And Now Pakistan Sovereignty Act 2009

November 7, 2009

Ahmed Quraishi | The News International

Once passed, the President of Pakistan will have to certify in January of every year that his government has not entered into any understandings with foreign governments that violate national interest including, among other things, permitting them to interfere in appointments and promotions inside the Pakistani armed forces.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—In an apparent tit for tat to the Kerry-Lugar Act, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Wasim Sajjad has submitted a bill in the upper house, mandating annual presidential certification to parliament to preserve, protect and assert the sovereignty and honor of Pakistan.

“There are many forces, both inside and outside the country, bent on weakening the defence of Pakistan, thereby endangering its sovereignty and integrity,” Wasim Sajjad said in a statement of objects and reasons of the bill to be called the “Pakistan Sovereignty Act 2009”, a copy of which was exclusively provided to The News.  It said a vulnerable economic situation was being used to force Pakistan into taking steps that were not in the national interest, and it was therefore necessary to enact this law.

The brief bill reads:

“Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any law and treaty, and undertakings or conditionalities agreed with any foreign country, the president of Pakistan shall certify in January each year on behalf of the government of Pakistan to each house of parliament that the sovereignty and honor of Pakistan have not been compromised in any manner whatsoever; that no compromise has been made on security or effectiveness of the nuclear program of Pakistan; that no understanding has been reached with any foreign country for interference in the change of command or promotions in the armed forces or in the structure or role of the security forces of Pakistan; and that no conditionalities have been accepted from any source to weaken the defense of Pakistan against foreign aggressions.”

While talking to this correspondent, Wasim Sajjad believed no parliamentary party would oppose or object to the bill because it dealt with an important non-controversial issue, which was of concern to every citizen of Pakistan. He hoped the ruling coalition parties would support this bill because there were no two opinions on protecting the sovereignty of Pakistan.

He said the Kerry-Lugar Act raised many concerns and caused serious worries in almost all civil and military circles. He said to deal with these misgivings and qualms it was necessary to provide a legal statute wherein the president of Pakistan was bound to give to parliament an annual certification.

Wasim Sajjad said this would be something new in Pakistan, but such requirements were in place in many countries, especially the US, where the Congress was informed about all measures and policies decided by the US administration.

It appears the Pakistan Sovereignty Act was drafted keeping in view the harsh provisions of the Kerry-Lugar Act, which were interpreted in Pakistan as something meant to hit the country hard. Almost all the matters on which this proposed law seeks presidential certification were covered directly or indirectly in the Kerry-Lugar Act.

This report was published by The News International.  It is reproduced here under the universal fair use understanding for noncommercial purposes.



  1. The media agents of the Pakistani Army and the ISI are misguiding and confusing Pakistani people.

    How many years was Pakistan ruled by elected Govt., was it not the Military dictators for most of the last sixtey years …… ?

    More over, the political parties and elected Govt. in Pakistan never had the real power to decide Foreign policy, where the men in uniform always called the shots.

    It is the Army and the ISI, that always had the closest of relations with the Americans, and they do even today ………. !

    • To Neel123,
      Brother I agree that most of the time Army ruled, but being neutral what have we achieved when civil govt was in place. Liaqat Ali Khan himself was Pro-American. Could not give us constitution nor Kashmir as he signed the seize fire when we almost had Srinagar.

      Bhutto’s unwillingness cost us east Pakistan. Benazir govt down with corruption then Nawaz and then Benazir and then Nawaz again. If you proud of this kind of Govt then I would rather live abroad than living under such corrupt rulers. All these politicians that we see have safe houses in west and guess what the house in edgware road where Bibi used to stay belongs to Rehman Malik. A her palace is in Surray. Saudis not buying our tanks because mr. 10%. We are not buying German submarines but french which is another corrupt decision. We are buying F16 rather than the best grippin from Sweden for less is another political decision.

      Be fare when it comes to army. How many generals do you know that has retired and have propterties in west and bank balances in swiss and western banks. But how many politicians are crooking this motherland of ours..

    • Mate…why is it i find you on almost every article written for Pakistanis by Pakistanis.. And somehow you are there to comment… like why? as in are you invisted mate? or are you a part of anti Pakistan propaganda who has to make sure to say somthing against Pakistan..are you an armchair analyst? or just an asshole who has to say somthing?

      Btw…I love onething of yours..and thanks for that… Atleast it shows your are reading abt the Pakistan (even if u r paid to) all the time.. You just hate Pakistan with a vangence innit? lol

  2. This is a good response to Kerry-Lugar bill as it forces the government of the day to submit to the parliament what agreements and policies they have signed and agreed related to Pakistan and its sovereignty. Without this bill, if Zardari and Gillani signs any agreement against Pakistan’s interest, they can’t be held liable. A good piece of legislation but they should also come up with modalities of implementation of this bill once approved. If any party votes against it, should be considered as Anti-Pakistan.

  3. Neel123,

    Go and seek the adice from a psychiatrist.Your sickness is un-diagnosed.


    Jaldi say is blog say 123 hoja,warna koi dekh lega to badi pitaee hogee.

    • hahahahaha
      yeh baighairat mangte bhe pitai hain
      they deserve it…..
      @neel … beta wait some time and we will pay you what indians are giving to us but with proffffffit

      • not with profit but with interest to neel’s brahmin india.

      • sorry
        poor englihs
        not profit its interest

  4. Very smart move by Waseem Sajjad.It should be President and the whole government.

  5. mind your own business neel !!
    army ISI or democracy whatever is in the my country, its our problem dont poke ur nose into our affairs.
    its a good bill for Pakistan…
    God bless Islam and Pakistan..

  6. I would rather have a strong and nationalist military govt than having a corrupt govt like the one we have now. The mainstream is even saying that the govt is involved in some of the atrocities committed to avoid confrontation from the public. Fingers pointing zardari at the moment for being incompetent. There is no opposition, there is no Govt. Every thing is discussed in Dubai, London or Washington. Islamabad makes no decisions……Is this the kind of civil Govt we want… I would rather stand with the forces…

    • With u mate…

      Kabhi Dakoo atey hen kabhi Chor… its better to have one institution we all have faith in…

  7. The President of Pakistan is being held responsible for country’s sovereignty and will be committed/answerable each year in January for not involving with any govts which are accused of violating international interests, as well as be answerable for weakening country’s defense if found guilty of it. But stopping of country’s national wealth being thrown abroad has not been covered in the bill. This must be an essential part of the bill as Pakistan’s economy is being crushed totally by this step. Fake inflation, no jobs, injustice & corruption are being enforced upon Pakistan by this step later on leading to documents like Kerry Lugar Bill playing a visible role in destroying Pakistan in all fields of life. Pakistan has its own sources to utilize and why should we depend on other countries for the sources we own. Its as essential a part of our sovereignty as hands are a part of our body.

  8. Pakistan should be under permanent military rule.. All Corrupt Politicians should be thrown in the sea to be eaten by hungry sharks..

    Allah Bless Pakistan.

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