Dr. Shireen Mazari Exposes Wall Street Journal

November 21, 2009

Dr. Shireen Mazari exposes Wall Street Journal’s mischievous activities, and also blasts Dawn News for their bias news.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4




  1. Dr. Mazari, thank you for taking up the cause and standing up for truth. These americans and british are seething that their antics can be called out by a foreigner. These farengis can never forgo their colonial mentality and its high they are shown their place.

    Pakistan stands for Pakistanis and not for farengis who can have the audacity to disobey the law of the land. YOU farengis will be called out if you disobey our rules.

    More disappointing than anything else is the whiter than white attitude of Dawn. It does appear that they want to ape western attitudes to the hilt. They seem to own western point of view without questioning it as though farengis speak the truth. The insinuations of holier than thou attitude of the Dawn correspondent was too much.

    The farengis always have a way of creating a fifth column amongst us. I have personally noticed a bias in so many of the dawn reports and tried to call them out. So Saima’s attitude was no exception. These white baboos at Dawn want to act like their masters, and its high time someone did an expose on where Dawn gets its money and its tenuous relationship and funding from New York Times and Indian newspapers. They should stop aping the west.

  2. I always had doubt abt dawn’s integrity though i didnt know much abt it as i used to read pakistani news from dawn.com website but now i m sure that they r being paid by their white massonic bosses.This mr. white infact threatened shireen mazari? and mrs.mohsin didnt not only intervened but put a blame on shireen mazari for being on vendetta.shame on dawn.Paki brothers pls give me website for good pakistani newspaper cuz from tomrow onwards i wont be reading dawn online.pakistan paindabad.

    • salman bro u want an other site then try this one wwww. livepakistan.com/news it’s much better then
      this piece of shit dawn news

    • use: rupeenews.com

      • use timesofindia.com

  3. Dawn news is piece of shit channel each one of them r
    traitors definitely working for western pigssssssssss
    somebody should teach them a lesson just like the way they taught a lesson to geo (jews) tv



  6. those who r interested to know about DAWN. try internet to find some history of DAWN. DAWN is run by mentors sitting in new dehli which can be noted by the frequent visits of there high ups to new dehli. DAWN had long history of promoting negative picture of Pakistani people and institution.

    good newspaper or neutral ones are thenews.com.pk,
    the nation, paklert, pakistanimedia blog and lots of others.

    nationalists one are PKKH. they might go to far in some news but at this time pakistaniz need this.

    it is quite simple that if you read 3 or 4 newspaper online you will obviously get the point

    i used to read BBC a lot. but now while living here in london and after some sittings with BBC journalists there intentions, policies and plans to Pakistan are pretty much clear

    • OMG really… thats a shocker. thanks, i always doubted the credibility of Dawn news especially after they ran a show called ‘ENCORE’ hosted by mariyam on the Pakistan Fashion Week… such a disgrace that was.

      jazakAllah, no more Dawn News for me, im going to stick to Waqt tv and the Nation….

      Pakistan zindabad..taqbeer

  7. The presenter is on a payroll.

    She is a special Import from England.

  8. btw is there any official site of Miss Shireen Mizari?

    • She is a member of PTI (Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf).

  9. PS. SM rocks 🙂

  10. I hate this Kali Angrezni,Saima.Tries to immitate her “aqas”.Her nostril blown up.As she has British passport,was trying to save her skin.

    It should also be taken as Dawn-Nation rivalry.

    She continued to interrupt Shireen but never did so with the gora.She insulted her own countrywoman

    Basically,Dawn is becoming a centre for secularists.
    They are openly discussing for change in the name of the country.FODP was the starting point.

    Calling Zaid Hamid as a conspiracy theorist,have never reported that Pak journalist Nayyar Zaidi is in jail in America for more than a year.

    • I agree with you. Saima kali kanjri is looking like CIA agent as 11th hour on ARY news.

  11. […] Not Ranked  :  +0 / -0  0 score      WALL STREET JOURNAL EXPOSED. Dr. Shireen Mazari Exposes Wall Street Journal Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz […]

  12. I think a big tool of some american is in dawn news host that is why she is so angry.. and she is shouting on shreen mazari.. by spiting on moon it comes back to you.. and we know shreen mazari is like moon… we know her we love her. we adore her…

  13. It is heartening to see the efforts of people such as Dr Sahiba which undoubtedly are a great force against the evil that is happening around. On the other hand it is also a sad truth that the enemies also lie within us such as this reporter and i believe the entire crew from the DAWN News.

    None of this is going to get straight unless we have sincere, loyal, well charactered, ruthlessly honest and ghairat mund rulers and the ruled. Most of us are a party to the evil designs of India, Israel and America and it is going to stay that way unless we get out of our routine lives and stand up to the social, political and economic atrocities being directed towards the common man.

  14. you have to understand, dawn newspaper circulation is dwindling, and tv viewership eroding, they could use the extra dollars, get it!

  15. Dr. Shireen Mazari Rocks, Samia and his white impotent pig sucks. There are strong links between Dawn News and Rotary International (a branch of international wild illuminati barbarian thugs).

  16. The mainstream media is the most powerful weapon of deception ever invented. What this exchange between Saima and Shireen demonstrates is the following:

    * The international mainstream media lies, and lies big
    * Any attempt to set the record straight is met with
    attempts at ridiculing those who challenge the
    * So-called international media/journalist organizations are little more than gatekeepers of falsehood, working to ensure that nobody gets too out of line
    * The international mainstream media is running scared of the power of the Internet to expose their lies
    * The power-brokers have stooges in all the main media outlets in most countries, and Pakistan is no different in this regard

    What needs to be done:
    * Continue exposing the lies. NOTHING scares the propagators of falsehood than exposure of their agenda. Truth always triumphs in the end – let’s accelerate the process
    * Keep track of the stooges who have sold their soul for a few measly units of fiat paper currency

    Request to PKKH mods:
    Let’s start the “Journo Stooge-list” right here.

    We shall expose them in this world, and bear witness against them in the Hereafter.

  17. is dawn news a pakistani channel? I believe not!

  18. and you totally missed the questions raised by Shireen Mazari!

  19. stay tuned to dawn news as we do the AmBrit bidding in Pakistan!

  20. The host from Dawn News is biased and taking things too far by insulting Shireen Mazari, the host should be neutral and allow a conversation to happen but she starts taking things personally. Accusing Shireen Mazari of having a vendetta against Westerners was a bit too much.

    I loved the answers from Shireen Mazari, good job!

    Down with Dawn, your journalist needs some to go to back to school. Just because she can speak with a British accent does not make her a journalist.

  21. The name “Newseye” is itself suspicious. Eye which is special symbol for elites. This show looks to me forwarding the agenda of elites.

    Also, Miss Shirin Mazari answered every question with well backed arguments. So take that, I would say.

  22. Message from Pak youth to the enemies of Pakistan:
    “Stop treating us like an uncivilised bunch of hooligans who don’t know anything”


  23. Message of youth to those wishing to harm Pakistan:
    “Stop treating us like an uncivilised bunch of hooligans who don’t know anything”


  24. I don’t know who this DAWN bitch is but she sure looks like a monkey a*s and sure she talks like one. It’s time for all this monkey a*s to get the f*ck out of our homeland.

  25. If you removed the DAWN logo and replaced it with Sky News or or Fox news, then no one would that this bitch is actually working for a “Pakistani” channel. Shame on her for disrupting a respected Pakistani and not letting her speak. On the other hand she let her ferengi master speak without disrupting him.

    Btw: I liked the way Shireen Mazari challenged the term “international” media consisting of a handful of countries. lol.

  26. deport bitch with her british pasport

  27. FUCK GEO AND DAWN…both of them are foreign agenda promoting channels…spreading lies and disinformation…fuck this fake british import of an host too…Ms. Shireen Mazari is educated from Columbia USA where this british schmuck can only dream of attending…Dr. Shireen Mazari zindabad! Keep up the great work

  28. This is absolute non sense, the British and Americans have right to open war against innocent Iraqis and Afghanistanis just on the basis of suspect of having weapons of mass destruction and Osama bin Laden, and later on pardoning that sorry our information was wrong. On the other hand we as an independent citizen of an independent country have no rights to even raise a suspicion against a foreigner who is breaking the law of the land. It clearly send us the message that, where these Dawn people are getting their money from. We are ashamed of these reporters like saima mohsin who called themselves Pakistanis with the so called British accent. We are proud of brave people like Dr Shirin Mazari who can teach these so called civilised nations, manners of journalism. From now on it should be our mission to boycott Dawn and spread this Hippocratic act by them to every single Pakistani. Keep up the good work Dr Mazari and shame on this confused desi saima.

  29. I will never ever ever put an ad in Dawn again after this. We should all start a boycott DAWN movement. No ads in the newspaper till this foolish woman gets booted off. Unbelievable.

  30. Ms. Saima Mohsin,

    You need to learn manners of discussion. Rather than stubbornly sticking to your complianing attitude and arroagnt style, you must speak and then give the other person a chance to speak. What kind of journalism you know, it seem to me nothing.

    Just look at the recording of your manner of speach. Your face projects disdain. You speak scornfully to Dr. Mazari. Your eyes spew venomous hatred. Being raised in Britain, or by being a “Brit” as it seems from your accent, does not give you any damn right to insult or verbally intimidate a Pakistani journalist on TV.

    Learn to respectfully talk to other. Project a good composure otherwise, nobody is going to listen to you, even to your valid comments.

    Good luch for the future.

  31. *standing up in honorary ovation*
    Bravo Ma’am Dr. Mazari, you’ve made us proud by maintining the dignified stance that The Quaid adopted when he knew he was damn right 🙂

  32. dawn news is a bullshit channel.but yes mezzari u hit them hard.we are with u.dawn news is a group of pimps who need to be kick out of from pakistan along there idiot channel and anchors.

  33. DMG group is a bunch of corrupt people and look at these anchors acsent kalaaaaaaaaaaa angrazzzzzzzzzzzzzz.hahahahahaha majority of pakistanis dont understand what actually this channel is barking for.WAQAT NEWS EXPRESS NEWSx24/7 DYUNA NEWS RULZZZZZZZ.GEO DAWN BULLSHIT AND HYPOCRATES.

  34. Brave woman Shreen Mazari 🙂

    We need people like her 🙂

    I do hope that MR white and dawn read the feedback here 🙂

    1. Mr white when u say “covering of facts” or bringing the “reality” to public then would u give us some “evidence” that any of those, who signed the complaint against The Nation, actually covered the “facts or reality” in spoken news papers?

    we just get the “usual BS” (read propaganda to justify aggression, looting and slavery for your braindead audience) from the mainstream media.

    What you may consider “real story or facts” is actually considered

    1. Distortion of facts

    (eg the role of media after 9\11 and for iraq war – what happened with those “journalists” who had “evidence” about WMDs of iraq?) did any such protest, that is unleashed on Dr Shereen Mazarai, was leveled against them too?)

    2. Do the thinking for “fatigued + drunken” western minds – it is interesting to note that how “media” handles “fatigued minds” there well so none should bother to do 2 + 2 for theirselves.

    Unfortunatley we are at the “receiving end” so this mumbo jumbo or ethics (hypocrisy) does not work for us. tell ur bloody “journalists” to stay away from Pakistan, We know who they are working for. You can’t sell peace in the name of “war” and you can’t sell “journalism” in the name of “propaganda” to us.

    Dawn is mouthpiece of enemies of Pakistan, when actually they have ever spoken for PAKISTAN’S interests or ideology?

    Stop misleading people!

    the reaction to the article is an evidence of of “zionists; mind control techniques” – they attack u like wasps if threaten their ideoloy of game

  35. one more thing – those who, endangered the lives of people in Afghanistan and iraq – also the lives of people in neighbouring countries) by reporting myths in western mainstream media which is “religiously” translated in our media without independt research – why none in Muslim world challenged them in the manner in which Mr Sheeren Mazari is questioned in her own country by her own media for their interests?

    this is a reality check for all of us, how unprepared we are to assess and counter their threats and how active they are that they can “silence” or “brainwash” us in our own countries.

  36. i suggest everyone here, goes to the video on their youtube channel and leave this feedback there as well.

  37. @PKKH Admin,

    Somebody above has used my pen-name.

    I never use such absurd and filthy language.

    Now where is the moderator?

  38. I wish the confused desi Saima reads these comments and sees how much she is hated. Hats off to respected Dr. Shireen Mazari.

  39. From day 1 i just hated this stupid woman saima for some reason not even known to myself. but now i DO have a reason to hate her.
    Bravo Dr. Shireen Mazari!!!! we love u n now we respect ur professionalism even more than we did before….. u truly are an authentic journalist….not like saima who probably got the job due to her AWFUL, AWFUL accent only.

    In the past i used to notice the biased behaviour of Dawn’s anchors but this was really crossing the line….
    nobody wants to get headaches hearing to the british blabbering of saima mohsin.

  40. It is sulking to see than Dawn, a company founded by Quaid e Azam himself to protect and project the case for Pakistan, is now collaborating to undermine the very case it formed a building block of.

    But hats off to ppl like Shireen Mazari and a few Pakistani Nationalists out there who inspite of being against all the odds is countering the CIA, Mossad and RAW mafia against us.

  41. Now we now why Nawa-i-Waqt is called the defender of the ideology of Pakistan


  43. I sent the link of this thread to the email ID of news eye. This is the reply I got –

    “”Thank you for your email. We value your feedback and hope to improve our channel in light of your comments.

    Yours sincerely,
    The DawnNews team””

    • well done!


  44. Shireen Mazari is a very bold woman who speaks it like it is. Saima was behaving just like her British counterparts do, eg: BBC Hardtalk – never letting the interviewees talk, but wanting to get their own point across. She was totally biased and unprofessional, instead of being neutral like a journalist should be. In fact, most journalists on TV channels like Geo, Ary etc behave like this.

    The point someone raised, of how the Western journalists never commented on those journalists who reported falsely about WMDs in Iraq, was a very valid point.

    We all know that majority of these goras are hypocrites anyway. No surprises there.

    We should all stop watching and reading DAWN news, and Geo and Ary. Stop watching crap that only incites against Muslims and spreads the goras’ lies.

  45. Even soap operas from India are filled with Raw agents. The other day I saw a saas illtreating a very nice bahu. I think the saas is like cia and raw agent ill treating pakistani bahu. It is sending wrong message to country. We should ban all foreign journalist from enymy coutry. I will read only nation paper from today.

    • Your comments prove that u r a filthy Indian! so buzz off loser!

      • @sam

        BUZZ off f*cking Indian to ur biatch Israel!

      • Dear IM, I am really impressed by your convincing argument in your response, perhaps IM should really be IQ? I think and you will agree that the RawMossadCia inspired Saima was down putting our tank think Dr Mazari. You will also know that the Kerry Packer agreement gives large donations to Pak to buy mansion in Surry while the rest can eat grass. Can you imagine the conniving cowardly Israeli Indians also influenced Sen Kerry to make Pak a colony of US? I think Saima will make a good bahu in the TV show dont you think? She will take care of evil Saas. I look forward to your insightful response.

      • @sam

        After reading ur pathetic stuff I think ur name should be ‘sham’ rather than sam! I think India is full of $h!t and there brains don’t go beyond bollywood crap or Indian soaps…you are one clear example!

        Now go back to answering calls in ur call center! Don’t worry about Pak .. ur country is the 2nd most terrorism hit country! worry about it!

      • “Sham”

        Lolz..dude first read ur comments once again! Your pathetic comments deserved the response I gave!

        It’s funny you tell us that we blindly follow anyone when you are the ones who follow anything and everything ur self righteous media feeds you! What do u have to say Ajmal Kasab writing letters in “hindi”?? What do u have to say about Hemant karkare’s wife slamming the government of a cover up?? or Amaresh Mishra saying 26/11 was an inside job?? And foreign journalist saying India is involved in destabilizing Pakistan! Your pathetic media even censored Senator William burns who gave a letter to ur PM saying ‘reduce presence in kabul, close down consulate and stop sending mercenaries across the durad line”.

        Dr. Mazari gave facts and has stated she left it on the readers to decide what they think about the journalist! He broke the law of the country and we have the right to question and suspect him!

        We don’t need anyone especially “Indians” to tell us whom we should follow and whom we should not! Worry about ur own mess!

  46. @Sam, its wise to shut your mouth once you get owned, instead of getting emotional and going overboard in displaying even more illogical non sense that fills your brain. Its also wise to take someone’s good advice. You couldn’t convince a 3 yr old with your nonsense, so shut it! and run along now.

    • Imtiaz, Once more a message filled with wisdom, typical response of someone who has run out of arguments! Just get the other debater to shut up! Settle the argument with a sword rather than a pen! Nice to see active censorship in removing messages that do not fit the mold. Reinforces the worlds understanding of a vast majority of your citizens as schizophrenic paranoid. No wonder 90% are against the US in all polls conducted in Pakistan. Its the same 90% standing in line for a visa and begging for alms and aid. Hypocrites!! My sympathies are with you.

      • mu purpose was to piss you off, i see its working! 😀
        ciao spam!

      • my purpose to to expose your low IQ and sheep like behaviour! Thanks for obliging!!
        You having pissed me off….wrong…again!!!I’m rather enjoying this! A point by point rebuttal (if you are capable of it) would have been nice. God help Pakistan with intelligentsia like you!

      • @Sam Thanks! and our sympathies are with all the Indians getting their asses whipped by Aussies and you still dont seem to be getting the message that no one wants you in their countries any more!
        Just because you wanna be US and Israel’s Bi*** (and you arent even getting paid for it), they are using you for the exact same purpose one uses a toilet roll. India is the only country in
        the WHOLE WIDE WORLD that has it’s religious minorities BURNT ALIVE, not one, not two, but 2000 in one hate-filled rampage alone.. and no one hangs for it or gets punished.
        And you have the balls to come here and lecture us??? Shut the fu** up and crawl back under the rock that you came from. We dont need to have any arguments filled with wisdom with you lot..
        we will sort you out once and for all. We dont negotiate with Terrorists and Terrorist States which is exactly what your intelligence agencies and your state are!

      • lol @Sam… “point by point by rebuttal” LOL.. ya… right. seems my effort is working more than expected. 😀

      • Damn, sorry guys, looks like I touched a raw nerve here. Wow! The pain must run deep. I’ll try and be gentle from here on. Please dont stop your prozac prescriptions. Perhaps blackwater should add it to the water supply. Must be depressing being pulled out of immigration lines in brotherly countries.

      • yes Sam, you touched our funny nerve. Keep entertaining us. LOL 😀

  47. thanks for sharing 🙂

  48. I leave the entertainment to Shireen’s ranting and the sheep who follow her bleating! I hope she writes about brotherly treatment of brotherly countries using KY jelly. Must be a mossadciaraw plot to malign the fair name of the land of the poor.

    • oh yeh.. i can almost smell the fire. LOL..

  49. no its from the SU 30MKI crash from Nov 30 😀 you sound pretty cross, you were in it too? 😀 😀

    • LOL, perhaps its the predator hell fire up yours! BTW, thanks for the daily mindless entertainment, and brightening up my day! In all seriousness, commiseration for the outrage in Pindi, dont give up the good fight.

      • silence of the lambs?

      • LOL. no its Bollywood’s Khamoshi, where the parents are deaf and dumb, but in your case, you’re just dumb! 😀

      • Imtiaz, or is it Emptyaaz?? I maybe dumb, but at least I’m not ugly! I hope all the mirrors at home have been removed!

      • lol, thats it? thats ur best? and who told you my name was Imtiaz? hahaha, my nick is imtiazipakistan, learn some urdu to understand what that means, oh wait, ur too dumb to do that.. oh well.

      • I firmly believe your postings are a mossadrawcia plot to make all Pakistani’s appear stupid. I can see through your game plan here and I will not fall for it.

      • of course, you’re too dumb to fall for anything, but your own stupidity.. 😀 😀

      • IM,, Please reply intelligently you fundoo! Enough of the smily faces.

      • @Ayaz

        That person’s name is ‘Imtiazipakistan’ not ‘IM’!

  50. sounds like a drone went up again! Were you bending over for your brotherly neighbours?

  51. Oooooooooh, I think the smily faces are a mossad-cia-raw-fsb-ramm-mi5 plot to convey cheerful disposition in the land of the poor. No I will not fall for your sinister plot to make all your countrymen look dumb. You, I’ll make an exception for! Keep smiling!

  52. Fundos like IM should be sent to the western front to confront the reality of the situation rather than protected by censorship!

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