Daawa Chief: A Message To Indians On Mumbai Anniversary

December 3, 2009

Ahmed Quraishi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—In a detailed letter written to Hamid Mir of Geo News, the alleged mastermind of the Mumbai attacks, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, sympathized with the families of all those who lost their lives in the Mumbai attacks last year and said that Islam does not condone random blasts at public places, nor does it endorses the killing of innocent non-Muslims.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is not happy with some Pakistani intellectuals and journalists who are “propagating” against him and expected that the Pakistani media would support him.

Following is the text of the letter:

“Dear Mr. Hamid Mir,

As’salaam’u’alaikum’wa’rahmat Allah

I hope you are doing well. It has been almost a year since the Mumbai attacks took place. I am writing to you because I would like to offer some thoughts in this regard.

Hundreds of families were affected by these attacks and these families must certainly be in a state of mourning on the anniversary of the attacks. Yet, if a few hundred families were affected by these attacks in India, at least five thousand families in Pakistan have also had to endure momentous suffering. This is so because India placed the entire blame of the Mumbai attacks on the Jamaat al Dawah and me, without any proof at all, and succeeded in having UN sanctions imposed upon us with the active collaboration of the United States. The sanctions resulted in a crackdown on the Jamaatud Dawah and all of the organization’s humanitarian and educational projects were shut down, while I, along with a number of my colleagues, was put under preventive detention.

The prime victims of these unreasonable and unmerited sanctions have been those underprivileged families whom the Jamaatud Dawah had been supporting with contributions of five to eight thousand rupees a month. Apart from these severely affected families, scores of other individuals who had been working for the Jamaatud Dawah’s humanitarian projects on a monthly remuneration basis, such as doctors, engineers, technicians, teachers, as well as hundreds of volunteers, have been very adversely affected by these unfair sanctions.

I am indeed extremely saddened at the loss of innocent lives in the Mumbai attacks, and I fully sympathise with the families of those who lost their lives, but it remains a fact that India has deceitfully associated me with these attacks. Although India succeeded in associating the Jamaatud Dawah and me with these attacks in the media, yet it has been unable to prove these allegations in any free and independent court of the world.

At the conclusion of the hearings challenging the detention of my colleagues and me, the Lahore High Court had noted in its historical judgment that it had not found any evidence, which associated the Jamaatud Dawah, Hafiz Saeed, or Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi with the Mumbai attacks. The truth is that the government arrested various leaders who endorse Jihad in Kashmir and did so for the sole purpose of pleasing India. These leaders are now enduring in-camera hearings in Anti-Terrorism Court merely because they support the right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people. Almost a whole year has passed since these arrests, yet none of these leaders has been indicted to date.

Meanwhile, India has handed over several dossiers, supposedly carrying evidence against me, to the Pakistani government, yet the Pakistani government has itself admitted that these dossiers do not contain any evidence against me.

The Indian media has made it a perpetual issue of propaganda that several dossiers have been handed over to the Pakistani government by India, yet Pakistan refuses to move against Hafiz Saeed. As I have stated earlier, the truth is that these dossiers do not contain any evidence against me. Then what is the purpose of this entire hullabaloo, one might ask. The fact is that India desires to suppress the Kashmir issue, which is the real dynamic behind all this Indian propaganda. My real ‘crime’ is that I vociferously and comprehensively highlight the Kashmir issue. Kashmir is Pakistan’s jugular vein and we can never close our eyes to it. India is extremely averse to our stance regarding Kashmir and instead of resolving the issue; it resorts to unleashing propaganda in order to cover up the matter.

The Pakistani media should counter Indian propaganda by projecting the Kashmir problem as an existent issue. Indian promises on the United Nations forum of holding a plebiscite in Kashmir are on record, and no one can refuse to acknowledge their existence. Then why has India been consistently sidestepping the UN resolution on the Kashmir issue for the past sixty years? We must press India for a clarification of the delay instead of adopting a defensive stance, for it is India who always either delays the resolution of this critical issue through inconclusive negotiations, spurious calls for friendship, or in fake negotiations in the name of confidence-building measures, and sometimes by just bluntly refusing to negotiate on the matter. If any negotiations do take place, India makes sure that there is no mention of the Kashmir issue. If the Kashmir issue is ever mentioned at all, India promptly associates it with terrorism.

It must be inquired of India that if it is sincere about the Kashmir issue then why is it terrified of negotiations on this matter, and why does it not allow this matter to be resolved? It is precisely because of India’s duplicity and hypocrisy that China too, is exasperated with India’s attitude, while India’s relations with its other neighbours, Bangladesh, Nepal etc too are not very praiseworthy either and usually remain strained. What needs to be done under these circumstances, therefore, is for our government and media to expose India’s duplicitous posture. It is a paradox that our friend, China, is issuing separate visas to Kashmiris, while we pursue an apologetic and defensive policy. India has slaughtered more than a hundred thousand Muslims in Kashmir. This crime must be exposed.

Another reason for India’s personal vendetta against myself, accompanied with all the usual racket, is evident in what every Pakistani man, woman, and child is saying these days, and which I have claimed for several years now; that India is the real sponsor of all the acts of terror and carnage in Pakistan. My crime is that I reveal India’s real face to the people of Pakistan and I expose its two-faced policy of overtly appearing all smiles and geniality, while it conceals a dagger in its sleeve, waiting to stab one in the back at the first opportunity. India cannot stand my existence for another reason too, and that is that I speak about the rights of Muslims of the whole subcontinent. Moreover, I do not stay silent when Muslims are slaughtered in Gujrat and Maharashtra.

Not only my Deen, but, in fact, no law in the entire world forbids me from raising my voice at the massacre of innocent Muslims in India, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. It is also noteworthy that my parents had migrated from India when Pakistan gained independence and, hence, apart from the ties of Islamic brotherhood, I also have a geographical association with the Muslims of India. We lost many of our loved ones during the migration to Pakistan and, therefore, have a much clearer and comprehensive understanding of the difficulties and problems faced by Muslims in India.

India’s double-faced policy is also evident from the fact that it had been constructing dams on rivers flowing into Pakistan while it overtly negotiated confidence-building measures. My organization exposed this Indian conspiracy in every corner of Pakistan. India, therefore, considers my organization and me the biggest obstacles in its path of nefarious designs against Pakistan and that is why it incessantly points the finger at me without providing any tangible evidence. Alas! It is unfortunate that our government continues to pursue a meek and self-protective foreign policy vis-‡-vis India instead of defending Jama’at-ud-Da’awah and me. Pakistan’s government dreams of friendship with an enemy, though its dream will never be realized.

Kindly allow me to also mention here that under sway of incessant Indian propaganda some Pakistani intellectuals and journalists too, hold a negative opinion of my organization and me. Although such individuals are few in number, yet I would like to say with all due respect to these individuals that the Jamaatud Dawah is an organization which has promoted this ideology ever since its inception, that any type of armed activities within Pakistan are not right. Alhamdulillah, it is precisely because of this policy that no evidence has ever been presented against the Jamaatud Dawah in any court of Pakistan, which could show that the Jamaatud Dawah was ever involved in any negative activities, or had ever attempted to disrupt peace in Pakistan.

The Jamaatud Dawah has always been the first to condemn any armed activity within Pakistan, including suicide attacks. We consider such activities damaging to the image of Islam and Pakistan. Islam is a religion of peace and jihad for the sake of Allah is a vital pillar of Islam, yet there are certain specified rules for carrying out jihad, which does not include indiscriminate killing of everyone everywhere. Islam does not condone random blasts at public places, nor does it endorse the killing of every non-Muslim that one comes across. We do not believe in killing and slaughter in non-Muslim countries too, and we believe that it is the responsibility of Muslims to protect the life and property of non-Muslims in Muslim countries. Raising of the sword is only permissible against those non-Muslims who arm themselves to the teeth and invade Muslim lands and people. It is because of this ideology of the Jamaatud Dawah that Hindus and Christians from Karachi and interior Sindh took out protest rallies in support of the Jamaatud Dawah when UNSC imposed sanctions upon the Jamaatud Dawah last year. It has been a hallmark of Jamaatud Dawah’s humanitarian services that it has always served people in need without any discrimination on ethnic or religious basis whatsoever. We did so because that is what Islam had taught us to do.

It deserves mention here that the UN Security Council (UNSC) has imposed sanctions on several public welfare and jihadi organisations of member Muslim nations, yet the Jamaatud Dawah is the only organisation, which formally challenged these sanctions at the Security Council. We prepared and submitted a formal request for de-listing in accordance with the rules of the UNSC, and the UNSC, as well as the European Union contacted us for further clarifications. Our case is still pending at the UNSC. There is a fundamental flaw in the basis on which the UNSC has imposed the sanctions and we firmly believe that sooner or later that day will come when the international community will accept our just point of view and position.

Whatever has been said against the Markaz-e-Taiba, Muridke, in the Kerry-Lugar Bill is also mere propaganda. Markaz-e-Taiba, Muridke is an educational and public welfare complex where, apart from the educational institutions for boys and girls, an excellent hospital also exists. Nor has it ever been a no-go area in the past. Journalists from every corner of the world have toured and surveyed it, yet western media, with its agenda of promoting certain interests and objectives, continues to spew propaganda regarding this educational complex.

The object of writing these lines is to call for an end to negative propaganda against Jamaatud Dawah and to allow it to fully resume its humanitarian and public welfare projects. Perpetual negative propaganda against us, despite our evident past and our open present is beyond our comprehension. We obviously do not expect anything from others, but we do believe we have a right to expect that the Pakistani media will support us against the innumerable injustices committed against Pakistan’s major humanitarian relief organization and will cooperate with us in presenting the truth to the international community.



Hafiz Muhammad Saeed

Ameer Jamaat al Dawah Pakistan”



  1. I do not know why I feel this but there is something about Hafiz Saeed that is not right.

    A lot of these Jehadi leaders have their own agendas. And if u look at their face, they do not look like good people. Or maybe it’s me 🙂

    • @yusuf,I think u should know abt these organizations better since u r in pakistan u should know more abt it,as far as face is concerned i find it very beautiful face alhamdulillah.

      • What can i say mate. some of us have a bad taste 🙂

    • Next target is pakistan read this
      ” Nigel Sheinwald, Britain’s ambassador to Washington, later appeared on MSNBC to describe the sacrifices made by British forces in Helmand, where 99 Britons have died this year alone. “We are doing some very tough fighting,” he told an audience that seldom hears about non-US troops’ role in any detail.

      Sir Nigel also insisted that Pakistan, not Afghanistan, was “the strategic prize”.

      • Certainly Pakistan with it’s brilliant armed forces and nukes is the ultimate prize but they’ll never conquer us!

        Our creation was a miracle and we’re here to stay!

  2. Hafiz Saeed hijacks the kashmiri freedom movement to furthern his own deobandi aims

    Kashmiri people are not represented by Hafiz Saeed, whilst they appreciate his support, they do not want him misleading their children

    • For your kind information, Hafiz Saeed Has nothing to do with Kashmir Jihad. In past, he may have sent his loyalists to join Jihad-e-Kashmir but his field of work mainly remains in philanthropic activities. Kashmiris only consider Cmdr. Salahuddin as their chief in battlefield and this is the reason, he is Chairman Mutahhidah Jihad Council.

  3. Another mischievous attempt from the Taliban sympathizers in the media to confuse the public.

    • @ neel123

      Get back into that cow’s rear neel…you need not raise ur filthy head here …back now 😀 :d

    • @ neel
      better read quran and be a muslim

  4. @yusuf

    I think its really you, who is lacking common sense , i think you should grow up before making such comments which have no footing at all , when kuffar are against any muslim , and they consider him a threat than there is no doubt in his eemaan , and i assur you if would have seen the faces of Sahaba and Prophets , you would have said same “BAKWAS” about them , coz every sahabi and prophet had a beard on his face , so what is about the face that worries you , 20 years of Jamat ud Dawa and still you are doubting its agenda , what proof do u have , they layed 5000 lives fighting iindian forces in kashmir , never burnt a single tyre in pakistan … hafiz saeed being the most wanted man has no single fir in pakistan … dont you realise what they stand for , never provoked ethnicity , always supported nationalism and islam , on what footings do u suspect hafiz saeed ? may b because you r an indian…who knows..!


    Hafiz saeed has not hijacked the kashmiri movment , its the sacrifices that the LASHKAR has made in Jammu Kashmir , which has made millions of people chant “Lashker se rishta kia .. La illaha illallah”
    in the heart of srinagar..

    and for your kind information , Hafiz saeed is not deobundi , he follows salafi sect , but the irony here is that he has never ever in his speech , in his organisation or private meetings stood for his school of thought , he has always talked of unity of all sects , and uniting ummah at large , i give all readers a challenge who are falling on the indian lines when thinking about hafiz sahab , that go through out pakistan , you will find 200 pluls schools , dozen of hospitals , masajid and madaris , offices of jamat ud dawa , but you will never find any thing promoting any speicifc sect or school of thought , and i cant belive how you say that he is misleading their children ,?? helping them to brake shackles from indian is misleading or guidance????

    i give an open challenge to all of you who become victim of biased propaganda .. to go around the world and identify a single group,jamat,organisation of muslims.. who is actively and practically doing all of these obligatios in islam…

    1.dawat o tableegh
    2. islamic and modern education
    3.health,medical camps,helping handicaps,
    4.disaster managment and relief support.
    5.monthly support of poor families.
    6.and defence of pakistan and ummah , through JIHAD e FI SABILALLAH…

    and the most brilliant thing is they have never focred any one , neighter they stand for democracy , where u can doubt them for being nice so they can gain votes , even thats not the case…

    so what remains a fact is , that Hafiz Saeed and his organistaion does every thing that Quran o Sunnah has asked us , they are defending pakistan , helping kashmiris and afghans , and all of this is being done to please ALLAH and revive the lost glory of ISLAM….

    • I am sorry mate. I should have been more respectful towards ur views.

      But I am still not convinced. There is something not right about Hafeez Saeed.

    • deobandi,salafai their all wahabis and bad for Pakistan and remenents of zia rule.

      Kashmiris people are peace loving people with strong affiliation to sufis, something hafiz regards as shrik


      Hafiz Saeed Charity do great work for all muslims infact all pakistanis inclucing hindus

  5. i forgot to mention the 7th and most important point , Alhumdolillah , Hafiz sahab has initiated a dialogue process bw major sects of muslims , to come to common mutual understands for the larger interests of ummah , and leave aside the differences and unite against the true enemies , he has always been in forefront to apprehend the issues like jamia hafsa and takfiri movments , and tried his level best to convince the prepetrators of these events and ideologies about the wrong interpretation they follow. which is resulting in chaos in pakistan. why dont we do a simple thing ,
    go and meet someone a top ranking army officer and ask about hafiz sahab and jamat ud dawa .. and their agenda too.. \inshallah u will be schocked to know what sacrifices these Dawa men have already made for this country and their vision of liberatinf india through gazwae hind .. will clear your mind.. hopefully…!

  6. I have read the book “TAFSEER SURAH YUSUF” and “TAFSEER SURAH TAUBA” of Hafiz sahab .. both of these books were written by him when he was in illegal detention by our govt. and i recommend these tafsir to all of those who mistrust and mislead people about DAWA.. i agree with TAYYAB.. i know few people of DAWA.. they are very pious and humble , and there ideology is very simple and sound ,

    they say that the essence of islam is dawah , and when there are hurdles in the way of dawah then its removed by JIHAD , muslims are permitted by ALLAH to defend themselves.. against any tyranny and oppression , and the result of jihad and rule of islam s a gift by ALLAH , it comes by sacrifices and hard work in dawah , that is what Hafiz Saeed and his organisation stands for..

  7. Hafiz Saeed and his organisation is banned by the UNO for innocent killings that has been carried out by his Lt.Lakvi.He is a devil in the guise of doing good work.He does not represent Kashmiri.There are elections being held in Kashmir and majority of them go to vote inspite of the terror threats and risk to their lives by the people like Saeed.Pakistan and the world will be better off without him and should be brought back to India for his crimes and should be tried in the open court.Pakistan, it is high time that the sane people of your country wake up and fight these menace for the sake of humanity. They are using your land and your religion for nefarious activities.

    • Bharat Desai what about indian sponsored terror in Balochistan, FATA, SWAT, East Pakistan (BANGLADESH), Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, KASHMIR (killing of 100,000 unarmed innocent kashmiris and raping of many kashmiri women, killing of Kashmiris on daily basis and recent discovery of 29,000 Kashmiris mass grave, Arunachal and many more places even in India are killed. You even killed the Indian truth finder KARKARE. INDIA IS AN EPICENTER OF TEROR if not what answer you have to the above countries who have been terrorised by INDIA THE EPICENTER OF TERRORISM. Wake up to yourself because you are blaming someone who the Indian terrorist state arrested and released.

      The Indian terrorism is unprecedented and the wrath of Allah the almighty will elminiate the terrorist state of india from the face of earth by disintegrating it into many pieces before your black dream of breaking pakistan will never come true as the same will happen to you soon InshaAllah. Zalim ki rassi draz hoti hai aur jab yeh khainch li jati hai to phir zalim ka kuch nahin bachta.


  8. @desai,
    I would suggest u to read Quran and as far as kashmir’s election is concerned they r nothing but fake by our own delhi (brahmin) sponsored parliament.U can watch clips(in youtube) of kashmiris demanding azadi in great numbers, arundhati roy and barkha dutt also acknowledge the fact that kashmiris want azadi from India.If kashmir is part of india than pakistan is also a part of india but we should know why pakistan became new country, it was because majority of that area wants to have a new muslim country for the sake of islam(alas even after 62 yrs pakistan is not islamic sharia country and is not working towards khilafah),among them kashmiris also demanded to be part of pakistan .its simple,we muslims in india though we r treated as third class citizens, do not want azadi rather want to call u towards islam,atleast read Quran by urself mr. desai and if u like islam then embrace it.

  9. People, I honestly feel that Mr. Saeed is pretending to be a nice guy only so that the Government of Pakistan will allow him and his organization to start functioning openly again. His organization may be doing a lot of good things for the poor people in Pakistan, but he is using the money donated by pious muslims to help wage a terrorist war against India. In Islam, you are supposed to donate money to help the poor and he is exploiting this religious sentiment to fund his terrorist friends on the side. I think this money is running dry now and that is why he is making all these proclamations of innocence and being harmless. Do the poor people of Pakistan really want to be helped at the cost of innocent lives in India? Are Pakistanis really ignoring this, because in their heart of hearts they really want to re-establish muslim rule over India? Hindus never supported partition and if Muslims had stayed back, then by legal and constitutional means a muslim leader could have been elected to lead the country right? So, it is not Hindu India’s fault that the entire South Asian region does not have a muslim head of state. However, I do agree that the way India treated Kashmiris was definitely a mistake, but that doesnt mean that all kinds of terrorists who dont really have Kashmir in their hearts can exploit this situation. Hafez Saeed really wants to re-establish muslim rule over all of India, not fight for freedom of Kashmiris. And because of this, Indians will never allow him to succeed, simply because they dont want religion to be at the center of politics any more. Case in point is secular Congress being elected twice in a row in India and the BJP getting defeated repeatedly.

    • Please support your allegations against Hafiz Saeed with proof. Even the Indian Government has not provided any valid authentic proof of his involvement in Mumbai. Don’t blindly flow with the currant. Ask questions like why the Indian security failed to protect the main land. Can 10 people really hold a city as hostage? And how come all the high ranking officers got shot dead who were involved in unearthing dirty rotten indian elements. Dont be ignorant and take the filth in your homes first before pinning it on others…

      • You ask how come high ranking officers got killed? They are police officers and they are always at a high risk of getting injured or killed in the line of duty. It goes with the job. Just because they are high ranking officers does not make them less prone to injury or death than other policemen. Infact it goes to show that these officers were worth their high standing, because they chose to go into the field rather than sit back in their offices. All Indians are proud of them to the hilt.
        How the Indian security establishment failed? Ofcourse, we are angry and disappointed that they were ineffective and already there is work going on into finding out why this happened and how we can prevent it from happening again. That doesnt mean that we will ignore the fact that Pakistanis trained these terrorists and gave them food, weapons, idealogical training and money to kill innocent Indians. We are angry with Pakistanis for this and we really wish that anyone who supports this ideology and people associated with this ideology are brought to book for their crimes. How can we look forward to peace when we know that these people still roam freely in Pakistan. Look at Dawood Ibrahim. He is protected by your state openly. Anyways, the bottom line is work with us and we will work with you. As our PM said, India will go more than half way for peace if Pakistan took action on the terrorists. Regarding the evidence, I agree I dont know much because I personally have not seen it. But Pakistan should do more to prove that the evidence given to them is not sufficient instead of just giving press releases saying the same thing. Eitherways, for our mutual well-being I really hope both our countries put our egos behind us (but not history) and try to find ways to cooperate.

      • Well dear! Better send your Chief Gen. Kapoor to the borders with Pakistan then, and praise his bravery for going to the field. Tactical commanding Officers don’t enter fields vulnerable as it risks the whole operation! In Mumbai Drama they were assassinated by your own people to cover the political issues they raised. Don’t be ignorant and nag that 10 people who received ideological training & finance from Pakistan literally rocked Mumbai the Indian Mega city. I wonder what the rest of 170 million would be then ??? Please dont flow with the currant and non sense that a politically motivated stunt like the Mumbai Drama is feeding you. It is simply a joke with the lives of Karaker & salaskr who were truly patriots and paid with their lives in the wrong battle.

        We condemn it! Pakistan has nothing to do with it and time will tell soon.

  10. @yusuf

    convincing you was never my objective , and until you discover that something that is not right , we will considert hafiz saeed righteous , I challenge you to bring one wrong doing of hafiz saeed , only one … if you dont have any thing that having a bad assumption on some one is haram in islam , .. Wallahu alam..

  11. The root problem here .. KASHMIR. Solve this and many things will be solved I swear to you!

  12. @ARJUN

    arjun.. you have started a useless debate , we have billions of proofs of indian inovlment in the killing and bombing in pakistani cities , we know what you do in baluchistan , we know what your murderous forces do in jammu and kashmir , we havent forgot what you did in gujrat , the world is witness the way your hindu dominating mind set resulted in burning of christians , sikhs havent forgot your ugly face , naxalites are giving you a tough time , honestly we pray to god that pakistani mothers keep giving birth to sons like hafiz saeed , who single handedly send shivers in the spines of whole indian nations , if pakistani army and agencies are fighting a proxy against you guys then they have justification for it , your ugly indian character is a witness to it , non of your neighbour feels safe untill india exists , …

    u know what … beta !

    we are at war .. on the media , in the civilisation , on the borders ,

    we can never live in peace untill any one of us exists , history has prooved it , now we have to see who perishes whom , and we believe that you guys are so feeble that you cannot counter only 10 men , whom u call pakistani terrorist , your 3 state level , ats cheif , addisional commissioner , encounter specialists , were so CHOOOTIA .. TO SIT IN A SINGLE VEHICLE , WITH 2 ARMED GUARDS ONLY ,this is your version of the story .. if we belive that we are shocked to kow how stupid you are .. i really belive our goverment is wasting time , we should declare an open war on india , and liberate the indians out of extremist hindu rule , sucking the blood of people in the name of secularism.

    we have a history of landing through pani pat , if these 10 men were really pakistani , then you should imagine what will happen when SSG and PAK Army will land in your waters … obviously with the fidayeen of LASHKER E TAIBA…

    we have been given the news of INDIAN LIBERATION by MUSLIM ARMIES , 1400 years ago.. and we are seeing it with open eyes , your policies are drifting , your decisions are in haste , we are calm and calculated .. THERE CAN AND THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY PEACE UNTILL PAKISTANI FLAG IS HOISTED ON RED FORT AND INDIAN PARLIAMENT .. I KNOW YOU WOULD BE LAUGHING BY MY COMMENTS , BUT BELIVE ME MY DEAR YOUR GENERATIONS WILL CRY .. FOR YOUR CRIMES , INSHALLAH.

    • Dear Tayyab,
      I leave it to your fellow Pakistanis to read your comments and decide who wants peace and who wants war. I, instead, shall write here a mere suggestion. Man can find hundreds of reasons to go to war and kill and slaughter people. But it requires a truly selfless heart and real faith in god to walk the path of peace. Please try to be a good muslim and you will find that all this hatred vanishes as you submit yourself to your god. Irrational thinking arises from fear and fear arises from hatred. Hatred in turn arises from your ego. Ego is nothing but a manifestation of ignorance. It is this ego of yours that talks, not your faith (Islam).
      Your country and your people need to find peace, not in the battlefield of men, but in the battlefield of your own minds. I pray you find this peace and more answers in the Gita or the Quran. Read it sometime, before you use it as an excuse for war. Otherwise there would be no greater sin.

      • It’s India that is war-mongering not Pakistan!.Ghazwa-e-Hind was foretold by the Prophet of Islam(saw) centuries back and will happen.GUARANTEED!

      • I google’d Ghazwa-e-Hind and I believe it is nothing but propaganda. I wish you will verify it carefully before you write it in public forums. Please also verify if it is supposed to happen in the 21st century. I believe the term Ghazwa is only associated with wars that the prophet of Islam personally participates in. He is not alive now, so it cannot be called Ghazwa and therefore your statement cannot technically be correct.

  13. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_1060 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-1060", "title" : "Daawa+Chief%3A+A+Message+To+Indians+On+Mumbai+Anniversary", "item_id" : "_post_1060", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F12%2F05%2Fdaawa-chief-a-message-to-indians-on-mumbai-anniversary%2F" } By: PKKH […]

  14. I think every individual who is accused, has a right to clarify himself. Mr H.M.Saeed also has that right according to local, International & Islamic law.
    & i think its true n clear now that jamaat-ud-dawa has never been involved in any sectarian or other violence in Pak. Highcourt has freed jamaat n Mr. H.M.Saeed from all accusations.
    He& his organisation is proven innocent.
    A very good & clarifying act from Mr.H.M.Saeed’s side & as general public we expect that Pak media will not follow the anti-pakistan propaganda & will counter that invasion from TV screens.
    God Bless Pakistan

  15. @arjun

    We have chosen certain war over uncertain peace .. Islam has rules of engagment , Hafiz saeed has mentioned them i his letter , we will slaughter none other than your barbaric forces , we will eradicate your system of indiscrimination and hatred that you possess for decades , your own countrymen are victims of your heinous crimes , it is our duty as a neighbour to help all humans living in this region to break away from your tyrannic rule , it will take time an dsacrifices , which we are investing already and moving to a direction , this is not manifestation of ego , it is pursuasion of reality , we exist for peace , the religion we belive stands for peace , and to acheive peace we have to eliminate the enemies of peace..
    This is the phenomenon due to which nations build armies , it is derived from sound ideologies , Alhumdolillah Islam gives us a sound belief , regardless of cast and creed , we are born to maintain peace and harmony in this world and charity begins at home , therefore we have begun our work from the home of our ancestors , that is INDIA .. we will return this home to its real owners ..Inshallah

    • Dear Imran and Tayyab,
      There is a very old saying in sanskrit, “Vinaasha kaale vipareetha buddhi”. It means that people go into “denial” mode just before their downfall. Other translations I got from google are “your thinking gets most twisted just before your downfall” and “Pride comes before a fall”. I hope you will heed this saying as you see fit. I dont wish to participate in exchanges of hate messages here, because I respect your opinions and I only wish to give you my 2 cents. This will be my last message here. I just want you to know that there are many people in India who have nothing but good feelings for muslims, just as I am sure that there are many muslims in Pakistan who have no hatred for Indians. India is a country of young people with high ambitions, who work incredibly hard and pray to god everyday for success in whichever field they are in. Pakistan, we hope joins us in this journey to the world’s top, instead of spiralling to war and violence. Even our PM has said so many times. I hope you think of the incredible mutual benefits that our countries can reap in friendship, instead of focussing on short lived pride in a meaningless war. I wish you the best in any attempts you may make to take our hand of friendship. It is the best way to help the poor people of your country and mine by creating jobs for them, not through Daawa(charity).

  16. Arjun,

    Certainly as a non-Muslim i don’t expect you to agree with the Ghazwa-e-Hind prophecy be it googled or not so that’s not news!.You need to have Islamic knowledge to understand this prophecy thus no point in talking to you about it instead time will prove it correct.Ghazwa means a mission of being conquered by Muslim’s with or without the Prophet(saw) like Turkey and Spain were many centuries back.I can understand that denial makes you feel comfortable as it’s easier for you that way..

    India is a nation of 1.2 billion people and like any other each individual has a seperate opinion which is only natural thus you need not preach about how special you are!.Regretfully,the subcontinent is not big enough for both Pakistan and India to peacefully coexist especially when many issues remain outstanding thus a final conflict is inevitable.

    India has never accepted Pakistan’s existence on the world map since separation and keeps meddling in our affairs,don’t expect your leaders to tell you of this!.For the record Pakistani youth is also very patriotic and most of the population is very young,remember that if we can create Pakistan with sheer willpower then we know how to sustain it too!.Times are tough but we’re here to stay with or without your friendship.

  17. We would love to live peacefully arjun , but on the principles of humanity and justice , and by god its not a question of choices that people of india and pakistan have made , the fate is written , India is bound to be liberated to a system of equality , peace , and co existance , this whole sub continent needs to be unified , there should be one voice , one system one standard , this whole land will be purified , and the land that is purified is called PAKISTAN .. so eventually this whole region should be and will be pakistan , now the question remains of who is going to be on the good or bad side , that we have to decide , lets see who shows competence and character .. we belive that we have a sound ideology behind us , we have ruled this region for centuries , we will revive and refine our approach and destination.. you have the watches .. we have the time..

  18. It seems useless to convince Indian majority that politicians & elites of India are playing with the sentiments & religious thoughts of poor people. For us Islam comes first then Pakistan & then the world. Islam tells us to stay in peace until your rights are violated by someone else. We are Muslims of Pakistan, brothers to Muslims of India & Muslims of the world. For us Countries are symbols, our Deen is the supreme reality.

    My friends you are trying to convince a bunch of non-Muslims on a blog to accept our ideology. We lived with them for centuries but still we could never reconcile. Just don’t go tense for the fact that they don’t understand. Just pray from Allah to put softness & reality in their hearts & minds. May Allah bless you @ Imran, Tayyab & Musalam Khan

    And my dear fellows @Arjun & Bharat desai; please don’t get irate with us just on mere news. Just look at the Mumbai Accident step by step. Planning, execution & aftermath all have big holes in. Fill these holes with information without biasness. You feel the difference. May Allah make you lives easy & give you the right path to understand the truth.

    In Taza Khudaoon Mein Bara Sub sey Watan Hey
    Jo es ka par-han hay wo Mazhab Ka Kafan Hey

  19. Arjun,

    You are welcome to comment as i rarely see hateful views here but perhaps sarcastic ones unlike on Indian sites that delete Pakistani posts that are too close to reality!.The Sanskit quote you mentioned easily applies more to India then Pakistan because you’re full of false pride with all these false “Incredible India” campaigns.

    You fail to accept that the Dalits,Kashmiris and Naxalites too name just a few groups want no part of India so the question is that for how long will you hold these people at gunpoint!?.You stop our water and support terrorists in Pakistan then preach peace,it’s laughable!.A simple quote of “baghal mein choori,gali mein Rama Ram” comes to mind.

    Ponder over your past and realise that your nation has mostly been ruled by first the Mughal’s and then the British in modern history,only Allah knows what it was like prior to that period!.So called independent India has only existed for sixty odd years yet you people give the impression of being an eternal power.!!.For sure history does and will repeat itself and will do so again so inshallah here’s to akhand Pakistan!!

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