India destabilising Pakistan: More evidence

November 17, 2009

LAHORE – Explosive material used in the deadly bomb blast which took place at Khyber Bazaar Peshawar last month, was identical to what had been used in exploding Samjhota Express in India, sources confined to The Nation Monday.

The explosive material – Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) – was used in Khyber Bazaar bomb blast.

Sources say the Pakistani security agencies have found concrete evidences to prove Indian involvement in Khyber Bazaar blast in which VBIED was used.

Sources close the development revealed that the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was behind the terrible blast which left more than 42 innocent people dead and 100 others wounded, including women and children.

“Lt Col Prohit of the Indian Army who is the prime accused in the Samjhota Express explosion case, was the expert and qualified to handle VBIED and its manufacturing process,” sources said.

Sources further disclosed that the security agencies had nabbed several suspects in connection with the Peshawar blast during the recent crackdown from different parts of the country.

“Investigations are underway as the arrested suspects are being grilled. The investigators have found some important leads during the interrogation,” a source privy to the investigators said, but did not mention any further details due to the sensitivity of the matter.

The recent revelations have strengthened the contention that Col Prohit and his team was also responsible for the Samjhauta blast.

Last year, the prosecutor had told an Indian court that Prohit had procured RDX from Jammu and Kashmir while used part of it in Samjhauta blasts. However, the prosecutor retracted the claim the next day under duress.

The Indian government had promised after the Samjhota Express tragedy that it would share its findings with Pakistan. However, little has been shared with Pakistan, sources maintained adding, in the Joint Anti Terror Mechanism (JATM) meetings, India had also admitted that it had “run against a wall” in the investigation.



  1. Kapil Komireddy, the Hindu Indian writer who wrote in the famous British newspaper Guardian about the “demise of Pakistan is inevitable” is now doing a “series of essays” on Pakistan for well known neocon David Frum’s publication Frum Forum.


  2. indian’s work on pakistan is multidimensional
    1-they stop our water
    2-they stop cricket in pakistan
    3-they help gadaars of blochistan
    4-they help ttp’s harijis
    5-and most dangerous of all they r working on our nukes
    but i wonder why our leaders don’t understand this simple yet obvious link of hundus ???????
    may b they r not our leaders at all …………….
    they r agents working for someone else and when time comes they also runaway form pakistan like shortkat aziz and mushee …..

    • ISI is a failure , ISI should blow up bombs in india but no

      Pakistan is finished an incapable of launching even 1 bomb for every 10 indian attacks

      • @hamza

        ISI knows what it’s priorities are, they first have to take care of the traitors inside Pakistan rather than wasting time blowing up bombs in India!

      • Exactly this is not Hindi Movie, Before saying Pakistan is finished you should take care of your CODENAME:November Offense against Naxiles, don’t be ridiculous & don’t cry like your Media, India didn’t provide any solid evidence which can be presented against the court of justice, They provide only Nestle Milk Packs, btw you can try Nestle too, you will feel better, one thing if you really thing you got some balls (evidences) against terrorist of Mumbai attacks, go to International Criminal Court, can go and bark in UNO, may be you should try Interpol, but i think Interpol already bashed your Milk Pack evidences, & provided the exact origins of attacks, oh yes Indian attack ratio 10:1, first go and arrest the commission agents in your Missile Program, Tank Development Programs, Fighter Jets, they have sold the security of India for money, and all the programs are complete failure, that’s why your leaders are kissing Israeli ass for weapons, India is now nothing than a Israeli Quarter.

        & by the way who is Kapil Komireddy LOL???
        sure he can write in in Pig’s Farm (Israeli Forum) I will beg my all friends please read the posted article if you want to laugh, very typical, & this is what i was talking about, stop kissing Israeli ass! you will feel better.

      • the best form of defense is attack

        Pakistan ISI must take out india before its too late

        Once Islamabad becomes a warzone ISI will loose the capability to strike back

        ISI has already been wipes out from NWFP,its lost all its information and contacts

      • @Hamza

        I don’t think ISI has been wiped out of NWFP because the army knows that the terrorists are running, they knew Baitullah mehsud died, they were even aware of helicopters coming and taking away some terrorists before the S.W operation, they had the list of all the terrorists in swat before the operation which is why they caught many from relief camps even though they had shaved there beards! They still are in the ground!

  3. For India to stop meddling in Pakistan, Pakistani Army and ISI must first stop their policy of “bleeding India with thousand cuts” through LET and JEM, dismantle the terror infrastructure in Pakistan and punish the Mumbai killers.

    It will not be done without Kiyani willing to do so, because Gilani, Zardari and party obviously have no say over their own military.

    • @neel
      Stop pretending to be belonging to a country full of saints, as if you guys have never done anything to harm Pakistan!

      You want to punish the people behind Mumbai attacks, go hang sonia gandhi, PM Manmohan etc!
      All your government does is cry over Mumbai attacks but when asked to catch the culprits behind the Samjhota express tragedy you guys don’t want to talk about it!

    • Whether pakistan fails or lives in irrelevant to indias future

      Hinduism is dying along with its dirty practise of devadasi and gods who do naughty things

      India will split into 30 parts, india in its alliance with isreal is playing with fire, if u play with fire u get burnt

      why are indicks always on pak forums ?

  4. i think indians should realize that there raw dogs r playing with fire .and it is just matter of time when reply will come from pakistan there r limits of every things indian should fear from that day when isi start replying to india in there language then in short priod of time the score will b settled with India .and indians know that better .

    • Babu… Indians are used to this … What you are dealing today .. we are also dealing and we were dealing this on daily baisis becuase of ISI… rather than wasting time here… your army should look for Taliban.. Pak army & ISI himself created taliban in afganistan and now the branch of it coming haunting to you.. Did you ever got back one step behind and thought..
      All these problems of suicide attacks started after July 2007.. after Red mosque assult by pakistani army.. It was a great leap by Pak army to eliminate terrorist which are going beyonfd their limits.. however this action was terribly backfired. This action was protested even by British muslim fanatics ( anjum chowdhary) in the streets of London and he openly shouted Bin laden should avenge this..
      this action created dillema in Terrorist orgs of pakistan.. as till date they were protected by Army/ISI duo and all of sudden army fired rockets on them .. since ISI is extension of army people ( Army people only sit in ISI) .. the terrorists are agianst ISI too.. IF you see the last three years .. before july 2007 pakistan was not bad place and it was doing good .. Terorrists were there but they were only in Kashmir asking donations and people are donating it since they were not troubling aam pakistanis .. After red mosque, Terrorists are agianst govt who they think only obstacle in establishing the islamic state ..

      • @tingtong

        The ones Pakistan created are still loyal to Pak and they don’t believe in killing innocent people anywhere in the world! They only kill US/NATO soldiers who they term as outsiders!

        I don’t think anything wrong was done when red mosque operation took place besides the first shot was fired from inside the mosque at a soldier. They were getting help from outside, they had advanced weapons and masks to protect them from chemical gases. One well known Islamic scholar even stated on tv there was nothing wrong done because there were lot of dangerous activities taking place inside the mosque!

        There are proofs of Indian involvement in bomb blasts and with the terrorists in swat and S. waziristan. Indian weapons seized have been shown in press conference! Till now 85 Indians have been caught in Pak.

        All the you hear about them saying they would be peaceful when Sharia law is imposed is complete bullshit! When sharia law was imposed in swat they kept beheading civilians and security forces for no reason, they kidnapped young girls God knows what happened with them, there were bottles of wine found from there hideouts! These stuff have no connection with Islam. Just coz someone has a beard and takes the name of Islam does not mean he is a real Muslim.

  5. india is plying with fire.b aware india.fire can come in your own house also .u will cry when ur favorite play will b played in indian streets and cities ………………

  6. As a Pakistani i don’t believe in crying but getting even!.No doubt we’ll do that in time when India is most vulnerable together with the Chinese we’ll end it’s sorry existence.

    • @ Imran,
      The world do not expect India to be vulnerable in the coming decades.
      Can’t you see the bee-line of the world powers including the US, to court India for economic and strategic partnership.

      • I don’t care what the world expects when Allah is the best of planners!!.Hitler expected for the Nazi’s to rule Europe if not the world for centuries!!

        As for economics to me ground reality is of far greater importance.You need to wake up and see the state of the American economy besides i’m not obsessed in seeing Pakistan as a nation of millionaires.I’m more then happy to see a Pakistan where everyone is safe,educated and without hunger so our priorities are perhaps different.

      • People like you are so naive that you believe in everything you read!.Firstly the world won’t last over a few decades more not foregetting how 40% of your population lives below the poverty line.

        Any partnership’s won’t eradicate this fact as much as you try to hide it!.The rich get wealthier still where as your downtrodden suffer government backed genocide to steel their lands and resources.

      • just to counter china factor,,,US is backing india..

      • @Mohsin

        The US is already stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan besides that they are on the mercy of China!

  7. i think its media job to highlight this issue on their Talk shows which they are not doing rite now..i know they have different agenda and priorities..but we all know India has a very clear hand and involvement in all of these issues either its Boluchistan ,Swat and Waziristan and other parts of Fata..we need to place these evidence and proofs to the international forums,,thats wat our so called leaders are not doing rite now

  8. isi should act now and give indians some reply in there own language .
    and i believe 200% that isi can do it much better than india’s raw dogs r doing in pakistan .

    • ISI will strike at the right time and the Indian’s know it!.Don’t worry about that.

  9. @IM
    I suggest you watch the documentry on Youtube With the title Pakistan – the battloe within or Pakistan – frontline state on war on terror..
    TO be honest, Red mosquq assault was the great action and even If I am Indian I deeply respect Mr. Mush for the same as In the history of Pakistan he is the only person who directly confronted with Islamic fanatics in pakistan.. he is the one who removed the Fanatics from Army who are actively seeking Islamicisation of Army (e.g. He removed Gen Usmani who was Karachi corps Commander at the time of Oct 1999 coup and most loyal to him) but still Mush took stern action agianst such general. It was Mush who banned LeT and kept Jammat-e-Islami under control. The red mosque brigade openly looting music shops of islamabad and advocating terrror and wanted to establish Islamic law in pakistan.. the assault on the them leads to terrorist reacting agianst pak army/govt with the logic that Army is singing the American tune and now acting agianst islam.. & hence all this terrorist acts started.
    All those who are geting blown up themselves are definitely muslims from Afgan and Pakistan tribal area .. Its biggest question why they will kill themselves into pieces and kill Army person or Civilans for the sake of Kafir (Indian/american) interest..
    Please watch those documentries it was not from CNN or BBC but it is from Al-Jazira.. according to me Al-Jazira is the greatest of great media window for world events its editorials are really way different from useless CNN who just put every blame on critics of America ..

    • @ting tong

      I think you have used the name ‘rauf’ earlier and commented as well about this documentary in another topic!

      I have seen that documentary!

      Why many attacks started after 2006 were because of some deals Musharraf made, allowing large numbers of Americans to enter Pak. There were a lot of mistakes that Musharraf made as well. We call him ‘best out of the worst’.

      The traitors are the ones who brainwash these innocent boys who do suicide bombing, one terrorist commander said to get 150 000 rupees per month to attack security forces!

      The ones who do suicide bombing are boys aged 10-24 years of age, many are kidnapped and brainwashed some terrorists killed are said to have possessed large amount of mind altering drugs in there body! I don’t know if you remember, in august 2008 over 60 laborers working at an arms factory were killed by suicide bombing one of the suicide bomber was caught running by the authorities and after interrogation he said I was told that there are Jews and Hindus working over there but when I saw those people they looked like us so I didn’t do the bombing and started running!

      There is always more to the story!

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