US asks Pakistan to mediate with Taliban

November 7, 2009

As the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates, increasing numbers of reports say that Washington has urged Islamabad to mediate in direct talks with the Taliban.tal1

According to the reports, the US has asked Pakistan to pave the way for bringing Taliban elders to the table for one-on-one talks.

“In her recent visit to Pakistan… the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, met top political and military leadership of the country and ‘talks with the Taliban’ was on the top of her agenda”, a senior Pakistani official, who requested that his name be withheld, told Press TV’s Nasir Kazmi in Islamabad on Friday.

The move comes days after Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, gave a gloomy assessment of the security situation in Afghanistan, describing it as “serious and deteriorating”.

For the same purpose, US officials are also in contact with certain pro-Taliban religio-politcal leaders including Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-F (JUI-F) chief Moulana Fazullar Rehman and Sami-ul-Haq , as well as various tribal leaders based in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, according to a former Pakistani lawmaker, Washington is ready to spend large amounts of money to start talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Javed Ibrahim Paracha, a former member of Pakistan’s National Assembly said earlier in November that top US diplomats contacted him in 2005 and offered him a huge sum of money to broker the talks.

“US officials had offered me 500,000 dollars for mediating at that meeting. I refused the offer and asked the US officials to first gain permission from the government and corps commanders,” The Daily Times quoted Paracha, as saying.

At the same time, the UK has demanded that the international community — the United States, in particular — hold reconciliation talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan to establish peace in the country.

The US invaded Afghanistan more than eight years ago after 9/11 to allegedly arrest militant leaders and eradicate militancy form the country.

This has been the deadliest year for foreign troops in Afghanistan since the beginning of the war in 2001. At least 460 international soldiers have been killed there so far this year.



  1. Thats Good to have a dialogue and bring the talibans on the table but on whose bases by their “orders” no but it should be initiative of Pak Government and our Establishment not b/c u.s says
    but what is an assurance they can provide that they will not implant such wording that Pakistan surrendered to Taliban or Talibans are 60 miles away and such and such…thats good to differentiate b/w talibs and understand them!!!
    peacefully solve the situation!!

    • I think that there is a solution to the points you have raised.
      1. Destroy TTP in Pakistan.
      2. Establish the control of Govt everywhere.
      3. Establish complete security.
      4. Declare victory over these terrorists and prove it to the people of Pakistan.
      5. Maintain the above points for a while and then start talking about talking.

      I think this is the route that the Army will take. After all Imran Khan has to be disapponted as well 😉

  2. crusaders should leave afganistan and let the people of afganistan decide to whom they want in power.taliban or somebody else

  3. agay apni ukaat paay hahahha

  4. Well they can’t fight there forever. How many billions have they wasted because of their ill temper. Pakistan should have been brought on board years ago, it would have spared all stakeholders there a whole lot of headache.

  5. **************************************************

    An Army Carrying Black Banners will come from the East (Khurasan), no power will be able to stop and it wont stop till it conquers Jerusalem ! – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)(Tirmidhi)


    • with all respect the word khurasan is in this HADITH ? or only from east is the actual because according to ALLAMA IQBAL … PAKISTAN has to lead MUSLIMS and the ARMY should have to be PAK FORCES …its my opinion because his last visit was AFGHANISTAN in which he cautioned them …
      by the ways americans (super slaves) want to talk to TALIBAN (terrorist according to them) strange … now its TALIBAN’s turn they should declare americans terrorist and just say 1 sentence “leave Afghanistan or die”.

  6. assalamu alaykum:

    kindly someone convey my apologies to government and its top people.. i have been baselessly alleging them in discussions… its worthless burdening of own shoulders…


  7. **********************************************

    YOU must join the army which comes from Khurasan even if you have to crawl over ice!- Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


    • i have heard another version of this hadith – You must convey my regards to promised messiah if you have to crawl over ice.

      do u have any link for above hadith?

  8. This essay was written in late 18th century or early 19th century. it is amazing that how well it explains the present day mess in Pakistan because of “wrong interpretation of mullahs” of Jihad.

    >>…. However, it is regrettable that after the period of prophethood and khilafat (successorship) people began to make serious errors in their interpretation of jihad, the basis of which lies in the holy verse quoted above. As a result, to kill the creatures of God with the sword without good reason was considered a sign of religiosity.

    Here, we observe a strange coincidence in that while Christians fell into error concerning the rights of the Creator, Himself, Muslims did the same in relation to the rights of His servants. That is, in the Christian religion, a weak human being was elevated to the pedestal of Divinity thus doing violence to the rights of the Mighty, Self-subsisting God to Whom there is no likeness or resemblance in the heavens or the earth. On the other hand, Muslims, by their unwarranted use of the sword, violated the rights of the human race and gave this aberration the name of jihad.

    In short, Christians chose one path in the deprivation of rights, and Muslims another. And through this unfortunate coincidence of this age, both groups consider these two kinds of violation of rights so praiseworthy, that each group which is engrossed in either violation according to its creed, is convinced that through this they will go straight to heaven and that besides this path there is no greater means of entering Paradise. Nevertheless, although there is no sin more heinous than denying God His true position, yet here the intention is not to dwell on this frightful violation of God’s rights – a sin for which the Christian people are guilty. Instead, I wish to warn Muslims of their prevailing violation of the rights of mankind.

    One must remember that the manner in which the present-day Muslim leaders, who are called maulvis, interpret the concept of jihad and the manner in which they explain its meaning to the common people are completely wrong. The only possible result of this is that with their highly emotional sermons they may concentrate the wild passions of the masses into a beastly attribute and may deprive them of all the noble qualities of humanity. And this is exactly what has happened.

    I know for a fact that the extent to which innocent blood is shed by those simple-minded and egoistic people who are ignorant of the secret why and for what reason Muslims were forced into warfare in the early days of Islam, the sinfulness of such actions are solely the responsibility of those maulvis who go on secretly expounding those teachings which result in painful blood-letting.

    The irony is that when these maulvis meet present-day officials they bow so low as if they are on the verge of making prostration (sajdah) to them but when they sit in the mosques with their own people they obstinately insist that this country is a land of war (dar-ul-harb) and in their hearts they feel that to wage jihad is a compulsory duty. Indeed, there are few who do not share this man-made idea.

    These people hold so adamantly to their personal concept of jihad – a belief which is totally erroneous and contrary to the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Hadith – that if anyone is not of their view and dares to oppose it, then they give him the name of Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and he is thus considered as deserving of assassination.

    [ the propaganda of west about Islam is nothing new – they have been misinterpreting islam for centuries and the local maulvis and ignorant muslim fell prey to their “understanding of islam” ]

    …..Here, again, it is with deep regret that I am forced to write that just as on the one hand the ignorant maulvis have concealed the true meaning of jihad and have taught the common people all kinds of stratagems for plundering and murdering and have dignified these crimes with the name of jihad, so, too, on the other hand the Christian priests have engaged in the same deviation. They have published hundreds of thousands of booklets and pamphlets in Urdu, Pushto and other languages in which they have propagated the false belief throughout India and the North West Frontier Province that Islam was spread at the point of the sword and that another name for Islam is warfare. The result was that the beastly passions of the masses was further inflamed for they now had two pieces of justification, one from the maulvis and the other the testimony of the Christian priests.

    In my opinion, our benevolent government should prohibit the Christian priests from spreading this dangerous calumny which can only result in enmity and hostility in the land. It is not possible for them to cause Muslims to give up the religion of Islam by means of these erroneous imputations. In fact, the only consequence of this false teaching is to keep the concept of jihad always fresh in their minds and to wake them up from their sleep.

    The British Government and Jihad:
    by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib of Qadian

  9. @PKKH,

    On your fora,first we were flooded with rat eating,cow-piss drinking Hindus,and now we have British and Hindu supported Qadianis sneaking into your blogs.

    Bhutto had rightly declared them Kafir,based on the judgement in a case against them in South Africa.OIC has also declared them so.

    • >>On your fora,first we were flooded with rat eating,cow-piss drinking Hindus,and now we have British and Hindu supported Qadianis sneaking into your blogs.

      restrain your hatred, if u had bothered to read the content of the post, it might have dawned on you that “blind hatred” against anyone is the real issue of Pakistan which was and is exploited by enemies.

      @ PKKH

      let not anyone discredit others because of their ignorance and blind hatred for others.

      >>Bhutto had rightly declared them Kafir,based on the judgement in a case against them in South Africa.OIC has also declared them so.

      Bhutto was the prophet appointed by Allah to judge on His behalf who is a muslim and who is not?

  10. @Amna as you seem educated well enough so i suggest you to do some study on Qadianies that y ppl hate them because I have listen the so called speeches of your mullahs n found it very odd.

    As far as this post is concern my personal assessment is that now western powers have already launched the bloody campaign against us with the help of puppet government in Islamabad for safe heaven of so called Taliban in Pakistan and after making such deal they will show the world being very civilized society and wage the war in our homeland.

    • >>as you seem educated well enough so i suggest you to do some study on Qadianies that y ppl hate them because I have listen the so called speeches of your mullahs n found it very odd.

      I am not one of them who hates them. I am one of them who has benefited a great deal from their work on Islam. If i have some sense of Islam then its credit goes to them. otherwise i would be as ignorant about it as rest of Pakistanis.

      blind opposition or hatred is way of ignorant and dumb people.

      you better read the complete essay and then relate it with present day chaos in NWFP and afghanistan. it was written more than 100 years before.

      Islamic jihad does not make anyone barbarian – it does not give anyone any excuse to justify “suicide bombing”.

      interestingly the western propaganda of islam and mullah’s Islam are same.

      I reject both.

      • @Amna

        Classic ….well done Amna..reject both :)…keep it coming

  11. In ka kam he ya hai

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