LHC Moved to Disarm US Diplomats and Marines

November 8, 2009

LAHORE, Pakistan, 7 November 2009 (The News) – The Lahore High Court [LHC] on Friday directed the [Pakistan] Interior Ministry [led by PPP corrupt traitor Abdur Rehman Malik and PPP corrupt traitor Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi] and the Inspector General Police [Syed Kaleem Imam], Islamabad, to file reply by November 20 [2009] on a petition seeking to disarm the U.S. diplomats, [American] marines and other [American, Canadian, Israeli, Indian, British, Dutch, Australian and European] officials in Pakistan, besides registration of criminal cases against those [terrorists, spies and imperialists] found involved in spying and other anti-state acts in violation of diplomatic codes and the [Pakistan] laws of the land, who were caught red-handed but [illegally] released on the pressure of the Interior Ministry.

The petitioner, Hashim Shaukat Khan, Punjab President of Pakistan Watan Party [PWP], through his counsel Barrister Zafarullah [Khan], cited several incidents when the U.S., Dutch and other foreigners were caught roaming in Islamabad and other cities [of Pakistan] armed with dangerous weapons and spying instruments, but were [unlawfully] released on the orders of the Interior Ministry without any legal action against them. In a few incidents, they even beat up Pakistani citizens and misbehaved with the people, he added.


He pointed out that 202 members of [American] Blackwater [Xe Services] had landed at Islamabad airport in a PIA flight but the Interior Minister [PPP puppet traitor Rehman Malik], on the American pressure, [illegally] let them go without going through the process of custom clearance. He said these [Blackwater-Xe] people should be charged with anti-terrorism and other [Pakistani and United Nations international] laws.



He said, even under the Constitution of Pakistan and Article 29 of the Vienna Convention 1961, the diplomats did not enjoy any immunity for criminal activities; rather they should be ousted from the country after declaring them persona-non-grata. He said the provision of security to all foreign diplomats is the responsibility of the Pakistan Government and no private foreign company [such as Xe Services (Blackwater USA) or DynCorp International] could do so.

He sought directions for the registration of criminal cases against all foreign nationals [including U.S. and Dutch government officials] who were apprehended with illegal weapons [in Pakistan]. He also requested that the list of all Americans and Dutch who are working in Pakistan, including workers of both the [U.S. and Netherlands] embassies and security staff, should be brought to the notice of the court.



  1. good work… lets support this kind of act which will lead to justice and believe me it will help long long way….

  2. blackwater terrorists c*nts

  3. disharm them all and put them on trial they are only there in pakistan to create chaos and instability

  4. I wonder how a provincial court can decide on a federal issue.Rahman Dacate might refuse to appear.

    It would have been better if this was moved in Islamabad High court(if it exists)or Supreme Court.

    True that Rahman Dacate Malik and others be punished for their actions,not by courts but by public demonstrations and electronic media.

    Our courts are nowadays staging dramas such as Sugar prices and issuing notices on catchy slogans.

  5. found this video-game on warrfare on karachii pakistan’s soil, showing that gundaas r doing rampage in karachii streets , its so alarming that somebody is making paksitan and its cities as wwarground, may Allah save us aameen

  6. I always find it difficult to determine whether Rehman Dacate is ours or us interior minister to Pakistan?if one follows his stance and steps taken in the previous few years the answer is very simple.PAKIS GET ON TO THE STREETS AGAINST THEM B4STREETS GET ON TO U………

  7. more then ever now we pakistani need to be united we have foreigners in our country namely americans by the the name of blackwater merceneries
    these merceneries are in pakistan by the tacid approval of the american goverment and also the corrupt goverment of ours who have been soled their
    mission is to distabilise pakistan create such chaos
    in effect create civil war between the different
    communities ie pathans punjabis balouch etc etc
    and then to remove the neuclear weapons
    to counter this threat we need to kick out these
    people as soon as possible without delay
    secondly we need to know whos comming in the country
    and whos going out through visas checks not let any
    one come through the back door
    thirdly we need to tell america once and for to stop the drone attacks on our soil killing our people
    and lastly we need to get rid of this goverment of zardari he has made our beautiful country a laughing stock of the world
    if need be let our army run the goverment for a few
    patriotic pakistani pakhtoon

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