Zaid Hamid Exclusive: Operation Rah-e-Rast and Youth of Pakistan

November 3, 2009

Please click on the image below to listen to the Pakistan First Editor’s Show:




  1. Looking at the past week, one can see how resilient Pakistanis have become. Suffering numerous suicide bomb attacks and wide-spread military action, we are here yet again, still standing. But how long can we sustain ourselves at this current rate of demolition? How many times will we resist smacking the hammer on our own foot? Nowadays we seem to have become the offspring of Glenn Beck and the Republican Party. With a constant denial of the harsh reality and a love for misconstruing and fabricating baseless facts that just aim to maim the United States, we seem to be struggling. And when we struggle, we play the role of a secluded, spoilt child.


  2. zaid bhai mein ap k sath hoon aur mein hur us shaheed ko khraje tehseen pesh karta hoon jin ki wajah se hum aj apnee sur zameen pe saas le rhe hai.

    Pakistan zinda aur abad

  3. Pak Army has captured sararogha mashallah defeating alexenders, british, russian and american armies in one blow and at the same time crushing criminals/bad pakhtoons. Mainly masood and wazir tribes who refused to become part of pakistan in 1947. These cowards are on a run and fleeing to afghanistan where they are not welcome either. Its better for them to mend their ways and behave like a good boy or face death.

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