Brasstacks Zauq-e-Khudaee: A tribute and salute to Pak soldiers

November 26, 2009

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Part 9

Brasstacks: Zauq-e-Khudaee Part



  1. Mashallah, real great. God Bless you and Pakistan

    • salute to pakistan armed forces , and sir thank you very much for opening our eyes , thank you.

  2. mashallah , all pakistan in france are very thank full to You Mr.zaid hamid, we are with our great army!!!

  3. gt tears in my eyes.. I wana be shaheed too for my beloved country. Love u Pakistab

  4. Masallah , greart effort to sevre the nation . To tell the reality . To motivate the people. Keep it Up. Pakistan zindabad , pak fauj Pahindabad

  5. alhamdulillah ….Masha Allah
    I m just waiting for one good leader …as predicted by Naimatullah Shah …..
    I just want the last and final war between Pakistan and India …..we will be fight by Pakistan soldier and other great mujahideen of Pakistan and Afghanistan

  6. I think its the time that we should clearly condemn the like of munawar hussan, qazi and imran khan on their pro terrorist stance because these people are hurting the souls of our martyers.

  7. fu** ayesha siddiqi and her american and indian masters and mb and yogi too..go drink a cow urine..these things are beyond ur understandig…i know u indians are scared from our great future insha allah…u r afraid,if these 170 million people with this army and weapons became one and united in islamic khilafah…then what future will be left for indians and israelis..so go suck a lemon u jack asses…coz what ur dreams of hinduvata will be in vain and by the way it is already in vain..coz the real taliban are very near to pull invaders out of afghanistan and then insha allah the real taliban and pakistan as a whole will take on with u for all the bombs and mishaps u did in last 8 years…so dream on indian suckers

    • Yaar tum to mujh sa b ziada ragra lagata ho 🙂

  8. only TTP are terrorist ….Afghani Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jamaat-ud-Dawaa are not terrorist!!

    • Why TTP doesnot attack on American, Indian assests???? why Pakistani Army is the target for them???? Think for it.

  9. mashallah very inspiring may Allah help all those muslims who are at war and make them successful ameeeeeeeeeen inshallah next year is going to be very crucial so pray to Allah for the victory of muslim ummat

  10. @fatehkhan

    bhai koi jawab hey dhang ka toh dedo nahi hai toh ye galam galoch aap easily ghar mei use kerlain, thanks

  11. Allah Karim is Mujahid ke khair karain….jo is qaum ko jaganay ke duty pay lagaya gaya hai…..Ap ke jaza Allah kay pass hai……….Pakistan Zindabad….Pakistan Fauj Payindabad…..Jazakallah khair….Mashallah Buhaat Umda……yeh hai taqwa kay insaan sach bolay aur sach kehnay ke taqaat rakhtay hain

  12. @mb…bakwas aur baseless arguements par hum log issue nahi banatai..by the way..agni missile failed..worry abt that..we know how to handle zionist funded terrorist…dont teach us the in and out of these things..we all know who is ayesha siddiqui..not to mention her book was published by oxford…a known islamophobic publisher for decades..these so called intellectuals make analysis according to the theory of thier foreign masters..

  13. Salute to Pak Soldiers…….

  14. InshaAllah khair ho gi
    Pak fauj zinda baad
    Pakistan paainda baad

    best wishes Mr Zaid

  15. Asslam-o-alikum,

    Zaid bhai, May Allah bless on you and all on our nation. I really weeping to watch these videos. I want to sacrifice for Pakistan. I am not in Pakistan but I love Pakistan. Its my Identity.
    I love Pak Force and I want to participate in it.

    INSHALLAH PAkistan ka koi kuch bigar sakta q k Allah humary sath hai

    Pakistan Zinda bad, Pak army paindabad

  16. When I was young boy I used to think of myself joining Pakistan Army with an aim to die for the nation. It was after Musharraf raised the slogan ‘sab sae pehle Pakistan’ when I left my passion. I was extremely displeased, but now I wish I could turn time back and get myself with Pakistan Military Institute

    • Dont wish to turn time back..just be on our backs , Allah will reward u for even your slightest of passions .We are not sinless and probably not more patriots than rest of the Pakistani nation, but we live with the pride that although our parents and profiles could support us to go study LUMS and NUST and earn pays in lacks and dollars with multinationals but we decided or ended up landing in the army, and FEEL CHOSEN for whatever we are today and WILL be tomorrow INSHA-ALLAH!

  17. I am a very big fan of Sir Zaid Hamid. In my point of view, He is an angel in the disguise of human being. sir we are soooo much thankful to you for clearing all the ambiguities & doubts about this war on terrorism and for giving a HOPE to the youngsters.. May Allah protect you and Bless you always..You are a Great asset for our nation especially for the youth. Jazakallah.

    For our Tigers those who are fighting this battle for us, I will say that we give you a guarantee that the whole nation is with you and if it is needed, swear to GOD, We will fight this battle with you side by side, leaving everything behind.

    For all the Ghazi’s and the families of all the shuhada’s, We have no words to say thanks to those great mothers fathers brothers and sisters and wives, who sacrificed their loved ones for the safety and prosperity of whole nation.

    Lastly i will request the editor(s) of this website if he/she can contact me via email because i want to share a couple of new ideas to give tribute to these Shuhada’s & Ghazi’s & their families.

  18. Mashallah n thanx for this JEHAD.

  19. hi pak army is great,thats why even the enemies call as PAK,pake means pure n free of any sin great

  20. aoa, zaid sir, Allah bless you, as a nation we are ready to sacrifice at all levels, but we need leader like you.


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