Intellectual Ironies Of The Post 9/11 World

November 11, 2009

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A Pakistani Pashtun proudly displays the Pakistan flag on his cart in Quetta, Balochistan

This is a rebuttal to Pepe Escobar’s articles that appeared in Asia Times Online.

Link to the original articles is below


There have been many tragedies in the post 9/11 world. Millions have been killed by occupying forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere in the world. Wars followed by more wars and political upheaval resulting in chaos and coups.  Apart from all this chaos, it is the intellectual forgery that has plagued the world.  Right after 9/11 every petty journalists all around the world became an Afghan expert and started writing books on Afghanistan, Pakistan and the ‘War on Terror’. This was followed by Iraq, and now it’s Pakistan’s turn to be maligned by many pseudo intellectual fraudsters. One such newspaper is an online newspaper Asia Times Online that has a habit of towing the US establishment line and creating myths of preposterous nature. Asia Times is an online newspaper and is based out of Hong Kong. In the recent two part article written by Pepe Escobar, the author claims many things without any substantial evidence or quotations.

First part of the article is named, “Welcome to Pashtunistan”.  Pashtun is the ethnic word for the Pathan or Pushtun race. Pashtunistan is the slogan of ANP (Awami National Party), which was founded by the deceased ANP leader Ghaffar Khan – was also known as the ‘Frontier Gandhi’ and was against partition of India, against the popular sentiment of the people of the Frontier who were sympathetic to the idea of a separate Muslim homeland for India’s muslims. Targeted with being Anti-Muslim, Ghaffar Khan was attacked in 1946, leading to his hospitalization in Peshawar.

The reason for ANP’s anti Pakistan stance has nothing to do with the Pashtun ethnicity, and more to do with the ANP having always been a Marxist party. It would have been nice if Mr. Escobar had been true to his journalistic profession and not attempted to hide this crucial fact.

Escobar is right in saying that the current wave of the so called ‘Pushtun nationalism’ is being fueled by CIA and their partners in crime. But to use the words ‘Pushtun nationalism’ is highly misleading and inaccurate – as nowhere in the NWFP will you find any trace of it.Pakistani Pashtuns have traditionally been staunch patriots, and have are integrated fully in the whole of Pakistan. They are the back bone of Pakistani society, and are highly patriotic and practicing Muslims. Karachi alone holds nearly 4 million Pashtuns who, despite having had some friction with other political parties in the region, have assimilated well. Pashtuns have always been an integral part of Pakistan’s demographic make-up and contribute a sizable chunk to Pakistan’s armed forces.  Many Pashtuns have risen to prominent government offices and have excelled in other fields, including sport where ethnic Pashtuns have traditionally dominated the country’s favorite sports.

The purpose behind titling the article ‘Welcome to Pashtunistan’ is to give distorted facts to the readers and paint a divisive picture of Pakistan and Pushtuns. While it is true that Pushtuns don’t think much of Pakistan Afghanistan border, it is because until the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, people of Afghanistan and Pakistan always thought of themselves as brothers. Before the US occupation, Pakistani currency was used all over Afghanistan, Pakistani products, Pakistan newspapers, Pakistani food items, and Pakistani language urdu was understood by majority of the people in Afghanistan, and both sets of people were free to cross the border as and when they pleased without requiring formal visas. To imply that the Pushtuns of Pakistan want to break away from Pakistan is completely absurd and distortion of the facts.

Pushtunistan demand is being made by the much resented ANP, which had supported the Soviet Union during the Afghan Jihad against the sentiments of Pashtuns whom they claim to represent. Back then the ANP was anti US. Now the same ANP is supporting the US policies in the region. Why the hypocrisy? Answer is that ANP has nothing to do with Pakistani or Pushtun interests. Before the last CIA orchestrated elections, ANP was never able to win substantial seats in NWFP. The ANP chief Asfandyar Wali was in US for almost a month meeting key US officials, recently, which gives credence to Pakistani fears of a US plan to dismember Pakistan’s NWFP province. This, alongwith calculated  news ‘stories’ and fact-twisting articles such Escobar’s, is nothing but an attempt to alienate the Pashtun population and create divisions within Pakistan’s ranks. This is not the plan of beloved Pushtun people of Pakistan, its plan of CIA and their new cronies, ANP.

Then Escobar mentions the name Pushtunistan and twists some more facts – saying that the ANP after winning the elections in NWFP changed the name of the province to Pakhtunkhwa, a move which he alleges was rejected by the ‘Punjabis of Pakistan’ – when in reality it was rejected by the people of NWFP, as well as the members of the provincial assembly of NWFP. ANP had also last year also erected bill boards advertising a map of an independent Pushtunistan. All such malicious CIA / ANP propaganda was killed off by people of NWFP.

Now read this quote of Escobar, “Pashtun national liberation is at fever pitch. Pashtun Guevaras are already issuing a call to arms”.

This is the biggest farce of the entire concocted article. First of all there is no such thing as Pushtun national liberation. It only exists in CIA subversion manuals, ANP and Escobar’s mind. Then to put it at a fever pitch is the most ridiculous part of the article. The height of mal-journalism has been to use the name of Che Guevara in this example. What purpose does the author serve by maligning the name of Guevara wwaith those elements that are being used as hand puppets of CIA to destabilize Pakistan? We at PKKH are working for a real people’s revolution in Pakistan and we do admire Che Guevara, and we are appalled at the authors’ misuse of Guevara’s name. This should surely infuriate millions of Che fans all over the world.

The author fails to mention all those patriotic Tribal Wazirs and leaders who are supporting Pakistan Army in operation against TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan). The author blatantly lies about two million people still being displaced from NWFP. Most of the people displaced from Swat, Dir, Buner, Malakand, and Bajaur have returned to their towns and cities after a swift and decisive military campaign by the Pakistan Army earlier this year, which was wholeheartedly supported by the residents of these areas who had suffered most at the hands of CIA backed mercenaries in the guise of ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’.

The US/CIA plan was to use ANP and TTP to dismember Pakistan’s NWFP which suffered a setback once the TTP started targetting ANP party members and parliamentarians. Interestingly the author hopes in his article that there is an alliance between ANP which is backed by the US and TTP, which most interestingly has not been named as a terrorist organization by the infamous Kerry-Lugar Bill.

TTP are a group of terrorists who have nothing to do with the original Afghan Taliban. Mullah Omar the leader of Afghan Taliban has repeatedly asked his followers not to associate them with TTP which exclusively targets Pakistani civilians and armed forces. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has also recently called for the TTP to stop targeting Pakistanis and join the Afghan mujahideen in the fight against US and NATO forces occupying Afghanistan. TTP has been labeled as terrorists by ANP themselves. Perhaps the author would like to clarify why he wants their union?

Moving further into Escobar’s pathetic and ill-informed article, he says that wealthy Middle-Eastern businessmen are funding the TTP. Another absurd allegation, keeping in mind what Pakistani intelligence officials have found and what Christian Fair of RAND Corporation has written detail in her analysis (http://www.foreignaffairs.com/discussions/roundtables/whats-the-problem-with-pakistan), that Indian Intelligence agencies based in Iran and Afghanistan are funding terrorists’ movements in Pakistan. Once again the author fails to provide any evidence to support his baseless allegation. There has been massive evidence shown on Pakistani TV channels of captured weapons of US, Indian origin, and foreign nationals caught in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Arrested commanders of the TTP have confirmed receiving support from Indians inside Afghanistan.

(For more detail of foreign intervention in Pakistan’s internal affairs. http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/Article_55546.shtml)

Foreign funding that is coming to TTP or Baloch Liberation Army and other CIA/Mossad created groups is coming from people who are based in London or Kabul or elsewhere not Gulf. (Read Rahimullah Yousufzai’s article on this topic http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=206519)

The author is convinced that Pakistan will be broken into pieces, along Yugoslavia’s line. He has gone as far as to say that all that is left for Pushtunistan to happen is a passport. This is the wishful thinking of all the enemies of Pakistan who want to break Pakistan into pieces and turn Pakistanis against each other. The real cause of all chaos in Afghanistan and Pakistan today is the US and NATO presence in Afghanistan.

The solution to the mess of Afghanistan lies in Kabul from where the US and NATO are occupying the country and subverting Pakistan.  Pakistan will not be fragmented, this we can assure the US and NATO commanders. This is not a battle of daisy cutter bombs and b-52 bombers, this is an ideological battle, a clash of wills and eventually we will triumph in this clash because we have the Ideology which is based on Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW), and further we have political philosophy of Allama Iqbal. These battles can’t be won by modern technologies.

Sooner or later, the US and NATO troops will be kicked out from Afghanistan, then we will deal with India once and for all. India has created enough mess in Pakistan through Afghanistan. India must remember the time of Mullah Omar when not even one Indian agent was able to float around in Afghanistan. India must be prepared for that time again, than we will show India just how strong the will of Pakistani nation is to fight of its enemies who stab us in our back. Inshallah we will teach India a lesson that it will never forget.

Pakistan Zindabad.



  1. every anti pakistan columnist writes against pakistan just for money.becoz spreading propaganda agaisnt pakistan is the easy way to get money in short time zionest hindus americans including some traitors pakistani columnist as well.

    • i cannot agree with you more, writing against islam and pakistan is in fashion these days, quick bucks. the profit is increased in the following manner:
      write against islam: profit 100%
      write against pakistan: profit 100%
      write against pakistan and islam: profit 200%
      write against both while you yourself are a pakistani and a muslim: profit 500%

  2. To all the cow lovers !

    Can you all feel the Roar of the Mughals and the power of the ottomons and these sons of tipu, salahuddin ayubi and tariq !

    Surely, Long Live the Khurasan Empire !

    • Fuck you, kutta daya putra!!!

  3. I have just read Escobar’s both articles and cannot agree with you guys more…his articles are nothing more than twisted facts to serve a neocon purpose.

    All the pushtoons are highly patriotic and have given their blood to this Pak sir Zameen..and will continue to do so!

    As a Durrani pathan from a army family settled in Punjab myself…I can vouch for the fact that…I dont consider myself above Pakistan.



    • Fuck you, kutta daya putra!!!

      • Same to u Kutee Maan Day Bucheyaa 😛


  5. You guys are unreal.

    Having nuclear weapons did not prevent the disintegration of USSR and it won’t prevent disintegration of pakistan.

    Same empty bravado was around pre-1971.

    Potential emergence of free Balochistan and Pashtunistan cannot be dismissed.

    just couple of weeks ago a former pakistan air chief had written an article in Daily Times about potential and impending redrawing of pakistan’s borders.

    • yes but it has deterred atleast 3 wars, u r unreal if think otherwise!, planning new pakistan’s map is being done since 1947, nothing new.

      • Hamidm!
        Yes redrawing of Pakistan’s map is indeed impending.

  6. I agree that Pakistan will be a very different and bigger country in the near future!.Indian’s should worry about what is happening in their dump with Manmohan Singh admnitting that the Naxalites are a great danger…

  7. […] A Pakistani Pashtun proudly displays the Pakistan flag on his cart in Quetta, Balochistan. This is a rebuttal to Pepe Escobar’s articles that appeared in Asia Times Online. Link to the original articles is below …. The solution to the mess of Afghanistan lies in Kabul from where the US and NATO are occupying the country and subverting Pakistan. Pakistan will not be fragmented, this we can assure the US and NATO commanders. This is not a battle of daisy cutter bombs and …Next Page […]

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