Pakistan In Chinese J-10 Fighter Jet Deal

November 11, 2009


Farhan Bokhari, Islamabad

China has agreed to sell Pakistan at least 36 advanced fighter jets in a deal worth as much as $1.4bn, according to Pakistani and western officials.

Beijing will supply two squadrons of the J-10 fighter jet in a preliminary agreement that could lead to more sales, said a Pakistani official. The official said Pakistan might buy “larger numbers” of the multi-role aircraft in the future, but dismissed reports that Islamabad had signed a deal to purchase as many as 150 of the fighter jets.

Defence experts described the agreement with China as a landmark event in Pakistan’s defence relationship with the military power. China’s transition from a manufacturer of low-fighters to more advanced jets comparable to some western models is seen as evidence of Beijing’s increasing strategic clout in Asia.

“China is developing a real capacity to produce and export its arms. At one point, the Chinese were dependent on imported Russian technology, but obviously China has advanced significantly beyond those days,” said Marika Vicziany, Professor of Asian studies at Monash University in Melbourne.

“This agreement should not simply be seen in the narrow context of Pakistan’s relations with China,” said Abdul Qayyum, a retired Pakistani general.

“There is a wider dimension. By sharing its advanced technology with Pakistan, China is … also saying to the world that its defence capability is growing rapidly.”


China has supplied Pakistan with fighter jets for more than three decades. But Beijing has seldom supplied Pakistan’s air force with advanced fighter aircraft. Islamabad turned to France for Mirage fighter jets in the 1970s and to the US for F-16s in the 1980s.

Pakistan has a fleet of 45 F-16s built by Lockheed Martin. The Pakistani air force is using the fighter jet in its campaign against militants in South Waziristan.

The US has agreed to sell Islamabad another 18 new F-16s and Pakistani officials also expected the US to supply about a dozen older versions of the aircraft.

Over the past decade, China and Pakistan have collaborated on building their first jointly produced advanced fighter jet, known as the JF-17, or “Thunder”. Pakistan is expected to roll out the first domestically built version of the Thunder within weeks.

Pakistan’s air force plans to purchase at least 250 of the Thunder fighters over the next four to five years.

Experts see the new Pakistani focus on China as evidence that Beijing is trying to expand its military power.

“Countries like Iran and possibly some of the Middle Eastern countries would be keen to deal with China if they can find technology which is comparable to the west,” said one western official in Islamabad.

“Pakistan will work as the laboratory to try out Chinese aircraft. If they work well with the Pakistani air force, others will follow.”



  1. well done PAF …heard on T.V German delegation is in PAKISTAN for the final procedure of buying Submarines…MASHALLAH nice to see our forces seriousness for the defence of PAKSARZAMEN and now its the responsibiliy of every PAKISTANI to develop and strong this PAKSARZAMEN in their respective fields.
    PAK CHINA friendship zindabad

  2. great ,long life pakistan and china!

  3. this is the best of the best desicen i love from the paf.no more usa junk 16.only jf:17 and j:10 fc-20 rulzz.

  4. This is the way to go…to all the cow lovers out there….read this and fear the day when 700 of these j-10’s will rock ur ass !

    Re-rise of the Mughal Empire !

    • Wednesday, November 11, 2009
      Tayyab Siddiqui

      The critical economic situation through which Pakistan is currently passing has placed expatriate Pakistanis in the spotlight. Their remittances are now the only available and reliable source on which the country can depend. The IMF loan, with its stringent conditionalities, is no longer an acceptable choice. The Kerry–Lugar Bill, which will provide 1.5 billion in assistance, is also in limbo. The emotional outbursts at all levels have put a question mark on its availability too.

      The Friends of Democratic Pakistan pledged $5.13 billion in a Tokyo meeting on April 17, but this amount is also uncertain. Nearly seven months later, not a penny has been remitted by any members of this group, making the financial crisis more acute and alarming. The external debt has crossed $50 billion. The State Bank estimates only a growth rate of 2.5 percent due to revenue shortfall and excessive domestic borrowing.

      The only silver lining in this dark horizon is the continuing remittances by the 5.5 million Pakistanis working abroad, mostly in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia. These remittances have now reached almost $1 billion per month. The government, in desperation, is invoking the overseas Pakistanis’ patriotism to remit the maximum amount through banking channels.

      The situation raises some disturbing questions. What have the current or previous governments done for these expatriate Pakistanis? In any civilised society, the relations between the government and citizenry is based on an unstated covenant or social contract whereby the government assumes responsibility for the protection of the person, honour and property of those governed, who in turn, pledge their loyalty to the country and fidelity to its laws. The observance of mutual obligations provides the bedrock of the state structure and ensures its survival and security.

      It is no secret that Pakistanis working abroad are living in the most inhospitable environments. They have no job security or personal comfort. They are entirely at the mercy of their employers and have few rights. In the country, these Pakistanis become victim to the mafia of human traffickers; abroad, they are totally dependent on the whims of their employer. The events of 9/11 and the subsequent war on terror have made Pakistanis objects of suspicion and a target of humiliation and intimidation with no avenue, national or international, to turn for justice. Recent statistics released by the government show the enormity of the problems, misery and agony that most Pakistani live through. Parliament was recently informed that over the last two years, 115,762 Pakistanis have been deported and 6,337 Pakistani are languishing in alien jails. There are 600 Pakistanis in Indian jails, most of them having completed their prison terms and awaiting their return to Pakistan.

      It is about time that the government wakes up to its responsibilities and adopts a comprehensive strategy to extend legal and financial assistance to the aggrieved nationals, and demand a full report on legal processes and seek intervention with the countries concerned. The government must enter into an agreement with the host countries on terms of employment and the social and health facilities admissible under the ILO convention. The unfortunates who fell foul of the law of the land should not be abandoned. Pakistan must insist on full disclosure of the alleged crimes committed and also provide them consular access to its embassies. To look after the interest of these overseas Pakistanis, the government has set up a couple of organisations, such as the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation and Overseas Employment Corporation. However, their performance has been far from satisfactory. They need to be revamped and given a wider mandate and authority on issues dealing with the welfare of Pakistanis abroad.

    • @ Emperor.Babur’s ass hole,

      The advanced Barak-8 missiles is being specifically designed to neutralize China and Pakistan combined, and also the advanced F-16s.

      Almost six years of Israeli R&D will go into developing this unique missile, which will have no match even in the NATO.

      One state-of-the-art Barak-8 missile would be much cheaper than a Chinese J-10.

      • @neel123

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        That surely puts the DOG in the KENNEL …hahaha

        Now, as far Barak 8 systems go, your own government reports suggest that 50% of such systems purchased have failed ! and all they have seen is a DEMO in Israel of this capability, and they need more time to finalize this procurement.

        Here Read 😀 :


        So once u get this firecracker off the ground feel good – Because Radio Pakistan Will be broadcasted from new delhi with the 700’s J-10’s !

        Happy Marriage ! 😀

      • neel india will start to get these all foolish stuff by 2017 … did u think india will exist till 2017 …

      • It’s a SAM Einstein. SAMs have never been unavoidable. To compare a MISSILE with an AIRCRAFT is just laughable. How many of these do you plan to deploy along your enormous border with both Pakistan and China. Sweet dreams.

        I think it should be designated Bark-8, as barking dogs seldom bite :p We all know Indian handling of any type of missile. The bulk of even foreign missiles is rotting away in Indian inventories so no need to intimidate Pakistan with this. Each and every single Pakistani missile does its job and there’s nothing the Indians have in place to stop any single of them.

      • @ AAKhan

        many IAF planes have israeli EW suite.

        very good against almost all missiles

      • @Sal:

        What does it do against missiles.

      • @ AAKhan

        israeli EW and jammers are known to be the best.
        (better than US in fact). They jam/spoof the missiles hence misguiding them.

        so as long as pakistan does not buy this stuff from israel, india can sleep peacefully

    • lets not get carried away now…

      • @ neel123: We have much better wepons specifically built for India, dont forget that. The message is: Dont mess with us.

  5. Well, I am not happy.. This $1.4b should be invested in settlement of IDPs, or Re-building Peshawar city, or most important strenthening the internal security like police, rangers etc.. whats the use of these Jets.. these jets will be practically lie idel on Air force bases .. P.N these jets are of no use to stop suicide bombings
    Also I am not happy because these Jets are not coming from China with Free of Cost but it is sold to us.. I am not sure why we are cheering.. we need to use money to increase safety and general living standards & not Air force which can only be used in direct militrat conflict and which is not anyway coming …

    Humayun, Rawalpindi

    • Sounds like the same logic like ‘pull out the army from the tribal areas and make peace with the militants, talk talk talk but don’t fight.’ If you don’t have a normal law and order environment there’s nothing to ‘construct’ there. If you don’t have a strong military in which you continue to invest, you are at the mercy of your enemy. EVEN THE QUAID STATED THAT A STRONG AIR FORCE IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED, A STATE WITHOUT A STRONG AIR FORCE IS AT THE MERCY OF ANY AGRESSOR. Don’t try and teach any Pakistani any lesson beyond this!

      Pay my regards to Asma Jehangir when you talk to her again 😛 By the way, care to argue why these aircraft would ‘lie idle’ at the airfields? I’m really curious to find out how much you know on it.

      P.s.: been asleep since a year or so? Wake up call: the PAF level of readiness threw the IAF on the back foot as early as a year ago. A threat like that will not announce its coming 2 years in advance.

      • @AAKhan

        In my comment where I am talking of compromising the fight with militants.. I am only saying th same money should be invested in increasing the strength of police forces/ rangers who are involved in maintaning peace on the streets of Our cities in day to day life.. Please answer how is deal of these jets will be able to stop Suicide bombings in our cities ? Quaid’s words were really true but that time was different .. today the time is different.. do you mean to say without these Jets PAF was veulnerable to IAF force.. NO .. till yesterday PAF was equally capable.. my whole point is we do not need now Jets, Nuclear bombs or tanks we need to increase our police force technologically supirior in order to improve the internal security.. which we are facing in our day to day life..
        Finally ask yourself.. Is this deal of JETs make me more secure to walk in strets of Rawalpindi/peshawar.. the answer is NO.. I stay in Pindi and I am carrying this day to day pain and similarly seeing other people carrying it ..

      • @ AAKhan

        thats enough flaming. u obviously have a very rosy picture of what happened a year ago. here is a more rational explanation:


        if india really wanted to hurt pak, why will india send just 2 planes when it has 100’s ready to go?

      • Sal this is the last time i’m commenting on on of your posts with the main argument being another website! If you can’t argue on your own then don’t bother.

        The link points out exactly that what I said in my earlier post: the PAF level of readiness (repeat: READINESS) held the Indians back. That’s what IAF were out to test until they realised it was a futile exercise. Every single person in the Indian government and military know that in the event of a war with Pakistan, they will not be able to contain Pakistan (and vice versa). Pakistan is not one of your smaller neighbours and will not take IAFs attitude leaning back. In short:

        ‘Next time we’ll bring it down’

        General Kayani

        P.s.: as with sending 100s of Indian aircraft along the border 😛 It’ll be taken as an open declaration of war, that will eventually escalate into a nuclear one. In pursuit of hurting Pakistan they would only get their own asses handed to them on a platter. That’s why.

      • @ Humayun:

        Pakistans civil security apparatus can’t be improved by simply pumping in more and more money. It needs organizational reforms and new methods of engaging militancy. In case you didn’t notice: Pakistani police has taken over a wide range of tasks, for which they were originally dependent on the army. Pakistani special units of police are nowadays undertaking more and more autonomous missions any time their services become required. Pakistani police have shown themselves to be capable of nabbing militant cowards in their hideouts in the bigger cities based on the intelligence provided by the intelligence services. Are we ‘there’ yet? Not by a far cry. But these methods of engagement need to be refined to be able to cope with militancy. Obviously extra money is required in upgrading anything but that is in no way the primary ‘way to go’.

        An enemy that is determined to attack and kill and doesn’t care about his own life while at it, is the most dangerous adversary one could face. Look at Israel: when their major cities were being attacked by suicide bombers on a weekly basis, what did they do about it? There’s precious little you can do when a kamikaze agressor has advanced beyond enemy lines. The Israeli security services relied on common citizens in a big way to alert them as soon as something suspicious started happening. Citizens even confronted attackers themselves. In Pakistan, you can see a similar trend, although our level of awareness here is relatively low as compared to what you might say, should be required.

        About the fighter jets:

        1) the IAF is modernizing in a big way and their air force is many times bigger than ours. The PAFs primary role vis a vis India is to defend, not to attack. You need less resources to defend. But if you allow your adversary to advance beyond a point that you can’t even defend yourself, you will only have yourself to blame for your failures. You only have to take a minute glimpse of what is happening across the eastern border to understand that we cannot afford to sit idle (purchase of state of the art weaponry that Pakistan cannot get, a MRCA tender of 126 new fighter aircraft(!!!), etc etc). We absolutely need to put every effort into further building up PAF. For God’s sake, we’re flying decades old aircraft that are nearing their service lives! They will do fine for NOW, but not for tomorrow.

        2) Fighter jets’ inductions main purpose is countering India, not militants. Your question is like asking me that why shouldn’t doctors be sent to the battlefield instead of reinforcements, when soldiers get overwhelmed by an enemy. They’re meant for different PURPOSES. You can’t discount external national security for internal national security. They’re both part of the larger system.

        3) YES, fighter jets DO help in stopping suicide bombings, though indirectly. They have an additional role of supplementing ground forces at weakening militants’ positions before ground forces move in. When these collective military efforts pay off in the tribal areas, they can move on to counter militancy elsewhere (i.e. preventing more suicide bombings to take place as much as possible, as the militants’ network around settled areas do tend to work on their own. They are not directed from SW on an operational level all the time).

        4) If I remember correctly, the deal for buying these jets was initiated somewhere around 2005. If we as a nation cannot demonstrate a resolve to live up to any longer term plans, it will directly effect our determination to root out terrorism, among a lot of other things.

        I can understand the pain of living your life like that. Do not take my remarks in bad spirit, but Pakistanis everywhere should support this determined effort by their military to root out terorrism once and for all. If we fail now, it will not be purely a military failure. We will fail as a society that looks out after one and other.

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  7. Good smart decision by Pakistan. I know China is not looking only at Pakistan as the only market for the fighters.
    If Pakistan approves the fighters they have Saudi Arabia, Malaysia ,Iran, Nigeria, Srilanka, Lebanon and other Muslim countries.
    Its time to show the power and influence of Pakistan it has in the Muslim world.
    Get rid of all the enemies of Allah within us.
    Don’t run after the money Allah will give you everything if you be a slave of Allah and no one else.

    • “Emperor Babur” etc…yes, great to see Pakistan spending $ 1.4 billion on fighter jets when it is out with a begging bowl scraping together U.S tax payer dollars, Saudi oil money, Japanese yen, and other crumbs from FoDP. Long long will you folks continue to be be stupid and self-destructive?

      • @ Jim

        Listen up you u dimwit, people who have a begging PIT shouldnt be worried about others bowls.

        Shall i remind you of the World bank’s 4.1 billion spit they slashed on your face ??

        Here ..check it out…because u sicko’s have a habit of forgetting very easily


        And if this isnt enough ..you can read this entire article which describes ur self sufficiency !


        If this doesnt open ur eyes which seems to be covered from cow dung since thats where ur head resides. Maybe a facewash int the toilet bowl will fix ur issues ! – give that a shot !

        After you have learned economics maybe then you can control your country which is fast eroding due to naxalites, dalits and kashmiris

        And China is up on ur ass now 😀

        Honestly, its time like a nice bit*h to get back to ur kennel and learn the eternal truth of subservience to Pakistan !

        That will be better for u! 😀

      • @ Jim: This is because we Pakistanis love to live free. And we wouldn’t mind if we have to sleep “hungry but free”. Freedom comes first; atleast for Pakistanis.

  8. Great choice. To all bros who think it is a bad idea, think what would happen if India was at your door steps. You need to be able to defend yourself in case war is impose upon you. Pakistan Zindabad! Always!

  9. Mr.Humayun,Rawalpindi

    I wonder why you insisted on writing your name and place,when you know that user name is automatically printed.Do you think that people might consider you to be non-Pakistani?

    Having said that,first you were agaist anti-India articles.Now when article is purely for Pakistan,you are still opposing it.

    I can not think of a Pakistani who wants his country to be easy prey to its enemy.Always talking of food-food and sirf food???


  10. Correction in the news item: it’s not J-10 we’re purchasing but the FC-20, the picture with the Pak flag on the aircraft obviously isn’t real. Compare both models in pictures, you can point out the differences easy. FC-20 is a later and more advanced version of J-10 practically speaking. In PAF service it is expected that its overall performance will improve drastically over the years to come.

    • @ AAKhan,

      I think you missed my point, it is plain economics, cost vs benefit, not employing a more expensive Sukhoi MKI.

      Air defence missile is all about (1) superior electronics to defeat counter-measures, (2) Range and (3) Speed, and (4) manuverability. Barak-8 will have, what India’s existing missiles do not have.

      These, backed up with AWACS, would make them nightmare for the best of the best.

      And I chose not to speak of the Sukhoi MKIs and others in the pipeline for induction.

      India is actually preparing for China, and Pakistan will automatically be taken care of.

      • the mki’s are put in chinese border. the mig-29’s are put in pak border. i have the sources for that

      • @Neel
        what abt us muslims on ground in india.Beware India we r still alive and we remember our history of 1000 years rule.

      • @ Neel:

        Pakistan will be automatically taken care off lol. So anything India would deploy at the Chinese border will take care of Pakistan as well. I seriously doubt India could respond with its northern resources in time to control any damage Pakistan could inflict.

        Anyway: AWACS and SAM sites are of maximum use in a defensive role. Pakistan does not expect to take up an offensive role. If that day ever even comes to pass, ballistic missiles will be utilized primarily. As I said before, India doesn’t have anything to hold back Pakistans missiles. The Israelis are not even sure of how to handle Iranian missiles so let’s not boast about their toys 😛 Lastly, Pakistani AWACS will be able to guard Pakistani airspace 24/7 if required. Your airspace is just too enormous to do the same with the few AWACS you’ll have.

        P.s.: FORGET about trying to contain China 😉 It’s not going to happen. They’re bigger, stronger and faster than Indian military in every way.

      • @ Sal:

        MKI’s are expected to be deployed in Punjab around 2011. That is: near Pakistan.

      • @ AAKhan

        thats probably bcos by then, india will have so much MKI and no space to put them anywhere
        else 🙂

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  12. PAC Kamra is of the level of Taneja Aerospace, the private company which builds piston engined4 seater planes in India. The only thing that the pakistanis have managed to do is the
    Super Mushak, a laughable design, to train their pilots.

    They even have to bring in some retired french engineers to service their Mirage 3s. Now for the first time in history they are assembling a jet aircraft, the JF-17. And this too with extensive chinese hand holding. The only thing they will be doing is assembling Completely Knocked Down Kits which will be imported from Chengdu, down to the rivets! Even chinese women aircraft assemblers will be teaching the pakistani mards how to assemble the fighter.
    The end result will be a 3.5 generation aircraft, which does not have a radar selected and has not fired an AAM yet. The aircraft was cleared after just a dozen tests. 🙂

    LOL. This is the laughable state of affairs in pakistan.

  13. j-11 is israeli lavi sold to china isnt it? i think i have the sources for that.

    capable plane though, according to this guy, it should have replaced jf-17:



    • i am sorry. by j-11 i meant j-10

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    • It’s the CONCEPT the Israelis provided China with (as per rumours). China did not have access to all the materials that Israel did, so they had to twist around everything. FC20 does not even look like the Lavi.

      Here’s the Lavi: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/78/IAI-Lavi-B-2-hatzerim-2.jpg

      This is J-10: http://www.military-today.com/aircraft/j10.jpg

      Finally, the FC-20, in testing: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b146/KhanSaeed/PLAAFJ-10B103104.jpg

      • so what is the bottomline? do u accept that j-10 is lavi? or not?

      • @ sal

        shut up SAL … what are u fu*king nuts …when pakistanis are discussing military strategy an ungrateful subject such as urself should learn to shut up … 😀 😀

        and as if LAVI was developed by INDIA …??…why dont u go lick ISRAEL’S ass …since ur aircraft industry is a piece of shit …:D 😀


      • @ Princess.Babur

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  14. This is proved that China is our best friend.

  15. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_959 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-959", "title" : "Pakistan+In+Chinese+J-10+Fighter+Jet+Deal", "item_id" : "_post_959", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F11%2F12%2Fpakistan-in-chinese-j-10-fighter-jet-deal%2F" } By: PKKH […]

  16. MashAllah, very nice development. Pakistan and china share a very deep bond and strategic alliance. This should be taken to new heights in new agreements. Pakistan’s growing needs requires PAF to acquire at least 100 (though recommended 150 to 200) of the latest J10’s and at least 300 JF17s with 70 F16s and 50 F7s. This is because India is fastly pursuing acquisition of MRCA in huge numbers. Pakistan should also very actively acquire the AWACS and refuelling systems in addition to latest air defence systems. I think the present status of AFDP does not fulfill the needs of pakistan armed forces because india has in past 2 years started to sought weaponry from nearly all countries including the USA and Israel, which is very very disturbing. To counter this, AFDP must be revisited and major change should be made keeping in mind the balance maintaining and quality acquisitions.

  17. After Pak and China are finished with India i guarantee the cow piss drinkers will feel like a virgin after her wedding night!!!!

  18. jet deals are very nice and select the wonderful place in the site

  19. your site is very nice

  20. A must watch video for every Pakistani to understand why their country is called the biggest exporthouse of terrorism

  21. To all the great Pakistanis:Dear all I have gone through all of yours comments which you have posted here.Do you really think what you have written here abt us(India)?u knw guys u (pakistan) r far far far behind from modern age.Give thanks to us that we have not started anything against you cz we dont believe in violance with anybody and if we do I promise all of you tht u wl no longer out there.U cant imagine abt India tht wht we are capable to do with you.We hate killing innocent people like yours so called pet terrorist do with us for last 25 years.We r now only concentrate on our country development instead war against pakistan.and please dont forget tht a huge modern weapon development is include with our country development.The moment we wl realise tht we have reached our desire destiny of the development then we wl surely think abt you dear and thn I wl see where u can find a place to hide your self till thn live your life as much you can.Yeh ek HINDUSTANI ka wada hai.Bye bye

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