PM Manmohan Singh’s web site hacked

December 4, 2009

PM Manmohan Singh’s web site hacked.

New Delhi, Dec. 2 : The website of the Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, has apparently been hacked.

On opening the website manmohansingh.org, the following hacked message appears in two sections — Able Prime Minister and PM’s Biography –.”Able Prime Minister

Pakistan Zindabad

India is one of the those countries who are sponsoring and behind the terrorism attacks on innocent people in Pakistan & Afghanistan. As your sponsored terrorists were defeated in SL, We are also going to defeat them in Pakistan. You are spending billion of $ for purchasing weapons, but you are unable to provide food and shelter to your millions of people. Shame Shame Shame

And ya F… you ICW, you cant hack sites like this one. Look, we have f…… your PM. lol!

PAKbugs Rocks!

We are Zombie_KSA, xOOmxOOm, Sp0ofer, Hav0c, [A], Cyber-Criminal

Special Greatz to: aBu Muhammad, Agd_Scrop & All Muslims

Long Live Pakistan The website appeared to be hacked by someone in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister’s Office refused to comment.



  1. i dint find anything

  2. http://manmohansingh.org/

    seems fine

  3. From your link above, it says that this is not the official web page of Mr. Singh but hosted by some well wisher…

  4. the hack message has been removed now.
    but wanna give kuddos to our cyberboys for carrying out assault on enemy territory 🙂

    • yes. if u cant win in the battlefield, u must win in the cyberfield

      • LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI died when he was signing peace pact with Pakistan, shortly after 1965 war.

      • @ wtf

        I cant open the site ..which means it was definitely HACKED …lol lol lol 😀 😀 😀

        Is this the next super power of the world ..where they cant even protect their websites ??…lol lol

        Such people should not talk about the battlefield..they should first worry about the cyberfield. 😀 😀 😀

  5. yes true, but they have hit us back and this time more hard by attacking our place of worship, rawalpindi. we will give them the revnge.

    • Again hit in Peshawar, Ya Allah ye kya ho raha he mere mulk ko?

  6. I protest.
    There should be no use of F words.
    We should maintain our composure.

    • if u read the comments, u will notice- only indians can do that. 🙂

  7. hahaha !! dis is rly awsum ! even BHarat shud be hacked !INshallah one day it will be hacked by Pakistan ! pakisan ROX !Long Live Pakistan !

    • dont u understand. pak cannot challenge india militarily, that is why they are hacking websites, sending terrorists etc…

      • you should go & Lookafter your people then, what are you doing on PKKH ?

      • i dont have anything else to do . i am bored 🙂

  8. wow…what a news, india may collapse by reading this…and after 5o years, u discovered tht india backing terror..poor pak wht tu du nw…all indian terrorists r in taliban nw…nbdy here..hehe, 1 side mainstream medias r talking abt peace ..nd u 3 or 4 barbours nd emporers r provokin d uth..nice work..hey today nothin seen in d comments..fuckin, hindu terror, gand, nanga india, bhookaaaa, poor???? where r d masters??? pls delete dis cooment also peace makers..as u always does..
    thank u…

  9. @ Muhammad Amir

    he died after giving the territory captured by india in 65 war back to pak 🙂

  10. One feet long pinju Lal Bahadur!!!!(in hindi,it means coward)died when six feet tall Ayub Khan shook hand with him.

    • i see. so india chooses its prime minister based on intellect while pakistan chooses its prime minister based on height. point noted. Thank u.

  11. What intellect you find in a Chuha(rat).
    Thanks for highlighting wonders of rar-eating.

    • are u angry with lal bahadur shastri bcos he was PM when india beat pak in 65?

      • Ohh cummon everyone knows India got owned in 65!.After 47 we’ll break you again so prepare for another partition!

      • @ Imran

        That is wrong. Pakistanis are under a false delusion that they ‘won’ 65 war. I have PLENTY of sources to prove that. If India was owned why would TIME magazine in Oct 65 edition after the war say “Now it’s apparent to everybody that India is going to emerge as an Asian power in its own right.”?????

        Also. The military Gap between india and Pak is much MUCH bigger than it was in 71. Remember that.

  12. @Sal.

    …and i have plenty of sources to prove that we kicked your butt’s in 65 but ultimately one will believe what they want too!.I pity your intelligence if your source is TIME magazine who talks a lot of s4ite!

    You may have greater manpower but we’ve never been afraid of you!.Your own media admits that our nukes are far ahead then yours so try us if you dare.Your leaders are fully aware that it’s not wise to hunt what can’t be killed or start what you can’t finish so less of Zee TV and stupid Indian channels!

    Listen,we broke you in 47 and can do it again by supporting the many insurgencies so don’t get too cocky sunshine otherwise with China we’ll break your backs!

    • alright. show me ur 65 war sources. they must be neutral. and please. stop praising urself.

      and, india will become more powerfull than china by the end of 21st century . so if u want to break our backs, do it now 😀

      • LOL! You cracked me! Gud 1 SAL! Keep it UP!

  13. lol u say India will b more powerful by da end of 21st century [ILLUSION] !!da country which is based on da principles of cheating ,dishonesty,cowardice cud not succeed by da end of dis world even !Bharat (dis sounds more dirty ;P) has always attacked Pakistan takin sumones support stabbed frm behind(one more evidence of being coward nd wicked!). buh unfortunately u ppl r still known as LOOSERS !

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