Gen Kapoor is on wrong side of history: Gen Hamid Gul

December 7, 2009

Interview Azhar Masood

Islamabad—A beaming Lt Gen (Retd) Hamid Gul proudly sitting in his drawing room with a well decorated artifact of a small piece of Berlin Wall, was well prepared to give an interview Pakistan Observer on Indian Chief of Army Staff General Deepak Kapoor’s latest statement ,”Pakistan a state in decline”, He (Hamid Gul) after reading the statement smiled.

Not very quick to respond instantly and maintaining military graces by not using any word which could have caused any disrespect to a fellow general India spoke philosophically. His arguments were well packed with historic precedents.

Q) Gen Hamid Gul are we really a decling or failing state .And what he means by small theatre nuclear war I mean limited nuclear war with Pakistan?

A) Nuclear threat is an empty boast. India’s newly discovered friend in United States will never approve such an adventure. Please read what President Obama told Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

General Deepak Kapoor appears to be standing on the wrong side of history. His perception about Pakistan and Indian history of its diplomacy will answer to him that whatever he had uttered in Pune was a negation of history and failure of Indian foreign policy when the Soviet Union was dismembered and India was supportive of the dying Soviet Union. He may have been a great soldier but his sense of history is appalling. His statement simply reflects that a General who is commanding world’s fourth biggest standing Army is not aware of strong currents and cross currents. His appreciation of regional situation is perhaps not accurate. His statement suggests that his knowledge of regional scenario is pathetic.

Q) How do you view his statement. Is it serious or for the consumption of few regional or global capitals or individuals ?

A) Well I feel his tirade is basically meant to mount kind of psychological influence. In this area too I would say even his perception is far from the ground realities. Its not him who is saying. Its Indian newly cobbled honeymoon with the United States which has perhaps granted extra confidence to Indian Army’s general staff.

Q) He has alleged that there was a rise of terrorists infiltration in India from Pakistan?

A) Whom to believe. Indian Army Chief, Indian Government or global powers. General Kapoor even could not coordinate with other organs of state.

Q) He admits that Pakistan itself is combating terrorism and as a policy was trying to allow terrorists to creep into India ?

A) I have told you General Kapoor is certainly not aware of the regional situation and realities which are being unfolded with the passage of each day. When in 80s Indian Defence planners followed a wrong policy by not realizing the fate of former Soviet Union they are again following a wrong policy .They think with the growing US support to New Delhi they will attain a kind of single regional power status. Its wrong.

His appreciation of regional situation is totally based on incorrect notions. Pakistan’s fulmination growth and round the corner its policies and potential to marginalize ‘so called TTP men who are mercenaries and not real Afghan Taliban is an indicator that Pakistan has the resilience and potential to meet challenges of internal and external threats. I am sorry to say General Kapoor’s dream or desire that Pakistan will disappear from map is totally based on inaccurate evaluations. It is a historic phenomenon that global imperialisism is on the decline .Indian Brahaminism cannot become another regional imperialist factor. The regional powers will not allow this .

Q) What do you mean by Indian Brahamin imperialist designs ?

A) I am telling you the phenomenon of global imperialism is sinking. Apart from ideologies smaller powers are not willing to accept any power to play any kind of hegemonial role.

General Deepak Kapoor does not foresee rapidly changing regional scenario. The US forces have not been able to achieve objectives which were set by Bush Administration in Afghanistan and now President Obama is about to offer an exit time-frame of US forces from Afghanistan. Indian military nurtures an ambition to play the role of regional single super power which time in its maturity will play wrong. After the exit of US forces from Afghanistan it would be India which would not escape the brunt.

I suggest to General Deepak Kapoor to keep his eyes and ears open. He must see stark realities and his thinking is overwhelmed by his desires rather than realities.

He must realize that Pakistan is the one which is saving India from the brunt by facing all the troubles like a road block.

Q) General Hamid Gul what do you mean by events which are being unfolded and what kind of impact they would have over regional powers?

A)What I foresee unfortunately General Kapoor does not see.

Its an open secret that the Americans have started talking to Afghan Taliban. Obama Administration wants to evolve a strategy for a graceful exit from Afghanistan. This is what Robert Gates has recently stated. Indian military leadership should not close its doors of future knowledge.

When I say while in 80s Indian military leadership could not understand the situation in Afghanistan its present estimation too is not correct. India remained in the lap of Soviet Union when it was dismembered.



  1. India is a SUPERPOWER. Superpower of what??? Its a SUPERPOWER OF FAILURES. India’s nuclear capbale missiles are very capable of destroying Indian Army and Gen. Deepak and WoW he is very proud of them.

    Gen. Deepak has great visions like Gen Hameed Gul said that he is very capable and a knowledged person who is assessing himself to be the sole superpower of STUPIDITY in this region. Where is China??? According to the visionary Indian Army Chief – the chief scholar of india china is not here but located at Timbak Tu so that makes india a regional superpower doesn’t it?? The Indian Army is so strong, is it???? Yes it is they proved that in their war with China and 1947 & 1965 wars with Pakistan. But the Indian claim that they fought very hard in 1971 yes yes the only thing they good at is conspiracies and they really conspired very hard like cowards and back stabbers used Mukti Bahni and deceived East Pakistanis by their conspiracies in 1971.

    As Gen. Hameed Gul said that this scholar indian chief of Army Staff should now come back to earth rather than talking from his ass should talk from his mouth and accepting the ground realities before it is too late. HOSH KAR OYE GEN KAPOORIA!!!!

  2. Indian faggots made there own Imaginary world, And in this Bogus World they call themselves a SUPERPOWER, SUPerPower OF DRINKING PISS, they Can drink 10 ltrs pee of cows in less than a minute true? Losers ..

  3. Another blow to Hindu Indian. Indian Generals do not even aware of ground realities. DEEPAK KAPOORA must pay his attention to Naxal insurgents who can now easily operate in every major city of India. Here I also appreciate Indian Sikhs on their wisdom and understanding of future events which lead them to once again organise and start a fresh freedom movement. Muslims of Assam (Muslimabad), Christians and Dalits are also waiting for their turn to fuck BHARAT MATA along with GAU MATA and HANUMAN JEE (i.e. Monkey which is one of the many Hindu Bhagwan, Indian government exports millions of their HANUMAN JEE for medical experiments to UNCLE SAM).

  4. What has General Kapoor said?

    ‘The possibility of a limited war under a nuclear overhang is still very much a reality at least in the Indian sub-continent,” he said at a seminar on “Changing Nature of Conflict: Trends and Responses”.’


    Nuclear overhang,that is under the shadow of Nuclear weapons.

    Where is use of Nuclear weapons being mentioned in the entire article.

    The premise of Gen Kapoors statement is the DESPITE nuclear weapons on BOTH sides, the conflict of a LIMITED convetional war remains.

    And how has he said that,BECAUSE it has ALREADY happened.

    Kargil was fought under the nuclear shadow.

    In fact it was assumed by pakistan that because of the Nuclear dimension that engagement would not be escalated by India and the territory occupied could be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations on Kashmir and Siachen.

    Nuclear weapons were supposed to blunt an Indian response ,since it was asummed that India will not take the rsik of escalation due to presence of Nukes with India.

    BUT as know despite nuclear weapons the conflict escalated even to use of Air Power and international dimensions:

    This mis-calculation on part of Pakistan has been well brought out by a Pakistani air force officer.


    Gen Kapoor simply again points out that swift conventional tactical operations with a local effect are STILL POSSIBLE EVEN in a nuclear environment and Indian forces will have to be vigilant on it.

    Fantasies of ULFA in assam, or dalits or Naxals will not help pakistan.

    State elections are contiuing normally in Jharkhand.

    I challenge ANY poster to place a news where Naxals have placed bombs in any Indian city or mosque or church or temple.
    Naxals operate in remote areas and target security forces NOT civilians in a deliberate manner.
    Any bbody being reading the news in pak lately.

    Literally Hundred , Hundreds are being killed in Market places, homes and even secure military areas.
    EVEN In kashmir we do not have that kind of anarchy.

    General Hamid Gul is a cold war warrior and still sees the world through that prism.

    Pakistan is not blocking!

    Its by its acts of omission and commisions is generating the problem.

    Meanwhile even top officers of pak army are not safe as entire command officers are killed with their families in a supposed secure mosque in pindi.

    Unless pakistan stops making the distinction of good and bad taliban,a talban against India in Afghanistan and a TTP which is to be fought against in pakistan, it will continue to bleed horribly.

    Extremist ideology will not conveniently stop at the afghanistan Border.

    The edit fron Dawn says it nicely:


    • dont waste ur time

      • @ SAL

        ayee Maluuu …SHUT UP …lol lol lol lol lol

        😀 :d

    • yes rajk u r right that extremist ideology will not stop. but i guess u r missing the point here that supposingly for a moment if we assume that pak was using this extremism factor as a weapon then the question remains isn’t india doing the same now by provoking and supplying arms and money to these TTP or whatever. Two wrongs can not make one right. I remember one of the hard talk at Indian conclave by Gen musharaf wherein he said ‘lets admit that both pak & india made mistakes in the past but can v correct them now’. Dear rajk from your writing you seems to be quite knowlegeable and reasonable but can you defend india’s designs which are evident from its foriegn policy specially focusing asia. I dont think so as it is unfortunate for us pakistanis that we have a neighbor like india which says something else and does otherwise. name one single neighbor of india which is living in peace with india.I am sorry but the typical mentality goes back hundreds rather tousands years back to ‘Ashoka regime and its strategies’. please for one moment setting aside your mindset try to read between lines of subject interview of hamid gul.he may be wrong at some places but isn’t the overall jist correct? if learned people like you will not judge and seize the moment correctly then unfortunately history will not spear anyone.

      • You are correct in saying that it is also upto India to try to improve the sitiuation.

        But the animosity and suspicion goes over decades.

        It also is on the way both define their nationalism.

        Also,one of the problems amongst many for India is the multi-centeric power structure in Pakistan and the dominance of the army in pakistan politics.

        What ever the flaws of Indian democracy,still since independence the civilian and parliamentary control has been supreme in India.The army or the intelligence agencies of India have never done anything outside of civilian control.

        Pakistan on the other hand has reapeatedly gone through coups and phases of civilian rule.

        Many of Paks power centres be they be the armed forces, ISIor the courts, are either not fully under civilian control or are easily manipulated by the current rulers.

        You can see how Zardari and Nawaz manage the courts to their advantage in their areas.

        So one is never sure who is following what agenda in pakistan.

        Bhutto followed a particular line and he was hanged by Zia.

        Nawaz failed in the eyes of the army so he was deposed.

        Musharraf clung on to power till he was forced to go away.

        In the meanwhile he changed things in pakistan as he fancied.

        So even if India decided to move for peace wholeheartedly, there is always the apprehension as to what will happen in Pak.

        The uncertainity and lack of prdictability in the short and long term, in pakistan polity is also a significant raeson why a binding peace process has not come about between India and pak.

        One is never sure that any concessions made from India are not reversed by the next party which seizes power in pakistan or whether all the powercentres of pakistan actually agree to a peace process.

      • Setting aside relevance won’t make the problem any better. Commenting on our internal political cum military setup is something entirely internal. but for discussion sake even if accept what u said is right does that mean due to this uncertainity we will never move forward as neighbors. Don’t go back much in history, Gen musharraf ruled for almost a decade in which first 8 years were a single handed rule without anyones interference. His approval rate among pak public was good. He at the cost of having a reputation of succumbing to indian designs tried his level best during those 8 years to settle the core issue of kashmir. All his diplomacy and his willingness failed because india did not moved an inch forward and was only giving a lip service. My simple question is were 8 long years not enough with such stability? Whether we pakistani like it or not india is a big country but its now time that india should decide whether they want to become big brother of south asia or a big rogue by following the ‘Ashoka dynasty dream’. And people like you dear can persuade them to become ONE of the above.

      • Ibrahim,

        Like extremist in pakistan who dream of converting all of dar-ul-harb to dar-ul-islam, there are extremist in India too.

        The dreams of an ashokan bharat is not universally shared.

        We are yet to manage what we have properly, so taking on others is not to everyones fancy.

        In any case for 10 years now India is to be ruled by the secular congress and not the BJP.

        So issues like akhand bharat are not in the forefront.

        The problems between India and pakistan are so complex and rooted in history that i really do not see any solutions in the short run.

        One can ony wait to see what the future brings.

        Regards Musharaf, he did have ideas but it was all ruined by Kargil and its aftermath.

      • Well Rajk I will end this discussion with a positive note, however, pointing that the kargil happened before musharraf recent era and during the period of nawaz sharif. though he was CNC at that time but he had a changed role during last 10 years.May Allah bless all the righteous and just forces on this earth and specially in south asia.

  5. Hi,

    I must say General Kapoor is very knowledgable and well aware person, because when he says small level nuvlear war, he is very right 😛 coz their missiles cant go beyond border :)… so its good that they die with their own blade rather than we waste some bullets 🙂

  6. @sal ……u should dont waste ur time …
    u should prepare for ur defence …before we come towards u and kick ur ass


  7. Gen D.K acting as same as Indian Missiles act.
    Short as Simple, no need to waste time for such a stupid person.

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