JF-17 Made in Pakistan.

November 24, 2009

While Indian Tejas, awaits induction into IAF someday in future, Mashallah our PAF JF-17, is now 1 squardon strong. Pakistan Zindabad!!

part 1

FOR a nation that doesn’t even have the infrastructure to manufacture a sewing needle, the very idea….. and I repeat the idea of producing a modern fighter jet aircraft is unthinkable. But then we, the Pakistanis are a strange nation in many ways.

Remember we decided to master the nuclear technology and now have the atomic bomb.

Despite strict western sanctions on advance avionics technologies, the aircraft carries an integrated avionics BUS, glass cockpit, Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) and is technologically advanced to be compared with any European aircraft in its class.

Like any mega programme, JF-17 has had its share of problems and issues, but the reality is that the aircraft is roaring in our skies.

The co-production of the aircraft is the next challenge and there is an urgent need in the country to upgrade its basic technological skill base to absorb the advanced manufacturing technologies being brought into the country and continue manufacturing on a sustainable basis.

Therefore, it is necessary for the government to step up trade and diploma education on urgent basis in content, quality and quantity.


PAF (retd)

part 2



  1. MashahALLAH we got this fighter now, So india we are coming to Rock your black ass….

    • if 170 million pakistanis with the help of china can make a fighter jet why cant, 1.2 billion indians and unlimited access to russian and isreali parts not make a fighter jet ? oh wait it because there still obsessed with ‘cross border terrorism’ LOL

      • Because India tried to do it Nuts and Bolts upwards on her own.

        The LCA was designed locally and even the engine KAVERI was tried to be built locally.

        Fortunately good sense has prevailed lately.

        NO country apart from the US, Russia and France is capable of building a fighter TOTALLY on its own.

        With the new consultancy and new foreign engines the LCA is pretty much back on track.

        BTW the first indian fighter(combat proven too)was the HF- 24 built way back in the 60s.Aided by a german designer it was a decent aircraft.

        A total of 147 were made.


        The chinese have taken russian nad israeli consultancy.
        For example the LAVI design of the israelis on which the J-10 is based.


        Also the JF -17 has RUSSIAN KLIMOV engines.
        BTW JF-17 will NOT be entering the chinese airforce.

        Otherwise India makes hundreds of fighter aircrafts.


      • @ Rajk

        This uneducated idiot one again sprouts up here to talk bullshit …:D

        Listen up, you ungrateful subject..just like ur ancestors did πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        “India started to build from the nuts and bolts” ..Then what does this prove ?..That you people think that you know everything BUT are infact WORTHLESS …LOL LOL LOL

        Isnt it a shame for you where a country like france …not even a fraction of India can indigenously make its own planes ..BUT you Indians even with Russian Help available DIDNT HAVE the balls to call a FAILURE a FAILURE and get some help !!

        That shows ur total and unrelentless STUPIDITY of the ROYAL ORDER πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        15 years for you to get consultancy ???…You dumb ass …why dont u say that u people DONT Have the brains to realize how dumb you are !

        the Jf-17 was operationalized in 3 freaking years – you dumb ass by pakistan a country which is 10 times in size but 100 times better in BRAINS πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        we know what our limitations are and PLAN ACCORDINGLY ! :d :d

        AND..were talking about planes that fly ..not paper planes which never existed and the IRONY is you never even made those planes u fucking claim

        here “The Marut was designed by the famed German designer Kurt Tank, but never realised its full potential due to insufficient power”..this is from ur stinking source – a classic slap on ur face …lol lol

        Your fucking marut was GERMAN designed …u understand u cock-hole headed urination – Piss on your lies up here !

        So much for what u did and what we – The reality stands as THIS !

        ** The moghals kicked ur ass and ruled for a 1000 years ***


        A second moghal round is now due …We have achieved the First Step …and slowly while ur sipping on your cow piss we will climb our steps ….Jf-17 is one of them while u can worry about the nuts and bolts – we have a PLane in the air

        Dismissed !

      • Arre Babur ji,
        aap hi ki kami thi!

        Myths are your forte aint it!

        JF-17 operationalised in 3yrs!!!!!!

        The JF-17 is essentially a redone and extensensively modrnised old F- series design.

        Its roots go back to the 1980s!

        PLEASE read and understand for once!


        An aircraft designed by the chinese, having western /chinese avionics, which has a russian engine, which has a root in the ORIGINAL RUSSIAN mig series design!

        AND thsi is supposed to take you to the mughal days!!!!!

        What you want to runite with India or what to feel the glory of mughals again.

        The mughals ruled from Delhi and agra not from far away lahore or such other umimportant places!

        ARRE yyar dont’t you have ANYTHING which you can call your own!

    • Pakistan Zindabad…..

  2. @ The cow lovers

    VOW πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Look at that BAD BOY !!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ….it will be a HOT very very HOT day in Hell for some people when this BAD BOY Cruises up in the AIR !!

    Keep it up boyz..Now all we need is a good leadership and were in Business πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :d

    Long Live Khurasan Empire !!

    • @ Princess.Babur

      hello princess. πŸ˜€ did u know that jf(junk fighter)-17 is a copy of mig-21. still it is inferior to IAF mig21 BISON

      • @sal

        I think ur IAF chief saying “When it comes to defense we don’t even match upto Pakistan” should be enough to shut ur mouth!

      • mig 21 hahahahahahahaha techincally perfamnce payload range radar combat radius.bvr capability jf:17 is an outstanding.we are expecting a big customer list in future.how many customers lca got.

      • @ Princess.Babur

        did u know that the same guy said that PAF is afraid of IAF? its true. search on u tube.

    • @ SAL …you lungi lifting MALU

      πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Do you know what a “mundu” is ??…go back to malu technology of predicting the temperature by synchronising it with the length of ur lifted mundu…lol lol lol

      Dont talk about planes…you already confessed ur a pimp πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ..lol lol lol

      Now get back to the street corner !

      • @ SAL

        Dont u worry Malu …i have been advertising for ur beloved ever since …im just not recieving any bids…you just dont panic okay…keep in mind that you can always donate her to some fat ass “iyer”…lol lol lol

        hahahahahahahah πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        Last bid 0.05 rupee πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. MashAllah, Mubarak to all Pakistanis.

  4. Congrats….Go Pakistan

    Evil is gangin up against us..

    so lets not fight n be united


  5. Geo Pakistan!

  6. @sal da snake

    Dnt b jealous, u got old russian planes, nd China is nd will b stronger den isr and russia. Pak-China will rape India soon

    • pakistan is making jf-17(1 so far) while india is making su30mki(100 so far – 14/month). do you know what chance a jf-17 has agianst su30mki? NONE.

      so why should i be jelous?

      • @ SAL

        Because you lift for mundu and bend over for every dog on the street …lol lol lol


        Thats why …by the way …do u know what chance a Mig 21 has against a JF-17 ??, which happens to be the majority of your airforce ..remember the 500 flying coffins …. Be prepared to get all kinds of shit up ur ass ..with this bird ..

        aaaaaayyyyy Mallluuu πŸ˜€ :D…lol lol lol

      • @ Princess.Babur

        dont say that princess. The upgraded mig21s called mig21 BISON defeated 4.5th gen f-15s regularly. then what chance does a junk fighter have?

  7. dont cry sal…we understand ur pain:)

    • @ Malu (sal)

      πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      No SAL ..tell everyone the truth …My dog did a Good JOB last night …lol lol lol hahahahahahahahah

      πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. awsome thank god no more rely on junk 16.now iam waiting for fc-20 j:10.MASHALLA pakistan/china zindabad.

  9. atleast better than little confused aircraft”lca”

  10. sal … i can feel ur pain … i m loving it … be ready for other adventures … another success story of indian missile failure… hahahha

  11. @sal oyeeee chorayyyy .agni 2 latest test is failed.better use u energy there.

  12. Watch here:

    Agni-II fails night test (Big Surprise!!)

    that is 2x of good news.. hehehe

  13. listen guys. jf-17 is good. but compared to IAF jets which have indian, russian, israeli & french avionics and EW, its nothing.

    see what a neutral expert had to say


  14. Yaar Babur!

    You seem to have a great fascination for moguls and Mughal rule.
    You also think that the time for its rule in India is coming back.

    But tell me, apart from the pansy art lover Jahangir,WHY is NOT ANOTHER MUGHAL KIng from Babur to Bahadur shah zafar NOT buried or has his maqbara in in Pakistan.

    Also same is the case for their predecessors.
    The Khiljis, sayidds,Tughlaqs, lodis dynasties.

    The majority of their cultural legacy remains in India.

    So on what basis do you keep harping on the Mughals!

  15. Alhamdolillah !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the greatest achievement in the history of Pakistan.

    Pakistan Zindabad

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