.

        all they have to do is to create confusion – they have their asset in balouchsitan BLA – their media might be telling world that it is war of independece yet it will be an uprising against the corrput govt.







    10:57, 17:11,16 & 39:55&57,65:8




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