Kayani to US: Stop Indian Meddling in Afghanistan/Pakistan

November 14, 2009

GenKiyaniISLAMABAD – Reiterating Pakistan’s firm commitment to combat terrorism, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani Friday made it clear to the US that Indian presence in Afghanistan would not help achieve objectives of the war on terror.

General Kayani made these remarks while talking to the US National Security Advisor General (Retd) James Jones who called on him at GHQ.
The visiting US dignitary also held separate meetings with President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Though ISPR press release said that the COAS and James Jones discussed matters of mutual interests, TheNation has learnt from other reliable sources that General Kayani expressed his deep concerns over Indian blatant interference into Pakistan through Afghanistan. “Pakistan cannot tolerate it as it was tantamount to be counterproductive in the war against terror,” the sources added.

The Chief of Army Staff also pointed out that Indian presence in Afghanistan might adversely impact efforts seeking to woo moderate Taliban in Afghanistan. General Kayani apprised the US dignitary about operation Rah-e-Nijat being carried out against terrorists in South Waziristan Agency.

The sources further informed that they also discussed the security situation in region and agreed to increase bilateral intelligence sharing.
Earlier, Jones also called on President Asif Ali Zardari and discussed issues relating to Pakistan’s struggle against militancy, rehabilitation of IDPs and early reimbursement of the arrears in coalition support fund (CSF).

When the US official called on Prime Minister Gilani, the PM underlined Pakistan’s concerns on the possible effects of surge in the US forces in Afghanistan, particularly in the bordering province of Helmand. Gilani emphasised that crossing over of Afghan Taliban into Pakistan’s territory must be factored in the new policy.

Gilani also called for regular consultations and coordination between the two sides in deployment of the US forces in Afghanistan, strengthening of the mechanism of border coordination centres, fencing of Pakistan-Afghan border, introduction of telemetric system for stemming the supply of weapons and drugs, and stopping the crossover of undesirable elements from Afghanistan into Pakistan.



  1. Mashallah

  2. subaanallah……………..hahahhehehe

  3. @ imran,
    The enemy that has ruined your Pakistan, is the enemy within. It is another story that you Pakistanis are in denial, and blind to these enemies within.

    What the perceived enemies like the Americans and Indians do, are a result of what the enemies within Pakistan did for last three decades.

    • neel dont worry about us we know how are our enemy and who are supporting them … we are crushing them and next will be their supporters so start thinking of your self … start tackling with your issues if we start to support them then we dont have to use our single bullet … i think u better understand so please shut up and prepare your self for final show down

      • @paksarzamen

        Right now we are killing terrorists in paki territory without firing a single bullet…

        HAHAHA… REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!!!


    • @neel
      I wish you has eyes instead of buttons!
      This site is filled with articles against the present government and all other Pakistanis working against the interest of Pakistan.

      • @IM aka IDIOT MULLA

        No this site is a propoganda site where pakis BLAME everything on others and get HAPPY…

        Also this site is a site where pakis can dream of bleeding other country by thousand cuts but forget that pak itself is bleeding from thousand cuts inflicted by itself.

        But they miserably FAIL to realize that PAKISTAN itself is responsible for its troubles for last 60 years and on its way for another breakup and civil war because of its WRONG and EVIL policies.

        …no wonder why almost all the terrorist activities are directly or indirectly related to pakistan the UNHOLY land.

      • @ Ameet AKA AMIT AKA SCUMBAG AKA Indian

        One more Indian with buttons instead of eyes and shit instead of brain!

        I think you are the one who needs a reality check we don’t need to do anything in India when your own people are eating you up. India is the 2nd most terrorist hit country after Iraq! 40% land outta control, six states in north east asking for separation. According to Indian Hindu extremist have infiltrated into Indian army gen purohit just one example. Your @$$ is practically being kicked all over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and even within India!

      • Ameet, you forgot another thing, this is also a site, where rats like yourself come and desperately try to vent your hatred and display your inferiority complex. It also gives you an opportunity to make a fool of yourself, which you have done quite nicely, be proud! 🙂

    • had*

    • IM, neel does have eyes, unfortunately he lacks a brain, and he is proud of it! 🙂

  4. These US guys now linking Fort hood shooting to pakistan.. can you imagine ? this guy who done shooting is muslim.. but once found that they have linked it to pakistan..

  5. Allamdolillah

  6. @ to the cow lovers

    Like ungrateful subjects we see how these cow lovers love to lie through their asses ..because their faces are shuved into a cows rear 🙂

    Here their MASTERS have admitted to their plan


    Now whether they agree or not – they are the trouble makers ..

    😀 😀

  7. @PKKH
    Attn:Moderator(Identity not known)

    Sorry to wake you up from sound sleep.

    Why you are providing space to RAW and its agents on your website.


    • becuase PKKH lets them expose themselves, and we all have fun watching them make fools out of themselves.

    • We try to keep an eye on the comments as much as possible, however with the growing number of comments posted on the site, sometimes comments get through without moderation. If you spot anything that needs to be removed, feel free to email admin.pkkh@gmail.com with the link to the page, and we’ll remove it. At times we do approve some comments from our neighbours, just to show our people the mentality that exists on that side of the border. We have many Pakistanis who believe there’s no threat from India – therefore its necessary to allow some of the comments to go through in order to show their true face, as well as to get a healthy discussion going. Again, if you feel there’s something that should be removed, please email us. Also, please refrain from making wild and baseless assumptions about PKKH as it’s extremely counterproductive. Thank you.

  8. yogi bhai ka meter ghoom gaya hei phir sey.
    No India has not come a long way in intelligence work, they are able to do all this only because of the US. When your chaudhry (US) is forced to get out of Afghanistan, which is just round the corner, your intelligence services will be left high and dry. If you read the news properly and had an iota of analytical ability, you would find out, that as the days pass, the US is beginning to realise, that it is Pakistan and only Pakistan, that can help them get an honorable exit out of Afghanistan. And the sooner they do this, the better it is for them.
    Now let me ask you a question: Have you been to Afghanistan?

    • And.. Yogi is now on fire. Mission accomplished! LOL.

  9. Hi,
    India and pakistan was actually one country and now divided for few decades, I don’t ask them to become one country again. Atleast we can be 2 friendly countries, so that pakistan can become more stable and India can be more peacefull. This will help in improving the economy of two country and doesn’t give room for a any non-state actors and other forign government to benefit from this conflict by running us.

    We both have bigger enemies like poverty, corruption, illiteracy etc to fight with so that our people can live a better life.

    • Um..


      You see, YOU Hindutvas are the root cause of the trouble!

      • This is my view and I still strongly feel that peace is better than war in any situation. If there is a full scale war between us then losses will be high on both the sides and Pak will take longer time to recover from it. Bcos of its current economic situation.

  10. By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir

    ISLAMABAD: Pulitzer prize winning American journalist Seymour Hersh has claimed that an elite US special forces squad which operates covertly and includes terrorism and non-proliferation experts from the US intelligence community — the Pentagon, the FBI, and the DOE — is already present in Pakistan and could well be housed in the US embassy in Islamabad.

    The startling disclosure was made in Hersh’s candid interview with Pakistan’s most popular TV channel Geo News’ widely viewed current affairs programme ‘Meray Mutabiq’, hosted by Dr Shahid Masood. The programme was aired on Saturday late evening.

    Seymour Hersh said that the Americans had been constituting such crack teams for various purposes and the team in question here was to deal with any eventuality including any fear of takeover by Taliban or any other ‘development’ with regard to Pakistani nukes.

    Group Editor of The News Shaheen Sehbai taking part in the programme expressed the view that Musharraf’s remarks about President Asif Zardari, as attributed by Hersh, could not be casually ignored. He said it must be investigated why Musharraf accused Zardari of not being a patriot, because, according to Sehbai, Hersh had some inside information given to him in interviews with Musharraf and Zardari which he did not reveal in his report. But Sehbai said journalists always attribute information given to them by responsible people to “reliable sources” if these people ask them to refrain from quoting them directly.

    Former Director General, Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, Lt Gen Hamid Gul also participating in the programme, verified the credentials of Hersh and gave a detailed account of US presence in the sensitive areas in Pakistan. He opined that the US wanted to delegate the role of proxy super power of the region to India and for that Pakistan had to be denuclearised.

    Former Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmad Khan expressed his apprehensions about the alleged activities but he ruled out any possibility of the US team being in a position to gain access to Pakistan’s nuclear facilities.

    The programme (to be telecast again at 2:05pm today – Sunday), host Dr Shahid Masood had raised the question about the action that the team/squad could take in any eventuality. He referred to previous reports of Hersh which appeared in New Yorker magazine last week in which Hersh disclosed that after the US authorities received a report by their embassy in Islamabad indicating that a Pakistani nuclear component had gone astray, a highly classified US military and civil-emergency response team was put on alert. The team which operates clandestinely is reportedly under standing orders to deploy from Andrews Air Force Base, in Maryland (Washington), within four hours of an alert.

    When the report turned out to be a false alarm, the mission was aborted but by the time the team got the message, it was already in Dubai while on its way to Pakistan. Hersh quoted a consultant of the US Defence Department in his write-up and later he discussed the role of the US embassy in ‘Meray Mutabiq’ last week, which was hosted by Dr Shahid Masood and participated by Group Editor The News Shaheen Sehbai.

    It was the maiden interview of the US investigative journalist in the wake of his thrilling write-up about the US plans towards Pakistan’s nuclear programme and the controversial observations of former President Musharraf regarding his successor. Seymour Hersh while standing by his report, pertaining to the comments offered by former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf about incumbent President Asif Zardari, has disclosed that the former president had given some harsher comments about his successor but in the ultimate scrutiny he allowed the remarks that he made part of his article.

    General Hamid Gul disclosed in his talk with Dr Shahid Masood that former president General Pervez Musharraf allowed the US planes to land in Pakistan to pick Osama bin Laden about whom they had an inkling that he was present in a remote village of Balochistan. He said that when Hersh visited him to verify the veracity of the information, “I requested him to publish the story and he obliged. I was of the opinion that the Americans want to get in Pakistan under the pretext of the story that had yet to appear and it could open the way for future US incursions,” the General added.

  11. Listen you idiot yogi the time is up for india if it does not get out of Afghanistan and stop conspiring against pakistan. Listen you your friend Ajay who is saying that that it is a fact for decades that India and Pakistan are two countries and we can live peacefully like two good neighbours and friends if india gets out of Kashmir and stop conspiring against its neighbours such as china, sri lanka, nepal, bangladesh and pakistan otherwise you will be taught a lesson that you have forgotten. Remember your defeat from china in 60s’ it was USA who saved you from pakistan many times and we could have taken the whole of kashmir by force in 1948 if like your india we would not listen to UNO but we like good international citizen of UNO obeyed its charter unlike your decieving coutry. Your coward general deepak kapoor the moron thinks that your army is stronger than before and able to defeat china as they are better equipped with weapons. Tell that coward stupid moron thug that even at that time you were better equipped than china and hence your country suffered a humiliating defeat. See your movie HAQEEQAT to know what was haqeeqat. TELL THIS COWARD MORON GEN DEEPAK THAT WARS ARE NOT FOUGHT WITH WEAPONS ONLY BUT WITH COURAGE AND BRAVERY WHICH INDIA LACKS. If the wars were won on the basis of weapons alone then two rival countrys’ army chiefs get together and count each others weapons and the war would be won by the country that has more weapons than the other. But no the war is won with courage and bravery – Our Allama Iqbal says KAFIR HAI TO SHAMSHIR PAY KARTA HAI BHAROSA, MOMIN HAI TO BAY TAIGH BHI LARTA HAI SIPAHI. You would not understand the scholar like Allama Iqbal. But learn from the history who was Sultan Ghaury and Mahmood Ghaznavi (I think they were afghans) and came to India many times. Remember Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi if not then read your history. The americans are asking pakistan to help it get out of Afghanistan and once that happens if india does not leave from Afghanistan and its cunning conspiracies against pakistan, china, bangladesh and sri lanka then its time is up and its ass will be kicked so before that happens india should make itself straight otherwise have to pay the price and this time it will not be unarmed kashmiris who your coward general deepak kapoor and his thugs will be facing but brave courageous armies of China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. If your coward army was able to help americans in afghanistan they would ask you to do that but they know the capacity of indian army 7 lakh in kashmir so they know it is only pakistan who can help them like they did in Afghanistan against russia, in somalia (see movie black hawk down) and recently once again in afghanistan. SO SHUT UP THE TIME IS UP FOR YOU COWARD MORON INDIA!!!!

    • pesh hei another screwed rat version of history by raj.. this keeps getting better!

  12. Yogi read this latest news it is for you and your coward india and understand what I mentioned above that US soon will be leaving Afghanistan and so would you otherwise you will face the music. See for yourself and show it to stupid moron thug of your coward army general deepak kapoor!!!!

    US has no long-term stake in Afghanistan: Clinton

    The United States has no long-term stake in Afghanistan and its primary aim is to defeat Al-Qaeda there, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Sunday. “We’re not interested in staying in Afghanistan. We have no long-term stake there. We want that to be made very clear,” she told ABC news. “We agree that our goal here is to defeat Al-Qaeda. That has been a clear goal and a mission from the president ever since he made his commitment of additional troops back in the spring.” “And we understand that the Afghans themselves need help in order to defend themselves against the Taliban. Those are mutually reinforcing missions but our highest obligation is to the American people,” she said.

    • and mr yogi shuts himself up! good for him

    • Hillary Clinton also said that Pakistan is the epicenter of world terror… Do you accept that also??

  13. Can we have one day WITHOUT a blast in Peshawar?

  14. hay General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.., u know ur great.., i will alway pray for u.., i m with u..


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