Wake up Lahore Episode 1

November 27, 2009

Mr Zaid Hamid delivers a lecture in an event organized by Fashion Designer Maria B. and  Students from various Universities of Pakistan.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



  1. Its best way to motivate the people of this nation. Sir we are with you.

    • sir we salute u , thank u for opening our eyes , i we wont do “khayant” with oue ddear home land , and shenever our land demanded , we r gonna sacrifice our life for our dear pakistan,

  2. Zaid Sahab,

    I salute you. Inshallah, Pakistan is going to be the greatest nation on Earth, as envisoned by our founders. It is a secret of Allah.

    • Dear All,

      We all waiting for a leader, we must pray for Zaid Bhai, and also we need a platform from where we can wakeup whole ummah…and i think Internet is the best platform to mobilize Ummah…

  3. just great …………..nothing else

  4. MASHAALLAh…great man and golden words…

  5. Allah o Akber – Pakistan Zindabad – I have no Doubts that Pakistan was created for a larger reason then to settle Indian Muslims in this Country- Pakistan has Future role in the Bright history of Muslim Ummah.

    We will rule the world and Muslim Ummah – Inshah Allah.

  6. Mashallah We are Pakistanis Mashallah 🙂

  7. Mere slogan-bazi. Pandering to the masses without showing them the bitter truth of how far away from the Quran & Sunnah they have travelled. Tantamount to singing lullabies to a nation which needs to wake up.

    Seriously ZH, just answer this:

    “How can a nation/country which is an ACTIVE partner of the kuffar (NATO/USA) even hope to be part of Imam Mahdi’s army?”

    How many aspects of the average Pakistani’s life reflect true Islam? OT: The city where this event was organized is known for celebrating the hindu festival of bassant with unparallel zeal.

    And ZH, 3:20 in the last video you say that Namaz, Zakat wont matter much if one is not true to Pakistan. If Pakistan’s government & citizens choose to support a kaffir nation to oppress another Islamic country in the interest of self-preservation then the appropriate quranic term is munafiq. Is being true to THIS nation more important than Salat & Zakat? You sure?

    Had we been true to the Quran & Sunnah, we would have joined those thousands of men who opted to join the Afghani taliban to fight the illegal NATO occupation of their country. Would that not have changed Musharraf’s decision? If we were true Muslims, then we would have made life a living hell for the dictator and the current zaleel government who let USA drones kill our Muslim brothers in Pakistan & Afghanistan. How many protests have we organized to protest these drone attacks? If we hadnt sold our souls for a very cheap price ($), we would have made sure that not a single inch of our country is used to oppress our fellow Muslims.

    ZH … some harsh words are necessary now. Enough with the soothing lullabies.

    • Dear,,,
      if you watch all ZH videos you may recognize first of all he wants all pakistani people to be true muslims and pakistanis.
      he is the only person who is talking such things to people of pakistan and if our youth is ready then any moment the scenario can be changed.
      critisizing is very easy but practical is very difficult..

    • Obviously, either you are Indian Muslim or Afghani. easily recognizeable

      • @SAli

        And obviously you are retarded.

        If one criticizes the state of Israel, the accusation is that of being an anti-semite. If one criticizes ZH, the accusation is that of being an Indian/Afghani/CIA/Mossad …

        If you can recognize the parallel, then you would have taken the first step to recovery.

  8. what a start by zaid hamid….truly amazing
    Wake up Lahore and Pakistan…Pakistan zindabad …Pakistan Paindabad

  9. I want to thank Mr Zaid Hamid from the bottom of my heart for doing these programmes it has given us so much knowledge and hope and Inshallah we will make
    our pakistan as Allama Iqbaland and Mohammad Ali Jinnah dreamed of

  10. Zaid hamid is a gift of ALLAH to us .. Pakistan zindabad

  11. OMG !! dats splendid !!he left me in tears !i am speechless..literally i have no words left !!em not gettin how to express ma feelings…hats off !! salute to mr zaid haimd nd joins hand for PAKISTAN !!!

  12. I am ready to sacrifice anything ; even my life…..
    Sir. Zaid please tell me what to do…..

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