Rehman Malik to resign if Blackwater presence proved

November 22, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday said he will resign if it is proved that US-based security firm Blackwater was operating inside Pakistan.

In his statement to the senate standing committee on interior, Malik said Blackwater was not operating in Pakistan and if proven wrong he would tender his resignation.

While talking about the Dr Aafia case, Malik said the government was looking at two options: either she will be transferred to Pakistan after her sentence, or her trial will be shifted to Pakistan.

He also said time has come to repatriate Afghan refugees and if those living illegally do not leave of their own volition, they will face prosecution. — DawnNews



  1. Pakistan’s biggest export to the world:

  2. @Yogi
    It was a “false flag operation”by India for an excuse to attack Pakistan.Shame on you that you failed as PAF was alert.

    Tell us why you stink so much?

  3. Rehman Malik,

    British MI6 and Isreali Agent. During his service days at FIA he let go an Indian RAW agent who was captured with efforts of our agents, he made a handsome amount for his freedom.

    Pakistanis pee on the face of our traitors

    Pakistan Zindabad

  4. This son of a bitch rehman malik should resign
    then if he is a one man son cos black water r
    pakistan and it’s been proven by a journalist
    whom they r trying to kill now

  5. Really Indian’s should worry about their own b’cos they’ve a much bigger problem then us only that the media doesn’t give it the required coverage!.The Naxalites are coming big time….

    As for Pak i agree with the part that Afghanis should be repatriated because many of them are ungrateful for us allowing them refugee status.It’s the Russians first then the American’s who invaded them so why the hostility towards us!?.

    Perhaps that since they’ve been recieving an ass kicking for thirty years thay can’t tell the difference between friends and foes!

    • Naxal problem is since 1967.. Naxals are not blowing up people .. rather they are not anti-national.. lets see .. Taliban is better or Naxals .. I prefer its better to be under naxals .. Pakistan prefers to be better under tlaiban..
      The NWFP is already gone out of Pakistan 5 suicide bombs in 6 days .. its world record.. that too one of the target is ISI.. wah Taliba wah ..

  6. true that Mr.Imran !! true that !! as for YOGI !! get lost fucker !!

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