Mass graves found in Kashmir

December 2, 2009


A human rights group in Indian Kashmir said Tuesday it had found unmarked graves containing several thousand bodies in the revolt-hit region during a three-year survey of dozens of villages.
International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice, which calculates 8,000 people have gone missing in the 20-year separatist insurgency, said it had found the unidentified bodies buried in villages bordering Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

The independent Srinigar-based group said that its report to be released on Wednesday documented 2,700 ‘unknown, unmarked, and mass graves’ containing at least 2,900 bodies.
International human rights groups have in the past called for a probe into whether the unmarked graves held bodies of civilians who have ‘disappeared’ as Indian security forces struggle to contain the Muslim-majority region’s revolt.

A police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity said most of the bodies were likely those of Pakistan militants killed in fighting with Indian forces. ‘These militants are always buried as unidentified,’ he said.
Last year police admitted there are more than 200 unmarked graves in one location but insisted they contained dead rebels and not civilians.

Police said it was not possible to identify every militant killed during gunbattles in Indian Kashmir, which has been hit by an insurgency against New Delhi’s rule since 1989. -AFP



  1. Kashmir Muzammat se nahi Hindu kee Murammat se azad hoga, InshaAllah

  2. bharat teri mout aai LASHKAR aai LASHKAR aai

    ham kia chahtey azadi
    ham ley kar rahen gaey Azadi
    chean k ley gen azadi
    tera bap b dey ga azadi
    hai haque hamar azadi
    Kalmey wali azadi
    RASOUL S.A.W wali azadi

    bharat teri mout aai LASHKAR aai Lashkar aai

  3. This prove the point of having a Pakistan in the first place. No matter what our or their leaders are telling us about bilateral contacts the fact remains that the Indians hate us Pakistani so much and can go to any extent to hurt the Muslims of SA.

    We must stop all talks with this country and down grade our overall relations to a bare minimum. Personal I am for scrapping them all together.

    The day we get into this Pakistan-India bhai bhai
    will prove to be the death blow to our existance.

    1000 years of Indian rule at the hands of our forefathers is simply too much for these bastards to bear.

    Some one in our intelligancia should create a seperate department for taking care of ani-Muslim elemants across India. When Israel can do so for the entire world then we should atleast do so for South Asia!

    • India is a terrorist country and this mass grave proves it. Our media should raise these issues in every forum to let the world know what the EPICENTER OF TERROR INDIA IS UPTO. INDIA has been committing genocide to Kashmiris, Moist, Nexals, Muslims, Christians and other minorities in india. No neighbour country of India is safe from its evil acts of terror such as China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. INDIA IS THE BIGGEST TERRORIST OF ALL TIME. It has proved time and again by sponsoring terrorism in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China and Pakistan (FATA,SWAT and Balochistan). This is the way INDIA THE EPICENTER OF OF TERRORISM OPERATE THAT IT STAGES DRAMAS LIKE PARLIAMENT AND MUMBAI ATTACKS TO DIVERT THE WORLD ATTENTION FROM THE ATTROCITIES INDIA HAS COMMITTED IN KASHMIR AND PAKISTAN. BUT INDIA YOUR TIME IS UP SOON YOU WILL SEE THE DESTRUCTION YOU BRINGING TO INNOCENT PEOPLE AND YOUR NEIGHBOURS WILL COME TO YOU. YOU ARE THUGS AND GROUP OF COWARDS STEALING PAKISTANI WATER. YOUR TIME IS UP INDIA THE EPICENTER YOUR TIME IS UP!!!

  4. Eid ul Adha 1430 H Khutbah by Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir
    (Amir of Jama’ah Anshorut Tauhid)

    Dhu al-Hijjah 14, 1430 A.H, 1430 A.H, December 01, 2009
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    إن الحمد لله نحمده نستعينه ونستغفره ونعوذ بالله من شرور أنفسنا ومن سيئات أعمالنا من يهده الله فلا مضل له ومن يضلله فلا هادي له و أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له و أشهد أن محمدا عبده ورسوله

    أما بعد فإن أصدق الحديث كتاب الله وخير الهدي هدي محمد { ص ع م } وشر الأمور محدثاتها و كل محدثات بدعة و كل بدعة ضلالة وكل ضلالة في النار
    The Muslim people rohimakumulloh,
    During the Ukuf yesterday, millions of Muslims were assembling in the field of Arafah where there is no other religion besides Islam that could assemble such a many people in one place, on one occasion and wearing the same ihram with the same sacred purpose of worshipping Allah SWT. Subhanallah walhamdu lillahi, Allahu Akbar!

    And today more than 1 billion people are standing in solat facing one same direction from various locations on the surface of the earth and filling the atmosphere with the same sound of takbeer. And then later, we will slaughter animals of sacrifice (qurban) as a form ibadaah (worship) to Allah SWT alone – and we will continue resounding the takbeer until the end of the days of Tashriq. How noble is this ibaadah of qurban that Shaikhul Islam Ibnu Taimiyyah rahimahullahu said in Majmu’ Fatawa, when explaining the second verse of surah Al-Kautsar (Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer and sacrifice), that Allah SWT ordained us to gather the two great ibadaahs (i.e. solat and slaughtering qurban) which signify the attributes of taqarrub (nearness to Allah), tawadhu’ (humility), realization that we are always in need of Allah SWT, husnuzhan (having positive thoughts of Allah), strong faith and tranquillity of the heart towards Allah SWT, His promise, command, as well as His priority over anything else. May Allah accept all of our ibaadahs, ameen!

    The Muslim people rohimakumulloh,

    However there is a reality that is very difficult for us to accept. Lately, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics released a data that mentioned that the total number of Jewish population in Israel has now reached 5 million 542 thousands, while the number of Muslims who are splintered in the various nationalistic states (due to misguided ideology of nationalism) have a bigger number i.e. more than 1.57 billion adherents. However, they are incapable of confronting these people of the apes and swines despite their much smaller number. Masjid Al Aqsa which was once the first kiblat of the Muslims is aggressed by the cursed Jews and treated in any manner they like. Imagine what kind of feeling is crushing and slicing the hearts of the Palestinian Muslims there. It could be that when we are slaughtering the animals of sacrifice, our Palestinian brothers and sisters are being butchered there by the cursed Jews just like the people of Ashabul Ukhdud who were sitting happily at the edge of the trench set ablaze with fire to slaughter the believers. Wallahul Musta’an!

    The Muslim people rohimakumulloh,

    The suffering of Palestine is the sufferings of all the Muslims. The Muslim people have the responsibility to liberate the land of Palestine from the grip of the enemies of Islam. The current condition of Palestine is indeed requiring the duty of jihad for all the Muslim people, mainly because the two forces had met in Palestine, i.e. the forces of Jewish Israeli kuffar and the Muslims of Palestine. Since the year 1947, the accursed Zionist Israel had attacked and occupied the territories of the Muslims and they keep on expanding their invaded areas by constructing new settlements. Therefore, it is wajib upon all the Muslims especially the Muslim people in the region of Palestine to continue picking up weapons for the sake of conducting jihad against the Jewish Israeli kuffar and not adopting other ways which are not in accordance with the Shari’ah of Islam. And according to the understanding of true Islamic fiqh, this duty of jihad continues to strike the Muslims, starting from the nearest ones to those whose domiciles are far from Palestine, so that the Palestinian Muslims can destroy the Zionist Israel and live peacefully under the banner of Islamic Shari’ah.

    It is due to this as well, that we are reminding the leaders and members of HAMAS, especially those ikhlas and gallant ones from the Brigade of Izzudin Al Qossam, that you must return and hold tightly to Dienul Islam and not taking up the kufur path of Democracy. You must repent and unite with other Mujahideen brothers who are istiqomah with the manhaj (methods) of the Salafus Sholeh, such as those from Jund Ansarullah. You cannot attack and be hostile to them because if you do, then you are no different from the other Thoghut Arab rulers around Palestine. A lot of the Arab rulers have become murtad from this noble Dien because they have consciously collaborated and keep on collaborating shoulder to shoulder with America and its allies in fighting the Mujahideen. And being in enmity with the Mujahideen would never make you triumph in the fight against the accursed Jews, in fact you would be trapped to become their lackeys just like what befell those thoghut Arab rulers. Na’udzubillahi min dzalik!

    And some of the Arab rulers including those who claimed to be Ulama had betrayed Allah and His Rasul, besides abandoning the Muslim people of Palestine. They acknowledged the existence of the Israeli State, in fact they even allowed agreements with the accursed people. Whereas the first Prime Minister of Israel i.e. David Ben Gurion himself had said, “If I were an Arab ruler, I myself would never sign any agreement with Israel!”

    The Muslim people rohimakumulloh,

    It is clear that as long as the holy lands of the Muslims are still invaded, be it directly or indirectly, by the power of the kuffar International, the condition of the Muslims in the various aspects of life will still be in crisis. We do not fear the crisis that hit our world in the form of political crisis, economical crisis and other similar crisis. But we fear very much the crisis that hit the Dienul Islam that we believe in, i.e. when the aqeedah of Tauheed is harmed by the variety of ideologies, beliefs, the shirk and misguided thinking streams such as the teachings of Nationalism, Socialism, Democracy, Liberalism and others which are deliberately spread by the enemies of Islam for the purpose of Ghozwul Fikri (War of Ideology) to destroy Islam from within.

    In the physical war, like what is now happening in a number of places in the Islamic world, the Mujahids would obtain two goodness i.e. victory or shaheed just as explained by Allah in the verse:
    Say: “Nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allâh has ordained for us. He is our Maulâ (Lord, Helper and Protector).” And in Allâh let the believers put their trust. Say: “Do you wait for us (anything) except one of the two best things (martyrdom or victory); while we await for you either that Allâh will afflict you with a punishment from Himself or at our hands. So wait, we too are waiting with you.”(At-Taubah: 51-52)

    However, in the arena of Ghozwul Fikri, the Muslims are trapped in a very dangerous condition for his Dien. Their physiques are not killed but the thinking and beliefs of the Muslims are changed and messed around with as such to the extent that the Muslims have fallen into shirk without them realizing it, just as mentioned by Allah in the verse :

    “Those who love the life of this world more than the Hereafter, who hinder (men) from the Path of Allah and seek therein something crooked: they are astray by a long distance.” ( Ibrahim: 3)

    What other calamity or crisis could be bigger than these things?

    Let’s look at the “Jaringan Iblis Liberal” (or Liberal Iblis Network – a sardonic term for Liberal Islam Network -ed) and other similar networks, they work upon the foolishness of the Islamic ummah generally to rebuke, pin down and destroy the Muslims who are consistent in practising Al-Qur’an and Sunnah. They called those who abide by the requirements of Al-Qur’an and Sunnah, especially jihad, with unbecoming names so as to deceive the society. They freely used the words Fundamentalist, Terrorist and so on. Besides that they also diligently spread misguided ideologies through the various medias and publications which are sponsored by America and its accursed allies. Insha Allah, the evil and false moves that they worked on will be a total failure and they will be defeated in shame.
    Alloh SWT says:
    “The Unbelievers spend their wealth to hinder (man) from the path of Allah, and so will they continue to spend; but in the end they will have (only) regrets and sighs; at length they will be overcome: and the Unbelievers will be gathered together to Hell;-.” (Al-anfal : 36)

    “Their intention is to extinguish Allah’s Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).” (As Saff : 8 )

    Who are these people? Some of them were born and raised in the big and renown Islamic organizations, they have become “Malin Kundang” (a local legend that symbolizes a treacherous son –ed). And this type of Malin Kundang is not only treacherous to the Muslim ummah that nurtured and raised them, but they are even treacherous to and against Allah Azza wa Jalla. Indeed, they have become kafir murtadeen and therefore, anyone who doubts their apostasy are undoubtedly the same as they who have become murtad!

    The Muslim people rohimakumulloh,
    Various misguided teachings continue to appear, grow and blossom everywhere to the extent that the Islamic ummah continues to be participating in misguidance today, except those who are blessed by Allah SWT. There is no doubt that all these misguidance are let to thrive, in fact some of them are even given assistance financially in order to crook the Dienul Islam without many realizing it. The enemies are united and spend their wealth to harm Islam and subjugate the Muslims. They are very afraid and worried if the Muslims return to the true teachings of Islam because the revival of the Muslims is a ghost (that causes fear) for them which would never allow them to enjoy the natural wealth that they could usurp in the lands inhabited by the Muslim majority. Thus are the manhaj (methods) of Fir’aun, in order for their authority to be imperishable, they meddle with the teachings of Islam so that the Islamic ummah will become weak and easily dominated. This manhaj is adopted very well by the invading crusaders in the countries they invaded, the same goes with the puppet government produced by their upbringing.
    By using the name of national interests and national unity, they forced the Muslims to accept the polytheism (shirk) and misguidance that they taught. A camp was chosen as the Moderate camp i.e. the camp of the Muslims who are willing to tolerate polytheism and misguidance, the rest are categorised as hard line, radical and even terrorist i.e. the camp of the Muslims who are holding tightly to Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah, and thus inflaming the spirit of Jihad. Then, they would provoke, not only in the instructional level but also in practical level by racing to claim the Islamic ummah’s assets such as Masjid, madrassas, institutions and so on, to be filled with the misguided teachings. Then, they would accuse and condemn the good and istiqomah Islamic youth cadres who are in the vicinity of the masjid and madrassas that are claimed to be owned by their organizations. Next, they would call those young Islamic activists as the extension of the transnational Islamic organization such as Hizbu Tahrir, Ikhwanul Muslimin and even Al Qaeda. Masha Allah!

    The Muslim people rohimakumulloh,
    So, dear Jama’ah (assemblage), where is the meaning of the Ibaadah of Hajj and Qurban that we perform? Is it only a process for seeking the title of “haji” and good names? Doesn’t going for hajj indicate that Islam is naturally a transnational or universal religion? Doesn’t doing the qurban signify our sincerity to Allah Azza wa Jalla just like the obedience exemplified by Prophet Ibrahim AS? He was prepared to leave his wife who had just given birth and newly born son in the desert that has no vegetation and water for the sake of carrying out the commandment of Allah SWT just as He says:
    “O our Lord! I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Thy Sacred House; in order, O our Lord, that they may establish regular Prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits: so that they may give thanks.” (Ibrahim: 37)
    And he also carried out the commandment of Allah to slaughter his one and only son, to be slaughtered simply to obey the commandment of Allah, just as He says:

    Then, when (the son) reached (the age of) (serious) work with him, he said: “O my son! I see in vision that I offer thee in sacrifice: Now see what is thy view!” (The son) said: “O my father! Do as thou art commanded: thou will find me, if Allah so wills one practising Patience and Constancy!” (As-Saffat: 102)

    Let us all return (repent) to Allah SWT and honestly admit that we are still infected by the disease of Wahn (love of this world and fear of death) that we still have not acquired the earnest efforts to re-establish the dignity of Islam and the Muslims. Then we instil a determination in the heart that, insha Allah, we are prepared to sacrifice anything precious in our lives, be it the properties, occupations or even lives, in order to obtain His maghfirah (forgiveness), rahmah (mercy) and ridha (pleasure) i.e. by continuously advancing and abstaining from retreating in the struggle of da’wah wal jihad for the sake of forming of a society that only wants to be ruled by Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah.

    Where per se, we must also rigorously reject and fight every misguided teaching and human law that do not want to bow to Allah’s laws in a kaffah (complete) manner such as the ideologies of Nationalism, Socialism, Democracy, Capitalism, Liberalism and so on. Let us build up the strength of the Muslims in the context of I’daadul Quwwah (preparing the strength) in order to carry the sacred duty of liberating the lands and holy places of the Muslims with jihad fii Sabilillah. For the purpose of obeying the commandment of Allah SWT.

    “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.” (Al-Anfal: 60)

    And the commandment of Allah SWT:

    “And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, verily Allah doth see all that they do.” (Al-Anfal: 39)

    Hasbunalloh wa ni’mal wakiil ni’mal maula wa ni’man nasiir , Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd!

    Finally, let’s make do’a to Allah Azza wa Jalla:

  5. i’m a kashmiri.We will free ourselves from these Hindu extremeists inshaAllah. takbeer.

    Alhamdulilah Jinnah built Pakistan for us and Alhamdulilah that my grandfather migrated to Pakistan.. he tells us these horrible, horrible facts…for now, let me just tell you that the Hindus always thought of the Muslims as vermins.This is one of the reasons why Muslims and Hindus shouldnt be living in the same country.

    Most of the Hindus are an extremeist, intolerant race-though some are good too. inshaAllah Allah swt will take care of everything.

    For now i just pray for those mothers, those families who lost their loved ones courtesy of the Indian Government; I pray that Allah swt gives my sisters and brothers a House near Him in Jannah Ameen.

  6. For all those blind indian fools who say
    “India treats kashmiris as it own ”

    Some way for India to treat it’s citizens or minorities …(No surprise)

    With is the 700,000 + military presence, still India can’t call Kashmir it’s own. What a pathetic excuse of a nation!
    Thumbs up to Pakistan for keeping Kashmir the flash point & India to choke on it!

    Insha Allah the Kashmiris will get their freedom & right to plebiscite.

  7. where is the source for this article?

    • @ wtf

      The source are ur true fathers the pakistanis…the ones that RULED your ass for a 1000 years 😀 😀

      So when u come here read, accept and take EVERYTHING as FACT ..and if their is something u disagree with then convince urself that YOUR INTELLECT is STUPID and the article is CORRECT 😀 😀

      If your still not satisfied then GET LOST :D..and we can ASSURE YOU that you will NOT be missed 😀 😀

      Alright ..now get back to cleaning Toilets
      😀 😀

      Dismissed !

      • let me make this clear. u assume u r mughals descandents bcos u r a muslim?


        did u know that muslims converted and killed 80million hindus.? your forefathers could be one of the converted ones.

        oh yeah. by the way i am not hindu. but plz dont insult them. be more tolerant of others

      • @ WTF

        Your flawed and misconstrued thought process is a result of your slavish mentality which cannot be liberated while ur head is in a COWS ASS 😀 😀

        Its called a very severe sickness and its kind of similar to Blindness 😀 😀

        Even if i am a Mughal my forefathers ruled over your forefathers ass for 1000 years.

        We had ample time to ethinically cleanse you had we chosen too 😀 :d

        That obviously didnt happen 😀 :D..Otherwise their wouldnt be 800 million hindus and India with a population of 1 billion plus people today.

        You see you speak out of ur butt hole because all that comes out is fowl air…with no basis and no backing 😀 😀 😀

        And the fact that u flunked a subject as easy as history is quite evident 😀 😀

        So for an ungrateful subject this lesson today should serve as a starting point 😀 :d

        Dismissed !

    • Please be a bit more proactive before asking a source. You could have found it by pasting the items first sentence in Google:


      Here’s some more news:


      I may not be as passionate as most Pakistanis in condemning India but they will surely pay dearly for this.

  8. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_1062 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-1062", "title" : "Mass+graves+found+in+Kashmir", "item_id" : "_post_1062", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F12%2F05%2Fmass-graves-found-in-kashmir%2F" } By: PKKH […]

  9. There is no eveidence to suggest that Muslim’s killed 80 million Hindu’s other then Indian proganda!.Fact is that Hinduism struggled to evolve beyond India because people reject idoltary and it’s silly ways of worship!

    Pakistanis have many descendents from the Mughal’s to Arab’s and even Turk’s.India will soon pay a massive price for all this opression.

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