Karkare’s Wife Alleges Coverup – Slams Govt

November 18, 2009

Times of India

MUMBAI: Kavita Karkare, the wife of former Maharashtra Anti Terror Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare on Wednesday questioned the state government on why her husband and two other senior officials who were killed on 26/11, did not get reinforcements on time.

This is for the first time that the slain officer’s family has confirmed that he did not get the back up when it was required.

Karkare, along with Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ashok Kamte and Inspector Vijay Salaskar were killed by terrorists near Cama Hospital in Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus during the Mumbai siege.

Speaking to the media, Kavita said: “I just didn’t know anything in the initial six months, politicians, media people and other people were coming to my place, but I was not aware what exactly was going around. Nobody has ever told me that what exactly happened that day. No senior officers have told me till date what had happened with my husband. I have just gathered information from media people, or read in magazines and newspapers, till date I don’t know the exact facts of that day.”

“But when politicians started raising questions saying that he acted in very hasty manner and went for the operation blindly then we started gathering facts about the incident. Then, we came to know that Kamte, Karkare, Salaskar were planning strategy in Cama hospital for 40 minutes. They had asked for help, but they couldn’t get help in those 40 minutes. Why they could not get help in 40 minutes, nobody is giving me that answer,” she added.

Kavita revealed that she was told by some police officials that it would not be possible for her to get to know what exactly happened with her husband during the terror attacks.

She also alleged that Hemant Karkare was left injured and unattended for over 40 minutes and not taken to the hospital on time.

“My question is that when these people were there in Cama Lane for 40 minutes, why were they not given any help? And, when there bodies were lying, why the bodies of those people were not picked for about 40 minutes,” Kavita questioned.

“Today, they are spending millions of rupees to preserve the bodies of the nine militants who launched the attack, just because at international level we have to show that we are showing humanity. But the bodies of martyrs were lying there as it is. What is happening in our country? And when will there be a change,” she added.

Earlier last week, Kavita also alleged that her husband’s bulletproof jacket has gone missing.

She said when his body was found, the bulletproof jacket was missing and the Right to Information (RTI) application had not yielded any information on its whereabouts.

“And, after six months it struck me that his jacket is missing. But I was not in my senses to file RTI application. Now two months back when I filed RTI, I came to know that the jacket is actually missing,” Kavita said.



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    • This proves why India does not have proof to support its claim.. Because they orchestrated this to use a s a foreign policy tool … TYPICAL Chanakya’s “ghatia” mentality !

  2. This proves Pakistan’s claim all along that they themselves orchestrated this – what a drama these guys CAST !

  3. Karkare, along with Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ashok Kamte and Inspector Vijay Salaskar were killed by terrorists near Cama Hospital.


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  6. Karakare is a Modern Hero, this man died trying to stop the RSS taking over india

    Pakistan must give this guy some sort of honour

  7. Kavita what does the whole thing tell you???? It tells you that the whole thing was indian staged and as your husband Mr. Karkare victim of truth as he was trying to uncover the real face of indian terrorism within india and outside india. Of course your husbands’ bullet proof jacket would be missing because he was murdered cold blooded by the indian commandoes.

    Don’t worry you might never see the truth coming out but you will see these liars will pay for their staged dramas sooner or later, these real terrorists. INDIA IS EPICENTRE OF TERRORISM

  8. Finally she speaks, The Indian government gets some loyal policemen who are working honestly for the country and they get them killed as well. I hope she gets justice and gets to know who the ‘real’ killers of her husband are!

    I had read earlier during the Indian elections the wives of the police officers killed during the Mumbai attacks didn’t even go to vote because they said no proper investigation has been done on the death of there husbands.

  9. Zaid Hamid has managed to spread his ill-concieved conspiracy theory to a lot of young viewers of this blog.This video should clear the doubts of all jokers who doubt the cruelty and terror that their countrymen(sent by LeT) inflicted on Mumbai on 26/11 last year.


    Inshallah, ISI and Pakistani Establishment will pay a heavy price,the same way they are now paying on their Western border.

    • RAW did not win in Sri Lanka and they will never win against Pakistan INSHA-ALLAH. Majority peoples now understand what is happening and they are united to fight any type of terrorism which is mostly comming from INDIA.

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  10. Read somwhere that Pearl Harbour,Indian Parliament,9/11 and now Mumbai.In military terms,it is called “false flag Operations” i.e.stage it and blame on the enemy to start war.In this India,US and Israel are perfect.

    Only a defence expert can tell us how these can be pre-empted.May be to keep the enemy engaged in dialogue and 24/7 alertness.

  11. After Mumbai India threatened Pak with war unless it took action against the so-called Pak terrorists within the time period provided.

    Instead a few days later when our jets were flying over Pak cities preparing for war they accused us of war mongering whilst pissing in their pants!.

    This still makes my day whenever i think of it!

    • @Indian Imran

      LMAO… first you tell me why did your jets “run away” after looking at Pakistani jets?? Why did ur pilots act like total wussy???

      I can give u dozen links in which Pranab mukherjee is saying ‘Pak should stop war mongering’ after there jets ran back after looking at Pak jets!

      Actually that incident makes us Pakistani really proud and just another proof of how pathetic u guys are when facing Pakistan!

      PS: BTW what are ur views about the above article??

      • ohh wait… u dun have to answer me Imran as to why ur jets ran away after looking at Pak jets, your IAF chief has already answered it “WHEN IT COMES TO DEFENSE WE DON’T EVEN MATCH UP TO PAKISTAN”. Lolzzzz…stop dreaming kid!

  12. IM,

    Firstly it seems that you’ve got an identity crises because i can’t figure out if you’re an Indian or Pakistani but for the record i’m the latter not an Indian!

    Listen son you’re making no sense whatsoever but Pak certainly chased away Indian jet’s so just accept it!.I can provide thousands of links but you can do the research yourself because ultimately one believes what they want too!

    I’m saying that Indian’s began preaching peace when Pak jet’s began flying over Pakistani cities preparing for war and you seem to agree with me so what’s the problem!?

    “U don’t have to answer me” comment dude i’ve got a great life outside this site so can’t answer every query aimed at me!.Pak will kick the shit out of India one day and i hope you’re hear to see it!

    • @Imran

      Sorry dude, I misinterpreted your comment!

      There is an Indian as well who comments using the name ‘Imran’ I thought you’re that one!

      And hell yeah I’m sure Pak is going to kick India’s @$$!

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