COAS and Air Chief Visit Troops at Frontline

November 30, 2009


  1. Nice posting. Are there any videos about the Eid celebrations where soldiers were given gifts by students there?

  2. Really guys, hats off to our current military leadership. They left their homes on Eid and went to SWA to show our jawans that they are standing behind them! My respect & admiration for Kiyani is increasing day by day and is also slowly increasing for Rao Qamar Suleiman (initially it was less because he jumped two spots to become the Air Chief — there was another fellow who was the JF-17 pioneer who should have got it but that is another story). Good job and thumbs up to our current fauji leadership.

    • dear brother he was not jumped into that seat ,he was appointed and his name was present in that list,i can feel ur emotions and feeling,but ur forces and soldiers never ever go for the ranks,they only know one thing PAKISTAN HAMESHA ZINDABAD.

  3. ****** Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims and Pakistanis ******************************

  4. We Salute to Our Pakistan Army !!!!

    Pakistan Zindabad

  5. This is an excellent example where different services chiefs are putting aside institutional differences and coming together to display the unity among all services of our armed forces.

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