We don’t even match up with Pakistan as far as defence goes – IAF Chief

November 20, 2009

Indian Express, New Dehli

Two days after he said women could be recruited as fighter pilots only if they did not become mothers till a certain age, Vice Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal P K Barbora on Thursday took a swipe at the political class, saying politics over defence purchases impinged “very badly” on the country’s military requirements.

“As far as defence goes, we don’t even match up with Pakistan,” Barbora, while referring to Defence exports, told an aerospace seminar organised in New Delhi by the CII.

“The internal politics over the years is such that whatever defence requirements are cleared by the government, they are opposed by the opposition parties and the same happens when roles change and the opposition sits in government. That impinges very badly on our defence requirements.”

He asked the private defence industry to take note of the China example on reverse engineering of defence technologies. “Forget about ethics. China has done reverse engineering. Has anyone ever had the courage to ask China why are you doing it? No one cares a hoot. If you can’t do it yourself, you should know how to do reverse engineering.”



  1. @ cow lovers …lol lol lol lol

    So much for their rubbish FIRE POWER ….they are a bunch of paper tigers !!! 😀 😀 😀


    The bidding is still on…i need more spex on ur beloved …lol lol lol

  2. and yet another news piece from Bharat meant as an excuse to up the defense spending. do it people, leave the excuses alone.

  3. Typical Indian “ohh we are so much behind Pakistan”, “ohh Pakistan has more nuclear weapons then us”, “ohh Slumfog Millionair is not real India”…

    I whish we had real men as enemies and not crying babies like Barbora.

    It is common knowledge that India not only has the worlds 3rd biggest army but enjoy a technological superior airforce then Pakistans aging fleet. They not only deployed the superior Sukhoi aganst Pakistan but had BVR technology long before Pakistan.

    The same goes for their nuclear stockpiles which far outnumbers Pakistan no matter what the Indians and some American self styled analyst claims.

    All un all it is just the regular Indian propaganda.

    • According to international reports ,Indias
      missile technology is weak and the only Indian missile which works perfectly is the Prithvi,rest of the Indian missiles donot even reach its target.

      Indians are proud of their quantity but donot even concentrate on their quality.
      Pakistan developed a crusade missile which is their to reply to your ballistic missiles.

      According to international reports ,Pakistani army is one of the most organized and professional army in the world and its Airforce is also well known and recognized.
      PAF is more well trained and skilled then IAF.
      PAF doesnot only depend on technology.
      PAF engineering and maintainance persons are upto the International Standard unlike the engineers and maintainance persons of IAF.

  4. Lol paper tiger… this article really put the definition into perspective. Talking about the Dragon, with their general attitude they will never surpass Pakistans defence exports. Especially with the JF-17 warming up the assembly lines.

  5. Guys in Pakistan, it is time to uncork the Champagne bottle.

    It is true, the Hindus never had the killer instinct. They are more comfortable with stuff like “the whole world is my family”, religious tolerance etc.

    Prithviraj Chohan, on three occasions had Ghori at his mercy, but let him go. Ghori had on chance and killed Chohan.

    India, in 1971, could have broken Pakistan into five more pieces, it did not. Now look at the result

    India needs a leader like Putin, before it can dream of matching China someday.

    • This statement of yours actually contradicts the point you’re trying to make. If Hindus are so tolerant then why would you have to mention ‘Hindus’ there instead of ‘Indians’. Or are your military top echelons exclusively Hindu terrain.

      P.s.: lol @ Chohan example how about sticking to more recent happenings 😉

      • @ AAKhan,
        Simply because what you see as India today, a culturally vibrant tolerent nation, is due to Hindu majority.

        It would not be the same if it was a nation full of muslims like you guys in Pakistan.

        You should have been more explicit in your reference to “more recent happenings”.

      • @ Neel:

        So what you’re suggesting in effect, is that if you were to take away the Hindus from Indian society, the Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, etc. in India would massacre each other. The Hindus are like the ‘glue’ that hold them all together. I find that hard to believe. However I understand why you say so as apparently you have a hidden dislike for Muslims as a whole.

        Here’s a more explicit reference: from the second half of the last century on. Instead of the 12th century :p

  6. hahaha indians are still crying calling us the classical anti pak names. No indians we are not here to fight u u r here to fight us. U start the fight but we shall end this. Typical bitches of the zionists go give them a blowjob and get ur mothers raped to buy a few jets from them.

    hahahahaha but despite such a huge shitload of men at ur indian side cant even beat such a small country hahahah

  7. hahaha…
    they are talking about female pilots, and we have them airborn. See the difference in maturity, progress and quality.
    As we say in PAF “second best to none” no over no beside.
    We wish for a final round up with bhartis each day.
    this time we`ll not stop before cacutta and we`ll wash our boots in Sunderbans.

  8. Pakistan Zindabad…….thats all I have to say! All the youth, please promise to yourself that you will live here, fight and die for your country because Pakistan is the “Fort of Islam” as said by Shah Faisal. Pakistanis are the only Muslims that have SPARK in their heart.

  9. world should b cleaned from india and indian they r polluting our beautiful and clean world .
    Pakistan will do this Nobel job if asked by international community only for cleaner world in future INSHAALLAH.
    and after cleaning india from the map of the world we will make india as world biggest toilet .

  10. As far as Pakistani defense is concerned we have so far seen that India can never imagine how much strong Pakistan is.India should always pray that no war is imposed on her otherwise the time has come once the world would see a tumbling India with the name of Hindus diminishing from the face of this world.Its not only a matter of how much weaponry we have but what really does matter that how much strong spiritually and morally we are.Let the India come and face a disaster this time.Long live Pakistan and Pakistani nation

  11. Long Live Pakistan………….Pakistan is my love and you all know how much it means for a lover…so all my enemies beware of the roaring Lion and stay away from it if you really want to live……..

  12. We all Pakistani , born , raised ,educated in Pakistan .We will never let down our Army .It is a promise by a Muslim .Nuclear Power is necessary and there will be more progress in every Defence field INSHALLAH . And now we all are aware of all the blood shed continuing in our country , Kashmir destroyed by Indian Army .They are trying every kind of strategies to destroy our country but they are unaware of one SUPER POWER behind us .They will be failed in their plans INSHALLAH.It is a truth and they will see by themselves.


  13. WOuld really apprecaite if some one can post any website or newspaper refrence URL or any other refrence regarding the statement above ….


  14. hey ..its there already below the heading 🙂 ….thanks

    below is the Indian Newspaper URL also:


  15. pakistan air force zindabad and pakistan pindabad

  16. One more factor is to be noted that in our country people line up to get in army and army has to reject applicants but in India people have to be dragged to get in army. Spirit to fight for country counts alot. V believe in the life after death and know that we will be shaheed if we die for country fighting against hindus. Its a no loss thing for us while on other side they dont have any such beliefs.

  17. i cant figure out dat how is this even possible?? they have the latest airpower like BVR… they can shoot pakistani f16 from miles away…
    i dont think its a true…

    • of course not. he just wants to scare the govt. into buying

    • BVR tech is continuously developing and Pakistan is already getting its hands on the best BVR missiles in the world available from the US.

      He isn’t referring to such single subjects but to defence exports.

  18. Pakistan Zindabaad..!!

  19. I am not even Indian or Pakistani… But i swear both u sides should just shut the F*CK UP, stop pretending ur stronger than the other, suck it up, be real men and stop bit*h fighting… Only real men can hold their anger in peace.. The rest who wanna f*ckin fight are just overly trying to cover up that they got mofoing pu*sies… I mean u guys r so fu*king lame, it aint funny no more..

    • Alright, then according to your logic, you’re not a real man. Since real men can hold their anger in peace. Peace! Bitch.

      P.s.: missed out on the news lately? Pakistan has been at war since quite some time now.

  20. Piss drinkers can never be equal to Milk drinkers

    • cmon. dont underestimate yourself 😀

  21. lol@ sal
    Why dont u see the reality tht u r a pee drinker?
    and u hindus are famous and born to spread rong infortmation all over the world. we are telling truth, and “AUNTY SAL” keep creating ur own anhiliated ass in front of pakis, coz we are coming to rock them more… Peace

  22. Lol how many times have you posted that link 😛 Fact is that Pakistan has been beating India on defence exports even with ‘allied nations’ like Vietnam.

    • ^That was in response to Yogi’s post, apparently just deleted.

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