US ready to dump Pakistani allies?

November 10, 2009

Patrick J. Buchanan

When America is about to throw an ally to the wolves, we follow an established ritual. We discover that the man we supported was never really morally fit to be a friend or partner of the United States.

When Chiang Kai-shek, who fought the Japanese for four years before Pearl Harbor, began losing to Mao’s Communists, we did not blame ourselves for being a faithless ally, we blamed him. He was incompetent; he was corrupt.

We did not lose China. He did.

When Buddhist monks began immolating themselves in South Vietnam, the cry went up: President Diem, once hailed as the “George Washington of his country,” was a dictator, a Catholic autocrat in a Buddhist nation, who had lost touch with his people.

And so, word went out from the White House to the generals. Get rid of Diem, and you get his power and U.S. support. Three weeks before JFK was assassinated, Diem and his brother met the same fate.

When the establishment wished to be rid of a war into which it had plunged this country, suddenly it was “the corrupt and dictatorial Thieu-Ky regime” in Saigon that was simply not worth defending.

Lon Nol, our man in Phnom Penh, got the same treatment.

“In this world it is often dangerous to be an enemy of the United States, but to be a friend is fatal,” said Henry Kissinger.

The army of South Vietnam and the Saigon government, the boat people of the South China Sea and the million victims of Pol Pot’s genocide can testify to that before the judgment seat of history

Thus the daily attacks on Afghan President Hamid Karzai — who sat beside Laura Bush as guest of honor at the 2002 State of the Union and got a standing ovation — as the corrupt ruler of a corrupt regime, whose brother, a narcotics trafficker, has been on the CIA’s payroll, seems a signal that the ritual is about to begin. The Karzai brothers should probably read up on the fate of the Diem brothers.

Yet never has an ally been more egregiously insulted in wartime than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s insulting of the Pakistanis on her “fence-mending” trip last week. In a meeting with editors, Hillary was asked why the United States was focusing its Predator strikes in the war on terror so heavily upon Pakistan.

Said Hillary, “Al-Qaida has had safe haven in Pakistan since 2002. … I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn’t get them if they really wanted to.”

This is charging the Pakistani government, army and intelligence services with cowardice or collusion with bin Laden and al-Qaida in the war on terror. That it was made within hours of the bloodiest in a long series of terror attacks that have killed hundreds of Pakistanis only magnifies the insult.

So, too, does the fact that the Pakistani army, after cleansing the Swat Valley of the Taliban, is now fighting in South Waziristan in the most critical battle of the war.

But, if this is what the Obama administration and the Congress believe, why are they sending $7.5 billion in new aid to such a regime?

Moreover, the charge is, on its face, demonstrably false.

But what does it avail us to insult these people who have cast their lot with us, many of whom will, with famines and friends, pay a far more terrible price than we if we lose these wars.

And if we are going to abandon these people, as we have so many others in the past, let us at least tell them, and ourselves, the truth. We didn’t know what we were getting into. We don’t have the stomach for a long war. We’re sorry we got you into this. Your big mistake was in trusting us. You folks should have known better.



  1. right on …we know !

  2. The chicken are coming home to roost for Pakistan for playing all these years with the dangerous cocktail of America and Taliban.

    • You’re underestimating the resilence of the Pakistani nation who kicked the ass of the old USSR!.Every nation goes through tough times but the tough people last yet tough tikes don’t!.

      A confrontation with the American’s and Indians is looming so prepare for World War 3 where your India won’t be safe either not that is currently is!

      • Surely India is not currently safe but “pakistan” is!

        Are you talking about nuclear attack on Mumbai and Delhi annihilating millions of Hindu and Muslim Inidans living there?

        Rest assured we have second strike capability and we’ll ensure there is not even a fly or fungus would survie the present day “pakiterroristan”.

        There are more Indians to repopulate India. The land of pakiterroristan will be free of terrorists like you and will be a pece museum for rest of the wordld.

      • @ Mallu terrorist from Gay hind

        We Pakistanis always say ‘India will start the war and we will end it’.

        First save ur @$$ in Afghanistan/Kashmir and even inside India than talk about encountering with Pakistan scumbag!

      • ‘Pakistani nation who kicked the ass of the old USSR!’

        THis is again a contention where prudence is overtaken by emotions, ultimately causing strategic overreach.

        The old USSR was defeated by the tremendous MONEY Power and resources of the USA and Saudis who funneled in billions and billions of dollars through the CIA.Pakistan was only a CONDUIT and CHANNEL of the operations.The stingers, the arms, the money was pumped in by the west to arm the afghan ‘mujaheddin’fighters.The USSR simply could not bear the mounting costs, esp , by the stingers on its air-force.
        Pakistan was also propped up also by the billions paid to it/siphoned by it for its support to the CIA.The condition of pak can be gauged that EVEN in 2009 , pakistan has to accept humiliating conditions of aid, but cannot forego aid as in the Kerry Lugar Bill.THe USSR was defeated by american money, arms and the afghans with unlimited outside support of a superpower.
        The problem is that, with such thoughts, pakistan has sought to tangle in matters way above its capabilities.
        The consequence’s of it can be seen in the chaotic state of pakistan today.

      • @pakit****stan,
        You may wipe out one pakistan but what about other 56 more pakistan on this planet.Moreover we muslims in india will not let u live peacefully if u dare to think like that.We in india r almost 25 crores and ur population may be 20 crores(rest so called hindus r dalits).

      • @Rajk

        The Pakistanis had started to train the Afghans much before the US started to fund them.

        The people who fought were not only Afghans but many Pakistanis as well as other Muslims took part as well.

        And if the USSR was defeated only by ‘money & arms’ why is the US failing miserably in Afghanistan even with highly sophisticated weapons and even though they are pumping trillions of dollars?? which super power country is supporting Afghan Taliban now??

        It’s the will that counts and the Afghan’s have that.

        Nobody is interested in the American aid everyone from general public to military to the opposition parties have declined the aid. It’s only the present corrupt government that wants it and we know why and where the money is going to go!

        Before looking at Pak’s chaotic state look at your own states filled with Maoist/Naxals and seven sister state in north east asking for separation!

      • The pakistani’s in the 1980’s were very much in the american camp.Covert action by the yanks had started almost immediately after the Soviet invasion of afghanistan.
        In the 80s(even today)pakistan does not have the kind of funds required to mount the kind of operation the yanks did.The soviets lost a war of attrition with the yanks.NOBODY, but the US, Saudis and the west could have had put the kind of money.The soviets withdrew because of the UNITED afghans.Direct action by outside forces was from minimal to important.BUT the critical element were always the afghan’s themselves.Its in their nature.The US is failing in afghanistan because it is DIRECTLY involved.No afghan likes occupation by anyone.Unfortunately for the US the afghans themselves are fragmented and there is no united front against the a common enemy as it was against the soviets which can be funded and propped up.
        The point i was making is Pakistan is also trying to attempt to fill the gap in afghanistan and see’s itself as capable of controlling afghanistan.People use the USSR defeat as a reason why pakistan should consider afghanistan as its backyard.Pakistan is making the same assumptions,like others, that Afghans will tolerate a direct interference on them by outsiders.

      • Regards the chaotic state of ‘India’!

        Much is made about it, while forgetting that:

        -The north east insurgency is longstanding but sporadic.The Nagas have a ceasefire for over 10 years now.There is absolute peace in Mizoram,Arunachal pradesh, Sikkim.In Assam the ULFA is reduced to making symbolic attacks on independence day,republic day.Tripura the problem is minimal.In Manipur the problem is there BUT nothing to compare with Kashmir.When Kashmir has been handled so well, NO problem in Manipur.Only sporadic attacks take place.

        -The Maoist.First they are not seperatist and they are fighting for social justice.
        -They actully are spread out in large , remote jungle ares.So while the area of Influence on Paper looks scary their , dominance over people and resources is limited.They rely on stealth and non-direct conflict.While this is good guerrila warfare, it does not actually allow area dominace.Their hold is more psychological and intellectual.
        -None of the above has EVER caused an Indian election to be postponed or cause a military or other coup in India.
        -The record of democracy remains UNBROKEN
        -The economy continues to grow at a good pace.
        -There is no specualtion that the army or some terrorists are going to take over, as is made with regard to pakistan.
        Do not forget that India is more than 3 MILLION sq km.So what appears to be vast problem of thousands of sq km on paper for maybe a small country like pakistan, actully has a smaller impact on a country like India with its large population, economy and geographical area.

      • @Rajk

        Hear Gen. Hamid Gul’s interview he has said that the American’s came in much later, Pakistan army had already started camps to train the Afghan mujahideen!

        Like I said earlier money does not make much difference, the Afghan’s are killing soldiers by home made bombs using fertilizers. The home made bombs are causing the most deaths of US/NATO soldiers.

        Pakistan was never and even till now not interested in controlling Afghanistan, it belongs to the Afghan’s. Pakistan could have easily increased it’s presence and control Afghanistan during the civil war or when the Taliban government came into power which Pakistan supported.. but it didn’t.

        Pakistan took care of millions of Afghan refugees, even till now Pakistan has the largest number of refugees compared to any other country. Pakistan always believed that the Afghan’s have the right to rule in Afghanistan and no one else!

        Regarding India –
        Your so called World’s biggest democracy has Hindu extremist sitting inside parliament and 5500 members with criminal charges some of which are rape, corruption etc. Even an Indian wrote saying India does not deserve to be called the world’s biggest democracy.
        Your economy is not making much difference because according to international newspaper 70% country is in extreme poverty and the number of poor are increasing according to World bank. Your 78% GDP is in debt according to CIA Factbook.
        Regarding terrorist taking over Pakistan a foreign journalist has already written a great article about that, search it on PKKH, it’s called ‘The myth about Talibanisation’.
        Every other day policemen are being killed and some beheaded in the Red corridor area. I cannot say much about the threats of Naxals/Maoists when your PM has already described it best ‘The war against Naxals is failing’.

      • Hamid Gul is known for strong views,fondness of his opinions and exaggeration.Statements from him are best taken a degree of caution.

        The kind of attrition on US forces would have been far greater had the present Taliban been getting the similar backing the US gave to the afghan’s during the soviet occupation.

        Pakistan has always been intersted in Afghanistan in its quest for ‘strategic depth’ against India.It the cornerstone of Pak afghan policy.Pakistan, like others cannot hope to directly influence the afghans.Pakistan, as in the past, hopes to do it through local proxies, such as the Taliban.

        There are politicians with shady backgrounds who do get elected in India.BUT, that does not mean they have total control.Democracy also means instituitions such as courts, parliament and the constituition.

        A lot of criminal turned politicians have been convicted for life and even death for their crimes.

        A few fundamentalist elected means little.The BJP,despite ruling for 5 years could not change the secular laws or build a ram temple by force.Unlike Pakistan, the constituition cannot be changed at whims and fancies of the govt/military ruler of the day.
        India is 85% hindu, yet, the BJP remains outside of power for 10 yeras now.

        The economy of India is progressing.One cannot sit down and wail about the levels of poverty.

        Even if one is to accept the 70% figures given by you, i know that in the 1980s, it was over 90%.Over the past 15-20 years Millions are being brought out of poverty.
        And it will only reduce.
        The % of debt you refer to is DOMESTIC PUBLIC debt.See the figures for the US.

        ALL modern economies finance themselves through deficit.A way to make up for it is through issue of Govt bonds /securities,treasury paper etc.

        DO NOT CONFUSE this with external debt.

        Its better that a professonal site like the world bank be seen.
        India’s external debt is below 20% and is being easily managed.


        The maoist had till now enjoyed a degree of public sympathy and intellectual legitimacy.In fact by it beheading of one policeman, it has reversed its image.

        The maoist strength is their isolation,stealth and guerrila tactics.Till now they have faced ordinary policemen, who till recently only waved dandas at village bumpkins.

        Repeatedly it has been seen that the naxals cannot stand a direct fight and are no match for trained paramilitary and special armed police forces.

        Their weapon is stealth, IED and sudden ambush.

        With the combined state offensive now being launched, it is inevitable that the naxals will retreat deep into jungles, thus being isolated and contained in the short run.

        Over the longer term they will eventually be defeated.

        THIS has been done successfully in Andhra Pradesh.

        All that is required is political will, ensuring that innocents are not the casualties and that the genuine poverty/grievances are addressed.

        The PMs statement is to be seen in context of India’s democarcy and was made a year ago in the chief minister conference.

        Law and order in India is a state NOT a Central matter.

        It was seen often that due to local electoral politics, corruption, inefficiency, some states were lagging in the anti-naxal fight.

        All the the PM said was, unless efforts are taken, correctly, honestly, impartially and without party politics the war will fail.

        Today, the political will in all states(even commi West Bengal) is united, the local state politicians have realised that inaction will ony imperil them.

        Things have undertaken a new urgency now, esp after the Naxal beheaded francis induwar.

      • @Rajk

        Could you give me the number of how many are actually convicted of criminal activities in India? The 5500 members with criminal activity are currently sitting inside the parliament! With the biggest criminal sitting as a state minister!

        As I said earlier the world bank has stated the poverty is “increasing” in India, with some poor women being surrogate mothers to make some amount of money from foreigners!

        India is the 2nd country most hit by terrorists after Iraq… 3,674 people have lost there lives! Your PM said on 15 September 2009 that the battle against Maoists/Naxals is losing NOT last year!

        Regarding Afghanistan if Pakistan wanted to control Afghanistan there would be 1.8 million Pakistanis living in Afghanistan, not 1.8 million Afghan’s living in Pakistan. The Taliban have ties with Pakistan/KSA only because they don’t try to control there lands or take advantage of them.

  3. People can learn a lot about pakistan by visiting:


  4. they’ll probably adjust karzai back into unocal when this is done.

  5. Hey guys … Please read the Book “Ghost Wars” By Steve Coll.. He was CIA agent in Pakistan during cold war.. He has nicely explained the ISI, GID ( Saudi intelligience) and CIA role play.. the money is funded by Saudi and CIA.. He admists that Soviets would have crused afgans if this money was not there.. and Ronald Regan the republic conservative supported it very much
    Also read the book “Pakistan” by Oven Bernett Jones he was journalist in pakistan stayed there for three years and closely interacted with mush. He had not best but good explained the Pakistani Army capabilities in general and also Kargil war..
    Don’t forget.. Its “Ghost Wars”
    & its “Pakistan”

    • The book Troubled Periphery:Crisis of India’s Northeast by Subir Bhaumik exposing India and the Shanti Bahini operations is a new addition to what MBI Munshi’s “India Doctrine” already exposes about Indian policy in the region that certain Indian leadership desires and it is active in keeping smaller countries of the region under its domination through creating chaos. Unfortunately through the Congress Party lense Hasina’s Bangladesh AL government sees things differently in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

      Bhaumik’s book particularly shows the mentality of the Congress Party, a self proclaimed progressive party, the latter claims it promotes Ghandi’s non violence that is peace not war. In Reality however, the attitude of domination through starting a war or conflict has been prevailing from Nehru’s time. It is evident in its occupation of smaller nations of South Asia. Such Indian Congress syndicate’s mentality demonstrates as if Indian leadership is not happy keeping its vast dalit majority under the much hated caste domination, and that Indian Congress’s caste leadership needed to promote its caste philosophy in the regional level among nations and consequently poisoning the harmony among nations. Under the circumstances,to bring peace and harmony in the region the formation of a loosely comprised South Asian Federation with Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and Afghanistan is much needed.

      SubirBhoumik’s book reviewed: India backed Shanti Bahini BY Abid Bahar, Canada

      Courtesy Rupee news – http://rupeenews.com/2009/11/10/bangladeshi-book-proposes-s-asian-federation-againt-india/

    • i think someone has given you a nice answer, so please don’t be ridiculous.

      Copy Pasting*
      “And if the USSR was defeated only by ‘money & arms’ why is the US failing miserably in Afghanistan even with highly sophisticated weapons and even though they are pumping trillions of dollars?? which super power country is supporting Afghan Taliban now???”

      Indians should concentrate on “November Offense” Operation against nax not on Pakistan.

  6. funny how one little article can harbour so much hatered.

    to the guy who claimed that the U.S. funded the war, true .. but it takes bodies to stand and deliver. If money was the only driving force … the U.S. would have won the war in Afghanistan and Iraq at least 5 years ago. If Pakistan gets into a battle. There no doubt money will pour in from “under the table” sources like water.

    So when you make a point, make sure you know what you are talking about.

  7. Lagey raho…

  8. @PKKH,
    Attention:Pakistani Moderator,

    Under article:Nuclear Doubts:Pakistani weakness is eroding morale, I had requested you, on 12 Nov at 11.35pm, to stop accepting RAW comments.

    Still one comment is posted above by rajk on 13 Nov,at 2.05 pm.

    When you are going to wake up or at least explain your problem and difficulties.

    • We try to keep an eye on the comments as much as possible, however with the growing number of comments posted on the site, sometimes comments get through without moderation. If you spot anything that needs to be removed, feel free to email admin.pkkh@gmail.com with the link to the page, and we’ll remove it. At times we do approve some comments from our neighbours, just to show our people the mentality that exists on that side of the border. We have many Pakistanis who believe there’s no threat from India – therefore its necessary to allow some of the comments to go through in order to show their true face, as well as to get a healthy discussion going. Again, if you feel there’s something that should be removed, please email us. Thank you.

      • RAW agents would not be wasting their time posting here!

        All my comments have been moved.

        I take it more as a token of the fact that my comment must have had an effect.

        I was not outrightly abusive, though i did posts comments that would not be liked by most pakistanis.
        I think its It important to let people also know that India SHOULD be considered a threat.

        Often the thought process on the pakistan side is community specific or that indians(hindus?)are too weak, they do not have the guts to retaliate, they have lost all wars, pakistan has had only victories,India is tottering economically, it is about to break up, Indians are not united etc etc.

        LOOK, confidence in one’s own country is good, but MISPLACED confidence that the enemy(India) is a total fool, weakling which will not retaliate is something else.

        It is only then that misadventures start and pakistan has suffered a great deal due to that.

        BUT as the mods are saying, let the comments flow.

        I too am learning a lot on the thought process from the pakistan site.
        It would be helpful for Indians who think the same way for pakistan.

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