Haqqani should buy Zardari a new Maximilian

November 14, 2009

Anjum Niaz

zardari-caricatureThe Zardari-Nawaz musical chairs stands exposed before the Pakistani people.  Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat appears on Ahmed Quraishi’s TSS [Sunday, Nov. 15, 08:00 pm-Aag TV] to issue this warning: this is the last chance for the politicians and the expanded ruling elite.  Anjum Niaz puts that warning in perspective in this column in her unique style.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Today President Zardari and the Sharif brothers stand exposed. The moment of reckoning is upon them. Proof of their allegedly stealing billions, from what rightfully belonged to the people of Pakistan, is before us in black and white. Washington and London, with the blessings of our establishment, have finally decided to let the skeletons in the politicians’ cupboards come out. The politicians tried to outsmart the military by flirting with the Kerry-Lugar Bill cleverly scripted by our ambassador in Washington. The army threw in a monkey wrench and thwarted it. Husain Haqqani has since gone into hiding while his boss in Islamabad is hunkered down in the Presidency.

Folks, the army is not going to topple the government through a coup. It is going to pull the plug on our leaders charged with corruption. Democracy will not be disturbed; we will only witness a change of guards. Faces like Aitzaz Ahsan, newly returned from Washington DC (maybe with an important message from the White House?), can well be our future rulers.

The toothless NAB is leaking like a sieve. Or is it the agencies that whisked away classified files from the basement of its Islamabad office, fearing that the present government may tinker with the proof; even destroy it? The damning documents of alleged kickbacks received by Zardari from the sale of three submarines have wormed their way to the French daily Liberation, courtesy the NAB. It’s just one small piece of the larger picture.

In Washington, the chased-out Pervez Musharraf called Zardari a “criminal,” a “fraud” and a “third-rater.” Halleluiah! Musharraf has now seen the sinister side of a man with whom he negotiated the NRO and left him in charge of 180 million Pakistanis. My educated guess is that the Americans gave the nod and a wink to the general to go ahead and abuse Zardari.

The NAB, or make it the secret agencies, have also the Sharif brothers trapped today. Stabbed by their own man, Ishaq Dar, the brothers’ alleged corruption is out in the open. In a 43-page confessional statement by Dar recorded on April 25, 2000, before the district magistrate of Lahore, Dar admits to handling the Sharif’s finances, alleging that Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif were involved in money laundering worth at least $14.886 million.

Meanwhile Musharraf awaits the return of the three with impatient glee.

But Zardari’s appointee in Washington too may be moving. “The [Pakistani] military clearly has decided that it would like to have him removed,” says The Boston Globe, citing a congressional aide not authorised to speak to the media. “If he returned home, friends say, his safety could be threatened,” reports the Globe. “Haqqani hasn’t returned to Islamabad for eight months.” One “friend” describes Haqqani-bashing as “brutal.” Michael Krepon of the Henry L Stimson Center, who has penned many Pakistan-centric articles lambasting our security agencies, has known Haqqani for long.

The ambassador has already received a “welcome back” message from Boston University’s spokesman Colin Riley. Haqqani currently wears two hats: Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington and Boston University’s professor. According to the Globe, he has “maintained ties with BU” and “continues to advise a student pursuing a doctorate who is defending her dissertation this month.” Can an envoy of a country serve two masters? Well, Haqqani is blatantly doing it, and also drawing two salaries?

I have great news for the NRO dirty dozens soon to become political fugitives. It’s safe to make New York your home. Thanksgiving and Christmas is here, guys. The shopping is great; the deals amazing. The godfather who likes to wear $17,000-a-pair shoes will feel right at home in Manhattan. The New York Stock Exchange is up. Go grab another penthouse on Fifth Avenue, or buy yourself a 2nd, a 3rd mansion. Buy a dog and name him Maximilian.



  1. We should have more straightforward writers like you. Hats off.

  2. everything is right abt this article except i dont want that SOB aitezaz hasan a known double agent to be our leader in any future…the write has without a doubt written a well researched article but plzz dont fantasize aitezaz hasan…he is from the same basket of PPP and lota`s

  3. Aitezaz will be a disaster for Pakistan.He has proclaimed many times that he is against Pakistan being a Security state(Mind it that Iran is also a Security State).He wants to make Pakistan,a so called welfare state,by drastically cutting the defence expenditure and make our Armed Forces only as a police force mwhich is the intention of our enemies.

    He will bring people like Asma Jehangir( a Quadiani,by her own admission)into forefront.Remember,AAZ has hinted at Asma heading the Truth Commission.

    As soon as a new government comes,we Pakistanis want a change and on every change a worse than before group of persons are imposed on us.

    Pakistan ka khuda hi hafiz ho.

  4. brilliant straightforward writer i totally agree with that sentament

  5. Aitezaz will be a diaster.He does not want Pakistan
    to be security state(rather a so-called welfare state).Iran is asecurity state and fighting all odds.

    He will drastically reduce military spending,thus reducing Armed Forces to a mere police force,which our enemies want.

    He will bring people like Asma Jehangir(A qadiyani by her own admission)to foretront.Remember AAZ had hinted at Asma to be chief of a Truth Commission.

    Pakistan ka khuda hi hafiz ho.

  6. everything is right abt this article except i dont want that SOB aitezaz hasan a known double agent to be our leader in any future…the write has without a doubt written a well researched article but plzz dont fantasize aitezaz hasan…he is from the same basket of PPP and lota`s

  7. By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir

    ISLAMABAD: Pulitzer prize winning American journalist Seymour Hersh has claimed that an elite US special forces squad which operates covertly and includes terrorism and non-proliferation experts from the US intelligence community — the Pentagon, the FBI, and the DOE — is already present in Pakistan and could well be housed in the US embassy in Islamabad.

    The startling disclosure was made in Hersh’s candid interview with Pakistan’s most popular TV channel Geo News’ widely viewed current affairs programme ‘Meray Mutabiq’, hosted by Dr Shahid Masood. The programme was aired on Saturday late evening.

    Seymour Hersh said that the Americans had been constituting such crack teams for various purposes and the team in question here was to deal with any eventuality including any fear of takeover by Taliban or any other ‘development’ with regard to Pakistani nukes.

    Group Editor of The News Shaheen Sehbai taking part in the programme expressed the view that Musharraf’s remarks about President Asif Zardari, as attributed by Hersh, could not be casually ignored. He said it must be investigated why Musharraf accused Zardari of not being a patriot, because, according to Sehbai, Hersh had some inside information given to him in interviews with Musharraf and Zardari which he did not reveal in his report. But Sehbai said journalists always attribute information given to them by responsible people to “reliable sources” if these people ask them to refrain from quoting them directly.

    Former Director General, Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan, Lt Gen Hamid Gul also participating in the programme, verified the credentials of Hersh and gave a detailed account of US presence in the sensitive areas in Pakistan. He opined that the US wanted to delegate the role of proxy super power of the region to India and for that Pakistan had to be denuclearised.

    Former Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmad Khan expressed his apprehensions about the alleged activities but he ruled out any possibility of the US team being in a position to gain access to Pakistan’s nuclear facilities.

    The programme (to be telecast again at 2:05pm today – Sunday), host Dr Shahid Masood had raised the question about the action that the team/squad could take in any eventuality. He referred to previous reports of Hersh which appeared in New Yorker magazine last week in which Hersh disclosed that after the US authorities received a report by their embassy in Islamabad indicating that a Pakistani nuclear component had gone astray, a highly classified US military and civil-emergency response team was put on alert. The team which operates clandestinely is reportedly under standing orders to deploy from Andrews Air Force Base, in Maryland (Washington), within four hours of an alert.

    When the report turned out to be a false alarm, the mission was aborted but by the time the team got the message, it was already in Dubai while on its way to Pakistan. Hersh quoted a consultant of the US Defence Department in his write-up and later he discussed the role of the US embassy in ‘Meray Mutabiq’ last week, which was hosted by Dr Shahid Masood and participated by Group Editor The News Shaheen Sehbai.

    It was the maiden interview of the US investigative journalist in the wake of his thrilling write-up about the US plans towards Pakistan’s nuclear programme and the controversial observations of former President Musharraf regarding his successor. Seymour Hersh while standing by his report, pertaining to the comments offered by former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf about incumbent President Asif Zardari, has disclosed that the former president had given some harsher comments about his successor but in the ultimate scrutiny he allowed the remarks that he made part of his article.

    General Hamid Gul disclosed in his talk with Dr Shahid Masood that former president General Pervez Musharraf allowed the US planes to land in Pakistan to pick Osama bin Laden about whom they had an inkling that he was present in a remote village of Balochistan. He said that when Hersh visited him to verify the veracity of the information, “I requested him to publish the story and he obliged. I was of the opinion that the Americans want to get in Pakistan under the pretext of the story that had yet to appear and it could open the way for future US incursions,” the General added.

  8. aitizaz is also a big munafiq so no future for him

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