Maoists Ripping India apart slowly

November 24, 2009

Maoists in India are breaking India from within itself, While Maoists cut away India’s Eastern provinces all Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh can do is just watch, and worry about Pakistan Army growing its muscles by rooting out Indian sponsored TTP from Pakistan. India’s time as regional bully will soon be over.

Two Troops Killed in Jharkhand, Railway line and passenger train attacked.


Two troopers were killed and nine injured Sunday when Maoist rebels blew up their vehicle by detonating a landmine in poll-bound Jharkhand, police said.  The mine exploded when a Central Reserve Police Force party was on a routine patrol at Jori village, around 140 km from here, of Gumla district, Jharkhand police spokesperson V.H. Deshmukh said. “Two CRPF personnel have been killed and nine were injured,” Deshmukh told IANS.  The injured CRPF personnel have been airlifted to Ranchi for treatment. Four of the injured are said to be serious.

Maoist rebels have called for a boycott of the assembly polls and intensified their violent activities ahead of the five-phase voting beginning Nov 25. On Thursday night, guerrillas targeted a passengers train in West Singhbhum by blowing up a railway track.Leftist rebels are active in 18 of the 24 districts of Jharkhand. Some 1,550 people have been killed in the last nine years in Maoist related violence in the state.

Suspected Maoists shot dead a local leader of the CPI(M) in Jhargram area of West Midnapore district today, police said.
Tapan Mahto, a member of CPI(M)’s Salbani branch committee, was called out from his Sirshi village home by some people last night and was taken to an isolated place and gunned down.
His body was found this morning at Boria near Jhargram, the sources said adding he was shot in the head thrice from a close range.
Some Maoists posters found beside the body claimed that he was killed because he was a police informer.


In other news,

Dozens of villages in the interior of Chhattisgarh plunged into darkness Sunday after Maoists blew up a transformer and brought down eight electric poles in violence-hit Bastar region, police said.

Rebels put explosives near a power transformer in Mandagaon village in Kanker district, some 280 km from here, and after blowing it up they brought down eight electricity poles in nearby Antagarh and Bhanupratappur area.

Officials here at police headquarters said that the blast had resulted in a blackout in dozens of villages in the region.



  1. How dare you challenge the India Shining campaign!!! :s Off with your head! 😛

    • Not to mention the 7 sister states, the troubles in Jharkland, and Assam which recently held a strike, continuous strikes in Kashmir , Bal thackery wanted an end to immigration from other parts of india to mumbai, Khalistan, Communist Party, 400 million dalits the list goes on

  2. every country has its seperatists. india, china or pak

    • I am not understanding why this forum is filled with articles about India and all predictions about India .. If india has to break it will break .. why we are wasting the space on this forum.. it all seems to me is people of this forum are running out of topic or they at least feel there are no issues to be disucssed about pakistan.. last 60 years Indian kept hearing this about breaking of india and moved on meanwhile russia broke .. the famous atlantis journalist who was present during the funeral of Ms. Indira gandhi in Delhi wrote in 1992,
      “Many few including I Imagined that Russia will break in less than 10 years and India who just lost its charismatic leader would survive two years, however I was wrong in the equation India is Indira” This is written 17 years before .. India still goes on Maoist movement is going on since 1967.. so lets not get busy predicting about break up and lets leave this for time to decide ..
      The main point here is no world media is busy predicting this & its only pakistan is hoping to happen .. so lets leave it on time..

      • @ting tong

        Why don’t you first tell your mainstream media to stop predicting about Pakistan than even we will stop! Just like TOI published an article “”7 months”” back that a US “expert” has said Pakistan will break in “6 months”!

  3. also, Those who predicting india’s break up already broker in less than 25 years of its independence ..somebody said truely that Only lesson we learn from history is we do not learn from history

    • Let’s not even forget 1947!

  4. India is a shithole country, who would want to live with it of course all the states want to get separate from EXTREMIST HINDU BANYA STATE OF TERROR where their people are dying of hunger but they bragging that india is going to be superpower. It was just an upbeat by AMERICA as they want to use India against China but they are realising that India is a coward country who cannot even fight with unarmed Kashmiris, Maoist and Nixals let alone fighting with real superpower and a dear friend of pakistan CHINA. The AMERICANS are realising that India is just using them in Afghanistan and want them to stay there so that they can get advantage of it when the AMERICAN SOLDIERS ARE GETTING KILLED THERE. If America thinks that the COWARD INDIA will fight for it against China then they live in fools paradise.

  5. @civilian, It is not only banya state of terror but infact brahmin(pandit)state of terror,swarn castes(gold in hindi or top castes)r merely 15-20% who r ruling India.This swarn hindu class dont bother about dalits,for them dalits r sub humans.These dalits r being used in riots against christians or muslims or genocide like in assam or in gujarat.However when these top class hindu society has to show their strength they include dalits too as hindus otherwise as i said above they r not even considered as humans.The poisnous among top caste is pandit(brahmins) and they r the one who r ruling india.Most of india’s secretaries r brahmins,bureaucrats r brahmins though their percentage is merely 5% in india’s population.Brahmins r very sweet on face value but r very dangerous and i doubt their ancestory is same as jews.So whatever hindu u see as scientist,engineers,doctors,players,actors,businessmen,artists,they r 99% swarn hindus and in 1% muslims do come.however muslims r third class citizens in india with the same rights in constitution but practically muslims r on margins, muslims r worst affected in india.

    • That is why we Muslims had Two Nation Theory in Indian Sub continent and therefore by Blessings of Allah Pakistan came into being.

      India will soon disintegrate into seven pieces by seven sisters.

      Pakistan Zindabad
      Pak Army Zindabad

    • everyone knows u r not indian. so why lie about it?>

      • Muslims will remain third class citizens across the world if they don’t get do away of extra fervour about religion..
        In entire world, no muslim country is developed .. today muslims is sysnonum to the bad word and Pakistan has large contribution in it ..
        Isn’t it not ironic that when harvard university built from the donations from the rich british, a super rich muslim emperror building a tomb for his wife in india .. they say “when West is building Universties, Muslims king is busy building a tomb of his wife” I guess the line is drawn then between muslim world and west. People will say India has rich muslim heritage and I agree with the same, however the only difference is that rich heritage is of art and food etc but definitely not science .. when muslim rule ended in india it left the legacy of tomb and architecture whereas British left with the things like railway, post and all day to day necessary infrastruture..
        Very true Muslims majority in north india and living as third class as they preferto educate their childern and themselves in islamic way in madarsaah, however unfortunately Infosys or Tatas does not run on this madarsaah education neither any university recognizes the same .. so people like Musalman khan will live like Third class & they will keep cleaning shit of others (hindus/christans etc.)

      • but everyone knows that your a big booty Malu whore …lol lol …then why are you shy to admit …lol lol lol

        hahahahahahahahaha 😀 😀 😀

        The cheap ones in a mamooty film….lool lol lol lol lol


        aye mamoootaaaaayyyyy

      • @sal

        Go and check ‘Dalit voice’ the same sort of comments which Mu-salman khan has made are made by an Indian over there!

  6. جھاڑکھنڈ: ماﺅ علیحدگی پسندوں نے سکول کو بموں سے اڑا دیا
    ـ 4 گھنٹے 11 منٹ پہلے شائع کی گئی

    * Adjust Font Size

    منجی لدھی (آئی این پی) بھارتی ریاست جھاڑ کھنڈ میں ماﺅ علیحدگی پسندوں نے سکول کی عمارت کو بموں سے اڑا دیا۔ پولیس نے بتایا کہ منجی لدھی کے علاقے میں ماﺅ علیحدگی پسندوں نے رات کے وقت پرائمری سکول کی عمارت کو بارودی مواد سے اڑا دیا۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ ان علاقوں میں برسرپیکار فورسز سکولوں کو مورچوں اور پناہ گاہوں کے طور پر استعمال کررہی ہیں جس کی وجہ سے یہ علیحدگی پسند سکولوں کو نشانہ بنا رہے ہیں۔

  7. Now why don’t major mainstream news channels show all this??.It’s obvious that India is up to it’s eyes in trouble not that i’m denying all the problem’s Pakistan is facing.

    A balanced view is required instead of all this “India shining” rubbish!

  8. I very humbly suggest that India bashing or any other community that Muslims consider as their enemy will do any good Muslims. Muslims instead should concentrate inwards.

    One UN survey carried out to draw a comparison between 22 Arab countries and Spain, a western, Christian coutry, which is not very advanced country. The survey was about academic and economic achievments of the two.

    In academic side it said, during 1,000 years since the time of Mamoon Rashid when he established the Dar ul Tarjuma for translating books from other tongues into Arabic till today fewer books are tanslated in all the 22 countries than are done in Spain in one year from other languages into Spanish.

    On the economic aspect, the GDP of all 22 Arab countries along with their oil and other products is less than Spain’s alone.

    Isn’t it a call for Muslims to wake up?

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