US Analyst: CIA / US is behind ALL insurgency and terrorism in Pakistan

November 23, 2009



  1. we know mr. tarpley, but thanks for reminding the world on whats really happening in this country! keep it up

  2. India is the most shitty place on this planet
    full of aids, prostitutes, gays and slumdogs
    u cow piss drinker hindus wait till we finish
    with these fake taliban then we r coming
    to u to give u a return gift for sponsering
    terrorism in pakistan don’t forget that in
    u r shitty gay hind there r more then 200
    groups the day we start support them openly
    u r gay hind well turn in to

  3. grave yard

  4. Pari, are u blowing off some steam? You do know that the NRO government of Pakistan will not order or plan anything which goes against their godfathers in Washington!

    I just got the news while writing here that “Mere mutabik” has been banned from Geo TV due to the NRO-PPP government. So much for liberal, freedom loving and demicratic government of Zardari.

    I do not agree on killing any Hindu civillian as it goes against the Pakistani ethics but we should support sectarian groups as a tit for tat answer across all of India.

  5. It is time ISI actively undercover supported the Afghanistani freedom struggle in the same way USA support and help the TTP.

    For God sake: declare nutrality on Afghanistan now and end the NATO supply line ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There is no need to declare neutrality. This giant will die anyway. So let it continue and just watch 🙂

      • Giant means you are refering to US .. I am not sure.. US is still too big to die .. I feel you are comparing US with Russia in 1980s .. I can only say one this .. “both are matched only in sense of Military not economy”.. russia collapsed due to economy . america will definitely rule next 50 years

      • @J.M Akbar, Even the CIA disagrees with you on that one, read the latest NIC report “Global Trends 2025”

  6. If people are to trust CIA then there will be no world tommorow .. CIA also said 2015 Pakistan will not be there on the map. do you trust it ? I don’t .. CIA/KGB/ISI/RAW/Mossad are all brothers in their metality they can’t see world in peace because if it happens there will not be job for them .so they always predicting apocalyptic things so that they will be in power.

  7. the anchor interviweing Tarpley is quite obnoxious. she kept interrupting and even at the end i think he wanted to say a little more 😦

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