Pakistan Army to US / NATO: DO MORE!

November 13, 2009

Orla Guerin, BBC News

pak-us-domorePakistani forces fighting the Taliban near the Afghan border claim American and Afghan troops aren’t doing enough to help.

Commanders in the troubled north western region of Bajaur complain of a lack of effort, and a lack of troops, on the other side of frontier. They claim American and Afghan forces aren’t taking strong enough action against the militants – an accusation traditionally levelled against Pakistan itself. Senior military officials claim Taliban fighters are able to re-arm in Afghanistan, and cross back into Pakistan.

‘Crush them’

“It is a problem that is haunting us,” said Lt Col Nadir Khan, commander of Pakistani forces in the Charmang valley, which leads to the border. He spoke within sight of the brooding peaks which mark the remote frontier.

“If you look at the distant ridge you can see the footpaths leading into our area,” he said.

“They have a number of routes open to them. They can muster support from over the border and can bring the manpower, weapons and ammunition. There is a constant stream of supplies.”

Lt Col Khan estimates that the journey to the Charmang valley from the Afghan province of Kunar takes eight to 10 hours on foot.

“We are able to crush them, and hit them,” he said, “but then with fresh supplies we have this type of problem.

“They can come and strike our heads again.

“While we are clearing them here, they are not being effectively dealt with across the border. I think the coalition can do more. They can choke off their supplies.”

Commanders here say they have “significant control” in the valley, but that the fight is far from over, because of the problems on the other side.

“Definitely it is frustrating for us,” said Lt Col Khan.

The coalition denies a lack of activity, or of personnel, on the Afghan side of the border.

It says there are several units operating in the Kunar river valley, as part of “Task Force Mountain Warrior” which is several thousand strong. These units are working with both the Afghan National Army and Afghan border police.

The coalition says that it recently conducted “complimentary operations” with Pakistani forces, “maintaining consistent communications”.

Pockets of resistance

“We will continue to co-ordinate with our Afghan and Pakistani counterparts,” said Col Randy A George, commander of Task Force Mountain Warrior, “to conduct complimentary operations along the international border to bring peace and stability.”

“Border security is an issue for both governments because it is rough terrain that isn’t easily accessible for either side, and is tough to defend.”

On that much, there is agreement on both sides of the frontier.

“This is a very porous border,” says Lt Col Khan. “To guard each and every inch of the border would be a Herculean effort. It’s not possible.”

Nearby, troops loaded up the heavy guns for another assault on Taliban positions. The’ve already been fighting in Bajaur for more than a year. Around 130 soldiers have lost their lives battling the Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies.

The Charmang valley is one of the remaining pockets of resistance. Asked if he was worried he might be fighting there forever, Lt Col Khan replied: “Yes. Yes. If it is not done from across the border. Maybe.”

While arms and accusations go back and forth across the border, the Taliban continue to strike, often at soft targets. Two of their latest victims were women school teachers. They were shot dead in broad daylight in the town of Khar, not far from the Charmang valley.

Shazia, 30, was one of them. She refused to be intimidated into abandoning her pupils, according to her grief-stricken husband, Kamal Dilawar Khan.

“Earlier the Taliban sent out threats,” he said, “and I asked her not to go to Bajaur. But she replied that she was not scared and that she would continue with her teaching because it was a service to the nation. When I got the news I lost my mind, I lost my heart and the whole world collapsed for me.”

Her killer melted away, disappearing into the traffic. The army has been arresting hardcore Taliban suspects. But it says that for every fighter detained, someone else could be crossing the border to take their place.



  1. we the pakistani ppl are not scared of such coward enemies and i suggest col khan not to wait for support and action on other side of border rather use Paki power to eliminate these cowards n white rats by attacking afghan side so that we see this mess clear within months. Col khan this mess aint forever n this aint impossible. Take ur initiative n attacking decision we the Paki ppl support evry step u take towards eliminating snitchs n white bitchss

  2. what about waziristan operation any update i think taliban start gurrila war.can some one update us about taliban tactis.yesterday 17 soliders got shadat.that was highest casulties since the operation started any body tell me taliban are on run or they will comeback to fight?????????????

  3. Pak Foj, Attack the cross border afghan side. They fuckers are supporting TTP Terrorists. Attack them!!!

  4. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_970 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-970", "title" : "Pakistan+Army+to+US+%2F+NATO%3A+DO+MORE%21", "item_id" : "_post_970", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F11%2F14%2Fpakistan-army-to-us-nato-do-more%2F" } By: PKKH […]

  5. The Army is paying a price for its wrong strategies in Waziristan and of course the now desolate SWAT.Whatever is happening in Baluchistan is also a price the Army is paying for killing its own countrymen in a ala George Bush style ’shock and awe’ campaign!Unfortunately the Army’s actions have drawn the war to the poor Pakistani people who are getting killed in so many bombs exploding across their country.To divert the attention from the bitter realities they Army continues to play the eveil game of deception.It routines floats rumours about ‘Indian arms’ being caught,India agents in Afghanistan,India’s hand in Baloachistan etc.Nothing can be farther from the truth.I wonder why they have not been able to produce a single captured agent so far to prove this allegation!India wants a stable Pakistan – liberal and friendly as envisioned by Md Ali Jinnah.And what can be more disconcerting for a Pakistani citizen than the fact that their own Islamic brothers are after their blood(wasnt their country created on the basis of religion?).Taliban members owe alleigence to an extremist form of Islam which the ISI has been promoting for its own narrow interests.So the justice has now come a full circle.I wonder how the ‘Qaid-E-Azam’ would have felt had he been alive today.The country which he created on the grounds of one faith has been reduced to a pauper state- begging for aid(Friends of Pakistan!)and fighting extremist Islamic insurgency.The democracy and open society he envisioned has been replaced by a military state – unable to unshackle itself from the suffocating grip of the military.Instead of its own GDP- it will be Kerry and Lugar who will now bankroll Pakistan.This brings me to the reported incident when Md Ali Jinnah was taken to witness the refugee camps after the Partition he held his head in sorrow and said”What have I done?”.In another incident when we was sick and dying,he remarked to his personal doctor”I think I committed a big mistake”.Yes a big mistake indeed!

  6. Do more, Do more, Co More where is this gona stop. WE aligned with US for Afghanistan, Then they asked for “Safe Heavens” Fata, we carried out a massive operation there.

    Now new charges, Nidal Malik Hasan had ties with Pakistan. Where is full stop.


  8. This is a small example of US abondning its so called ‘Ally’… US wants a long lasting trouble in Pak and want pakis to die instead of US soldiers.

    But Pak can do NOTHING about it.

    • @Amit AKA scumbag

      You see Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan are making sure even large number of US soldiers coffins are sent back to the US.

      Pakistan has has successful operation in Swat and now S. Waziritan.

      BTW what have done to stop your police men being beheaded by Maoists/Naxals??? or over 6000 people being killed by now??

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