Nuclear Doubts: Pakistani weakness is eroding internal morale, fast

November 10, 2009


Ahmed Quraishi

Seymour Hersh might have come up with some absurd findings, like concluding that religious extremism has multiplied in Pakistan because no one offered him Johnny Walker Black during his recent visit.  But apart from that, Pakistan’s national security managers should sit up and take notice of one glaring fact: The US media and some circles in the Washington establishment are behind the worst global demonization campaign against Pakistan.  Now this is denting national morale and forcing Pakistanis to question if their military is capable of defending the nation, since politicians have proven to be a disaster.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Two curious aspects of the New Yorker story on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is that the report singles out the Pakistani military – and not the civilian government – as partner in alleged secret negotiations with the Obama administration to secure Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.  The other is the objective behind leaking the story – if indeed some US officials helped in leaking details – since the story only serves to make it more difficult for Pakistani officials cooperating with Washington on the nuclear question.

In May, when Boston Globe published a similar story quoting unnamed and unverifiable sources revealing that Pakistani officials have accepted a proposal to ship some highly enriched uranium to the United States for disposal, there was no reference whatsoever to Pakistani military.  The Globe depicted the talks as a government-to-government exercise.

For all intents, the latest story seeks to embarrass the Pakistani military.  This probably explains the immediate reaction of the US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson.  Not that she actually denied the alleged talks.  Her written statement was carefully worded to deny her government’s “intention to seize Pakistani nuclear weapons or material.”

The element of embarrassment also explains the statement of Pakistan’s Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Tariq Majid, who made it a point to respond to the question, ‘How much does US really know about Pakistan’s nuclear program?’  In a sharp public retort uncommon to Pakistan’s top military brass, Gen. Majeed answered, ‘Only that much as they can guess and nothing more’.

Important parts of Mr. Seymour Hersh’s investigative story remain unaddressed.  No government or military official has confirmed or denied the revelation in the New Yorker that former President Pervez Musharraf shared with US officials information about the number of warheads, their locations and their security plan.  Considering the embarrassing concessions that he gave the Americans [he allowed US diplomats, officials and military personnel unprecedented privileges at Pakistani airports at a time when Pakistani officials were humiliated on entry to US.  Pakistan has withdrawn those concessions.]

[It is also important to question some of Mr. Hersh’s findings, which border on the ridiculous.  The last time Mr. Hersh visited Pakistan was five years ago by his own statement.  Yet he concluded that since the few politicians, journalists and retired generals he met this time did not offer him Johnny Walker Black this must be a sign of growing religious extremism in Pakistan and in the ranks of Pakistan military.  At other places, he has exaggerated the impact of two retired army officers that he interviewed on soldiers and middle rank officers.  Mr. Hersh appeared to have made little effort to use his visit to the country to try to understand the real Pakistan. Instead, he felt comfortable regurgitating media stereotypes. Which is fine since his report fits in with the overall US political and military policy thrust with regards to Pakistan.]

Mr. Hersh’s report comes six months after the Boston Globe story that broke the news on behind-the-scenes talks between Islamabad and Washington on US proposals to secure Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, including a US suggestion to ship out Pakistani uranium.  No one in Islamabad denied the story at the time.  The fixed Pakistani response to such stories has not changed much in recent years: that Pakistan has an excellent command and control regime and that Pakistan does not need outside help to secure its arsenal.

So, is the Pakistani government or military really talking secretly with the Americans on how to secure Pakistani nukes?

One explanation that retired military officers are giving is that Pakistani officers may be talking nukes to the Americans but not giving them the right information.  If true, this policy line seeks to keep the Americans engaged with Pakistan without allowing Washington any real access.

This is not farfetched. Pakistani civilian and military governments have perfected a uniquely Pakistani version of the American idiom, ‘to roll with the punches and survive to fight another day.’  Only that Pakistan never really fights even for what is its legitimate right.  Under this policy, Islamabad has accepted on several occasions to play along, live with the accusations and insinuations about its nuclear program, and hope to stall, engage, and win over the antagonistic elements of the Washington establishment, both political and military.

But the latest report takes the debate to a new level.  Pakistani officials grappling with the PR aspect of this story need to consider the following:

1.       The latest report is particularly demoralizing for ordinary Pakistanis, in the backdrop of an overall deteriorating strategic environment for Pakistani interests, internal and external.  Pakistan’s national security managers, civilian and military, need to pay attention to the hypothetical threshold of national morale.  Dangerously low levels of national morale could prove fatal in case of war with India or a US-led military invasion of Pakistani territory from Afghanistan.

2.      Is there someone in Washington, within its political, military and intelligence communities that might have an interest in embarrassing Pakistani officials who are allegedly engaged in secret nuclear talks with Washington?  Is someone trying to sabotage policy initiatives of the Obama administration?  In such a case, Pakistani officials – especially in the Pakistani intelligence community – need to give more weight to reports that anti-Pakistan activities orchestrated on Afghan soil cannot happen without some level of American involvement.

3.      That the US media continues to cause tremendous damage to Pakistan’s reputation and standing in the international community.  Pakistan is receiving enemy treatment from the US media.  Pakistani officials must understand that US media cannot mount similar attacks on other countries such as Turkey and Egypt because leaderships in those countries generally keep US officials on a leash and leverage Washington’s strategic needs to their favor. In Pakistan, we have a ruling elite that is micromanaged from Washington, thanks to a deal that former President Musharraf signed with Washington and London.

4.      The New Yorker report harms the image of the Pakistani military leadership in the eyes of the soldiers and officers in middle and lower ranks.  This is especially relevant to the debate raging in official US circles about a mutiny within the Pakistan army.  Some American policymakers are deliberately using Afghanistan to push Pakistan to the wall in the hope that instability in Pakistan would reach a level where it could trigger a mutiny inside the Pakistani military against both the military leadership and the government.  Anyone who knows Pakistan will instantly understand that this notion is exaggerated, but this US debate should tell Pakistan’s military leadership and people something about the destructive line of policy thinking that Washington is pursuing in Pakistan’s neighborhood.

Common wisdom in both the Pakistani political elite and some parts of the military bureaucracy says that ‘engaging’ the Americans on the subject of the security of Pakistani nukes can be beneficial to Pakistan. It would keep Washington engaged.  It would provide opportunities to milk the Americans of more aid money.

But no one in the policymaking circles is apparently weighing the downside: The ‘engagement’ is emboldening the Americans.  The ‘engagement’ – or secret talks, call them whatever you want – are sending the wrong signals to ordinary Pakistanis at a time when more of our people are convinced that Pakistan’s troubles stem from American failures in Afghanistan.

Pakistani schools and colleges are under attack when those in Iraq and Afghanistan are safe.  This is happening because of American policy blunders and not just because of extremism inside Pakistan.  Our problems are also the result of Islamabad refusing to submit completely to the US military strategy that wants to give India a larger role in Afghanistan.  Pakistan, with a strong military and intelligence setup, is an obstacle in this strategy.



  1. Justice is coming a full circle for the crafty shenanigans of Pakistan.They played with the Moltov cocktail of America ,terrorism and nuclear blackmail.The much touted Islamic bomb is now being managed by Americans!The current state of Pakistan is because of its Army.Dr Allama Iqbal’s vision has been destroyed by the self serving rulers of the Pak Army.For all these years since independence the Pakistani military has managed to keep its people under an evil illusion – feeding them dogmatic morsels of anti-India propaganda,only to serve its own supremacist interests.Spreading canards abouts Indians – and Hindus has been a pet favourite – conveniently forgetting that Pakistani military has not won a single war with the so called ‘Hindu ‘India.It has only suffered reverses – 1971,1965,Siachien,Kargil and now the proxy war in Kashmir.The truth is that Pakistan is failing because of the extremist component in its Army – which has emptied up all its coffers and carved a strategy which was bound to fail.The Pakistani Army top brass has become an oligarchy in itself – impossible to reign in domestically.From Yahya to Gen Zia to Musharraf – all military rulers have ruined the identity of Pakistan.If only Pakistan could have become what its founding father wanted it to become – a liberal state with Muslim majority – and not a Islamic theocracy which Zia almost made it – the fate of the Indian subcontinent would have been very different.The Pak Army created the Taliban – hand in glove with America – and now is fighting the same monster for its survival.Americans continue to use Pakistan like a condom and Pakistanis cannot do anything but to accept their fate.Pakistani Army propaganda machine paints India as a ‘anti-Islamic’ country,forgetting that there are more Muslims in India than the whole of Pakistan.India has prominent Muslims in every walk of life – there have been two Muslim Presidents so far.India’s present Vice President is a Muslim.India’s top businessman and internationally recognised IT czar – Azim Premji also belongs to the faith.The point is that india continues to move on a constitutionally defined liberal path – secular,socialist and democratic.India has its many flaws but overall there is lots of optimism about the country.Pakistan is nowhere there – it remains tied up in its own contradictions.Unless Pakistanis see who their real enemy is – there is little hope of their country.The real enemy continues to play the Great Game,preferring to keep Pakistan as a pawn in the game.Pakistanis cannot see beyond India – some like to derive childlike pleasure in deriding small issues ,forgetting that this has no consequence for the future of their country.Pakistan needs to grow up and spit its venom of jealosy somewhere else – the foreigners continue to use Pakistan as a ‘nautch girl’ – dancing to their too familiar tunes.The country lives on doles – its ex-President is on the run.He cannot come back to the country after brandishing himself for 8 years as the saviour of Pakistan.The so called ‘father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb lives under house arrest!The biggest misfortune is that Muslims have become Pakistan’s existential enemies – who are Taliban after all?The Punjabi terrorists,created by Pak Army have turned on to their masters.Pakistan has a crisis going on in every sphere of life – electricity,agriculture,economy,security and education.Extremists have gained upperhand over pragmatists and moderates.People like Zaid Hamid and Ahmaid Quereshi continue to poison young minds with anti-India propaganda.The saner lot of Pakistanis need to counter these merchants of hate and tell their folks that Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony for many years and the two-nation theory is a faulty theory.Just see the difference – while Pakistan remains an Islamic republic(where Muslims constantly fight among each ohter),Bangladesh did not chose that title after independence.Today very few people bother about religion – they are worried about rozi-roti,bijli,pani,sadak.So wake up – face the real enemy and end the evil cycle of hatred.Religion alone is not going to take you anywhere in life.Pakistanis can never remove India from themselves because they came from there – they watch smuggled Indian Bollywood movies (where Muslim stars rule),their favourite singers are Lata,Asha,Mohammad Rafi and Kishore.They come to India to get their hearts operated.They secretly admire Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni and they prefer to call themselves ‘Indians’ abroad(in the West)- so scared they are of retribution if described as Pakistani.’Paki’ has become a word of ridicule in the UK.All this has happened because the Army-extremist machine has created a distorted image of Pakistan internationally.So its high time the Pakistanis stopped listening to their Army-extremist propganda and started listening to their own conscience.Misconcieved ideas like ‘we ruled India for 1000 years’ should be sent to the dustbin of history because that is not important for Pakistan’s survival.What is important is to make peace with India and fight the common enemy of extremism and fundamentalism.All the best to the Pakistan Army in fighting their self-created brothers in arms in Waziristan!

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  4. Yogi,

    It seems like you are really concerned about your neighbors. The neighbors who according to you have become so weak that you thought that you should state a lengthy article on it. First of all, remember one thing that the Indian establishment is responsible for the problems in Waziristan. Remember, that this’weak’ neighbor Pakistan has been raping India for last 62 years in Kashmir. We supported and will always support the Kashmir Mujahideens. Unfortunately, we trusted your establishment and made a peace deal on Kashmir during Musharraf’s era. But, your establishment did the back stabbing once again. Remember, that in the blood of a Hindu there will always be deceit. That is why Nehru had a suspicious role against Gandhi at the time. That is also the reason

    • Ahsan,

      And what has happened for 62 years?
      In 1948, there was no militarised border, LOC or the Indian army on the kashmir border.
      Pak army/raiders simply had to walk in.
      All they had to fight was the rag-tag army of Raja Hari singh.
      Once the Indian army aarived the raiders were pushed back.They could not get the all important kashmir valley orJammu, Leh, ladakh, kargil areas.
      The only blunder India committed was when Nehru went to the UN depite domestic opposition.
      AFTER that be it in 1965,71 or 1999.Pakistan has not succeded in taking/keeping ANY major part of kashmir.
      Pakistan claims to have troubled india on kashmir but the FACTS state otherwise!!!

      The only people who lost face meddling in kashmir were the pakistani leaders.
      In 1965 it was Ayub Khan who fell from grace over the failed op Gibraltar/Grand slam in Kashmir.
      In 1999 Nawaz and ultimately Mushy paid the price of meddling.
      Funny how NO pakistani leader has been able to be honoured over any achievement in kashmir.They have only either ended up dead(Zia), Bhutto, or deposed/exiled (nawaz)disgraced(Ayub Khan) or forcibly retired(Mushy).

      Kashmir today is MORE peaceful than pakistan whrere dozens are dying at the hands of suicide bombers as well as the pak army!!!
      Pakistan was to bleed India economically , militarily over kashmir.

      The opposite has happened as India progresses rapidly on both fronts.

  5. Yogi,

    It seems like you are really concerned about your neighbors. The neighbors who according to you have become so weak that you thought that you should state a lengthy article on it. First of all, remember one thing that the Indian establishment is responsible for the problems in Waziristan. Remember, that this’weak’ neighbor Pakistan has been raping India for last 62 years in Kashmir. We supported and will always support the Kashmir Mujahideens. Unfortunately, we trusted your establishment and made a peace deal on Kashmir during Musharraf’s era. But, your establishment did the back stabbing once again. Remember, that in the blood of a Hindu there will always be deceit. That is why Nehru had a suspicious role against Gandhi at the time. That is also the reason why Mohammad Ali Jinnah decided to make a seperate homeland. The reason is simple, we need to be away from the most deceitful people in the world. You sell the flesh of your women to show the world you are liberal. It is a normal thing in your culture to use women to achieve ulterior motives. Now, please do not deny this.

    We have been in trouble in our country because of you following our ideology. You are our students who are doing what we used to do in Kashmir. But remember Mr. Yogi, that a master never teaches everything even to their best student. We have identified the Hindus involvement in the fake TTP war. We all know that the real Afghan Taliban are supporting the Pakistani people and are against your country. We know that your country is supplying ammunition to this TTP organization. Trust me, your country has made the gravest mistake. We will not forget this Mr. Yogi. All we need is a few more months to get a new system in Pakistan. That system will fix everything in our country Inshallah. But, after that what happens? We will be coming after you and your ruling establishment. Your country gives a fake image of progress. I wish there is no progress in this world if we want progress like yours. You guys are good spin doctors, I agree. You use your Bollywood industry and media to portray everything is OK. I know India more than you can even imagine. And, I have visited there as well. I can assure you that things are not OK outside your cities. Your people are cursing at people like you who weigh properity in terms of Good Bollywood flicks, nice drinking outings, parties, and sitting in fully furnished office in Bombay. Remember, these people will get back to you guys. We will support them and fund them. We will destruct your country. It is only a matter of time Inshallah.

    As far as Pakistan is concerned. It is a miracle of God. And there is ONLY one God, remember that. The God we believe in has blessed this world with Pakistan. Inshallah, He is our protector. Go and read the history of muslims. You will know what miracles God has done to save his people. Our leaders may be corrupt but our people are the most genuine. They have the endurance, the will and the ability to break any barrier in the world. We have seen your country eye-to-eye for last 62 years, despite our limitations. We have proved you small so many a times. Please do not think we are gone. Remember, a tiger is at it’s most dangerous when it is cornered. We are the cornered tigers and not the Hyenas. We have missed out on our prey recently, just to have a worthy meal later on. That time is coming Mr.Yogi.

    Now, we have had leaders who allowed American intervention in Pakistan. But, nothing in Pakistan lasts until the people support it. The people of Pakistan are rising. Do not get excited that anarchy will come in your neighboring country which you dislike. Get worried Mr. Yogi because this wave of emotions has every ingredient to engulf your country in its stride. Pakistan Zindabad ! Allah be our Protector. Ameen.

    • Three suiside bomb blasts in 3 consecutive days .. a Hatrick.. you please worry about that.. rather than worrying about people of India..Today’s fact is Pakistan cannot survive without western aid .. The china is playing very good games.. They are sellin everything to pakistan not donating .. last year itself country was on the verge of collapse .

      • @Ting tong
        How many more policemen have the Naxals killed??

        If Pakistan couldn’t survive without foreign aid, everyday demonstrations throughout Pakistan wouldn’t be taking place against the aid, the military and the opposition Parties wouldn’t say they are against the aid. The only people interested in the aid is the government the PKKH site is filled with articles against the corrupt government and it’s actions.

        Like Ahsan Warsi said for the past 62 years there have been numerous times when people said Pakistan would God forbid collapse but we are Alhmadullilah still here. An article was even published in TOI by American “expert” in April that Pakistan will collapse in 6 months..what happened?? This is the 7th month!

      • PS: China is an all weather friend of Pakistan, the friendship is about honor and dignity, both sides help each as equal partners!

  6. ok yogi firstly NONE of the pakistanis i have come across call themselves INDIAN abroad or at home!!!!

    secondly if your idea of secularism is a muslim president without any powers who is unelected then look at us we are also “secular” we had a hindu as our CHEIF JUSTICE OF SUPREME COURT! we have sardar’s and hindus in our army does that make us secular?? answer is NO!!! and neither is INDIA SECULAR! if you are secular hang JAGDISH TYTLER for golden temple hang ADVANI & THACKREY for BABRI MASJID!! let justice prevail but no you would never do that!!!

    the western media & the indian media carries out its propaganda against pakistan continuously! because india has finally started sleeping around with the US!

    but before anyone dares to lift a finger at pakistan they should look at how far this country has progressed!!!! in 1947 a new nation was born which wasn’t even given its financial dues by the indians! since then we have developed a nuclear powered nation that is at par with most of the world!

    you talk about internal problems half of india is under naxal revolt! the khalistan movement is quiet but not dead yet! we have our problems that are funded by the US & India! so before the US points fingers at us it should ask itself who made the taliban…the US DID!! who depicted taliban as heroes in RAMBO MOVIES!

    today pakistan is fighting the war for the world!! an unstable pakistan will be india’s worse nightmare but unfortunately india doesn’t realize it yet!

    we pakistanis are used to having our backs against the wall we are AT OUR BEST WHEN UNDER PRESSURE! the world wrote us off in 1965 but we still exsist the world wrote us off in 1971 but we still exsist the world wrote us off when india tested its nukes but we countered with our very own! the world wrote us off when Benazir died but we still survive!

    let me end by telling you one thing…you said two nation theory is wrong!!! well see that is the difference we were nevr like U! we were always the ones that performed best under pressure our resolve as PAKISTANIS can not be matched by anyone! for 62 years we have been fighting an enemy 6 times our size & we still causing it great deal of concern that my friend is an achievement far beyond what any other nation faces! so don’t you EVER think two nation theory is incorrect! we are NOT YOU! we are PAKISTANIS and we are nothing like you!

    • Well said Zob!

    • India’s internal problems are funded by Pakistan and China, and this is no secret.

      You don’t have to like the secularism in India, millions of Indians are enjoying the fruits of that.

      Babri masjid is just the first and symbolic, there are atleast four more, that were built within the complex of existing temples like in varanashi and Mathura will either be shifted or demolished. This will be done to undo the symbols of Mughal atrocities in India.

      Pakistan is fighting the monster it helped craete with the CIA. It is not doing the world any favour by fighting the Taliban. The whole world knows Pakistani army is being forced by the Americans to fight the taliban, the army has no choice !

      Pakistan existes, inspite your long list, but it will always have a wratched existance, unless it re-thinks its policies of the past.

      The pakistani perspective of the two-nation theory is a myth. The fact is, Indians could not be happier, now that the muslims of Pakistan and Banglades are no longer a part of India…. !

      • At partition it was decided that people of different states should decide themselves if they want to be with Pakistan or India! The formula laid out was as follows:

        1) Majority by religion.
        2) Princely states that were free to join what they want.

        Junagadh was a Princely State with a Muslim Nawab and a majority Hindu population. The nawab decided to be a part of PAKISTAN…INDIA annexed it! Kashmir had a majority Muslim but with Hindu Raja. Hydrabad Deccan was a Hindu majority but with a Muslim nawab…they decided to be with PAKISTAN India annexed it!

        This Nawab (Nizam) declared allience with Pakistan in both the cases, but India occupied and then annexed his territory. So, when it came to Kashmir we said enough is enough we will NOT sit back & wait for India to use its deceiving policy the one it used in the case of junagadh & Hyderabad!

        in 1965 we were fighting in Line of Control area where constant fighting keeps erupting because both sides recognize it as not the international border and seek to hold the upper hand! INDIA crossed the international border in 65 so technically you started the war inorder to relieve the pressure on AKHNUR!!

        in 1971 you got involved in our civil war!!! which again is an example of your back stabbing as usual! so you shouldn’t cry foul about the kashmir freedom rebellion!

        in 1999 kargil well what can i say you did SIACHEN IN 1984 called it fair we did kargil and you cried!!! so please go read history before you make stupid comments on history!!! read the proper history not the one taught to you by BJP!

    • My brother.. everybody wants pakistan stable.. believe me .. here all Indian commentors are only commneting about wrong policies of pakistan.. But all India including government wants pakistan stable and democratic as India definitely understands tha pakistan is the only buffer between India & taliban ..

    • Please get out of ths notion of development coming by Nuclear power.. Pakistan is Yogoslavia with nuclear power. There are many countries in the world without nukes.. Malaysia, Indonesia having same size and population of pakistan but progressed.. Pakistanis eat enough grass for nukes and unfortunately wants to eat more grass for these nukes..

      • @Ting tong

        It’s not about what the general pubic thinks, it’s what the government thinks.

        How can you say that Indian ‘government’ wants a stable Pakistan when there are Indian weapons being recovered from Swat & S. Waziristan. Interview of arrested Indian agent was shown on Pakistani channel. Foreign Journalists have written article that India has terrorist training camps in the name of Embassy in Afghanistan.

        Funny you say that Pakistanis eat grass for nuclear power when your own minister told people to eat ‘rats’ as the defense budget has been increased.

  7. PKKH Moderator,

    I have started wondering whether your site is an Indian or a Pakistani.

    You freely allow Indians(Hindus,Qadianis,others with so-called muslim names etc)to post comments.In other words you allow RAW and its agents to freely misguide Pakistanis.

    It is not to say that we cannot make their mouth shut(our Armed Forces have done so many a times that is why they have developed a fear Pakistan syndrome),rather our energies are lost in answeing their filth and dirt.

    In the above article,which concerns Pakistan alone,the first one is from one Doggy,who has no reason to be here.That has changed the course of discussion,which should have been threats to our nukes.

    I have tried to post my comments to one Indian site,which never appeared.

    So,if you are not going to stop such posts,I quit sending my comments.

    Allah Hafiz

    • We try to keep an eye on the comments as much as possible, however with the growing number of comments posted on the site, sometimes comments get through without moderation. If you spot anything that needs to be removed, feel free to email admin.pkkh@gmail.com with the link to the page, and we’ll remove it.

      At times we do approve some comments from our neighbours, just to show our people the mentality that exists on that side of the border. We have many Pakistanis who believe there’s no threat from India – therefore its necessary to allow some of the comments to go through in order to show their true face, as well as to get a healthy discussion going.

      Again, if you feel there’s something that should be removed, please email us. JazakAllah.

  8. Yea first of all ” Delete the guy” whoz using ZAID HAMID name in this forum, Wat moderators are doing?

  9. i totally argee with paki
    these nuts ho r indians and anti paksitan and anti islam should ban on this site other wise no use of this site …..

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Where mor then 30 years of war in Afghanistan, ( With USSR+ USA+ UK+ ISRAEL+ CANADA & NATO ) has totally crippled the economy, and you must try to somehow survive day-by-day by scrounging enough food to feed your children. Where people do not have the facilities to receive an education. Where people do not have the facilities to receive treatment at hospitals. Where, on average, men die at 40 years of age and women at 43. Where hundreds of thousands of people are maimed, disabled, or blind because of war and land mines. Where you face a high chance of becoming blind or crippled because of the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, causing vitamin deficiency. If you are blind or crippled, no one can help you because those that are not blind or crippled need help as well, A politician is a very dangerous thing and a sin, which God warned about dating back to the 10 Commandments and Moses, develop these messianic views of simply corrupt politicians like the Evangelicals did with White baustured Bush, Republicans do with Ronald Regan, Protestants do with their Preachers, Catholics do with the GREAT FATHER POPE, Jews do with the stock market, black money, etc , or the way many blacks and college kids view President Obama, ( Black baustured ), Now will some Americans, who have awakened, realize that there is no war on terror,” ITS WAR AGAINST ISLAMIC WORLD, ” but instead a war on our personal God Given freedoms and that these wars are a badly run front for oil corporations, bankers and contractors? So, here goes the time line of this pipe-line mess which is the real motive of why American youths are dying in Afghanistan, ? and the pathetic things is that the U.S. has never successfully pulled off any scheme without it blowing up in our faces. THE IRAQ is a sinking ship in a sea of American blood ,? The War on Terror A.K.A “Project Completion of the Trans-Afghanistan Oil pipeline” Its warn that people must take back their lives from the corruption of Government before they end up destroying everyone and everything from sheer greed, self interests and corruption. The 2012 prophesies also says that if mankind can not manage ourselves, that we will get destroyed from below and above. That is the ISRAEL, Real 2012 prophesies in a nutshell, But its happend in 2011. What will be happen after END OF ISRAEL IN 2011 ? The Native American 2012 prophesies really do not deal with the end of ISRAEL not the world, like it is being interpreted, but a time slot, which spans from the mid 1980’s to 2012, when people would reach an awakening about the Earth, Universe and Corrupt World Governments.( usa,uk, israel ) This is the same prophesies, which were uncovered 2 years ago in Timbuktu area of Africa .The Bush gave a speech to Africa, saying he was a God, Regan gave speeches about acting in the name of God and Obama spoke about performing miracles like Jesus by saying he can lower waters, still storms and on and on and on. People ate this up and this is the reason that the U.S., along with other countries, will not be in AFGHANISTAN for 100 years. The United States, is on the verge of collapse. How much us army are in denial and want to shout cliche Patriotic lingo, while waving an American flag…this country is spinning towards its expiration date. Thanks

  13. The World is comming to their natural proses of politics, every things have time to going to their ends.American war against Muslim World is be comming to end.Who controol the World in Futuer that NOT American, ITS Islamic World.The are PAKISTAN, IRAN, & GREAT AFGHANISTAN ( P. I. A.) controol the World very soon. ( INSHALLAH ).The ” ISLAMIC NEW WORLD ORDER ” is also on ” WAY.” The Murdering for OIL,& GAS pipeline is failed in Afghanistan. By the grace of GOD the ‘murdering ten muslims to kill one of the enemy’ dirty game be finshed. The 11/9 dirty games also be going to their ” ENDS.” The fighting is not salves the cause, as 10 years fight with USSR, 8 years with USA, UK, NATO, ISRAEL,CANADA, EUROP, AUST,ITLY,&so many other countries. The USSR, USA, UK, WORLZIONIST,WORL ANARCHIST, WORLD CHARUCH,FREEMASION are also failed in Afghanistan Pakistan, Iraq,Iran,Lbanan, Phlestein,Yemen &so on. Its by” GOD WISH “done. QUETTA is also not in their hands, ONS upan atime quetta was head quater of this enemies, alqeada,( Taget killing) taliban, cia, pentagone, ( Late Bugti) raw,world churach, ( suiside bomb) fbi, ( Amal Kansi)iucn, freemasionery,rigi,..THE ECONOMIC war crisis is gift for USA, UK, ISRAEL .IT TAKS LONG TIME. The SAME case LIKE IN 90’s happend in USSR .Maybe same case for USA, UK, & ISRAEL.IN AFGHANISTAN, now a days. They need” ONE MILLION “US Army.It taks 50 years, after that their is nothing for them. Its the END of these three counteries. THE JEWS are totally faild in the WORLD.”TID FOR TED”.. AMERICAN are not freedom, they work for jews, from PRSIDENT ( OBAMA ARE BUSH) to a PEOAN. Due to this American are feadup from Israeli’s. 1.Hezbullah, & 2. Hammas are the result of this case. GOD blees AMERIANs, not ISRAELI’s. GREAT GOD SAVE AFGHANISTAN. CAN AMERICAN’s SERVIVE IN THIS BED ECONOMIC CIRSIS? AMERICAN ‘s WANTS CONTROOL ALL THE WORLD, & ALSO SKY, MOON, STARS, WATERS. THE USA WANTS 250 COUNTERIS CONTROOL They cant control only “AFGHANISTAN.” It is anuaf for American’s army. (500 years wants to controol) THE” BARAVE AFGHAN’S”. ITS their foolishnees to fight with AFGHAN’s. Its NOT” IRAQ,” IT IS ” GREAT AFGHANISTAN, BARAVE AFGHANI’S.” They made by” STONE.” , The weapons of mass destruction against US on 45 minutes’ notice? WHAT”s HAPPEND .AMERICAN ARE FOOLISH.& JEWS ARE ALSO .THE AFGHANISTAN ,PAKISTAN & IRAQ ARE GRAVEYARD’s for them. THE NATO, CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, MI5, MI6, RAW, PENTAGONE, are totally faild. in AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, & IRAQ. The “DIRTY POLITICS” is going to their” ENDS.”( FIVE million killeds & FIFTEEN millions are Refuges). Who are responsable for them ? ONLY ISRAELI’s, not MUSLIM .THE 9/11 is also JEWS &” WORLD ZIONIST ” RESPONSABLE, not MUSLIM WORLD. Thank you very mutch. Bye Bye ” ISRAELI’s “.Its your END in 2011

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