Dedicated to Shaheeds of Pak Army

December 7, 2009

 Sumayya Chawla

Today is the day I lost you
amid the blood and tears, your angelic face
your beautiful form wreathed in the scent of a martyr
I didn’t know you but I will always love you
for you are the glory of this land that I hold dear.
People all around us ask a thousand questions
But you sleep the most peaceful, blessed sleep
Your soul shines through the white layers of your shroud
and angels descend from the heavens to witness a love so deep

To receive this beautiful burden, the earth bursts open with pride
The whole universe stands still,
As Mercy for the Worlds(PBUH) welcomes your sweet soul in paradise
You are here, underneath the shadow of the kindest gaze
And the Lord of the Worlds smiles down at your innocent face.
You are not gone, you are not dead, you never will
you have gone beyond the stars, you travel the plane of nothingness
So many long to go where you tread now
To glimpse what you see now
We all want to be you now…



  1. Subhanallah!

    “I didn’t know you but I will always love you
    for you are the glory of this land that I hold dear”

    This is just so true, absolutely!

  2. U guys are fags.

    forget about ur country. Its just a political boundary. instead care about other people – muslim or not. That is what makes us great

    • I got two words for you sal, Piss Off. Thank you.

    • Piss off u dweeb!

    • @ SAL – The Malu

      Sal 😀 … The malu’s even in India are known to Help only their kind and not others ….Dont worry NOW …we are going to ship 5 million of you back to KERALLLAAAAAAA ,…..hahahahahahahahaha

      I know that advice u wrote up there is only for the malus 😀

  3. @Sal,
    Instead of preaching others,go and study your bible.
    Did you know the shortest sentence in bible.It is
    JOHN 11:35.
    Also read and understand;
    JOHN 5:30
    MARK 11:12
    MARK 13:32
    Now get lost forever.

  4. @ ultra nationalist..da cmnt u did is superb ! dey deserve dis sort of cmnts 😛

  5. Very beautful indeed!
    Well done Sumayya, God bless you and our martyrs as well.

    • Thanks Miri. God Bless our nation and its brave sons and daughters.

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