Alert: India Preparing for Nuclear War?

November 27, 2009

Zaheerul Hassan

Reliable sources stated that Pakistani authorities have decided to move her forces from Western to Eastern border. The move of forces would start soon. The decision has been taken after receiving the threat from Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor to strike Pakistan on November 22, 2009. Indian Chief warned that a limited war under a nuclear overhang is still very much a reality at least in the Indian sub-continent. On November 23, 2009 Pakistan Foreign Office Spokes man Abdul Basit asked the world community to take notice of remarks passed by the Indian Army Chief. He also said that India has set the stage and trying to impose a limited war on Pakistan. There are reports that Indian intelligence agencies have made a plan to hit some Indian nuke installation, alleging and then striking Pakistan. It is also added here that India has started purchasing lethal weapons. According to the careful survey a poor Asian country (India) has spent trillions on purchasing of Naval, Air force and nuke equipments.

Thus, Indian preparation simply dictates that she is preparing for nuke war. The Kashmir conflicts, water issue, borer dispute between China and India, American presence in Afghanistan, Maoist movements, Indian state terrorism, cold war between India and regional countries would be contributing factors towards Next third world war.

Indian Chief’s statement by design came a day earlier to Manmohan Singh visit to USA. The purpose of threatening Pakistan could also be justifying future Indian attack on Pakistan. Therefore, Islamabad concern is serious in nature since any Indian misadventure will put the regional peace into stake and would lead both the country towards nuclear conflict. Islamabad probably conveyed her ally (USA) regarding danger of limited war against Pakistan; she has to cease her efforts on western border for repulsing Indian aggression on eastern border. In fact, Indian government and her army chief made a deliberate try to sabotage global war against terror. In this connection Pakistan Army Spokesman Major General Athar Abbas time and again said that India is involved in militancy against Pakistan and her consulates located in Afghanistan are being used as launching pad.

It is worth mentioning here that Pakistan has deployed more than 100,000 troops on the border with Afghanistan and is fighting a bloody war against terrorism. Her security forces are busy in elimination of foreign sponsored militancy. Thousand of soldiers have scarified their lives not only for the motherland but to bring safety to the world in general. Pakistan is a key ally in the war on terror and the threat of withdrawal would alarm the USA as it could seriously hamper NATO troops fighting in Afghanistan. Pakistan is a nuclear power too and is able to handle any type of Indian belligerence.

In this context, earlier Pakistan Army Chief of Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has categorically expressed at number of occasions that Indian attack would be responded in full strength while using all types of resources. On November 25, 2009 General Kayani stated that the nation would emerge as victorious in the on-going war against extremism. While addressing a ceremony at Police Lines he paid rich tributes to the Frontier police for their valuable sacrifices in the war against terrorism. At this occasion General Kayani revealed that Pakistan was founded in the name of Islam by our forefathers and each one of us should work for strengthening the country and should made commitment towards achieving the goal of turning the country into a true Islamic state. He also announced Rs.20 million for the Frontier Police Shuhada Fund.

In response to Indian Army Chief’ statement he also put across the message that the protection and solidarity of the country are our main objectives as our coming generation owes this debt to us and resolved that any threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country would not be tolerated. The General made it clear that Pak Army has the capability and the capacity to fight the war against terrorists and adversary too. He praised the sacrifices rendered by the security forces and high morale of the troops. Lt General Masood Aslam, Commander 11 Corps, IGFC Major General Tariq and IGP NWFP Malik Neveed Khan were also present at this historic moment.

Pakistan Army Chief visits of western border reflect his commitment to root out the foreign sponsored militancy from the area. This rooting out is directly helping global war on terror, whereas on the other hand his counter part (Indian Chief) keep on yelling and dreaming of striking Pakistan. He probably has forgotten that Pakistan is a responsible nuke power and capable to defend and strike. In 2001 and 2008 at the occasions of attacks on parliament and Mumbai, both the nations close to a nuke war, this was averted by interference from the world community India and USA. At that time too security officials have also told NATO and USA that they will not leave a single troop on the western border incase of Indian threat.

Pakistan is facing a serious economic crisis and terrorist attacks present most serious threat to the country’s internal security. The political and military leadership knows that it is not an ideal situation for them to go for war, but they would not be having any choice to defend the country if threatened by India. Moreover they would be justified in moving her forces from her western to Eastern front. USA, if serious in elimination of global militancy then she has to ask India to resolve regional issues with the neighbouring countries instead of trying to hijack the war against terror. American think tanks should also review the remarks of Indian Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor in the light of India’s offensive nuclear doctrine. The doctrine of a fake nuke power (Indian) reflect the hazardous and aggressiveness of nuclear theory and prediction of third World War.

In the wage of above debate, the world community and USA should ask India to stop fanning terrorism. USA should review the nuke deal with a fake nuclear power prior of signing NPT and CTBT. Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit also quite right in saying that India’s dangerous and offensive nuclear doctrine is serious hazard to global peace. It is true that also that India has long been working on the so-called ‘Cold Start’ strategy and preparing for a limited war. Thus, Pakistan has to pay more attention on her Eastern front under the prevailing adverse security environment and Indian General Kapoor’s threat to her.



  1. good good , they will star the war, we will finnish!

  2. India ki shamat aayee hai.

  3. The Kapoora and its fellow indian army personnel are out of their mind and having a foot and mouth disease thats why they are issuing such statements.

    They think that the war will be limited and remain under the nuclear threshold of Pakistan. But the truth is that they don’t know our threshold.

    We would like to remind this Schizophrenic, Dot Buster and Psychopath Kapoora and his fellows that if they dare to cross the border or try to hit any adventure then our Civilians & Army will fight together against it with ruthless reply.

    This time its not 65, not even 71 its 2009 and Alhamdolillah we are Nuclear and will use it to conserve our freedom and boundries of our motherland.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pak Army Zindabad

  4. they will see what we can do to make safe pak, so don’t under estimate us better to keep ur resources for ur defence only.the persons like zaid Hamid can give better answer what u r indian.

  5. […] Afghanistan. Pakistan is a nuclear power too and is able to handle any type of Indian belligerence. [Zaheerul Hassan – Read Full Article] Nawaz __________________ Parvez Video […]

  6. […] Afghanistan. Pakistan is a nuclear power too and is able to handle any type of Indian belligerence. [Source PKKH: Zaheerul Hassan] […]

  7. They will start and Inshallah We will end . our national flag hoisted on radio station delhi (iNSHALLAH) , This stupid Indian army chief donot know our strenght . This eid ul adha gives the same lesson of scarifice and we are ready for that

  8. USA should realise now that India a real culprit of terror who just makes noise but rather is real epicenter of terror. Indian General Kapoor needs a hard kick on his kapooras for the statement he made. He should realise the wars are not fought by counting the weapons but with courage which the HINDU BANYA always lacked for centuries. They have been ruled by others for centuries and could not cope with this burden so Pakistan should lower their burden by taking over the whole of india and securing their nukes because india is a real threat to the world. NUKES IN INDIAN HANDS MEAN MATCHESS IN THE HANDS OF MONKEY WHO CAN LIGHT UP THE WHOLE WORLD BECAUSE DOES NOT KNOW AND HAS THE ABILITY TO SECURE IT.

    World community should take a notice of the stupid ideas of indians and rather thinking that pakistan’s nukes could be controlled by extremists they should realise that INDIAN NUKES ARE ALREADY IN THE HANDS OF EXTREMISTS BANYA HINDUS WHO does not know what it is and with their AGNI II that needs night goggles they can bomb themselves and make the whole world unsecured.


    Fight like true pakistani and true muslim.this world is urs.

    Fight like true pakistani and true muslim.this world is for brave heads.

  11. pakistan kay har doshman ka jang ka shoak pora karo.aesey jang karo kay doshman ko har teesray din iska khayal na aaye.

    • Dushman ka aisa mo torna ha k zindagi bar uthna k kabil hi nahi raha ga.

  12. Pakistan should not even think of deploying the forces away from the western borders! Make no mistake, this is a plan by the Indians to help their puppets from the TTP. They are receiving a major a$$ kicking in the Waziristan theater, and the Indians just want to relieve the pressure by playing the old sable rattling game they have played before. We are fighting the proxies of India in FATA, and its a fight we need to end at the logical conclusion, the extermination of the TT P rats!

  13. One thing I want to clear the Indians that if they dare to even threaten Pakistan with military strikes or nuclear strikes, Pakistan has already marked their missiles to reach all the major Indian cities. Cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Calcutta are few of them will be wiped out. I am getting convinced to Zaid Hamid’s theory that soon India will disintegrate and Pakistan will play a major role in the subcontinent. We should not let Afghanistan slip to anti-Pakistan elements. That is a strategic country.

  14. Thanks for the comments. keep it up . Pakistan will remain for ever . Indian current leakage of radio activitiy in nuke plant should be taken care by IAEA. Inidan people should also ask their government to rectify their problem instead poking nose in others countries.

  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/8384894.stm

    read this news item its very short but echoes zaheerul hassans point.. i can only wonder how long before indian incompetence is claimed to be an attack by Pakistan… just like t

  16. No Worries, Chill pill mates! 😉

    The Indian General was simply drunk when he made this statement.

    We wait for their folly to be fully in play & Insha Allah Pakistan will take the initiative of making South Asia a very peaceful Neighborhood for a long time.

    They are simply banging their drums to take attention away from India’s own weaknesses (Naxals, Kashmir & Nuclear plant mishaps for a few) & posing as confident bullies that can be thought of a super power which they already think of themselves in their Bollywood minds.

    Secondly to make waves in the media as a cheap publicity stunt to hijack the ongoing successful PAK Army operation the SWA and gain the international focus for the Indian seriousness. Let us not forget the timing of this statement when their premier’s visit to the U.S was made on a date where Singh Jee went to mourn his 26/11 loss with Obama and assert India’s view to label Pakistan as a terrorist state & a number of additional cheap publicity media tactics to keep India in the International Media eye for the rest of the day to deliver several messages…

    PAK Army will not be moving any forces on these threats and will continue to finish the SWA Operation. China will soon be moving it’s troop to the Indian borders as well if India thinks that it has enough muscle to engage Pakistan. Things will continue till India will eventually die it’s own death when economically it wont be able to sustain stand Offs as we know their impotent Nuclear & Missle program doesn’t stand a chance.

    Alhamdolillah the Pakistani Deterrence has nullified the Indian superiority of numbers to equals now. Let them have 10 or even 100s. Our 1, 2 or 3 are enough to cleanse South Asia of this plague / cancer from the region.

  17. What starts of as India/Pakistan war will eventually become a religious war as foretold by our Prophet(saw).India will make the fatal error of attacking a much smaller nation but Pak will eventually be joined by China,Iran and Turkey in kicking their ass!.In numbers or demographically the Hindu’s and Sikh’s are no match for us and they know it!

    The USA is being screwed in Afghanistan so will be little help to India and Israel will probably be attacked by Russia or China!.Inshallah Ghazwa-e-Hind will be complete because history always repeats itself like the crusaders attacking the Middle East then the Muslim’s taking Turkey and Spain so an Islamic invasion of Europe is also due!

    • Lets see… you are jumping into conclusion too early ..Indian Army Chief is mad and I as Indian don’t know till date what the name of the person… the war will worst for both side and I believe both countries will cease to exist.. as far as common man like me is concenred Q2 economic growth is 7.9% which is very good for India and clearly good time is ahead.. for pakistan in novemen 5 suicide bombblast in 6 days which is somethnig Pak have to work out as most imp it is killing the economy and actully killing the future for youth .. most of people like you ar commenting from Dubai or London & you on’t know what as the youth in pakistan are going through… i have some of the firends in pakistan and i feel really sorry for them

      • ..and i feel sorry for you because i’m in Pakistan!.40% Indian people living under the poverty line and you talk of “good times being ahead”..yeah perhaps in centuries but the world won’t last that long!.

        You worry about all the insurgencies within India instead of our affairs.Don’t give me statistics that mean nothing like Navjot Sidhu said “they’re like miniskirts”.

  18. Bloody liar hindus. They dont have guts to fight. Just giving these statement on backing from Israel, USA, UK etc. They are welcome to start a war. But remember, don’t deny you started it and don’t go crying to daddy USA to ask pakistan to stop cuz this time this will be the ONCE AND FOR ALL. We are sick of this crap and we will destroy the bharat state. this war will finish bharat, raze it to ground. Finish it forever and Pakistan will take over Delhi, InshAllah.

    • You guys have some wierd mis-conceptions.

      The bulk of pakistani armrs are american.

      Pakistan gets the largest amount of aid, arms,training and funds from USA.

      Pakistan is a major non nato ally (MNNA) classified country, and thus entitled to US aid.

      Pakistan has US bases, supplies US/NATO forces in afghanistan, allows wester forces transit.

      Pakistan does not object to US forces operating on its soil.It does not object to drone attacks on its soil and territory.

      INDIA does NONE of the above, and YET India is supposed to be USA’s ally!!!!!

      USA is the biggest supporter of Israel< and YET india is a zionist supporter.

      Hypocrisy at its highest.

      Why don't you just examine the few startegic goals of pakistan and see how far pak army succeded!
      1) resolve kashmir and free it—NOPE

      2)keep pakistan in one piece—NOPE

      3)Force India to negotiate on kashmir by
      getting territory as in Kargil-NOPE

      4)vacate India from siachen which it occupied in
      disputed areas-NOPE

      5)At least ONE war/engagement with India where the pak leadership emerged glorious and which did not result in a military coup. or the leader dis-graced or sent to exile–NONE

      So where are you going to take delhi from???

      In your dreams?

      • @ Rajk – another malu wannabe 😀 😀

        You dumbass is there a cure for blindness ?..Why cant u take ur head out of a cows ass before moo-ing like a bull ??

        After ur done collecting cow dung for ur mom’s kitchen ..maybe these few words of mine will help to reduce ur illiterateness 😀 😀

        – “Pakistan has America’s Bases”..As if India doesnt have Israeli bases ..where Israeli drones and fighter jets take off

        Here the foundation for this was laid in 2003 😀 😀


        – During our N-bo*b testing Israeli F-16’s flew from India 😀 😀

        here : http://forum.pakistanidefence.com/index.php?showtopic=79750

        – You buy most of your defense needs now from Israel .

        Here check this google link 😀 😀 :


        – Israel’s military chief visits Kashmir ..i wonder why ?? …lol lol lol


        If you are so sovereign you dirty lungi wearing lingum worshipper then why are you calling him to be ur bed fellow you worse than human scums ?? 😀 😀

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        – Everything you have u owe to to pakistanis..whether its taj mahal, qutb minar, your top super stars..your military achievments (however little they maybe:)


        a Country the size of India taking help from a pheuny state ..lol lol lol

        – Now let me give u ur strategic goals

        – We RULED YOUR ASS FOR A 1000 years and we will again in the FUTURE 😀 😀 – which you can ONLY DREAM ABOUT

        – India tries to wipe pakistan off as a STATE – NOPE – it only fails miserably 😀

        – Were they able to keep pakistani’s checked – NOPE we created pakistan against their wishes 😀 😀 😀

        – We took the kashmir valley the part which we took and the indians couldnt do jack shit about it 😀 😀 😀

        – Bangladesh never joined back with you guys ..so again shit on your face for that 😀 😀 😀

        – We developed thr jf-17 – India failed miserably 😀

        – We have broken the USSR which was much more mightier than you are or ever will be – do u stand a chance ?

        and lastly the term zion is for israel and not the USA.. go get some ENGLISH CLASSES you moron.

        You wanna debate that point ??..Get ready for another 5000 years of Muslim Rule..see you soon in Delhi 😀

        Dismissed !

      • fascination for cows and ‘mallus’!!!!

        As far as i am concerned malayalis and cows are irrelevant to the debate.

        Cows, as far as i am concerned reminds me of kebab and tikis which i enjoy!

        I wonder if you know what a BASE is?

        Its on the ground, a physical entity.

        Army supply agreements are not bases.

        The only israeli bases in India are in your imagination.

        And if you use Zaid Hamid for ‘factual information’, then that explains a lot of your statements.

        That guy puts everbody in pakistan (Except himself) in the pockets of the CIA, Mossad, RAW, Nato and god knows who else.

        Israelis supply arms to many INCLUDING china and TURKEY.

        SO does that mean Israelis have bases in CHINA AND TURKEY!!!

        Isrealis officilal regularly visit turkey, TILL recently they used to have joint military excercies with them!!!

        I again ask you check up what a military base means.

        Israeli army chief visiting Kashmir is one of the favourite conspiracy theories love to be thrown around!!

        ARe bhai India has been combating you guys since independence in 1947.

        Who are the israelis to teach us anything.

        Israel is a tiny country BUT with support of USA and High tech capability.Their terrain, tactics is urban based and nothing similar to India.

        They belive in assasinations and bombing by F-16s.

        They have nothing to teach us.

        If they want anything to learn from our experience in Kashmir, they are welcome.

        We allow guys like Mirwaiz and SS gilani to organise the Hurriyat,they have iftar parties with pakistani ambassador in Delhi, Mirwaiz may go to China on kashmir discussion.

        They roam around free,give sermons in maosques.
        So do Lone, Yasin Malik and others.

        LOne EVEN TOOK PART in the state aasembly elections!!!

        If the israelis were teaching us we would have assainated all of them long back or put them in jail and thrown away the key or settled kashmir forcibly by outsiders or packed them all of to exile.

        Or an SU-30 dropped an LGB on their home while they were sleeping.

        Isreal supplies us arms and hi-tech thats it.
        The reason why pakistan GETS NOWHERE in kashmir internationall is that India treats kashmiris as it own and nothing like what israel does to the palestinians.

        UNLIKE YOU , our arms purchases are NOT military aid, as you receive from the USA.
        SO we are not bound to anyone.

        The sikhs in India are rich and prosperous beyond your dreams.Most of them will be richer than the rich pakistani.

        Like the ranbaxy group is owned by a sikh.IT a multi- billion dollar company.That alone will probably outclass most of your pharma companies.

        So stop worrying about the sikhs.

        Shudras, dalits !!!!

        THis is have already discussed with you time and time again!!!
        It the standard ‘negro’line for you.

        Back in cold war, there was a anecdote which goes like this :

        The russians could never really score on any point which would make them better the USA.

        SO they usually ended with, O thats OK but see how you treat your Negros!!

        When the fact was the freedoms the negros enjoyed were far more than the average russian.

        So you keep on repeating your ‘negro’line because there is little else you can say.

        No wonder you penis envy, the idol worship etc etc, which i think is more your pet fetish than anything else.

        We know here how our society is modernising.It will not do so overnight, but it is changing.

        You be happy with your Zaid Hamids, who spout conspiracies as it suits them and whose idea of modernistaion is waiting for a Ghazi and reestablishing of a ‘khalifa’.
        WHOSE WE.

        You are 160 Million Pakistanis who are residents of pakistan!
        ISlam did not originate in pakistan.

        NO MAJOR sites or historical roots of Islam are in Pakistan.

        All major muslim dynasties had their culturla, military and other achivements centered in prsent day indian north India and Deccan.

        Muslims are BILLIONS in number, of which pakistanis are a tiny %.
        Indian Muslims are 160 MILLION almost EQUAL to Pakistan.

        By themselves they would be the 3rd largest muslim nation.

        SO WHo the hell is WE in Pakistan i cannot understand!!!

        Kashmir valley and the water sources are with us.

        We have the better part otherwise why the hell would the dispute continue.

        THE ONLY kashmir you managed to get was in 1948 when therE WAS NO LOC, no militarised border.The border in 1948 was empty.

        It was never the proposed aim of India to make BD a part of it.

        No one has ever brought out any plan or document even hinting at it.
        The dogra army of the raja was small amd thinly spread..

        AFTER 1948 CAN you tell me HOW much KAshmir you have taken from India!!!!!

        Pakistan was created by the BRITISH with the IML as their collaborators.

        when they granted the India Independence act in 1947 ann YOU COULD NOT keep it in one piece.

        READ THIS:


        Some more myths:

        The JF-17 was designed primarily by the Cheng du aircraft corporation.It has RUSSIAN engines, Chinese and WESTERN AVIONICS.Its original design is RUSSIAN BASED .


        AND YU still call it pakistani!!!

        BY that token we have built thousand of fighters!!!

        DEFEATED the Soviets.
        The soviets were defeated by the might of US money of BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars, the saudi money and the afghan fighter with american stingers who blunted the soviet air attacks.
        PAkistan just happenede to be the transit road into afgahnistan for the CIA and the west.
        TODAY you cannot fight you OWN TTP without extensive US military aid and money.
        ANd you claim you defeated the soviets.

        WOW no wonder you guys keep on taking foolish actions.

        AND BTW learn to comprehend.

        Are you a baby that everthing must be clearly and simply told to you.

        Zionism is an extreme jewish ideology.It predates the formation of Israel.The biggest lobby that the israelis and jews have is the USA, who is your buddy pal.

        Many observers see the USA as big a zionist as israel itself, since without the MONEY, arms, ad and diplomatic support of the USA, israel will not survive.

        If you want to enjoy muslim rule, come to India.
        In pakistan i doubt that there is any kind of rule at this moment.

        Be it islamic, military or democratic.

        Maybe chaotic rule….!

      • Typical Indian Bollywood bullshit! Son if you have fed on your low self esteem enough please go graze the dry grass in your home instead of coming here and talking non sense on this forum. YES It is morning now, i think you lost your way! and better hurry otherwise we are known for enjoying kebabz here. Beta Pakistan was carved out of India so naturally many Pakistani’s are still related there. SO CUT THE BULLSHIT as I have been there, seen it, felt it and hear about it every day from my Indian relatives. Some being ignorant and talking the same bullshit as you whereas I have seen them in their natural surroundings and some complaining about the hardships that they as Muslims face and some becoming secular sadly i.e loosing religion.
        The truth is in India’s history no need to furnish links from the internet. The old folks are still around to tell. India has been divided and will divide further. It’s an unfinished business. Yes please go ahead and cash in on the Ancient name INDIA. It’s been reduced in size a bit over the times rite 😉 Well don’t worry it’ll reduce further and you can still continue to live in the coming Tiny India. i.e if your current state will be part of it or carved out of it!

        NO wonder India has 700,000 + troops in Kashmir only, to call it it’s own. WAY to go Pakistan for keeping them on their toes and let them choke on it! SOME FREEDOM!

      • Catalyst,
        Whats this pakistani fascination for cows,grass, grazing?

        Are the majority of people in pakistan farmers or is PETA active overtime in pakistan.

        And why does everything seem to be a bollywood fantasy!

        Almost every pak poster uses this term.

        Are Indian films so popular in Pakistan.

        If you read my posts carefully, i have already said that the majority of muslims, despite their trial and tribulations are patriotic.

        Just like Pakistani interact on this side, Indian muslims too see and intercat on the pakistani side.

        And they too see that all in not hunky dory thre and pakistan is not exactly the islamic paradise or homeland it seeks to project itself.

        Even the ones’sympathetic’ are hardpressed to explain the chaotic going on in Pak.

        About further division of India, you keep your fantasies alive, since that is all it seems you have to prop up your morale.

      • @ Rajk

        You my dear are truely the cattle class.. What is your obsession on this forum ? Doesn’t the Shinning india bullshit serve you well in your Bollywood thoughts that you are taking the effort of typing pakistankakhudahafiz.com and spitting your low self esteem venom here. My advice to you is to go contribute to utilize your energy on your forums instead of giving all Indians a bad name by talking stupid and an idiot on this forum! Unless you have something +ve to say otherwise go feed on your low self esteem elsewhere…

      • @ Rajk

        Why is it that whenever an Indian is reminded of his true identity by referencing his “malu” back ground that they go up in flames ?? 😀 😀

        Is there anything DEGRADING about it ?…lol lol lol….hahahahahahahahahah

        And how dumb can you get ???.. The premise was YOU HAVE ISRAELI bases in India – Which you do, because you collaborate with them …and you try to asnwer that off by defining whata BASE is ?…So ur trying to move away from the topic by crying and wailing ??…lol lol

        Have you had your regular shot of cow piss today ??? 😀 😀

        This is even more laughable. You dumb ass you claimed pakistan gets support from USA …dont u get support from the US as well through Israel …lol lol lol 😀 😀

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        OK lets this all in prespective.. you get aided from the same people who aide us plus you are 10 times our size …lol lol lol

        VOW …what a bunch of COWARDS ..:D 😀 😀
        So we with some chinese help can build the Jf-17 and u with all the russian, israeli/US plus being 10 times our size cannot even build a plane with ALL THAT HELP …hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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        Here see check this out…This ad came out in the WASHINGTON POST 😀 😀

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        ***** ISI RULES ********************:D 😀

        And this time if aghanistan is a failure is because PAKISTAN is not participating 😀 😀

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        Pakistan was created by the Muslim People after seeing the attitude of the Hindus …where they banned mosques, killed muslims and collaborated with their MASTERS to mistreat their own people …History has shown that you cant be rulers but ONLY SLAVES 😀

        We ruled over you for a 1000 years and the next foreseable future we will be Ruling you again 😀 😀 😀

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      • Obsession!

        Nah visiting this blog is just part of my daily browsing and the fact that almost every second post on the blog relates to India(negatively that is).

        It would be perhaps be beneficial for this blog and to the Pakistani posters that replies to ‘indian posts’ constitute some points apart from, cattle, shinning India and Bollywood Bullshit!!

        AND btw ‘shining’ India was the slogan of the BJP/NDA alliance in 2004 Indian general elections.

        NOBODY uses that or remembers this slogan since the BJP lost in 2004( as well as in the 2009) to the Congress led alliance.

        WHY this slogan still so popular in Pakistan really is beyond me.

      • Babur ji,
        About Mallu’s?

        I allude to them since i believe you are in love with one, hence the constant reference to them!

        To remind the background of Indians would require pages and pages.

        We have all, hindus , muslims, christians, sikhs , buddhists, parsis, jains,north, west, south , east, sharma, gursikh, kaoli, sayyid, lama, rohialla, punjabi , gujarati etcetc etc ect.

        It would be beyond your scope to understand given the nature of society you come from.

        It is indeed very difficult for you comprehend so let me try to make it simple for you:

        According to you INDIA >ISREAL CO-OPERATE SO IT MEANS BASES!!!!!




        And you expect us to be defensive on israel?

        Egypt depite being an arab has a peace treaty with israel.

        YAAR weapon supply aur policy mein farak hota hai!

        AND the bulk of our weapons are Russian in origin.

        Isarel is mainly supplier of Electronic warfare, radar,some specialsed small arms, UAVs and certain missiles.

        BTW since you know we have the bases, can you tell us where they are and how do you reach that conclusion.

        But ON seeing the height of your hypocrisy, this beats it all:

        Pakistan Got Israeli
        Weapons During Afghan War:

        Read through the article.


        Sorry i cannot make the article simple for you.

        I am sure if you read it slowly and repeatedly,you will be able to understand

        Yaar amreki,israel aur tum log kya kya gul khilate hain!!kamal hain!!!!

        Yaar, your ignorance on US support to pak amazes me!


        Then see who the USA supports.

        Aur phir bhi kuch samjh na aaye to pooch lena.

        Aur yaar yeh ahi HAL ka website aur PAC ka.

        Angrezi mein hain!

        Compare kar lena!



        By your comment on the Su-30MKI its obvious you know little about military aviation.

        Dou you know that the worlds most advance fighter f-22 has had 4 CRASHES till date.

        The SU-30-MKI had an unbroken safety record for 10 years.
        Aviation is inherently dangerous and there is NO aircraft in the world that has not crashed.

        In 2009 ALONE the Pakistan Airforce has crashed an mi-17 helicopter,FT-7 trainer, F-7p fighter, C-130 transport, Mirage -III , Mushak trainer FT-37, an F-16.

        The PAF is MUCH smaller than the IAF so EACH LOSS hurts it MUCH more and the percentage attrition rate is MUCH higher!!

        This is another wonderful myth that you have for the Pak Fazaia!!!

        IAF se koi darna nahi since they fly only coffins.

        APNE gerban mein nahi jhankte!!!

        The muslim rule, lingam part, 100 year rule i think i have discussed to death.

        Still…… gives me a laugh though!!!

      • @ Rajk

        lol lol 😀 😀

        But u forgot about your MALU background when describing India’s ethnic composition …now comeon why did u forget that on purpose …hahahahahahahahahahahahahah 😀 😀 😀

        So a slave finally admits the supremacy to his master 😀 😀

        Not only are you unable to answer any of my comebacks but you also prove yourselves to be exhaustively an idiot, when everytime u jump to a new topic instead of defending ur old points 😀 😀

        But just to shuv my foot in ur mouth and for others reading pleasure lets summarize a few points

        Here is a news excerpt talking about how u were upto ur slavishly dirty tricks with ur new bedfellows the israelis 😀 😀


        Now any idiot can read between the lines and conclude that how can israelis hit a nuclear reactor without fighter jets and so they must be on an indian base. IN this case India offered them their “jamnagar airbase” in Gujarat 😀

        But ofcourse i cant accept logical reasoning from u because where you come from the only thing that makes sense is penis worshipping, cow piss drinking and feces eating …not to mention dog marrying as well..here we also have in on digital pic…lol lol lol


        I pity the DOG …i urge to mention …hahahahahahahahahahhaha

        Here these are ur safe and top notch Sukhoi planes with an EXCELLENT TRACK RECORD of CRASHING …lol lol


        Here another one…they are SOO SAFE that your government GROUNDED THEM ALL …LOL LOL LOL LOL


        PAF im afraid has not had such great luck as ur IAF which we are proud off(Indian AirFARCE 😀 😀 😀 …lol lol)

        Honestly, you guys should leave the planes grounded and rent some HOT AIR BALLOONS…They will atleast drift and not simply crash …lol lol lol lol 😀 😀 😀

        Dude, are you here to ridicule urself and get insult india although its never done anything worthy of mention as it is ?? 😀 :D..cuz i seriously have a real easy job of knocking u down on every lame comeback u pop up with ..lol lol lol

        You people are worse than the scum of a sick animals execretion ..and ofcourse none of ur miseries are complete without mentioning the Dalits and SHUDR’s


        This worse than animal treatment being met out can only happen in a place where people have a mental IQ lower than animals 😀 😀

        A very sad state of affairs !

        Do read all the links above and ponder over the fact that all this has a price to be paid and u will be paying that in the FUTURE –

        And we Pakistanis have a history of Making u pay for that …:D 😀

        Oh and by the way for a country where your supreme court recently rules that their is nothing wrong with a mans penis in a man’s ass, they shudnt be talking about girl friends…Only Boy friends and watch ur ass …you might have a penetration soon…lol lol

        Dismissed !

  19. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_1038 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-1038", "title" : "Alert%3A+India+Preparing+for+Nuclear+War%3F", "item_id" : "_post_1038", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F12%2F02%2Falert-india-preparing-for-nuclear-war%2F" } PKKH […]

  20. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_1038 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-1038", "title" : "Alert%3A+India+Preparing+for+Nuclear+War%3F", "item_id" : "_post_1038", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F12%2F02%2Falert-india-preparing-for-nuclear-war%2F" } PKKH […]

  21. The indian Chief of the Army staff thinks that they will be able to neturalise the so called” terrorist” . What ever happens between us the real Afghan Taliban have 300,000 more on one call of jhiad………..where Nabi Salula wa allahy he wasalam(PBUH)…will take them in his arms.Which muslim of the world would not want to do that to happen to him?! So bring it on we would love to go to huzar’s(PBUH) Arms……..

    This, has to happen(the fight with india ). it is in the hadiht and Iqbal has also mentioned it…. So LABAK LABAK……OUR NATION WILL FIGHT AND GET THIS AND BE A PART OF THIS GLORY….

    Just an example of this is how our Army cleared the area more rugged than any other when the war took place. The americans could not do it in more the 7 years which we did in less then a month.So, to india …you just bring it on!!!!

  22. @ Cow-istani musasfir AKA Malu wannabe 😀

    lol lol lol 😀 😀

    It seems sanity must have been taken a holiday the day u were born.. for 10 mad pigs must have died for someone like u to have taken birth.


    India and peaceful example of Muslims and Hindus and Skihs living together ??

    Then why did pakistan come into existence …and why is kashmir in flames ?? 😀 😀

    Why did u bomb the sikh golden temple ???

    And despite soo much peace ..why are the naxalites up in arms ?? 😀 😀

    Bangladesh after ur treachery was seperated ..Why didnt they join ur PEACEFUL SCAM 😀 ??

    Why MALuuu ??? lol lol lol

    NWP, FATA and all the other examples u posted have a deep penetrated indian intelligence presence … I mean why else would u intervene in Bangladesh ??? 😀 😀

  23. @ Cow-istani musasfir AKA Malu wannabe

    lol lol lol

    It seems sanity must have been taken a holiday the day u were born.. for 10 mad pigs must have died for someone like u to have taken birth.


    India and peaceful example of Muslims and Hindus and Skihs living together ??

    Then why did pakistan come into existence …and why is kashmir in flames ??

    Why did u bomb the sikh golden temple ???

    And despite soo much peace ..why are the naxalites up in arms ??

    Bangladesh after ur treachery was seperated ..Why didnt they join ur PEACEFUL SCAM ??

    Why MALuuu ??? lol lol lol

    NWP, FATA and all the other examples u posted have a deep penetrated indian intelligence presence … I mean why else would u intervene in Bangladesh ???

  24. Here ..this appeared in the washington post today…before showing us how u Harmoniously live together …why dont u take a good look at this after u take ur head out of a cows ass and have had a good drinnk of cow piss


    • Ustad, what do you expect from them? their very religion is based on lies and fantasy stories. That is what they continue to do so in their real life as well. They do what they are taught to do best, Tell & make stories. Well they believe it like religion. LIE

    • Ustad, what do you expect from them? their very religion is based on lies and fantasy stories. That is what they continue to do so in their real life as well. They do what they are taught to do best, Tell & make stories. Well they believe it like religion. Watch the level of their media covering or breaking news. LIE to the extent that they start believing it to be the truth and then stand by it. Deception and living in a dreamy world is in the blood of the Indians!

  25. ha ha ha ha….i knew it….this pittance of a blog doesn’t have the BALLS to publish my posts. So so so typical of palistani media and paki ppl….they yap about the grossly inaccurate and ridiculously delusional….they build themselevs up into a false sense of success, and they conveniently ignore the harsh realities about your country, your people. Carry on bhadves….we in India are happy to sit back and watch you self-destruct, as we focus on building a nation, a people, a culture, an identity, a destiny, and a legacy for future generations….we focus on our economic growth, our political clout and our place in global society.

  26. its not funny anymore.еhreat of the third world war does not seems to me unreal

  27. its not funny anymore.threat of the third world war does not seems to me unreal

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