India as Global Military Superpower?

November 6, 2009
Experts Call it ‘Dreamy Yearning’

“Weak internal security; corruption and inefficiency, ill equipped and under-paid armed and police force,
bureaucratic red tape, outdated laws 
are few reasons why India cannot,” Sahni said. Reacting to SSI’s claim that India’s defence establishment was 
undergoing an unprecedented transformation, Indian experts countered that it was far from being true.

“India takes decades to buy ultra modern defence equipment, even though it doesn’t shy away from signing defence deals all over. The aircrafts which were inducted in the Indian Air Force two decades ago are still no where to be seen,” he said.

Ravi S Jha

NEW DELHI — India’s top strategic experts have scoffed at the idea of the country emerging as a ‘military global super power’.

With India and the United States strongly demonstrating that New Delhi is moving from an era of ‘non-alignment’ to ‘poly-alignment’, and by doing so it is growing from a regional military power to a global power, the Indian defence experts said on Thursday they are far from being convinced.

A top US military think-tank has implied that India’s rise as a regional and future global military power now seems certain. Brian Hedrick of Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) of US Army Department of Defence in a paper “India’s Strategic Defence Transformation: Expanding Global Relationship” has suggested that India is bound to become a global military super power.

But India’s independent strategists aren’t buying this conjecture. They 
suggest that such a discourse is just
eyewash. “It’s a dreamy yearning for India to even think that it will be a 
military super power anytime soon,” said Ajai Sahni, director, Centre for Conflict Studies.

“Weak internal security; corruption and inefficiency, ill equipped and under-paid armed and police force,
bureaucratic red tape, outdated laws 
are few reasons why India cannot,” Sahni said. Reacting to SSI’s claim that India’s defence establishment was 
undergoing an unprecedented transformation, Indian experts countered that it was far from being true.

“India takes decades to buy ultra modern defence equipment, even though it doesn’t shy away from signing defence deals all over. The aircrafts which were inducted in the Indian Air Force two decades ago are still no where to be seen,” he said.

Commenting on SSI director 
Douglas Lovelace’s widely published views on India rapidly modernising its military, and seeking strategic partnerships with the US and other nations, ‘with an aim to expand its influence 
in the Indian Ocean and beyond’, 
Indian experts suggested that this is a mere sweet talk, while the US had allowed to fund billions of dollars, and free military aid to Pakistan.

India has increased the number of countries with which it has defence-specific agreements from seven to 26 by the end of 2008. Also undenyingly India has conducted more joint military exercises with the US than with any other country, and the recent series of joint military exercises have now become an annual affair.

But there is a growing concern in India about the substantial increase in US military and economic aid to Pakistan. “There are concerns that these military equipment and funds are being diverted by Pakistan for anti-India purposes,” said former Indian high commissioner to Pakistan, G Parthasarthy. “If India is really emerging a global super power then why isn’t the US addressing India’s concerns on this,” he asked.

Although he agreed that India and the US have forged institutional mechanisms for counter terrorism cooperation after the establishment of the US-India Counter-terrorism Joint Working Group, Parthasarthy added the Kerry-Lugar bill passed by the US Senate tripling non-military aid to Pakistan to $1.5 billion per annum for the next five years shows why Washington needs to be explicit in its views.

Reacting to comments made by Hedrick, who is a military advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia at the US State Department, saying that India’s interests have changed over the past decade or more towards attaining the global super power status, the strategic experts pointed out that India will have to stop living in its own imaginary world.

India’s military strategy is entirely made up of Pakistan or China’s counter strategies. India’s military power boasts of offensive, broad front, and highly lethal strategies vis-à-vis China or Pakistan’s counter strategy which is based on comprising war avoidance, counter offensive etc. “Beyond this, India isn’t really global,” said former deputy chief of the army staff Satish Nambiar.

Another veteran Brahma Chellaney, who teaches strategic studies at Centre for Policy Studies, said it is too early to state that India would be a global military power. “India-US strategic partnership appears to be moving towards a higher trajectory. This doesn’t mean India is achieving globally what it should have first achieved regionally,” he said.

India and the US co-operation have been growing in the areas of defence, economy, energy, technology and innovation. “The shared value of democracy has consolidated mutual understanding and partnership with US. The possibility of nuclear use in South Asia increases with the increase in threat to vital interests. There are too many priorities, and India should first address them,” he said.

Tejas: India’s continued embarrassment



  1. Very funny article, pakistan is the sole military power in this world!!

  2. LOL LOL

    What a Bunch of Losers are these cow rear lovers. The real power of south asia are the same people who ruled south asia for 1000 years and were here for many more years before that !

    The Mughal Empire was the source of our Past Power . Can everyone feel the Rising Khurasan Empire 😀

    Long Live The Khurasan Empire !

    • @ Emperor.Babur’s ass hole,
      It is idiots like you, that dream of Islamic rule over non-muslims, which is the reason the whole world look at muslims as nothing but terrorists.

      It is now muslims killing muslims. So, let your dreams take a break !

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  3. If anything, it’s heartening to see the few folks there with a clear view on reality instead of Bollywood trends. Like China would ever allow India to get that far unchallenged lol. Indian loudmouths can only dictate their smaller neighbours. They can never contain neither Chinese nor Pakistani military and they know it.

    Here’s the logic behind their military superiority: after getting battered after pursuing only quantity, they went on pumping money in quality as well. They think they’re done now.

    • @ AAKhan,
      No big thing can happen unless there is introspection, self criticism and objective analysis of the reality.

      Indian society allows that to happen all the time.

      Did you have anyone in Pakistan in the last six decades, who had the balls to question the policies of the Army and the ISI, of using terrorists as instrument of Foreign policy ?

      Indians are in no rush to see India as the next great power. We never did it at the time of King Ashoka, we do not do it even today.

      However, you Pakistanis will see a lot happening in the years ahead.

      • lol… buhut zyada neel par gaye hein, kuch dimagh per bhi lagen hein.
        “Indian society allows that to happen all the time. ”

        hahahaha, this is the best one so far.. loll

      • https://pakistankakhudahafiz.wordpress.com/2009/11/05/muslims-told-to-get-out-of-secular-india/

        here this requires your “introspection” and “self criticism”

      • You surprised me with your calm reaction Neel.

        Anyway, yes, we have plenty of people who are critical of/have criticized ISI/Army. I am not going to hunt for links as there is plenty of information on that available, you just didn’t look it up. Benazir for instance has been blaming ISI for the murder of her brother while all of Pakistan knows it was her own husband who did it. Just an example.

        I am not just saying what I said based on what your country’s media keeps reporting but also on my interaction with a whole lot of Indians. Based on that, I very rarely sensed a true sort of self criticism.

        Gotta go talk to ya later!!

      • i read it correctly , the question is: do you have the balls to speak against the thackerays? not enough self criticism going around after all eh?

      • @ neel123

        Here guys ..lets see what this Indian society of neel123 allows to happen


        Brilliant and shining india…Isnt it ? 😀

  4. @ imtiazipakistan,
    Read it correctly, it is not about all muslims, but only the traitors that have their hearts in Pakistan.

    Leaving a small minority, muslims in India are as patriotic as the Hindus.

    And given an option to migrate to Pakistan, or the Sharia rule, none of them will like to use those options and lose the freedom they enjoy.

    Get it ……… ?

    • i read it correctly , the question is: do you have the balls to speak against the thackerays? not enough self criticism going around in India after all eh?

  5. Dear readers

    Many of you may look at the current internal situation of Pakistan, the weakness of its government, the corruption with is drived into the blood of Pakistan, but the reality is that Pakistan is the rising power, and rising power is in its blood.

    The Mugal Empire ruled over the Hindu (or Non-Muslims) for over 1000 years, the percentage of Muslim compared to Non-Muslims was literally less than 3%, yet the Muslims had the power to rule for over 1000 years. India today is remember for everything that is created by Muslims (Mughals). The rise of power is in the blood of Muslims.

    If the Muslims wanted to eliminate the Hindu’s or the Non-Muslims then what better time could it have been while they were under the Muslim rule, however this was never the case. Hindu’s have themselves decided to provoke Muslims, ever since Pakistan was 2 months old, firstly by dumping its share of military hardware in the sea once the partition lines had been drawn, and secondly by holding the fund to pakistan which was rightly allocated during the partition, dispite this the Muslims have given the Hindu’s in India a strong reply to what ever attack that was initiated.

    Be aware, Muslim rise to power and take over India is going to happen, whether it is today or tomrorow. This is not a theory but a fact, fact known to all in their religious scriptures whether it be Muslims or non-Muslims.

    • @ sal

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      When these 700 birds come to rock ur ass…you’ll feel the RoaR of the Mughal’s Once Again 😀

      Long Live Khurasan Empire !!! 😀 😀

      • Kindly keep such info accurate and to the point. This first aircraft is Pakistani assembled. Full production of all components – though relatively speaking very soon – will initiate over time, but we’re not there yet.

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    • lol.. is this the same media, that reported everything is fine just before the crash of 2008? And is this the same media, that is still continuing their lies about a recovery? If it is then we want nothing from it, you can use it to help youreself sleep at night.


      • Don’t bother, some people tend to define ‘the world’ as a bunch of URL’s stacked up in their bookmarks, ready to serve ‘them Pakis’ whenever some brain activity becomes necessary in a discussion. I’ve criticized this convenient debate tactic on this site plenty of times to our Indian friends but to no avail. It’s best not to respond to this BS. Surely we can also create our own ‘world’ in such a debate which depicts the exact opposite 😉 If you know what I mean.

      • @ AAKhan

        what r u talking about? we indians dont make websites glorifying ourselves like pakistankakhudahafiz.com. nor do we make websites to defame pakistan. who is doing the BS?

      • @sal

        Oh come on Sal…what does your main stream media (owned by relatives of politicians) do except glorifying itself and blaming every $h!t on your neighboring countries.

      • @ IM

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      • @Sal/Nikhil

        You want example?? just turn on to any of your channel.

      • @ Sal:

        Stick to the point. I’m talking about crashing in URLs as a substitute to defending your own arguments and nothing else.

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        sal is my counter-strike name. (obsessed with it!). you still havnt answered my question.

      • @ IM.

        i dint see anything like u said.

        on the other hand do u know how screwd ur media is? see what a frech lady had to say.

      • @ Sal:

        Ain’t that convenient. Without saying anything about my reply to your initial post, you return to demanding an answer to your secondary question. ‘Whos doing the BS’ can only extract a subjective POV i.e. it’ll keep your word against mine, thus add nothing to the discussion.

        Returning to the subject: I don’t have any specific admiration for neither Pakistani nor Indian media but your article about Pakistani media is over 7 years old!!! I don’t know what you’ve been doing all that time but the media has changed in a big way since then. Also, who in the world cares about what some ‘French lady’ has to say??? Another classic example of avoiding discussion by smashing in links. I’m really curious to find out what you’re able to say from your own critical point of view on Pakistani media. Feel free to serve us a genuine indepth perspective.

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  7. For all these years since independence the Pakistani military has managed to keep its people under an evil illusion – feeding them dogmatic morsels of anti-India propaganda,only to serve its own supremacist interests.Spreading canards abouts Indians – and Hindus has been a pet favourite – conveniently forgetting that Pakistani military has not won a single war with the so called ‘Hindu ‘India.It has only suffered reverses – 1971,1965,Siachien,Kargil and now the proxy war in Kashmir.The truth is that Pakistan is failing because of the extremist component in its Army – which has emptied up all its coffers and carved a strategy which was bound to fail.The Pakistani Army top brass has become an oligarchy in itself – impossible to reign in domestically.From Yahya to Gen Zia to Musharraf – all military rulers have ruined the identity of Pakistan.If only Pakistan could have become what its founding father wanted it to become – a liberal state with Muslim majority – and not a Islamic theocracy which Zia almost made it – the fate of the Indian subcontinent would have been very different.The Pak Army created the Taliban – hand in glove with America – and now is fighting the same monster for its survival.Americans continue to use Pakistan like a condom and Pakistanis cannot do anything but to accept their fate.Pakistani Army propaganda machine paints India as a ‘anti-Islamic’ country,forgetting that there are more Muslims in India than the whole of Pakistan.India has prominent Muslims in every walk of life – there have been two Muslim Presidents so far.India’s present Vice President is a Muslim.India’s top businessman and internationally recognised IT czar – Azim Premji also belongs to the faith.The point is that india continues to move on a constitutionally defined liberal path – secular,socialist and democratic.India has its many flaws but overall there is lots of optimism about the country.Pakistan is nowhere there – it remains tied up in its own contradictions.Unless Pakistanis see who their real enemy is – there is little hope of their country.The real enemy continues to play the Great Game,preferring to keep Pakistan as a pawn in the game.Pakistanis cannot see beyond India – some like to derive childlike pleasure in deriding small issues ,forgetting that this has no consequence for the future of their country.Pakistan needs to grow up and spit its venom of jealosy somewhere else – the foreigners continue to use Pakistan as a ‘nautch girl’ – dancing to their too familiar tunes.The country lives on doles – its ex-President is on the run.He cannot come back to the country after brandishing himself for 8 years as the saviour of Pakistan.The so called ‘father’ of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb lives under house arrest!The biggest misfortune is that Muslims have become Pakistan’s existential enemies – who are Taliban after all?The Punjabi terrorists,created by Pak Army have turned on to their masters.Pakistan has a crisis going on in every sphere of life – electricity,agriculture,economy,security and education.Extremists have gained upperhand over pragmatists and moderates.People like Zaid Hamid and Ahmaid Quereshi continue to poison young minds with anti-India propaganda.The saner lot of Pakistanis need to counter these merchants of hate and tell their folks that Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony for many years and the two-nation theory is a faulty theory.Today very few people bother about religion – they are worried about rozi-roti,bijli,pani,sadak.So wake up – face the real enemy and end the evil cycle of hatred.Religion alone is not going to take you anywhere in life.Pakistanis can never remove India from themselves because they came from there – they like Indian Bollywood movies (where Muslim stars rule),their favourite singers are Lata,Asha,Mohammad Rafi and Kishore.They secretly admire Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni and they prefer to call themselves ‘Indians’ abroad(in the West)- so scared they are of retribution if described as Pakistani.’Paki’ has become a word of ridicule in the UK.All this has happened because the Army-extremist machine has created a distorted image of Pakistan internationally.So its high time the Pakistanis stopped listening to their Army-extremist propganda and started listening to their own conscience.Misconcieved ideas like we ruled India for 1000 years should be sent to the dustbin of history because that is not important for Pakistan’s survival.What is important is to make peace with India and fight the common enemy of extremism and fundamentalism.All the best to the Pakistan Army in fighting their self-created brothers in arms in Waziristan!

    • yogi bhai, aap yoga karen. aur yeh anti pakistan sites se copy paste karna choor den, shayd yoga se aap ka dimagh khul jaye, aur aap kee sooch clear hojaye.

      • @ sal

        I had a sight of all the weblinks u posted, I am not commenting again on the topic which you guyz were discussin. I have a my own view of the observation. India IS with no doubt becoming a powerful country in the reagon, its relationship with US, Israil and Russia is becomming more and more strong with the passiage of time. and thus it will more become powerful in the future. On the other hand Pakistan will fall more in the near future and probably it may loose some of its area as well. Proceeding from 1947 the think tanks started from stopping russia to control the arabian sea and the Indian Ocean, resulted in the formation of Pakintan. When that task was achieve from using paki army, Pak became a nuclear power, on the other hand China went a way that it started controlling the world’s consumable items. Tanks started supporting India inorder to oppose China from becomming a global power. Now instead of one task tanks had t…….. Now when India became stronges two missions firstly to isolate ak from nuclear wepons and then secondly India China war. Why US is so down to provide any kind of wepons to India? why RAW and MOSAD have started working togather? What is the purpose of indian ambassies in Afganistan at pak-afghan border? There is always a purpose behind an action and I think it is not only pak the whole region is on the phase of a real big war A world war III. Comparatively more desastrious…..

      • @ ahad.

        you are going outside reality. stop your thought train

  8. Rising and shining and dumping India 😀

    Poverty Graph

    According to WFP, India accounts around 50% of the world’s hungry. (more than in the whole of Africa) and its fiscal deficit is one of the highest in the world. India’s Global Hunger Index (GHI) score is 23.7, a rank of 66th out of 88 countries. India’s rating is slightly above Bangladesh but below all other South Asian nations and listed under “ALARMING” category

    The Current Account Balance of India

    “A major area of vulnerability for us is the high consolidated public-debt to GDP ratio of over 70 percent … (and) consolidated fiscal deficit,” says the Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Mr. Yaga Venugopal Reddy.


    According to CIA world fact book, the Current account balance of India is -37,510,000,000 (minus) while China is the wealthiest country in the world with $ 426,100,000,000 (Plus) . India listed as 182 and China as no.1

    Human Development Index

    The Human Development Report for 2009 released by the UNDP ranked India 134 out of 182 countries, working it out through measures of life expectancy, education and income. India has an emigration rate of 0.8%. The major continent of destination for migrants from India is Asia with 72.0% of emigrants living there. The report found that India’s GDP per capita (purchasing power parity) is $2,753, far below Malaysia’s $13,518

    Chew on this SUPER Crap ! 😀 😀 😀

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  9. Emperor Babur can you please produce comparative data about Pakistan?Thanks!

    • @ Yogi

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      Happy Digging 😀

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    You see brother SAL comes from a very special place and they have some really special rituals …:D

    like marrying of his sister to afrog and taken a bath in cow piss

    But lets not miss the special moments of SAL’s life …lol lol …lol

    Here i just found his wedding PICTURE …hahahhahahahha


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  14. […] India as Global Military Superpower? […]

  15. @sal,
    take my advice, shut up once you get owned. Otherwise you ‘ll just make a bigger fool out of yourself. If that is what you want, by all means continue! 🙂

  16. i just read the title


  17. […] India as Global Military Superpower? « Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz 6 Nov 2009 … “If India is really emerging a global super power then why isn’t the US … The possibility of nuclear use in South Asia increases with the … pakistankakhudahafiz.wordpress.com/…/india-as-global-military-superpower/ – Cached – […]

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