Watch Out for ‘Wake up Lahore’ on AAG TV

November 22, 2009

Promo Teaser 1

Promo Teaser 2



  1. Can anyone please tell the name of the song in Promo Teaser 2?? Where can I download it from???

  2. @yogi

    lol lol 😀 :D…one can only laugh at ur dumbness when ur sending us a shady link expecting the pakistani nation to give u a second of their time of day.

    India is the reason why we have so much terrorism….here read this …its more valid than your home made link 😀 …lol lol lol


    Now go back to drinking some cow piss

  3. the song is”zamanai kai andaaz badlai gayay”by junoon//u can get it from songs.pk or mp3hungama.com

  4. nice 1 lads… im with ya…
    unity faith discipline struggle sacrifice

    and another thing u gotta mobilize this cable-watching youth on roads for peacewalks and other peaceful demonstrations…

    but anyways keep up the good work… May Allah support your efforts…

  5. lol. maria b in it

  6. zaid bhai mujhy ap k sare program ache lagte hain or ap ka josh bhi.
    ap hamesha apne program is tarha karte rahiy ga ap ko sun kar hamari umeed barh jati hai.

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