The Rise is Coming

November 3, 2009

Despite the problems our beloved country is facing, despite the fears that are lurking around, despite all the deception and frustration that is being inflicted upon us, despite all the evil designs of the enemies against us, despite all what seems to be going wrong…………We are going to emerge as a glorified and dignified nation, we are going to acquire the stature that we are meant to, we are going reach the top………we are going to rise! This is our destiny, this is what Allah Pak has decided and written for us, This is Allah’s Will and Rasool Allah’s promise and Iqbal’s dream. This is going to happen….The Rise is definitely Coming Insha’Allah…

Pakistan Hamesha Zinda-o-Paindabaad




  1. Looking at the past week, one can see how resilient Pakistanis have become. Suffering numerous suicide bomb attacks and wide-spread military action, we are here yet again, still standing. But how long can we sustain ourselves at this current rate of demolition? How many times will we resist smacking the hammer on our own foot? Nowadays we seem to have become the offspring of Glenn Beck and the Republican Party. With a constant denial of the harsh reality and a love for misconstruing and fabricating baseless facts that just aim to maim the United States, we seem to be struggling. And when we struggle, we play the role of a secluded, spoilt child.


  2. @ahraza,

    Are you advocating that we succumb to the pressures.
    No way.
    It is the first time,in the last 62 years, that the nation has risen.It only needs an honest,selfless and dedecated leader,and then Takmeel-e-Pakistan will take place.

  3. we as nation will stand for our beloved pakistan n this time of turmoil will overcome soon InshAllah rise up guys like a tiger to safeguard this country.

  4. yes. the rice is coming for pakistan. probably from india.

  5. […] Video Courtesy: PKKH […]

  6. @sal

    Yes.It is a barter deal.We will send rats to you.But I doubt that they will be enough for 1.2 Billion Bhuhkay Nangay Indians.

    • @Ultra

      wonderful reply …keep it up

  7. Kharet fi lkharam sab’ah senin dhari’at al yaqin hadha hadhihi ,I am the last Mohamad!!!!,which mohamad durga;mohamad wisnu;mohamad Siwa;or mohamad Brahma if all human Al Nabi Mohamad Ali in Pakistan

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