TSS: Gen. Hamid Gul with Ahmed Quraishi

November 11, 2009

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  1. At the very outset,I would like to say that I admire Gen.Hameed Gul.He has all the potential of Iqbal ka mard-e-Momin.He is no doubbt a superb defence analyst.

    But mind you,that analyses starts after certain happenings.The wisdom is to stop these happenings.

    As General sahib has said that American conspiracies started from 1979.America had planned to de-etabilise Pakistan.

    Zia was getting anonymous messages that his life is in danger.He did not leave the presidency the last six months before crash.Then how and why he was allowed to go to Bahawalpur where strip was so small that two C-130s cannot land.

    Then betting on a wrong horse for IJI was another folly.

    Then not advising Nawaz not to sack Musharraf.Mush himself has said that if Nawaz had not removed me,I would have continued to be his COAS.Gen.Gul has himself said that America wanted One person to dictate.

    Moreover,Khursheed Kasuri,in a recent interview, has said that the then FM,Mr.AbdulSattar(is writing a book,where he is detailing every thing on 9/11)has said that soon after 9/11,a meeting of top people was held to consider all options available and it was jointly decided to go ahead with this option.

    Gen.Gul,for what reason nobody knows,talks against Musharraf.On TV screens we have seen him walking alongside Musharraf toward cabinet meetings.

    Now,he contradicts his ownself.While talking of Pak Fauj trainings,he chides Mush for saying that he was cheating .

    Moreover,at the end says that Mush and OBL are now on the same wavelengths as Mush has recommended 40,000 more troops for Afghanistan.

    There can be so many ways of making a Qabrastan for them.

    • I know what u mean mate. It is very confusing at times in who is what. Mush says a lot of things to keep peace and stay neutral BUT he always warns about the dangers of destablizing Pakistan.

      I feel that there is a lot that Mush did and wanted to do but could not say it as it will compromise his position. And so he worked on it rather than speaking about it. We forget that a considerable defence devilipment took place in his time. If he wanted to, he could have stopped that. Infact he appreciated that.

      But as the Gen said, it is a dance with a wolf and a wolf will eat u up in the end. Unless u r smarter that the wolf.

      I do not know. Allah knows all.

    • I like the last paragraph of this article.

      • Totally disagree with the thesis. We have an evil neighbor and we live in hostile world. India saw an opportunity to squeeze us in the last ten year and they did, they stopped our water, they started supported insurgencies and terrorism. If US was not in Afghanistan, India would not dare do any of the above. And the deterrent is/was our nuclear weapon and strong military. This idiot seems like a member of Houdboy fan club.

    • [b]This article was published by some one who is on the payroll of CIA or RAW or Mossad. He is not a Pakistani, he is a planted mole. I don’t know why Pakistani security agencies do not take strict actions against these idiots. They are destroyers of the nation.[/b]

      • Reality bites mate 😛 ….whoever sepeaks the truth is an agent. We are low lives, and low lives dont carry weapons. We grow Moli and Gajar and eat.

  2. Yeah gen sahab ne Bilkul sahi kaha Musharraf Kutte ko Amreekah laya uski tu itni bhi Uqaat nahi Khenzeer ka Ullo.Cherya ki Dum.!!!!!

    I agreee with Gen .He is a Great Mujahid.!!

    He says truth very bravely.!

    • You r a MUJAHID as well brother. I can tell it by the language u use 🙂

      • oh yeah, br. yousuf

        like there were people in our muslim history who r recon as tiger/lion/cheetah like Tipu Sultan, Mhd Bin Qasim, Sallahudin Ayubi, Ghaznvi, others and also in companions of our Prophet (PBUH) there were some who were given these names, so names symbolizes the actions and character.
        It will not make them an “animal” (carnivorous), nauzbillah!!

        so obvious musharraf was Kutta..international one (due to his blunders) 🙂
        one of the biggest blunder was he made his teacher (Gen, retd. Hamid Gul) house arrest!!
        Shame on students like him..

        Allah Know Better!!

      • As i said brother. You r a mujahid too 😉

  3. asif it is public forum mind ur language plz…and u and majority of people have wrong perception against Gen(R).Musharraf because of our awara media and cheep justice champion of judiciary…
    Musharraf was one of the most hated person in american lobby(master of america) and u can see how they tried several time to kill him … but they succeed in the end by using politicains,media,civil society,mullahs and above all the cheep justice & co.
    his contribution for the defense & development of PAKISTAN is visible to all and if he wish he could earn much more money then zaradari(dakku) & nawaz(ganju) but he was a true and honest soldier of PAKISTAN and remember one thing he will be back & complete what he left incomplete.

    • i was also the fan of musharaf, i know he did a lot good things in development but the main thing si the soveriegnity of the country from which there should be no compromise. regarding the decision against the american attack on afghanistan, in resultant of this the situation of Pakistan is in front of us. i would not like to say about musharaf that he was the agent of america. but you know this is the world of intrusts. and the politics and war is like the chess where both oponents play their tricks but unfortunately this genius general of Pak loses at the end due to of his one mistake that why he did’t leave presidency or his uniform in 2005.

      • This was Gen hamid gul words that still musharaf is very famous in Pakistan n he can continue. but he did’t do n after that the whole things mess up bcz democracy can’t give orders like dictator they take decisions from parliment so most of the decision can be canceled if they are against country. Even this gov is also pro american but at least parliment and judiciary can play roll which they could’t play in dictatorship. look at india there is no dictatorship n u can c whr r they now. there is a strong gov n no one can put hands on them.

      • dears generals are good in GHQ not in gov. try to understand this Pak is economoicaly very week and totaly dependant on US and midle east so if there is one man show in Pak so it will be very easy for these forces to force one man instead of the whole parliament. Our generals are no doubt very brave but they cant do when we spread our hands in front of the world, so if there is a parliament they can survive any how.

  4. Timely interview with a lot re-hash needed to re-inforce clarity. Pakistan should immediately demand these from US

    1, To lessen Indian presence both intelligence and polical. If India wishes to contribute in purely humantarian way fine but no Geo-politics,

    2, RAW, CIA, MI6 , Mossad should stop supporting groups and seperatist insurgencies in Pakistan to sort out Pakistan that

    1- Make Pakistan pay and increase the cost of Pakistan righ policy of Pakistan to view Al Qeada , and not taliban particualry as non terrorist and greater threat to Pakistan and world than India or any other imperalist power .

    2. To create chaos and civil war in Pakistan’s western belt to stop Chinese trade and energy corridor and Chinese influence in Pakistan the killing of Chinese i n recent years is testimony

    3.To stop questioning Pakistan on nuclear assets and try to get control over Pakistan strategicv assets.

    4 To stop pushing Pakistan and cleverly using infltrators to strike against Iran and China so as move Pakistan away from its natraul ally. These countries are considered as enemy states by US, India and Iran.

    5. To awaken to actual threat of Al qeada and not use its a bogey men to grab every islamic resitence fighter with no terrosit intention of attacking any civilains here in India, US and world and use war on terror to reach imperialist goal in Central Asia and not think that although their current tactics focus al-qeada in Pakistan keepoing war away from us and europe but evil helped will get them some day

    6. To stop attacking by drones to incite Pakistan tribemen by drone attacks

    7 and for once do the same are pakistan about stopping ppl crossing over as border has 2 sides they should show to Pakistan and world that how its done if so called intention is there

    8 To declear every seperist movent as terrorist the same way they treat any muslim seperaist in Us they killed on3 a few ago .

    Pakistan should be aware there are 2 lobbies in US both want to reach imperailistic golas but one is against destablizing Pakistan and other is for destablising Pakistan.

    our cuurent goverments surrender do empower the lobby against destabling Pakistan but it a flawed policy as unrelenting pressure on Pakistan national intrest will destroy us . and our policy of doing what is right for us unintentionaly slowing the American war on terror but war in terro is falwd policy as it creating more terrosist, choas and establizatio nany ways .

  5. Why is it that the rest of the world including the Americans, Israelis and Indians are able to take advantage of Pakistan again and again? We must look within and find those lumpen elements that connive with these evil powers and destroy them for any chance of peace and development in our land of the pure…

  6. What’s with this false amreekan accent used by Ahmed Quaraishi? Why can’t he talk like our own patriot Hamid Gul saheb?

  7. […] that in a society like Pakistan, such idiosyncrasies should be swallowed as a norm. And I agree. What else can one expect from a society living in a curiously delusional state of denial, gleefully … It seems no amount of proof will ever be enough to dent Pakistanis’ resolve to defend the […]

  8. English translation please. It would be good for Americans to hear what General Gul has to say.

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