Pak Nukes Report Mischievous And Absurd: Gen Majid

November 10, 2009

‘Americans know only as much as they can guess and nothing more – about Pakistan’s nuclear programme’.

3-25-2009_38168_lISLAMABAD: Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Tariq Majid has dismissed as ‘absurd and plain mischievous’ a report by American journalist Seymour Hersh published in The New Yorker about alleged vulnerability of Pakistan’s nuclear assets and facilities.

He said Pakistan did not need any foreign help to guard its nuclear facilities because they were already well protected.

On Sunday, Foreign Office rejected the report and said it amounted to ‘nothing more than a concoction to tarnish the image of Pakistan and create misgivings among its people’.

General Tariq Majid said in a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations: ‘We have operationalised a very effective nuclear security regime which incorporates very stringent custodial and access controls’.

The statement said: ‘As overall custodian of the development of our strategic programme, I reiterate in very unambiguous terms that there is absolutely no question of sharing or allowing any foreign individual, entity or a state, any access to sensitive information about our nuclear assets. Our engagement with other countries through the International Atomic Energy Agency or bilaterally is to learn more about best practices for security of such assets and are based on two clearly spelt-out red lines —non intrusiveness and our right to pick and choose.’

Gen Majid added: ‘Also, our security apparatus has the capacity and is fully geared to meet all conceivable challenges, therefore we do not need to negotiate with any other country to physically augment our security forces, which in any case, we believe, are more capable than their forces.’

Commenting on the question raised through an article headlined ‘Pakistan nuclear security plan: How much does US really know?’, Gen Majid said: ‘Only as much as they can guess and nothing more’.

Another senior security official said there should be no doubt about the security of nuclear assets. ‘Our nuclear assets are not lying in a showcase that somebody will come and take it away.’

He said the foolproof mechanism was capable of thwarting any internal or external threat to the nuclear assets.

AFP adds: Larry Schwartz, a spokesman at the US embassy in Islamabad, said on Sunday that ‘the United States had no intention to seize Pakistani nuclear weapons or material.

‘Pakistan is a key ally in our common effort to fight violent extremists and foster regional security.’



  1. Well if the American media is hell bent on attacking our true image of a peaceful people then lets not disappoint them!.Instead we should enter Afghanistan and forcefully make them leave in bodybags like we did the Russians.

  2. Another BIG lie by the Generals.Americans are already inside Paks nuclear facilities.What are these guys talking and whom are they fooling?Only themselves.For all these years since independence the Pakistani military has managed to keep its people under an evil illusion – feeding them dogmatic morsels of anti-India propaganda,only to serve its own supremacist interests.Spreading canards abouts Indians – and Hindus has been a pet favourite – conveniently forgetting that Pakistani military has not won a single war with the so called ‘Hindu ‘India.It has only suffered reverses – 1971,1965,Siachien,Kargil and now the proxy war in Kashmir.The truth is that Pakistan is failing because of the extremist component in its Army – which has emptied up all its coffers and carved a strategy which was bound to fail.The Pakistani Army top brass has become an oligarchy in itself – impossible to reign in domestically.From Yahya to Gen Zia to Musharraf – all military rulers have ruined the identity of Pakistan.If only Pakistan could have become what its founding father wanted it to become – a liberal state with Muslim majority – and not a Islamic theocracy which Zia almost made it – the fate of the Indian subcontinent would have been very different.The Pak Army created the Taliban – hand in glove with America – and now is fighting the same monster for its survival.Americans continue to use Pakistan like a condom and Pakistanis cannot do anything but to accept their fate.Pakistani Army propaganda machine paints India as a ‘anti-Islamic’ country,forgetting that there are more Muslims in India than the whole of Pakistan.India has prominent Muslims in every walk of life – there have been two Muslim Presidents so far.India’s present Vice President is a Muslim.India’s top businessman and internationally recognised IT czar – Azim Premji also belongs to the faith.The point is that india continues to move on a constitutionally defined liberal path – secular,socialist and democratic.India has its many flaws but overall there is lots of optimism about the country.Pakistan is nowhere there – it remains tied up in its own contradictions.Unless Pakistanis see who their real enemy is – there is little hope of their country.The real enemy continues to play the Great Game,preferring to keep Pakistan as a pawn in the game.Pakistanis cannot see beyond India – some like to derive childlike pleasure in deriding small issues ,forgetting that this has no consequence for the future of their country.Pakistan needs to grow up and spit its venom of jealosy somewhere else – the foreigners continue to use Pakistan as a ‘nautch girl’ – dancing to their too familiar tunes.The country lives on doles – its ex-President is on the run.He cannot come back to the country after brandishing himself for 8 years as the saviour of Pakistan.The so called ‘father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb lives under house arrest!The biggest misfortune is that Muslims have become Pakistan’s existential enemies – who are Taliban after all?The Punjabi terrorists,created by Pak Army have turned on to their masters.Pakistan has a crisis going on in every sphere of life – electricity,agriculture,economy,security and education.Extremists have gained upperhand over pragmatists and moderates.People like Zaid Hamid and Ahmaid Quereshi continue to poison young minds with anti-India propaganda.The saner lot of Pakistanis need to counter these merchants of hate and tell their folks that Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony for many years and the two-nation theory is a faulty theory.Just see the difference – while Pakistan remains an Islamic republic(where Muslims constantly fight among each ohter),Bangladesh did not chose that title after independence.Today very few people bother about religion – they are worried about rozi-roti,bijli,pani,sadak.So wake up – face the real enemy and end the evil cycle of hatred.Religion alone is not going to take you anywhere in life.Pakistanis can never remove India from themselves because they came from there – they watch smuggled Indian Bollywood movies (where Muslim stars rule),their favourite singers are Lata,Asha,Mohammad Rafi and Kishore.They come to India to get their hearts operated.They secretly admire Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni and they prefer to call themselves ‘Indians’ abroad(in the West)- so scared they are of retribution if described as Pakistani.’Paki’ has become a word of ridicule in the UK.All this has happened because the Army-extremist machine has created a distorted image of Pakistan internationally.So its high time the Pakistanis stopped listening to their Army-extremist propganda and started listening to their own conscience.Misconcieved ideas like ‘we ruled India for 1000 years’ should be sent to the dustbin of history because that is not important for Pakistan’s survival.What is important is to make peace with India and fight the common enemy of extremism and fundamentalism.All the best to the Pakistan Army in fighting their self-created brothers in arms in Waziristan!There is no one else to thank for this MESS other than the Generals and America!

    • @Yogi

      Your comments just prove how much u lack knowledge about Pak and how LAME you are!

      Give me the source from where you found out that the Americans are INSIDE Pak’s nuclear facilities!

      Pak army never fed us anti-India propaganda instead it is ur media/government who keeps feeding you anti Pakistani propaganda! It;s funny you have time to worry about Pak army but don;t have time to worry about Indian army which is being in-filtered by Hindu extremist according to an Indian. Gen Purohit is just one example!

      The Taliban which Pakistan created are the Afghan Taliban or Mullah Omar’s men to be precise, and they are still with Pakistan, the TTP is a lame creation of RAW/MOSSAD/CIA and there @$$ was kicked in Swat and now in Waziristan. Besides that ur @$$ was also kicked in wars with Pak. In fact your army is being kicked all over Pak/Afghan/Kashmir and even inside India.

      Most of the Muslim Indians you talk about are non-practicing Muslims. A non-practicing Muslims is seen somehow similar to a non-Muslim.

      I can see ur ‘secularism’ and how peacefully Hindu-Muslim are living when I see Gujarat riots, Assam riots and the evil treatment towards Dalits. This is the reason why India has even been put up in the US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s `watch list,’ citing the country’s “inadequate” response when religious minorities in the country are attacked. Whenever we look at minorities we thank God zillion times that we are not with them.

      Your so-called world’s biggest democracy has Hindu extremists sitting inside the parliament …5500 members having criminal charges including rape, corruption etc.

      Most Pakistani don’t even bother about India but if you fund terrorists and interfere in our countries matters we will be bothered with ur shitty actions and attitude!

      Who the fi$h told you we admire Sachin and dhoni??When you mention about Bollywood don’t forget how much it’s loves Pak singers. Pakistani dramas are taught in Indian acting schools according to Mahesh Bhatt/farooque sheikh. Indian come to Pakistan to get free cancer treatment at Imran Khan’s hospital.

      And please no one feels ashamed calling themselves Pakistanis abroad its ur own narrow minded thinking. Indians are insulted by being called ‘mallus’ all over and we can see how much you are loved when we see u being kicked in Australia.

      We can have peace with India if it stops interfering in Pak’s matters and even in other neighboring countries.

      BOTTOM LINE- We don’t need an INDIAN to tell lecture us on Pakistan and on what we should do..BUZZ OFF!

    • Muslims didnt rule whole India for 1000 years…
      thats a FAKE LIE pakis are living on…

      Right now we are ruling pakis and muslims in India.

      • @Ameet
        The majority of India as well as present day Pakistan was ruled by Muslims coming from Afghanistan, Iran, turkey. Even though many Hindus also ruled few areas but they were of not much importance the majority of wealth/land was owned by the Muslims and more development was done in those areas. Hence even international historians state that it was Muslims that mainly ruled over India the ‘Mughals’.

        You elite Brahmans might be ruling over Indian Muslims but you are NOT ruling over Pakistanis and you should even stop dreaming about that and try to rule over your 40% land in control of Maoists/Naxals.

      • the best architecture in India which the entire India is proud of was made by a Muslim ruler… bragging won’t help you deny the truth Ameet.

  3. So now Pakistanis live under the fond belief that the TTP is a RAW/CIA/MOSSAD creation!Just a few years ago they were patriotic mujahudeen.What happened suddently that they all have become foreign agents?What happened to the Ummah?With this sort of a shitty attitude no wonder the country is in such as mess!Yes we in India are proud of the fact that we have many religions including Islam.And drop that idea about Indian Muslims being non-practising.Some of the worlds largest mosques and seminaries are in India.But mosques are not being blown up in India like in Paksitan.All the best to you guys in fighting the Taliban – after all its better to fight your brothers in arms than us infidels – isnt it?

    • @Yogi

      Looks like you didn’t understand what I wrote above you pea brain!

      Pakistan still supports the Afghan Mujahideen u dumb@$$ because they have nothing to do with the TTP, the Afghan Taliban have rejected the TTP and have said they don’t believe in killing innocent people anywhere they only attack the US/NATO forces! The Taliban are only under Mullah Omar, the Taliban are not allowed to create more groups!

      There are proofs of Indian involvement in swat and S. Waziristan, pictures of Indian weapons and literature were shown in press conference! Not only that Senior US diplomat William Burns gave Indian officials letter stating – ”Shut down Indian Consulates in Afghanistan, reduce presence in Kabul and stop sending mercenaries across the Durand Line.” This message was supplemented with a letter from President Barack Obama to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.” Many Indian agents have been caught in Pakistan and an interview with an Indian agent was also show on a Pakistani Channel.

      Regarding Indian Muslims I said the one you mention, all the famous Indian Muslims which mostly people brag about from Bollywood etc are all non practicing Muslims.

      Not blowing up mosuqe in India?? don’t make me remind you of Babri Masjid your Hindu brothers destroyed. Why did Imam Bukhari of Delhi mosque said that a peaceful life for Indian Muslims has now become a dream!

      And don’t lecture us on problems and try to solve your own first!!

    • If india is so great for muslims and other minorities what happened at babri masjid?????? havent seen justice done yet and have been waiting for years! name me one hindu temple destroyed in Pakistan… every year thousands of sikhs come from india and visit their holy sites in Pakistan… have they ever complained??? the ttp has only come into existence after the invasion of afghanistan… there is clear proof that inidans are supporting them. as for the real taliban.. they may be cruel, uneducated and harsh but they are the only entity capable of stabilising afghanistan… like they did after the russians left… this sham govt the rest of the world including india is intent on supporting has no writ in most areas of Kabul let alone the country side. anyone who supports this regime is intent on destabilising afghanistan and the entire region…. india must think very carefully about what it is doing in balochistan and with the ttp. if indian policies disintegrate pakistan the fallout will have to be borne by india alone.. coupled with inidias internal complications i dnt think it will cope..

      • @Paki

        {{as for the real taliban.. they may be cruel, uneducated and harsh but they are the only entity capable of stabilising afghanistan}}

        I was watching this documentary on Dawn news called ‘The state of Sharia’, in that Dr. Israr Ahmed said that the west was scared that Afghanistan might develop into a complete Islamic state, similar to the ones during the golden era of Muslims and they might lose there super power tag hence they attacked Afghanistan. When the host said, Taliban are uneducated. Dr. Israr Ahmed replied by saying educated and intellectuals had started coming into the government.

        When asked about women education, Dr. Israr Ahmed said they would have started because even after the revolution in Iran there was no education for women for sometime but they did start afterwards.

  4. @Ameet and @Yogi
    I think you people are not updated with the media. stop making world a fool.Pak Army has shown the indian weapons, medicines etc to the media given to so called TTP by india.
    Afghanistan is a most unrest country in the world truly speaking. do not have trade etc
    what the HELL your so much consulates are doing in Afghanistan near Pakistan border.
    For are a thousand years you are ruled by Muslims. don’t try to alter the history. and you can’t. You knew Shahbu-uddin Ghauri,Ahmed Shah Abdali, Mehmood Ghaznavi and Most The Akbar. (you gave your daughter just to save your rule in small patch) what kind of nation you are world knows….
    Remember one thing, Pakistan is one of the muslim countries in the world. but you are only one.
    don’t mess with Pakistan.

  5. What we see is not what we know, because most of the sensitive information is never disclosed, Yogi said that Americans are already inside Pakistan.. well Civil government probably has allowed them to get them in, but Military hasn’t permitted them in their areas.. otherwise America would no longer have any interest in Pakistan. All they want is to take the Nukes, and their access is probably continuously denied by Pakistan military.

  6. THE Afghani’s are Bravae nation, American’s , Britsher,s & Israli’s are NOT Brave nation. They are Failed in Afghanistan Totally. The Time Will be decied. The EIGHT ( 8 ) years Enauf for theme, & THIRTY ( 30 ) years also. The US policies has failed vis Afghanistan, it may soon. Who are Suicide bombers target ?. They are Attack on Power full Nation’s, as Afghani’s are Pakistai’s etc. They can’t Killed 1-1/2,million Afghan’s,& also 17, million, Pakistani’s. The one million Amirican’s Army, ( Pentagon, Cia, Fbi, Mussad, NATO, Mi5, MI6,RAW,Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other Paying Armies. ) is can’t fight with Great Nation of Afghai’s. Can you belive that” ONE AFGHANI,” equal to 1000 AMerican’s. GOD betters KNOWS. GOD blees Afghani’s & Pakistani’s.They are becoming a big POWER. The mony Games is going to their Ends.The thirty years ( 30 ) dierty games also going to their ENDS. The USA, UK, ISRAEL & NATO,Army are duging their Grave yard, in AFGHANISTAN. The Obama is also failed ( as BUSH )in AFGHANISTA, PAKISTAN, IRAQ,IRAN,LABNAN, TURKY, UAE,SIRYA, & also in AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTHEAST ASIA. The” OSAMA & OBAMA “are same.They are KILLING men, Itis not a “FUN”.Thanks

  7. I believe that World is gooing to their” ENDS,” maybe 2011, because of” Atom bom,” when it will be used, after 2010 to 2014 (betwen).The every think is gooing to finnishing points. The tape of Bush, obama, & osama are becomming to their Ends. The whole World is cant do anything, because” IAEA,” ” UNO,” are totally failed. The USA, & ISRAEL also failed countries, in this case whole WORLD becomming ” MAD.

  8. THE Afghani’s are Bravae nation, American’s , Britsher,s & Israli’s are NOT Brave nation. They are Failed in Afghanistan Totally. The Time Will be decied. The EIGHT ( 8 ) years Enauf for theme, & THIRTY ( 30 ) years also. The US policies has failed vis Afghanistan, it may soon. Who are Suicide bombers target ?. They are Attack on Power full Nation’s, as Afghani’s are Pakistai’s etc. They can’t Killed 1-1/2,million Afghan’s,& also 17, million, Pakistani’s. The onthe pakistan is not a new world order member because if we were then we wouldn\’t have so many countries trying to destablise it and have david ben gurion state that pakistan is the biggest threat to israel,you have been brainwashed by the israeli media which is always promoting the view of world zionists and secularism wont celebrate any shia\’s or sunnie\’s death because they are muslims they beleive in allah and prophet muhammad(s.a.w) and many of them would be a far better muslim than osama and obama. that just goes to show your thinking and that is what you call explaining. you tell me to celebrate the death of tru muslim because they are from a different sect this is how you explain the afghanistan & pakistan incident,when we will overthrow this puppet al-qaeda & taliban, they are failed in( afghanistan, & pakistan,) including, raw+isi+cia+fbi+mossad+uk,+usa+israel+sven sisters+pentagone+blackwater,& so many other countries are failed bedlly in great afghanistan + honest pakistan+ brave iraqi\’s.the islamic comming government inshalah(very soon) then no one will be able to stop us from liberating pak,/afghan and the muslims of the world. our success in this war is promised by allah(swt) and we will be victorious against india, raw,israel,american,nato,uk,world zionist,& canada. etc…..2011 is THE End of CIA, FBI, PENTAGONE, MI5, MI6, BLACKWATER, MOSSAD, WORLD ZIONIST , WORLD ANARCHIST, BAHAIES, WAHABIES,AL-QAEDA,TALIBAN, RAW, FREEMASION, LION, JAYCEES,ROTARY,WATCHTAWER,OBAMA,OSAMA,ISRAEL,UK, USA, SEVEN SISTERS, etc etc. & COMMING OF” ISLAMIC NEW WORLD ORDER” soon” INSHALLAH.” Thanks

  9. Where mor then 30 years of war in Afghanistan, ( With USSR+USA+UK+ISRAEL+CANADA ) has totally crippled the economy, and you must try to somehow survive day-by-day by scrounging enough food to feed your children. Where people do not have the facilities to receive an education. Where people do not have the facilities to receive treatment at hospitals. Where, on average, men die at 40 years of age and women at 43. Where hundreds of thousands of people are maimed, disabled, or blind because of war and land mines. Where you face a high chance of becoming blind or crippled because of the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, causing vitamin deficiency. If you are blind or crippled, no one can help you because those that are not blind or crippled need help as well, A politician is a very dangerous thing and a sin, which God warned about dating back to the 10 Commandments and Moses, develop these messianic views of simply corrupt politicians like the Evangelicals did with White baustured Bush, Republicans do with Ronald Regan,Protestants do with their Preachers, Catholics do with the GREAT FATHER POPE, Jews do with the stock market, black money, etc etc etc,…. or the way many blacks and college kids view PresidentObama, ( Black baustured ), Now will some Americans, who have awakened, realize that there is no war on terror,” ITS WAR AGAINST ISLAMIC WORLD, ” but instead a war on our personal God Given freedoms and that these wars are a badly run front for oil corporations, bankers and contractors? So, here goes the time line of this pipe-line mess which is the real motive of why American youths are dying in Afghanistan, ? and the pathetic things is that the U.S. has never successfully pulled off any scheme without it blowing up in our faces. THE IRAQ is a sinking ship in a sea of American blood ,? The War on Terror A.K.A “Project Completion of the Trans-Afghanistan Oil pipeline” Its warn that people must take back their lives from the corruption of Government before they end up destroying everyone and everything from sheer greed, self interests and corruption. The 2012 prophesies also says that if mankind can not manage ourselves, that we will get destroyed from below and above. That is the ISRAEL, Real 2012 prophesies in a nutshell, But its happend in 2011. What will be happen after END OF ISRAEL IN 2011 ? The Native American 2012 prophesies really do not deal with the end of ISRAEL not the world, like it is being interpreted, but a time slot, which spans from the mid 1980’s to 2012, when people would reach an awakening about the Earth, Universe and Corrupt World Governments. This is the same prophesies, which were uncovered 2 years ago in Timbuktu area of Africa .The Bush gave a speech to Africa, saying he was a God, Regan gave speeches about acting in the name of God and Obama spoke about performing miracles like Jesus by saying he can lower waters, still storms and on and on and on. People ate this up and this is the reason that the U.S., along with other countries, will not be in AFGHANISTAN for even 100 more years. The United States, is on the verge of collapse. How much us army are in denial and want to shout cliche Patriotic lingo, while waving an American flag……this country is spinning towards its expiration date…..( Afghanistan is Finnished

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