Red Alert for Indian Nuclear Arsenal

November 25, 2009

The red corridor which is now turning into red alert for Indian sovereignty has been camouflaged by the Government of India so strongly since years to save the face in the world community. But now the cover is proving too short to hide this ugly reality.

Naxals/Maoists issue is widely censored by the common Indians you interact in daily life, but the living reality says otherwise. Naxalite/Maoist insurgents are controlling more than 45% of India without any obstruction from the state anywhere in those regions. The police and paramilitary is too vulnerable to their deadly attacks due to lack of capability and fire power to confront these militants. The most dangerous reality is that the Militants are now in full control of those regions where there are located key Nuclear Installations or most convincingly the Nuclear Arsenal storage sites.

Talcher’s Heavy Water Plant

Starting from the state of Orissa at the eastern coast of India, where Maoists are showing much stronger presence. A very important Heavy Water Plant is located in the City of Talcher in this state. Since last many months this city is badly hurt due to repeated terrorist activities of Maoists and their supporters. Maoists displayed their power most recently when they blocked the road access to Talcher making things to complete standstill inside that city and in the surrounding areas. Most ironic is that the presence of law enforcing agencies in these areas is very minimal and almost next to none. Local residents are living in extreme fear and in complete insecurity. In these circumstances, any serious accident to the Heavy Water Plant would lead to complete catastrophe. It is ironic that besides being completely helpless against the growing influence of Maoists near this important nuclear site, Indian media is not alarming any warnings. It is clear that India is hiding this matter deliberately and does not want the world to know about the intensity of the threat.

Uranium mines & mills, Jaduguda, Jharkand

The important Uranium mines and mills in Jaduguda Jharkand are facing worst catastrophe of deadly leakages when a new tailings pipeline burst caused a uranium mill tailings spill that reached nearby homes. Ironically this incidence of International importance was camouflaged again by the Indian media. It is widely believed that this particular area is now under full control of Naxal/Moist forces.

Read More

Madras Atomic Power Station

Located at  Kalpakkam about 80 km south of Chennai, India, is a comprehensive nuclear power production, fuel reprocessing, and waste treatment facility that includes plutonium fuel fabrication for fast breeder reactors [FBRs]. It is also India’s first fully indigenously constructed nuclear power station. It has two units of 170 MWe capacity each. The first and second units of the station went critical in 1983 and 1985 respectively. The station has reactors housed in a reactor building with double shell containment ensuring total protection even in the remotest possibility of loss of coolant accident. An Interim Storage Facility [ISF] is also located in Kalpakkam

Naxal tentacles are reaching Chennai which as mentioned above has this important Power Plant, Naxal presence just few kilometers from this city is a living threat which no one can ignore so easily. The recent train mishap in Chennai is believed to be the activity of Naxals to signal their strong presence in this region too. Read Report

Narora nuclear power plant

Narora is located on the banks of river Ganges, in district Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh. A nuclear power plant is located in its vicinity. The insurgent sympathizers smuggle highly radioactive material out of the Nuclear Fuel Complex to detonate a radiological dispersion device or ‘dirty bomb’ in Hyderabad. An example of security blunder that could have resulted in the theft of fissile material in August 2006: Security was tightened in and around the Narora nuclear power plant after three men working there were arrested for giving fake addresses at the time of their appointments. Unbelievably, the men were given access to the facilities without first conducting thorough background checks. The problem is that India does not only have 22 declared including under construction  nuclear reactors, but it also has about 60 less secure agencies connected with nuclear activities. India is well known for lax security and overworked systems; security experts believe smuggling of radioactive materials to be highly probable.

There are several other regions where Naxal ideology is gaining popularity and more and more poor and homeless are becoming part of their Army. The Maoist/Naxals are too close to capture the half of India and consolidate their position for their future goals. Read More

It is extremely ironic that India is yelling and screaming about the vulnerability of Pakistani Nukes, but it is more catastrophic when we see that many important locations of Indian Nuclear Installations are situated in those areas which are in complete control of these insurgents. Why this truth is hidden from the world? The catastrophe of weapons slipping into the hands of most cruel terrorists on earth is quite possible not in years but in days. The question arise that who will raise the alarm for the world? The world leaders are quite unmoved on this issue, but once we come to know that Naxals have obtained few of the war heads for their ugly means then it will become a global threat overnight and the sleeping savers of the world would jump for crash program! This is bad luck for the poor people of India in particular that their government has thrown them in front of Maoists/Naxals and has accepted an undeclared defeat against these forces. Read More

From every corner of India sane and intellectual journalists and news channels are now beginning to raise their voice on this issue but it seems that water has reached the noses already.

When we analyze as to why India is not taking strong action against Maoists/Naxals then we can find few important reasons behind this criminal delay which is hurting Indian existence:

  • India has till now portrayed itself as a safe and trouble free country thus gaining maximum attention of tourism and foreign investment which it does not want to loose due to this issue.
  • Next year a huge event of Cricket World Cup is to be held in India and the Government does not want a situation in which the neighboring country Pakistan has fallen into after initiating assault over Taliban Militants which brought complete catastrophe and subsequent barring of all International sporting events to be conducted there for security reasons.
  • India does not want itself to be slipped into the same situation where Pakistan has been pointed out as an unsafe Nuclear Power.
  • It is also believed that Americans are trying to penetrate into Nuclear Installations of India in the name of assistance or help to increase security level of these Installations. Some of them are almost 4 decades old and have completed their life. India is trying to hide the vulnerable status of their Nuclear command and control system to avoid undue interference of USA.

In short, Indian nation would have to bear the threat of Naxals/Maoists helplessly because in the near future Indian Government seems to have no plan but to unwillingly allow these terrorists to spread their influence inside the whole of the Indian territories.

USA, UK, China and Europe should see this latest development with responsibility because the threat of Maoist/Naxals is 1000 times more deadly than the proclaimed threats in Pakistan who are confined to only some remote mountain areas as compared to Naxals/Maoists who are controlling the cities and the huge region in full. World cannot afford to see the Nuclear Arsenal of India easily slipping into the hands of Naxals who can use that any time anywhere to surprise the peace loving nations. It is also possible that these insurgents who are so close to capture these important weapons would also sell them ahead to Al Qaeda or any deadly group which can hit America with unmatchable intensity as USA has put a blind eye on this possibility.



  1. I hope some of these inner group get hold of these Nukes and drop it on Delhi & Mumbai. So we don’t have to waste our Nukes on Stupid India and we can throw it on Isarel and may be US Later 😀

    • Well said Ali Khan

      We pakistanis being a regional power and the Islamic Super power have a moral obligation to safeguard the region and ISlam.

      If India cant protect their half baked nuclear program then Pakistan must take the initiative in securing it …even if that means pakistani troops on indian soil to safe guard their assets as part of a Pan Islamic Force 😀 😀 😀

    • :/ ,abit radical

    • @ALI you don’t need to hope for any groups of India to hold these Nukes to drop it Delhi and Mumbai when this would be done by the ever intelligent INDIAN SENA (indian army). Did you watch the AGNI II test. INDIA IS GOING TO DROP THESE MISSILES ON TO THEMSELVES SO IT WOULD NOT NEED A GROUP BUT THE EVER COWARD INDIAN ARMY WILL DO IT FOR THEM!!!!


  2. Orissa is also the site for launching pad for Indian missile and satellite systems.The destruction of India will come from within.
    We do not need to waste our nukes on Delhi or Bombay.We only need Banglore,which will be:


    In the meantime Pakistani caucus in America and Europe should highlight the threat to Indian nukes
    in their respective countries.

  3. Pakistan has to and must enlighten the world about danger to Indian nukes now. Indian nukes must be taken away, by Unietd States of Ameriaca, on an island far afar away, far in the fairy land to be safe from the hands of the insurgants.

  4. We pakistanis being a regional power and the Islamic Super power have a moral obligation to safeguard the region and ISlam.

    If India cant protect their half baked nuclear program then Pakistan must take the initiative in securing it …even if that means securing their arsenal.

    😀 😀 😀

    • @Emperor Babar there will be no nuclear arsenal left for pakistan to secure as that will all be dropped onto themselves with the ever reliable indian missiles by the Coward Banya Hindu Extremist retarded Army. Aren’t they good at it!!!
      If you need a confirmation watch there AGNI II MISSILE TEST!!!!

  5. Why Gilgit Skardu and Kashmir are shown as India Part in Map….Its our Shaarug….
    A Red Army will Rise from this Red Corridor…Who will Eat itself like Russia…..

  6. Guys, Thank you very much for acknowledging and accepting that the whole of Kashmir is an integral part of India. The map you have put up is the real map of India. Now we can live in peace.

    God Bless India and God Bless Pakistan!!!

    • @ (teri maN ki) Sri

      We also believe Pakistan to be an integral part of United India. Are you happy with this statement? Hold on its not complete yet…

      Pakistan to be an integral part of India and India under Muslim government…

      Chal abb ayashi ker…!!

      I wonder what you guys can do on ground? I define India as a very happy and strong country which can do whatever it wants (through bollywood movies).

      If you had the balls 60 years were more than enough to achieve the dream of an Akhand Bharat let alone reoccupying Azad Kashmir.

      Jai Gand ji ki

      • But dear,
        You didn’t depict that in the map you putup here.I was talking about the map that was shown in this page.
        Obviousely you won’t understand parliamentary language, but I can’t fall to your level.
        Sab ko sanmati de bhagwaan 🙂
        Get well soon

      • Oh No!!

        I didn’t know this was Pakistani Parliament here. Thanks dude…

  7. Here we go again!!!

    The land of AQ Khan and the worlds nuclear mall trying to pin proliferation dangers on India.

    Obviously you guys do not know anything about maoists.

    The maoist UNLIKE al qaeda or taliban or TTP do not have a wider agenda of spreading terror or use weapons of mass destruction.

    The maoists enjoy a degree of intellectual support in India since they are seen as fighting for the local poor, against corruption, exploitation and inefficiency of local governemnt.

    The local poor tribal is bothered more about his problems than indulge in nuclear proliferation.

    People do not realise that Maoist see themselves as true patriots.They want an armed revolution in India to make it stronger,just and more equal according to their eyes.

    They see the present system of democracy and indian constituition as exploitative and the present rulers as traitors.

    They believe present politicians are working for multinationals, for western interests and expoliting the poor.

    A lot of pakistanis assume that Maoists are anti-India and by default therefore, pro-pakistan.

    Pls see this!


    Now why pakistan would like an old style stalinist commi govt in India beats me.

    These guys’if ever’ hypothetically take over India, will make it like the old soviet union.Highly centaralised,controlled with a even MORE emphasis on military power.

    They would rather be MORE of a threat to pakistan, since the commis(like the old russians) being a little crazy and fanatic will have little compunction in say, initiating an all out nuke attack on pakistan.
    At least a democracy thinks of its people and future.

    The reds would nuke pak simply on ideology.

    The shortsightedness of pakistan always amazes me!

    • Chalo tumhari Mata ji ki tow MaaN….. rahay hain na…

  8. this cause serious threat to indian nuclear installment . if it gone to naxaltes hand ??? what will india show to world??? indian defence mnister and army chief talked about us ??? but there nuclear arsenals are in naxaltes hand . think india?//

  9. Rajak tera to baj gaya hai bajak, what kind of stupid are you???? when you are saying that: People do not realise that Maoist see themselves as true patriots.They want an armed revolution in India to make it stronger,just and more equal according to their eyes.


    • A little bit less ranting may enable better comprehension of issues.

      The Indian Army is NOT fighting the maoists.

      There is no problem of Indian securuty forces in fighting,eliminating or killing terrorists and those who deserve it.

      Terrorist have as YET to free an inch of Kashmir or north east by their attacks.

      In fact the average life of these terrorists ranges from a few weeks to months at the most.
      THe maoists are being tackled by police action and paramilitary.

      The issues involved are complex and have roots in political corruption, inequality,bad governance, inefficieny and non-developement.

      BTW the main leaders of the maoists are city based, upper class , rich ,educated people.People like Kobad Ghandy, Binayek Sen a doctor.Several university teachers,poets,artists and other such intellectuals support them.

      The maoist hide amongst the people and they merge amongst them.

      We cannot simply go and kill them all.

      Unlike YOU and the pakistan army in SWAT, Buner, FATA, Balochistan we DO NOT USE fighter bombers, helicopter gunships,rockets, artillery ,Tanks, mortars, heavy machine guns on our own civilian people.

      We have to go the long,slow hard way.

      These are not some hardcore foreign fudamentalist terrorist(who BTW we have absolutely no compunction in blowing away)they are OUR OWN people.

      You do not talk about India and Kashmir, we will not even bother thinking about you, let alone talk about you.

  10. Rajk,

    They say dil ke khush rakhnay ko ye khayal acha hai. Pakistan nevre said they are pro pakistan. But what we really say is that India is a shame to humanity as you admitted yourself. Whatever the naxals or maoists are doing is a natural reaction of brahman elite (filth as i say) of your country. If India keep “Shining” like this, I am pretty sure InshaAllah it will break into pieces more than the soviet union. And yes what do you think the naxls will take over all india. No. They will ignite the fire into rest of the Nations living there e.g. Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and buddhists etc. Each of your states will fight for independence.

    Soon InshaAllah we will announce This is Radio Pakistan Delhi 🙂

    Pakistan Zindabad,
    Islam Paindabad.

    • I have replied a lot about the maoist in my earlier post.

      The basic difference in the maoist problem is that the issues are domestic and homegrown.

      Few people realise that naxalist had a much more violent movement in two Indian states, Bengal in the 60s and In andhra pradesh in the 1980s-90s.

      Both these states successfully handled the issue by a mix of police action, land -reforms, developement and good governance.

      It is ironical that a lot of leaders of present maoists are from the state of andhra.

      Yet they cannot stay there since they have no local support left in andhra due to the good work of the government which took up a lot of welfare programmes and developed the rural areas.

      India and pakistan have different outlooks on religion.

      Pakistan claims religion to be the foundation of a nation.Thus, islam to be a different ‘nation’ a seperate ‘quaom’.

      But this was falsified when the bangladeshis, despite being being muslim, seperating on the basis of language and local culture.

      Thsi is further contradicted when there are
      almost AS many muslims in India than in Pakistan.

      IN India there is presently NO seperatist movement on the basis of any religion.
      Some kashmiris try to use ‘islam’ but it raises little support from any other muslims in India.

  11. Guys,

    Thank you very much for acknowledging and accepting that Kashmir is an Integral part of India. The map that you have putup shows that. Now we can live in peace.
    God Bless India and God Bless Pakistan…

    Will you remove it this time also?? 🙂

    • @ (teri maN ki) Sri

      We also believe Pakistan to be an integral part of United India. Are you happy with this statement? Hold on its not complete yet…

      Pakistan to be an integral part of India and India under Muslim government…

      Chal abb ayashi ker…!!

      I wonder what you guys can do on ground? I define India as a very happy and strong country which can do whatever it wants (through bollywood movies).

      If you had the balls 60 years were more than enough to achieve the dream of an Akhand Bharat let alone reoccupying Azad Kashmir.

      Jai Gand ji ki

  12. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_1027 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-1027", "title" : "Red+Alert+for+Indian+Nuclear+Arsenal", "item_id" : "_post_1027", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F11%2F26%2Fred-alert-for-indian-nuclear-arsenal%2F" } PKKH […]

  13. this s a good artical but PKKH should not show such maps where kashmir is shown as part of india.

  14. @ Yogi

    Deny this honey!

    Babri Masjid: Reality shames conspiracy theories

    Calling them “pseudo-moderates,” the Justice Manmohan Singh Liberhan Commission of Inquiry has indicted former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee along with current Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha L K Advani and former BJP president Murli Manohar Joshi, among others, for the demolition of the Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992.

    Citing the evidence it gathered, which includes witness statements and official records, one of the key conclusions of the Commission is said to be that the entire build-up to the demolition was meticulously planned. And there was nothing to show that these leaders were either unaware of what was going on or innocent of any wrongdoing.

    The one-man Commission probed the “sequence of events leading, and all facts and circumstances relating, to the occurrences at Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid complex on December 6, 1992” — the day the Babri Masjid was brought down by kar sevaks.

    Sources in the Union Home Ministry have confirmed to The Indian Express that the report is also severely critical of many Muslim leaders representing organizations such as the Babri Masjid Action Committee and the All India Babri Masjid Action Committee.

    The elite leaders of these Muslim organizations, the report is learnt to have observed, constituted a class of their own and were neither responsible to nor were they caring for the welfare of those they claimed to represent. These leaders failed the community by failing to put forth a logical, cohesive and consistent point of view on the dispute, both inside and outside the courts, the Commission is said to have stated.

    The Home Ministry, which is giving final touches to the action taken report (ATR), intends to table the ATR in Parliament along with the report of the Commission during the ongoing Winter Session.

    The Commission was set up 10 days after the demolition as communal riots rocked several parts of the country. After 17 years and 48 extensions, it submitted its report on June 30 this year.

    It is learnt that among others indicted and found culpable — for what the Commission calls pushing the nation to the brink of communal discord — are the entire top brass of the Sangh Parivar. These include the leaderships of the RSS, VHP and Shiv Sena.

    It is learnt that Justice Liberhan has not come down heavily on the then Union Government headed by P V Narasimha Rao. Its argument: as per the Constitution, the Union Government can act only after it receives the recommendation of the state Governor. In this case, the Governor didn’t do much and also didn’t seek the Centre’s intervention.

    The report is learnt to have said that despite claims to the contrary, the Ayodhya campaign did not enjoy the willing and voluntary support of the common masses, particularly Hindus. In fact, Liberhan is learnt to have said that the demand for a temple never became a mass movement. The campaign only ended up silencing the voices of sanity and shaming them into joining the movement.

    Liberhan is learnt to have said that despite claims by Advani and Vajpayee that they had no role in the demolition, the two leaders cannot be absolved of their responsibility for the same. When he appeared before the Commission, Advani had said he was pained by the events at Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.

    Liberhan is said to have stated that while Vajpayee, Advani and Joshi could have been used by the Parivar as the publicly acceptable faces of the movement, they were still party to all decisions.

    And that none of them had the capacity to defy the orders of the RSS without damaging their political future. In fact, the Commission calls them tools in the hands of the RSS.

    However, drawing from history, particularly from the trials of Nazi soldiers, at which the plea of having acted on the orders of superiors was not accepted, the Commission is learnt to have concluded that these leaders can’t be given the benefit of doubt or absolved of culpability. Vajpayee, Advani and Joshi have also been indicted for having violated the trust of voters.

    Rath yatras by Advani and Joshi, Liberhan is learnt to have concluded, were targeted at making the emotionally-charged common man join the movement.

    In sharp contrast to the BJP and the Sangh Parivar stand that the demolition was a spontaneous outburst, Liberhan is said to have argued that the events resulting in the demolition were carefully planned.

    The Commission is also said to have concluded that diversion of funds to Faizabad and Ayodhya just before the kar seva, mobilization of kar sevaks as well as arrangements made at the site with military-like precision, clearly proves that the plan was not just limited to symbolic kar seva, as stated by Sangh and BJP leaders.

    To substantiate this argument, Liberhan is learnt to have pointed to the mode of assault on the disputed structure as well as easy availability of instruments and material. The small number of kar sevaks who actually carried out the demolition, the hidden faces of such kar sevaks, the removal of idols and cash boxes from under the domes and the eventual installation in the makeshift temple clearly show that demolition was carried out with painstaking preparation and planning, he is learnt to have said.

    The report is said to suggest that the emergence of a host of leaders to lead the movement from among the ranks of the BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and other Sangh Parivar groups was because of the lure of wealth and power rather than ideology.

    Liberhan is learnt to have written that these leaders saw the Ayodhya movement as their road to success, and they acted as executioners wielding swords provided by the ideologues.

    Referring to the funds collected by leaders of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, the Commission has reportedly said that many tens of crores of rupees collected from the people were deposited into bank accounts operated by these leaders. These funds were used to provide infrastructure and other amenities for kar sevaks in the days leading to the demolition. Babri demolition meticulously planned, says Liberhan, indicts Atal, Advani

    Posted: Monday , Nov 23, 2009 at 0855 hrs, Maneesh Chhibber, Tags : Liberhan Commission, BJP, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Babri Masjid

  15. GAY HIND (the land for Indian Gays)


    Indian Nukes are in danger they should first look at their ass before eating their own shit and barking about Pakistan’s Nukes.

    Indians are Pathetic, Cow piss drinkers and snake charmers. The most smelly nation on planet earth.

    We (Muslims) Ruled India for 1000 Yrs and that’s enough for their inferiority complex.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  16. The world is worried about Taliban type people getting away with nuclear material from Pakistani nuclear intallations. But look how easy it is in India to steal the radioactive material and put it in water cooler. Now what should the world do about nuclear safety in India. World should worry more from Indian nuclear installations than Pakistan where radioactive material can go into wrong hands and can create a havoc in the region.


    Radiation exposure at Karnataka N-plant was deliberate: Kakodkar

    PTI 29 November 2009, 12:35pm ISTMUMBAI/KAIGA: In a case of sabotage, Atomic Energy Commission chief Anil Kakodkar on Sunday said somebody “deliberately” put radioactive tritium in
    a water cooler at the Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant that exposed about 50 workers to increased level of radiation.

    People involved will be punished under the Atomic Energy and other acts after investigation, he said. “Somebody deliberately put the tritiated water vials into a drinking water cooler. Therefore, we are investigating who is behind the malevolent act,” he said in Mumbai.

    About 45 to 50 employees working in the first maintenance unit of the Kaiga plant in Uttara Kannada district were treated at the plant hospital in Mallapur for increased level of tritium after they drank water from a cooler in the operating area on November 24, official sources said.

    Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, is used in research, fusion reactors and neutron generators.

    The plant’s Station Director J P Gupta said from Kaiga that investigations have revealed that one of the water coolers was found to be contaminated and as a precautionary measure, body samples of all the persons working in the area were analysed and based on those results, a few were sent for medical consultation. All the persons are on their normal duty now, he said.

    Kakodkar said, “The investigations are being carried out from two angles. First to ascertain as to who contaminated the water cooler with tritiated heavy water, and the second, from the radiation protection angle.”

    B Bhattacharjee, member, National Disaster Management Authority, said, “The cooler is supposed to be sealed and it was found to be sealed only.

    But later on, the investigators found that through the drainage–the overflow line of the cooler, it seems some mischief monger inserted some tritiated water and contaminated the whole cooler. And people have consumed that (water),” he said, noting that “everything is normal. There is nothing serious.”

    Bhattacharjee said, “As soon as it was detected, they did a routine sampling. They gave some diuretics to all. Out of 55, 53 have been cleared.”

    Kakodkar said normally, it is a practice to test small amounts of tritiated heavy water for chemical parameters from different locations of the reactors.

    The AEC chairman said the heavy water in all the pressurised heavy water reactors (PHWR) routinely goes for assessment of chemical parameters and during that process small samples are taken from different locations of the reactor to carry out analysis.

    “It is a regular practice and while doing that the tritiated heavy water is carried in small vials to chemical labs within the premises to carry out analysis, and all these vials are sent back to the reactor when the analysis is over”, he said.

    Kakodkar also said, “We also check all the radiation workers with termoluminiscent dosimetry (TMD). So, we know the inventory and in the process of monitoring the dosimetry we found that some workers had tritiated water content in their body. They are being treated and are normal now,” he said.

    Kakodkar said, “No harm is expected as the regulatory limits are very stringent. There is plenty of margin between the permissible exposure level and exposure level when it causes same harm,” he said.

    A few years ago, a similar malevolent act was observed in Tarapur atomic power sub-station and the culprits were dismissed after investigations by the Department of Atomic Energy.

    Uttara Kannada district superintendent of police, Raman Gupta, said that the police have offered their assistance in the investigation at the Kaiga plant.

    “We are taking it seriously as public interest is involved. We are waiting for the nod of Kaiga authorities for investigation”, Gupta said.

    Authorities at Kaiga plant, a high security area, have told the police that an internal investigation is on. The contents of the water in the cooler are being investigated.

    Uttara Kannada district commissioner Channappa Gouda said the affected employees are recovering. He said there was no radiation leakage in the plant. The experts’ team is investigating on how the water in the cooler contained nuclear radiation, he said.

  17. Indian ignorance will make them totaly uncapable to manage the danger which is coming closer and closer to Delhi.
    Indians think india is big, but they forget that big ships sink first.

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