BT Special: Pakistan’s Future & Islamic History

November 9, 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



  1. Walla Ul Azeem !!!! Mr Zaid you have really made me CRY…. This is what I always say to my mates that we inshALLAH will rule the whole world… the only thing we need to have is the leadership, Guidance thats it……… then Sky is the limit for us.

    God Bless Paksitam

    • ali bro…
      sky is the limit for others
      its the begining for us (UMMAH)


  2. sir really u have great mind very positive think for all muslim all pakistani q k apne btaya mausi gunah hai

  3. I salute Zaid Hamid for his truthfull vision and eloquence in speech – Great Job Sir !

  4. Sir Zaid hamid u made me cry when i heard ur this speech and may b thats when i realized that i love my so much………….Pakistan Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad………

  5. why dont u idiots just form a politcal party and win the election instead of just planning on the internet

    its a good start but u guys need to start the ball in removing the fuedals

    • sorry didnt mean to call u guys idiots

      you guys to a great job

      • Dont u think we’ve had enough political parties and divisions..its now time to unite cross parties and have just one Government – Khilafah style 😀

  6. Zaid Shahab’s speech is truly an eye opening for me and for all of us and I 100% believe on every word he says because truth goes straight into one’s heart if its pure and may Allah keep us all on the right side of the history.


  7. all i say is Allah o Akbar…
    we need to spread his brothers. upload it to the sites where most ppl can see it . jazakAllah. we need effective propagation n we r the sodiers in this war already at media front…. as important as battle front… as this is physical n psychological war…

  8. Assalamu alaikum,

    Nice blog, the content in this blog is very useful to the people who are looking out for islamic knowledge.

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