And the Betting Continues…

December 1, 2009

By Nemrah Ahmed
Edited by Sumayya Chawla

In India, after traveling every two miles, one encounters a new god with new name, new face and new miracles, but there are some ancient legends which maintain their authenticity and charisma throughout the region. One such example is the Ganga River. Legend says that anyone who bathes in the river’s pure water achieves a thorough cleansing of body and soul.In Pakistan, we used to have soaps for this purpose until late 90s. Now, we have National Reconciliation Ordinance.

The notorious NRO turned out to be a true detergent for the “purest’ of the Land of Pure, which cleaned the filth of corruption and dishonesty from their persons and returned them their white collars. For long, the names of such people were kept hidden. But Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani soon realised that he was, is, and can never be another version of the Shaukat Aziz brand and this realisation was perhaps further strengthened by the awakening conscience of the patriots of this nation. Hence, the conflicts between the PM and President Houses arose from the depth of the ocean of Pakistani politics and surfaced in the form of this much dreaded list of the benefactors of NRO. Since the unveiling of this masterpiece, the hue and cry of “Article number this does not allow anyone to do a lawsuit on President” and “The removed cases were always unproven” can be heard from the President’s Ministry of Defense.

When this mayhem started, a very dear friend of mine had dinner with his old class-fellow and friend, a leading lawyer of Supreme court, an ex-President SC Bar Association and the soul of the Lawyers’ movement. The story of this dinner is really interesting since it ended up in a bet that holds the future of Mr Pakistani President. The lawyer, of-course confidentially,told this friend of mine about the disqualification of Mr Pakistani President through Supreme Court in the near future. My friend had a good laugh , and placed a bet of Rs.50,000 as he was too sure of the opposite. A few days later, the list of NRO benefactors came under public scrutiny, and the debate which followed made my friend quite happy since it became obvious there was, and still is, no chance of SC disqualifying Mr Pakistani President. While this “fact” could wipe the smiles off so many lips, my friend could easily make 50k out of it. Happily, my friend approached the lawyer, and in response to his apparent delight, the lawyer only smiled and said, “Double the money. Let’s make it 100k now, and I bet SC will disqualify the President soon.”

My friend did not believe it and this he communicated to me some weeks ago with a “Lawyers are liars” remark. However, yesterday when my friend found out that the lawyer had doubled the bet money twice over, my friend had to ask how on earth could the Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualify the President.

“The plan is simple,” he was told , “the CJP will first disqualify the president, declaring him illegible to rule as the President of Pakistan through some common “court tactics” which are not even known to the President House and his Defense Ministry, and then further hearings which take forever will continue to proceed.”

I cannot help but feel pity for my friend as I have a strong feeling that sooner or later, the lawyer will double the bet-money further and in the end my friend will lose it. CJP has a very strong support on his back; a very good friend who had practically restored Judiciary and will help SC by any means possible to remove Mr Pakistani President. If anyone is interested in knowing the name of this great support, please check the front page of Pakistani newspapers.

I wish I could make my friend understand that lawyers, although liars, never lie to lose money!!



  1. no doubt zardari is corrupt and he needs to be removed…and plzz dont tell me that CJP is an angel cast out of heaven..he belongs from the same corrupt lota association..these lawyers nearly bankrupt our country and the whole damn point was to restore CJP and not judiciary…well i say **** judiciary,politics,president,bureacrats..all are corrupt..if the lawyers or CJP is being used to remove the president and his cronies then its ok but plzz for god sake…dont make a hero out of a traitor like aitezaz hasan hinting him for possible future leaders..i hate these lawyers..may be some of them are normal the rest are sick retards..i say..kick all of them to hell..president,his cronies,the lota series,the shareef series,the chowdary series,the beauracrats..i hope this time we really have some decent people in corridors of power..

    • I toltaly agree with fatehkhan achakzai’s .

  2. Zardari has to go, nobody likes this corrupt Mr.100%

  3. Talking of Cheap Justice being an angel,I read in a Gulf newspaper(quoting a British newspaper) that agencies sent young girls in their homes and took objectionable photos.These were shown to him by Brig.Abbas Shah of IB,which angered him.After that it was “Offence is best defence”.
    Later,when restored,CJ ordered agencies to remove hearing and photographic equipments from their houses.
    These photos were referred to again by Naeem Bukhari,last week, in a program with Dr. Danish.


    • The stupid ISI drama first reported by Indian news papers, then quoted by some low scale papers, including low scale people, don’t be ridiculous, there are much healthy dramas that agencies can develop, don’t act like Stupid Indian bollywood. sending young girls for Photographs ? LOL

      Group Up Man!

  4. This article can be considered not only contempt of supreme court, but also Sc. This writer must be careful to use such designations with such boldness and liberty. Betting is haram in islam and the whole article is based on one bet.

    Be sensible, And avoid publishing such childish articles by probably children.

    Tc and bye

    • It is strange how some miralists can see the “haram” in one bet but completely misses the great “harams” which have destroyed the Islamic Republic. From illegal dictators to curropt unislamic family-parties. From terrorist TTP’s to aid begging from each and every country possible in YOUR country’s and people’s name.

  5. nothing is wrong with the article:))zardari has to go and the writer has just speculated how the lawyers see all of this…my point is…dont make a hero out of these lawyers..except some most of them are corrupt lota`s…kahan sai lawyer wali personality hoti hai..tyre yah jalatai hain..logo ki pitaayi yah kartai hain…maira bas chalai i will send em to wwe to fight royal rumble..so there is nothing bad in using these pawns to remove bigger pawns like zardari,malik,H.haqqani..basically..the “SS LOTA`S”..but still..dont consider them for having a potential for being future leaders..

  6. and plzz..if the writer/editor still feels that lawyers are angels..i suggest them to read article on pak alert press which proves that lawyers movement was another CIA funded color revolution..

  7. Mr zardari must quit the office . Our judicary is not powerful to remove the president .If supreme court does this . its duty of supreme court . sureme court resposibilty to remove corrupt leaders, NRO is stain on our nation .these 100% people lutted the country and take a white paper in its hands for snatching money of poor people . these corrupt leader should remove . otherwise supreme court is equal to zardari .

  8. […] PKKH […]

  9. the biggest upheaval arising in Pakistan is merely due to dishonest, scoundrel lyk leaders..dey have got no faith of ders except money!dey need to leave Pakistan,,,quit der posts..dis is wht Pakistan needs at da moment..nd some honest leaders lyk Pakistan are required !

  10. not Pakistan..honest leaders lyk Quaid-e-Azam **

  11. zardari out know

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