DIG of India’s Border Security Force in Kashmir Taken Down

November 16, 2009

Breaking News

A senior Indian paramilitary officer has been killed in an explosion in Indian-administered Kashmir, police officials say.

Deputy inspector general of the Border Security Force OP Tanwar died when his vehicle was hit by a blast near a border post in Jammu.

Three soldiers accompanying him were also injured in the explosion.

Officials said Mr Tanwar had gone to a border post in Balad area to investigate reports about some men allegedly trying to cross over the Line of Control (LoC) from Azad Kashmir into Indian-Occupied Kashmir.

This is the first time an official of the rank of a deputy inspector general has been killed in the Jammu region.



  1. ALLAH o AKBAR …

    Lshkar taiba se rishta kia… LA ILAHA ILALLAH

  2. good … when more officers are killed there will be more demoralization/kayos in the indian (excuse of a) army

    • lol!

  3. That’s right!.Keep kicking the shit outta them!.India must accept Muslim supremecy and live under Islamic law that grants them the right to free urine drinking and idol worship together with bathing in the filthy Ganges!

    • boss you first try to save peshawar.. 5 suiside bomb blast in 6 days amazing .. great muslim rule .. you worry about that than India having muslim rule or any other rule

      • Atleast you recognise me as your “boss” so we’re getting there!!.Fella’ bomb blasts are part of life these days but that doesn’t mean that a nation is coming apart!.

        Peshawar is and always will be a part of Pak and there is no insurgency within the great city rather a cofederation with Afghanistan is ineveitable.

        I don’t need to tell you about the massive Naxalite resistence in India so worry about your own.

  4. very happy when indians die huh? u guys are so cheap.

    do well in your terrorist academy and hope u live till 30 😀

    • @Sal
      The article is about an army men!
      Go and first read the comments of Indians when ‘innocent’ Pakistani civilians die for eg. In a bomb blast when 70 people died when a suicide bomber blew himself outside a mosque, than point fingers at us!

      FYI we feel sorry for the 190 something people who died in the ‘fake’ Mumbai attacks carried out with the help of the Indian government!

      • Same sympathy is felt here for the people being killed daily in pakistan and thousand dead at the hand of the ISI sponsored terror groups.

        ALL this just for some ‘aid’ in the name of fight against terrorism from the americans and win sympathy that pakistan too is a victim of terror and not its sponsor.

      • @Rajk

        Have some common sense!
        If Pakistan was doing all this for some ‘aid’ why are almost everywhere in Pakistan are there protests against the KLB? Why are the opposition parties against the aid? why is the military against the aid?

        The army/ISI are not stupid enough to kill security officials almost everyday and give all other countries a chance to question the security of Pak nukes!

        There are proof of India’s involvement in bomb blasts taking place in Pakistan!

      • Sounds stupid,yeah!

        So does it in the case of India.

        Forget evidence which can be planted,India has a pak citizen who has on video perperated crimes in Mumbai.

        Even the pak govt could not deny his Pakistani origin.

        Yet India is supposed to have created this drama to defame pakistan.

        Frankly, the way pakistan’s image is now in the world, does India have to stage any drama to defame Pakistan!

      • @Rajk

        Pakistan has evidence of India’s involvement in all the bomb blasts taking place in Pakistan, Indian weapons and literature were shown in a press conference. Till now ’85’ Indians have been caught in Pakistan, one of spies interview was also shown on TV!
        Even foreign journalist have said that India has terrorist camps in the name of embassy in Afghanistan and some ministers of India told them that they are active in Pakistan.

        If you guys are so pure and you are not involved in Pakistan why did your media censor US Under Secretary of State William Burns who in a letter from President Barack Obama to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, stated ”Shut down Indian Consulates in Afghanistan, reduce presence in Kabul and stop sending mercenaries across the Durand Line.”

        You want to talk about Pak government what do you have to say about Indians who are saying this Mumbai attacks were a ‘drama’. Why is Hemant Karkare’s case closed, where is his bullet proof jacket?? Fine even if we believe while the security officials were getting news after every 15 mins of the position of terrorists there could be a security lapse but Why didn’t police go when for ONE HOUR Hemant Karkare kept calling for back up while fighting with terrorists??

        It was just a drama to further defame Pakistan. Just like in year 2000 when Indian security officials killed 35 Kashmiri Sikhs by posing as Kashmiri freedom fighters. The usual ‘Lashkar-e-Tayba militants’ were rounded up and executed in fake-encounters,the ‘Pakistani National’ was produced. Later on they were exposed!

  5. Well Pakistanis have become immune to things like an image that is created by the media or ancient prophecies of our nation being split into hundred parts!.

    Being the only Islamic nuclear power we know that India,Israel and the USA have a massive problem with this but we ain’t giving up our nukes!

    India is causing terrorism in Pak but i assure you that we’ll get even with you in time!.Even many honest Indian’s admit this so why are you lot in a state of denial??.We’ve got many Indian terrorists in Pak who are being interrogated by the ISI and other’s as i speak.

    • What has islamic got to do with Pakistan’s nuclear power?

      India takes countermeasures against pakistani nuke NOT islamic nukes!

      Pakistan is not a leader of islamic countries or the islamic world.

      It does not have the kind of total importance that a saudi arabia or turkey commands.

      It is more USED by others than it influencing others.

      North Korea also makes nukes, so no big deal on having them.

      India nukes also protect 160 million Indian muslims, almost the same number as in Pakistan!

      Pak nukes protect no one but itself,just like indian nikes are only for india.

      So how are pakistans nuke be islamic!!!

      If its only due to population that Indian NUkes are hindu, islamic , christian, sikh,buddhist and Jain bomb!!!

      • You see Muslim’s see themselves as one “ummat” meaning family so Islam has everything to do with it because our ultimate aim is to establish the United states of Islam but no one will be forced to join thus Indian Muslim’s can relax!!

        How do you know the status of Pak in Muslim nations when the fact is Saudi’s don’t like Turks for historical reasons.Pak has never claimed to be the saviour of Indian Muslim’s though i assure you that million’s are secretly pro-Pakistani but surely you don’t expect them to admit it in public!

        I can’t speak on behalf of Korean’s who are mostly Buddhists but they have the right to defend themselves however don’t underestimate the power of religion.We’re on very good terms with the North Koreans by the way…

        Pak nukes are Islamic because we’re the only Muslim majority nation that has them.When we did the test’s in 1998 the entire Muslim world from Moroocco to Indonesia and Africa were celebrating that “we” also have nukes now too.In politic’s every nation is influenced one time or another including you lot who are so friendly with Isreal because in Pak you have a common enemy like we do with China.

      • The concept of the muslim ‘ummah’ is used more as a convenience .

        Most islamic nations use it when it suits them and dump it when it does not!

        Most of the attacks by western forces on ‘brotherly’ islamic countries have been from the soil of islamic countries themselves.

        Majority of the Muslims in India are pro-indians.

        Why would they secretly admire pakistan!

        The Indian muslim is not blind or deaf.He has access to the media, the internet, relatives/links in pakistan.

        He does know what conditions really are in Pakistan ad how’integrated’pak society really is.

        He does know what his identity has been determined for him in pakistan!

        Migration to pakistan continued till the 1950s from India.There was no barriers then or tension then.

        Still the majority stayed back,ever wonder why?

        BTW the first islamic nucles power was Kazakhistan,one of the succesor states to old USSR.

        They voluntarily gave up their arsenal.

        North koreans having close relations with pakistan is not at all surprising.

        Both are well known proliferators.

  6. You cannot kill 1.2 billion of us!

    You have been doing this for 62 years…now you are famous world over for 2 things only…beggary and terrorism…

    recently there was news item about european diplomats referring to pakis as beggar terrorists begging all the time.

    you can kill this DIG and a few more. we’ll take it (and lately giving it back to you too!LOL!)


    • We don’t need any lectures from cow piss drinking Gandustanis!!.You should know all about begging seeing 40% of your population lives below the poverty line so we don’t need to kill you all

      The state of minority communities in Gandustan is known to all where Christians,Sikhs and Muslims are killed for rejecting Ganduism….whoops i mean Hinduism!!

      It’s easy to give out websites!.See indianterrorism.bravepages.com

      • One doesn’t kill the entire population to takeover a nation rather replace the government then takeover key institutions.A few thousand American’s have occupied millions of Iraqis and Afghanis.

        British India was occupied and controlled by a few thousand Britishers so never think that India can’t be invaded especially when you have so many insurgencies within.Number’s mean nothing unless backed up with hard weapons.

  7. @rajk

    You’re correct in saying that “Ummat” is used as a method of convenience and means nothing at this moment in time.It’s the Muslim politicians and leaders who are responsible for this so they must be ousted but know that million’s if not most Muslim’s want to unite.The fact that interracial Muslim marriages are on the increase is just one example of this….

    Again Muslim nations attacking eachother is not a decision made by the people but a few western puppet’s who allow enemies to attack from their lands,at this moment in time we the Muslim people are helpless but inshallah change is coming.

    If Indian Muslim’s are so happy then why don’t you implement the UN resolution on Indian occupied Kashmir then let them decide??.There are some 140 million Muslim’s in India with million’s being both pro and anti-Pakistani which is only commonsense unless you can prove otherwise!!!?.Reasons for loving Pak are various ones from having family or close friends across the border to ancient sacrafices made by their ancestors during seperation.Incidents like Gujarat and Babri further makes them pro-Pakistani convincing them that M.A Jinnah was correct.To the million’s of practising Muslim’s Islam is also a great unifying force so deal with it!.If you’re Hindu then feel free to do deals with Nepal for we won’t stop you!!

    Many Indian Muslim’s who remained behind believed that they’d be treated well but now know otherwise .M.A Jinnah made it clear that after a certain period no further people regardless of faith would be allowed to relocate to the new state because it simply couldn’t afford more at the time!.Another reason is that many who were settled in British India especially the wealthy one’s prior to separation understandbly felt that they had far too much to lose by moving to newly created Pak.

    If Indian Muslim’s are looked upon as Pakistanis by various people like the press then hey that’s tough luck but we’ve never claimed them only that they resemble us slightly though we’re much prettier!.By these baseless accusations it seems they secretly wish that Pakistanis spoke for them but they’re your people now and you’re welcome to them!.In the west many Pakistanis are also looked upon as “Indian’s” so get over it as it’s something that both people have to live with.

    Proliferators??.I’m sure you think that India and Israel are saints who have already secured a place in heaven!.The USA,India and Israel can have all the weapons they want but shout “foul play” when the others play dirty,i’m lovin’ it! You love Israel because they hate us and have many illegal deals with them…fairdoo…if you want to fight then bring it on!.Our weapons are for anyone who attacks us especially India and Israel and will be used if/when required but Pak should never initiate war.That way we take the high moral ground if/when attacked then all rules go out the window ‘cos we’re gonna hit back hard with massive venom!

    The Kazakhs had nukes through USSR but naturally lost them when they broke apart that ain’t news.We’ll give up our nukes after the rest of the world does cos we especially don’t trust USA,Israel or India.

  8. IM,

    No probs buddy for all is forgiven and forgotten!.Pardon me too if i caused you offence just that i hate being called an Indian!

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