President-Army row over KLB persists

November 4, 2009

zardari_kayani313ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has apparently reconciled to the idea that the Kerry-Lugar Bill (KLB) – now an Act after it was signed by US President Obama – may be defeated in parliament, once it is brought back for a vote.

It is expected that the government will not oppose any resolution against the KLB in parliament. President Zardari is mentally ready for accepting another defeat, it is learnt on good authority.

If that happens soon, it will be another defeat for the beleaguered president who now has the choice to remain in the Presidency as another Rafiq Tarar or Fazal Ilahi, or quit and go on with his life.

The president may have avoided a showdown by accepting defeat on the infamous NRO but his differences with the army’s high command on the KLB are still unresolved. He tried his level best in the last session of the National Assembly to create a majority in support of KLB but failed.

Prime Minister Gilani also announced that he will accept Parliament’s decision on the KLB but when the PML-N and PML-Q decided to table a resolution against KLB in both the houses of Parliament, the session was prorogued.

Some in the government pointed out that the Kerry-Lugar Bill had remained under discussion in the media for many weeks, so why did the army expressed concerns over this controversial bill on October 7.

Detailed investigation by this scribe revealed that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had informed the federal government about their objections to the KLB in early July 2009. The ISI DG wrote a detailed letter to the prime minister and informed him that the bill had objectionable language about Pakistan Army. He also stated that the main target of the KLB was the nuclear programme of Pakistan and the government should not accept any conditionality targeting the nuclear security of Pakistan.

The prime minister sent a copy of the said letter to the president and another to the Pakistani mission in Washington DC through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Pakistani mission in Washington DC gave a detailed response on the objections raised by the ISI DG on August 11, 2009 and assured the government that it will try its best to safeguard national interests.

Next day on August 12, the mission sent an advance copy of the KLB to the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad and the objections raised by the ISI DG were still present in the draft. The army waited for another month. The consolidated text of KLB was sent by the Pakistani mission on September 14, 2009. It repeatedly claimed in its assessments that Ambassador Husain Haqqani had tried his level best to safeguard national interest but not a single objection raised by the ISI DG was removed from the bill till the end of September 2009. The army came out with a press release on the KLB on October 7.

Top US officials have claimed in private conversations with this scribe that Ambassador Haqqani never informed the US Congress or the State Department about the objections of Pakistan Army on the KLB.

On the other hand, Ambassador Haqqani has denied this claim and said that the State Department and the GHQ in Rawalpindi were fully in the picture. He said that COAS General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani met Senator John Kerry personally on February 26, 2009 and the Pakistan Army was aware of the thinking in US Congress about the bill.

US officials have also noticed the absence of Ambassador Haqqani during the recent visit of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Pakistan. Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani recently supported Kerry-Lugar Bill through a cabinet decision but after the defeat of NRO, the opposition parties have once again decided to initiate a new debate on KLB in the ongoing session of the National Assembly.



  1. Kick out zardari and co. from pakistan.

  2. zardarii will be sooon kick off from pakistan.INSHALLA

    • not kicked off … hanged soon INSHALLAH

  3. Yes.Zardari should be kicked off,hanged or whatever.
    But not by the Military.There are political avenues available.

    1)Impeachment on mental grounds.His old MEDICAL reports be brought in Public.

    2)The real will of BB be made public.Naheed Khan might have it.

    3)NRO sword is hanging.

    4)Mumtaz Bhutto is after his life.

    But,is it the solution? Before,on many occassions,the political parties combined on one single agenda.When achieved,all parties dis-integrated and left the nation in turmoil

    If the alternate is Badmash Sharif,God save Pakistan.iT WILL BE:


    • I agree 99.99%
      but wish to see theme hanging…
      all the politicians…
      but first the mony and the resources they loted from pakistan should be brought back to Pakistan.
      they make Pakistan people suffer so they must be punished that no other person could even think for curruption or to be a traitor like zardari and co. and our politicians are….
      ALLAH Pakistan ka Hafiz…..

  4. zardari k sath woh kam hoga k ya 100 koray (lashes) khao ya 100 piaz (onion), or ye sala 100 koray bhee kha le ga or 100 piaz bhee…is k sath bohat buri hogi inshallah

    • Insha-ALLAH
      very good comment
      like it


  6. huang him in Islamabad, so the world get the loud and clear message that Pakistanis are sick and tired of Munafiqeen.

  7. I hope wish and pray, Pakistan rids itself of the menace of AAZ!

    Gen Kiyani and the Pak Army has gained tremendous respect for the way they have conducted themsleves during operations and behind the scnes in the capital. May Allah protect our barve forces.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  8. Zardari shud be dimissed. If PPP is not ready to dismiss him then the whole party shud be removed. If no other leader is there than better the army do its old nasty job.

  9. We had to hang ths Zardari and Co at any cost…..
    Only after that other politicians wud learn a lesson

  10. Removing these criminals from the office is not enough. They should be made to bring all their looted wealth back to Pakistan and then hanged till death.

  11. im with my pak army.GOD bless her from enemies.bloody bastard zardari just go to hell there is no place 4 u in pakistan.PAKISTAN KI JAAN CHOR DO.kutta kamina

  12. Halbrooke has correctly interpreted, that those in Pakistan opposed to the KLB, either wish to see the elected Govt to fail, or are the supporters of the Taliban.

    The Pakistani Army, clearly falls into the later category.

    • @ neel123

      what category does the indian coward force fall into which runs like mice in air infront of the pakistani airforce ? …. 😀 😀

      • @ Sher.Ali,
        Read history(not history by Zaid Hamid) and learn about 1971 war, when 97,000 Pakistani armymen were made to shine shoes of their Indian counter part, before they were allowed to go back to Pakistan alive … !

      • @neel

        Everyone knew that the present government will be a failure well before they came into power!

        We don’t need Holbrooke or any other foreigner (including u) to tell us what is best for our country! Not just the army, the people of Pakistan and even the opposition parties are against the KL bill, we don’t need it, they can keep there money for there own people!

        BTW a non-political Pakistan businessman has said he can bring in more money than what the US is giving and the government should not take the money! The businessman is even planning to buy a foreign bank!

      • @ neel123

        Are you blind ?

        I asked u a CURRENT question, not a historical one .. Why did ur coward airforce run away like rodents after the mumbai attacks ?? …LOL


        Take that cow cock out of your mouth and then answer please ..lol lol

  13. Kerry Lugar is nothing short of colonisation through the front door

  14. Get rid off these PPP and Nawaz criminals and bring their looted wealth back to pakistan and then send the bandwagon of these dakoos to their masters where they can make their society corrupt. They have committed unforgivable acts against pakistan specially NAWAZ by dashing to US at the time of Kargil and deceiving pakistani people by unprecedent corruption which he legalised through his SRO’s as mentioned by Talaat Hussain in OFF THE RECORD.

  15. @neel123

    nawaz is waaaaay better then Zardari. neel123, india is not a super power china is, in 1971 u used ghadar bangladesh, but alone you can never defeat Pakistan. Kashmir will b Pak, ur airforce is weak, shit missile technology, your country will be in ruins, any Islamic movement will destroy u, Afghan can never be ur friend, and never forget you have 160m Muslim in india, who will save you, bangladesh? China?death surrounds hindus, India will be under Pak, all muslim

  16. Guyz right now only two political parties are fit for PAkistan:
    1.Pakistan Tehreeq-e-Insaaf(Imran Khan)

    Rest are all puppets of USA(including Nawaz and Q leagues)…

    • MQM??? 4 GOD SAKE YAR… wo zulm kar k vote laity hain bhata khooor..

    • give me a break yaar. Mushy/zardari/altaf are same.

      • why not MQM? Nawaz had two chances PPP had 3 why MQM can have 1 chance ??? you guys r still living in a feudal times …the only part who supports and encourage middle class educated people is MQM .regardless of financial issues or any lands I think MQM should have 1 go at-least .
        Imran Khan is corrupt as well and no wonder he never got more then 1 seat.He is wanted IN US and he was a playboy and married to a Jew woman and then after divorce she committed adultery with Hugh grant and her pics of bikini and stuff was published in all English papers.

        So please grow up now and stop being racist,Every party in pakistan has a dark past every 1 and i mean every 1 so what if MQM had some issues in past,We should move on and forget the past they have changed and they r a Different version of MQM even Allah forgive people when they ask for forgiveness so why the hell u guys r judging …I think MQM is the only party )) jey Muthaida jey Altaf bhai.

  17. only PTI Imran Khans party is worth being given votes for

    • I think if we give a single chance to so called Altaf bahi then we have to face gang wars and dada geeri in all over the PAKISTAN which is still limited in a part of KARACHI.

  18. MQM and Alta are chor, they only get votes in Karachi, how can they rpersent Pakistan, Imran Khan has no political influence, Nawaz is the better chor out of the rest…lets see if a new man will arise to lead us out of this dark, India will get destroyed

  19. AOA

    dear sir,

    how are you, i am sajid sir i am intrested in pakistan army Plz sir you are address me for emloyee schedule actuly sir i am student for I.com part II and i live in rawalpindi. my age is 19 years. sir i am very intrested and joint in the pakistan army. plz sir help me and reply me. thanks to all.

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