Proof of India’s involvement in militancy found

November 3, 2009


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has found concrete evidence of India’s involvement in militancy in South Waziristan and decided to take up the matter with New Delhi.

This was disclosed by Information Minster Qamar Zaman Kaira and military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas at a press briefing on the progress of operation Rah-i-Nijat here on Monday. It was the first time in recent times that Pakistan had pointed fingers at India from a forum having representation of political and military leadership.

Mr Kaira said although it had been decided to raise the issue with India, Pakistan would not deviate from the peace process.

Gen Abbas said a huge quantity of Indian arms and ammunition, literature, medical equipment and medicines had been recovered from Sherawangi area, near Kaniguram. He said the Foreign Office had been informed and the matter would be taken up with the Indian authorities through diplomatic channels.

Sources in the Foreign Office said a dossier containing proofs of India’s involvement in South Waziristan would soon be handed over to officials in New Delhi.

KANIGURAM TAKEN: Gen Abbas said security forces had secured control of Kaniguram, a redoubt of Uzbek fighters.

He said there were fortified positions and bunkers in the area which were being used by militants in possession of modern weaponry. The entire area had been cleared of mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Five truckloads of arms and ammunition were recovered from the area on Monday, he added.

The ISPR chief said the Karama village, to the east of Kanigurma, was also under control of security forces now. He said the village used to be a stronghold of Uzbek militants. Some other strategically important points around Kaniguram had also been secured, he said.

In reply to a question about winding up of some checkposts by the Nato forces on Pakistan’s border in Afghanistan, he said: “We have been told that it was a readjustment.”
He said Pakistan had sought information on the ‘readjustment’ because closure of posts in sensitive areas would affect the military operation.

He rejected a perception that prior announcement about the operation in South Waziristan gave time to militants to get ready, saying that security forces kept on making preparations when aerial strikes were being conducted to decimate the militants.

The army spokesman said the operation was progressing as per plans. He said militants had been surprised and defeated on all fronts. It was not clear whether top leadership of the Taliban had escaped to North Waziristan or was still in the area.

He said many militants were withdrawing from the fight and moving closer to the heart of the region. They were bound to be trapped there, he added.

The aim of the operation was not just to eliminate militants but also to dislodge them from their fortifications, sanctuaries and hideouts. ‘If they are dislodged, we will be moving very close to victory,’ he remarked.

Gen Abbas said troops were extending their ‘perimeter of security’ on the Jandola-Sararogha axis and closing in on Sararogha. Expansion of positions held on the ridges from different directions towards Sararogha was in progress. Sporadic mortar and small arms fire was being received by security forces from different areas of the town, he added.

He said security forces were consolidating their positions on the ridges along the Razmak-Makeen road, on the Razmak-Makeen axis. The important village of China, just adjacent to Makeen, had been secured and a huge cache of arms and ammunition recovered from huts, caves and compounds.
Security forces had neutralised 20 IEDs in the village, secured Kam Narakai and recovered huge ammunition, Gen Abbas added.

Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira rejected reports that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had asked Pakistan to launch an operation in North Waziristan and Balochistan. In reply to a question, he said the Inter-Services Intelligence chief’s visit to Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with the country’s political scene.



  1. India is full of hypocrites…all the noise about Mumbai cannot drown their involvement in de-stabilizing Pakistan.No wonder thay kept harping about their problem…..You know the age old adage…”Bagal main churi aur muh pey raam raam” What a useless nation!No morals and no ethics!
    Can they be trusted to solve Kashmir…NEVER…they are turncoats and liars.

    • Are Asad miyan.. they are not trusted to solve kashmir ..so what you are doing .. just become terrorist and try to get into kashmir for blowing yourself up.. why you are sitting here and writing comments.. you may die of bullets of security forces .but that is fine .. Allah will give you “Jannat” for the same .. why you are denying yourself to Jannat .. utho.. Jacket pehno and uda do sabko.. hahahha ..

    • Asher Bhai..
      That is what I am also saying wait & see ..Our rhetoric are not the words of allah .. any year of your prediction 2011,12,15,16 & 20 we will see.
      “Deep Rooted democracy” are not my words it is the word from Several intellectuals some of them are pakistanis too like Mr. Ayaz Amir or Dr.Ishaq Ahmed.It does not matter whether words suits or not .. bottomline is we indians are used to these predictions and lets leave this on time & allah.

      Khuda Hafiz

  2. India is going to disintegrate in 2011..their own people are saying this. They go around pissing their neighbours off and this has resulted in India being disintegrated into pakistan, bangladesh, kashmir and soon to be nagaland, assam, and tamil nadu as well 🙂

    Good morning kashmir, nagaland. brahman nagar and osmanistan ! 😀 😀

  3. Here let the world see how this process is unravelling


  4. Hi, Great article as always-up to the mark. But understanding the position of army and their forward movement is impossible to appreciate without a map. If the blog could kindly start including maps here pinpointing the areas recovered, I believe it would be a great development. Cheers

  5. we must teach some lesson to india.its enough now from 9 years we are in continues panic.drop nukes and on india best solution to get rid of from rats.

  6. Army is doing their part well. It is time the political Sell Outs to be more vocal about India. We need beating of the drums on such issues…

  7. Looking at the past week, one can see how resilient Pakistanis have become. Suffering numerous suicide bomb attacks and wide-spread military action, we are here yet again, still standing. But how long can we sustain ourselves at this current rate of demolition? How many times will we resist smacking the hammer on our own foot? Nowadays we seem to have become the offspring of Glenn Beck and the Republican Party. With a constant denial of the harsh reality and a love for misconstruing and fabricating baseless facts that just aim to maim the United States, we seem to be struggling. And when we struggle, we play the role of a secluded, spoilt child.


  8. I being an unfortunate indian know that india is the most dangerous country for muslims around the subcontinent.It is so because 5% of brahmins(pandits) r ruling india,they and jews have the same mentality.Like jews think that jews r the only selected human beings by god and rest r gentiles, in the same way brahmins think that they r the selected people on the face of the earth and rest r dalits(second class citizens),but the main difference may b that jews show they r enemies of muslims they dnt pretend to be sweet however in the case of hindu brahmin they show they r very sweet but their hearts r filled with venom.they r very dangerous to civilized world.For brahmins to rule the subcontinent is to dehumanize the muslims cuz islam can and will liberate majority of hindus from these 5% brahmins,which obviously brahmins dont want.What better way than to destroy muslim atomic power(though leaders r not good). since it was made for islam hence pakistan if inshallah remain intact will become real islamic pakistan based on sharia one day).Hindus r afraid of that day hence the only solution is to politely fool muslims by sweet poison.Since i live in india i know more reality of these brahmin mentality and hence hindu mentality.beware of their designs o my muslim brothers and sisters.Pakistan paindabad

    • How sad…..btw u sound like a Pakistani 😉

      • Yes very sad Devil…. btw any muslim in your country sounds like a pakistani yes true coz he is a muslim and in reality one muslim sounds like another muslim either from Pakistan or India or indonesia or Africa or Bosnia or anywhere else … no matter where ever they are from. They are muslims..
        So start realising that sooner rather than later.Coz this is going to be your nightmare soon anyway. soon you are not facing one country you will be facing one ummah .

      • Muslims r brothers wherever they r.ur username suggests u r hindu(brahmin or brahmin’s slave)

  9. Pak Army has captured sararogha mashallah defeating alexenders, british, russian and american armies in one blow and at the same time crushing criminals/bad pakhtoons. Mainly masood and wazir tribes who refused to become part of pakistan in 1947. These cowards are on a run and fleeing to afghanistan where they are not welcome either. Its better for them to mend their ways and behave like a good boy or face death. Why are we afraid of calling these traitors traitors. Do they have any ideology or just killing their muslim brother to please their hindu masters.

    • Very well said!

      I was thinking. What will Imran Taliban Khan’s supporters will say about this evidence.

      It is our war, as Mush said. And idiots like Imran will try to create confusion among us.

      • It is not pak’s war but usa’s war u r being fooled by mush,zar and co.

      • It is out war mate. Our war against extremists and fanatics. If after all this u fail to understand the point, what can I say. Carry on in a fools world 😉

      • brothers, please refrain from critising all patriotic muslim leaders even if they are not saying right thing. coz if u hear brother zaid speech as well he didnt critisize Imran Khan and he mentioned that he is sincere person. yes he can have different opinion but he is a patriotic person and have a vision as brother zaid. he is much better than current govt and opposition. so two patriotic people can have different opinions as long as they are both looking for the best for Pakistan and its people. only thing to add is first Islam and then Pakistan. God bless all.

      • @ ummah united

        Brother. The difference is too great to ignore. And it won’t end here either. Take care.

  10. Sad but true ..the world is not going to respond to Pakistan crying Wolf!…. Nobody is going to buy this. Pakistan today stands on the perpice of losing all or any legitimate identity it hold in this world and with now forced into fighting its own people which is nothing but a self created quagmire of living under the false presumptiom that it can take on the world on its own i.e. kicking out the Superpowers( the truth is that they lost nothin in the deal and is contrary to what is popular belief in Pakistan )

    With every other nation( China, Afghanistan, Iran, US, NATO) in the region having blamed and confronted the Pakistan with evidence, Pakistan has now turned into a classic Kick-Ass story with no other preecedence in the world history.

    • @Viali

      “the world is not going to respond to Pakistan crying Wolf!”

      LOOOLLLZZZ … unfortunately this is the case of Indians ur ministers are crying for weeks about ‘Pakistan trying to push militants into Indian occupied Pakistan area J&K but nobody is giving a $h!t to u guys, u guys have been crying for almost an year now about Hafiz Saeed in front of EVERYONE… NOBODY gives a $h!t about that either! etc etc

      The US has asked help of PAK/KSA to help them negotiate with the ‘real’ taliban which are the Afghan’s…Mullah Omar’s men!

      Regarding the mess for starters .. Go control ur 40% lands which are in the control of naxalites! The seven sister state in north east dun want to be with India, they have started beheading ‘hindi speakers’ who are outsiders for them. Your lal garh operation was a failure according to ur media, not really surprising coz ur forces are only good in committing suicide, killing unarmed civilians or raping women!

      • You are bang on Target – When India Cries WOLF! nobody cares… But then why

        1) JuD is a banned organization in Pakistan..Oh it was not the Indian but the UN that is responsible

        2) Kerry- Lugar Bill was crafted by the American Congressman… But why are 70 % of the conditions India Centric

        3) Clinton cries hoarse of the dubious role of Pakistan in is so called War on Terror right on their own grounds ….and negates any involvement of the Indians anywhere in Pakistan

        4) US and Indian forces are jointly conducting War Exercises

        6) No Gordon Browns and Milibands have dictated to DO MORE

        5) And I can go on……

        Don’t worry to much about Naxalites …India is not acknowledged as a safe haven for terrorists and the Govt knows how to handle it and they are not blowing up town….

      • @Viali

        1. JuD is working, u @$$ do some research they were taking care when refuge crisis took place after the operation in Swat. It is even taking care of poor Hindus, well before the FAKE Mumbai attacks!

        2. Regarding the KL Bill the site is filled with anti-government articles, nobody even wants that money from common man, military to even the opposition parties.

        3. FYI Hilary Clinton was asked that ‘India is involved in Balochistan’ she replied by saying ‘She cannot discuss security details in front of everyone.’

        4. What the BIG DEAL about ‘War exercises’, few months back UK/US/PAK were having joint warship exercise u dumb@$$!

        5. Yeah what can I say about ‘Naxalites’ when ur own PM has said it ‘ur war against Naxals is FAILING’.

  11. Maps would help.
    Pak forces are doing a great job. Kill the rats. Pakhtoons are our brothers but only a small percentage is sold out to the Indians and Co. They won’t last anyways.

    Allah help them our forces.

  12. He Viali.. why you are arguing with these pakistanis .. We bangladeshis are also with you .. we can easily make them run.. You Indians have very large presence in US?UK/France and western world . you guys have strong student federation in UK universities where most of Pakistanis go for studies.. You just have to do one thing.. Spot pakistani and call police and tell them “So & so guy looks suspicious” his pakistani identity and passport will do the rest things ..he will be detianed for indefinte time and eventully screwed his career forcing him to return to pakistn to get blew up by their afgan muslim brothers in the name of Allah.. You guys have stornd netwrk in US in large banks/IT companies.. you just spot them & call 911.. rest will be done by their pakistani passport .. minimum 3 month detention .. These pakistanis are deserved to die in the streets of lahore .. Today history is turning its pages and These guys are getting killed like rats ( 190 in October alone) in the same way these guys killed us back in 71. Allah ke ghar me der hai andher nahi

    • Don’t worry dude we can always look at Bangladesh the drowning country full of shit and prostitution to comfort ourselves.Vest wearing and pan chewing filthy Bangladeshi’s are the most disgusting people in the world who live in the most deprived area’s of the UK….

      To be honest i’m glad that filthy Bangladesh is no longer part of Pakistan after we kicked your ass in 1971 because you have a very different culture to ours you smelly bastard!!.You know we have many Pak students in the UK and i too reside here et no one is ever arrested so you’re obviously speaking through your ass,obviously you are still bitter over getting owned in 1971 so now you’re forced to kiss Indian ass to satisfy yourself!.

      Yeah India has many institutions but they’ll not be of any use when any conventional war takes place because we’re using Yankee money to further and improve our nuclear programme.We may or may not die on the streets of Lahore but you were certainly butchered like mice in Dhaka many years back yet still a hardcore of filthy Bangladeshi’s want to rejoin Pakistan due to their inferiority complex but we want none of you retards.!!

      • Miyan.. days of conventional war has gone .. it is history .,. that is what pakistanis are not learning ..Today’s war are fought on economic fronts .. that is why Jews and Indians has created strong lobbies in America and super powers ..and you are left begging for Dollars agianst IMF and America .. every american is coming at your door step and showing you dollars and your politicians selling you to them for Dollars
        If bangladesh is drowing country then why our currency ( Taka) is having more value than pakistani Rs.. can you explain please.. We are much better without you… and we stil celebrate your surrender agianst Indian forces in Dhaka ramana stadium on Dec 16.. Please come to dhaka to watch it .. our local actors perform the show..

      • Give me your details in UK and see what happens.. I challenge you .. if you have real balls give me your detials and see the wonder.. entire world is sick of you pakistanis as you sabotage islam we muslims denounce you … don’t talk about pakistani students in UK.. give me your details and we see. what value you carry on your pakistani passport

      • We know that bangoliz are like crows, they can do nothing on their own & can only be aggressive as a mob or hiding behinde a keyborad. I am willing to exchange contact details as for my value of my passport, I value it more than the life of any Traitorious East Pakistani because we really know that Bangladesh is not a soverein nation, they are so misguided that they dont even know, what their national anthem stands for? It was written by tagor who wrote vandemateram. Vandematram was written as a plea to the british over lords when they had divided Bengal. What is now the Bangoli National Anthem was praise to the Queen when she visited India so basically the Bangoliz sing praise to the British Queen when ever they sing their national anthem by spirit, if not by words.
        Soverein nations tend to fight their own wars as you said “your surrender agianst Indian forces in Dhaka” so you are not really a soverein nation not even a puppet, YOu basically are a used condom that India used to basically FU@*&6K us Over with.
        When we talk about ethics & morality, Bangoliz are even found lacking there, why else would the Middle East stop issuing visas to Bangoliz. And state clearly the reason for doing so is “Criminal Activities” by bangoliz.
        Tell me how many world famous Scientists are Bangoliz? how many bangoliz are there that are internationally aclaimed in any thing.
        We pakistaniz may be ging through a hard time as we have gone before, with the grace of Allah Almighty, The land of the pure shall prevail & will continue to be a thorn in the sites of ill wishers, wether they’ll be traitoriou East Pakistanis or RSS zealots…
        As far the so called Bangoli freedom fighters or the culprits in the masacre of East Pakistan. We all know who they were YOU mukhtibhani lover! no matter what you say, no matter what you do , you’ll always be nothing more than a used condom.

  13. The fact is that pakistan has tried to 1)act too clever for its own good 2) paly way above its league without having the resources or capabilities.

    Now is the time for blowback.
    Pakistan stands looking extremely foolish when it summarily rejects all evidences against it, as sponsor of terror, be it by India, Iran, afghanistan, USA, NATO others.
    At the same time it parades ite own’evedence ‘ and expects everbody to believe.

    Pakistan has been royally had, and the pakistani’s dazed and battered just do not know what to do.
    Hence, the fantasies of some dates, when India nad others are to disintegrate.

  14. BTW the propganda hyped by pakistan too has reportedly failed.

    The mortar rounds seized were of 82mm, a CHINESE/RUSSIAN calibre.
    India uses 81 mm calibre.

    Most of the rounds were of ex-SOviet/Chinese/plenty available in afghanistan and frontier.
    Even the weapons have chinese markings.

    • Rajk

      It is India who has tried to act clever by thinking if they support a few terrorists they will be able to disintegrate Pakistan, but there @$$ is being kicked real hard EVERYWHERE be it in Pakistan/Afghanistan/ Kashmir or even inside India. Even your UN peace keeping army which you sent to Congo, the UN has asked you to stop sending more Indian army men coz they were involved in molesting women!

      India has been crying in front of everyone regarding Hafiz Saeed but nobody is really giving $h!t. Even though they say they have the so-called proof, which is actually DUMB coz all they give is statement of Ajmal Kasab stating Hafiz Saeed helped them, such statements given by a culprit is accepted nowhere in the world.

      Your own politician like Sharad Pawar have said India might break even though it is a ‘nuclear power’…just like USSR did!

      • That is what happens when you take action without the brains to control it.
        Think of it, for the first time ever, Pakistan has had to shift forces to its west from the east in India.It now has to deploy forces gradually even on the iranian side.

        The TTP and Taliban are only uniting on both sides of the Durand line.Your idisotic punjabi dominated army and ISI is only laying the ground for a pakhtunistan across the Durand line.

        In afghanistan the only people who got killed in the recent indian embassy attack in kabul were afghanis.
        Almost EVERY DAY there is large suicide bombing in pakistan.AND you think we are being harmed.

        Kashmir is the QUIETEST in years.Tourism is booming in the valley.


        I just visted srinagar.

        Vist this side once!
        Will be a nice peaceful change from the troubles of pakistan!

        Did you not read the actions of yur pak army UN troops!


        Charges of Child rape.

        Do yu know who Dr Shazia is and how musharaf got the rapist protected !!!!

        Bhaiya thing are not so rosy in pakistan and not as bad as they claim its in India.

      • @Rajk

        LOLZZZ <<< Even though u Indian annoy us by talking crap but at times you provide us with plenty of laughter!

        Whatever you have written is prolly being fed to you by ur 'free' media owned by relatives of ur politicians! OR you just like to talk crap when you can't really answer anyone!

        Pakistan was asked to remove forces from the Indian border but they REFUSED! Gen Kiyani refused to do that!

        The Afghan taliban are Mullah Omar's men, Mullah Omar is against the taliban who are fighting in Pakistan, he is against the TTP. And the Afghan taliban do not allow fractions to be created within the Taliban, the real taliban 'only' work under Mullah Omar.

        I think your media didn't inform you that 18 Indians working in Afghanistan company were shot and killed by Taliban. The taliban have openly said there target was Indian embassy, they have attacked it before as well.

        This is what some of your army men are doing in Afghanistan – http://southasia.oneworld.net/todaysheadlines/deserted-afghan-bride-in-india-to-seek-justice/

        The link you gave about Pakistani peacekeepers..is hilarious …coz that article is of 2004 and these were allegations and later on the Pakistani troops were found NOT to be involved in such activities!

        This is the latest news –

        So KID next time you come..do some research it'll save you from humiliation!

  15. Ha…ha…ha…obviously my comments lit a fire under that filthy pan chewing,benyan wearing and dhoti clad little Bangladeshi Irfan!.Son,you can come to Scotland wearing a vest with pan in your mouth and get your shit kicked by me just like the good old times!.I’m sure you live in the Isle of Dogs with your filthy brothers and sisters regularly abused by racists!!

    I have no desire to see filthy Bangladesh but enjoy your celebrations because many Pakistanis like i are also happy that you’re no longer part of our nation.I want for Pak to be only for Punjabis,Pathans,Balochis and Sindhis minus any filthy Bangladeshi pigs!.Your currency is probably doing better but that doesn’t mean your nation ain’t drowning but our armed forces would butcher your lot within minutes and you no it!.I’m sure your Sheikh Hasina enjoys sleeping with Manmohan Singh then gets paid like a prostitute!!

    Your correct about the zionists and Hindutva lovers having hijacked the yankee political system but can’t you see that the USA is also on the brink of complete chaos with it’s eceonomy in ruins.Pak is biding it’s time and with China will strike at the right moment,as for the Indian’s they’re full of seperatist movements themselves and are fully aware that war with Pak means mutual destruction.I have dual nationality you Bangladeshi pig so don’t worry about me!!!

    The entire world is not sick but the west is afraid of Pak especially the zionists because we’re the only Islamic nuclear power and single challenge to their agenda.Bangladesh is not a challenge to anyone with your shitty armed forces who no one fears or gives a fk about.Listen you filthy Bangladeshi a country were you hear of floods devastating the land regularly Pak was created against all the odds and we’re hear to stay so get used to it!

    Moghuls the ancestors of Pakistanis ruled India for a thousand years despite being a minority:
    PAK 1 IND 0

    Pak was established against the wishes of majority Hindu India:
    PAK 2 IND 0

    Pak liberated part of Kashmir which is why the Indian’s call it Pakistan occupied Kashmir yet it’s in Indian occupied Kashmir where they have thousands of soldiers holding the people to ransom!
    PAK 3 IND 0

    Due to Indian intervention Bangladesh was established but no that millions of Pakistanis are happy about this still the Indian’s won this one.
    PAK 3 IND 1 is the latest score.Here’s waiting for the next confrontation….

    • @ Imran

      🙂 well done brother – Although Irfan or ayaz or shabbir all the aliases he uses is an Indian Bengali. Hes from the Indian bengal not east pakistan.

      Aukaat bhula hua hai yeh sala – jub kisi nay iski ma behn cheri na iski – to iski akal thikanay ajayegi !

  16. It does not matter you have duel nationality or not ..you pakistani roots are aufficent to detain you for 1 week at least.. In fact if I will make the copies of your comments on website and handove to police..immidately you will come under scanner… all world knows London bombers are British born pakistani citizens how about your afgan brothers blowing you op pakistanis .. whats the count today..
    Don’t talk nonsense about Nuclear power and all .those are show case items.. Pakistanis have eaten grass for thos toys and still eating grass .. Bangladesh is defintely poor but we are much happier today at least our brothers are not blowing us apart in streets of dhaka.. oh yes you don’t want Bengalis but your pushtoon brothers are blowing you up .. Another joke .. of Pakistni ancestors ruled india .. Is that told by ZH.. great . then you believe and remain in dreams .. Mughals are the sect of mangols .. the arabic word for mangol is mughal… you sindhi, balochi & punjabis are regional and popped up much later.. forget about that past .. right now .. you keep watcihng news .your family might get tear apart..also Punjabis in pakistanis are taking others granted… It is punjabis who are ruling in pakistan ( army more than 70%) .. and you guys are slaves of punujabis .. west is afraid of pakistan ahahhah.what a joke .. Pakistan is dependent on West dollars .. that is the reason you guys are sitting in UK..
    Boss.. Allah is having its own jihad agianst pakistan whatever doctorine ZH is giving its not helpful.. today you are getting tore apart in streets of Pakistani cities .. Allah is witnessing it and allah has ordered it becuase of your insult to Islam… Today all world has no problem with islam but Pakistan… Please give me your details and see the wonder.. I agian challenge you.. if you are so confidant on your duel nationality & consider yourself true muslim . please give me your details.. and lets see what value you carry of your pakistani nationality

    • @ Irfan

      Why dont u go lick some gora ass ?…lol

      Man stop barking and go lick – go – i know you like that – what are you up here trying to sound threatening – You sound like a nagging whore.. 😀 😀

      Do whatever you want man – piss off – dum fuk !

    • I’m scared!!!.Go right ahead and copy whatever you want then i’ll see how powerful your threats are by laughing on your face!!?.40,000 Pakistanis live in the very city i do and none have hardly ever complained of being harassed by the cops.

      No you silly little Bengali Moghuls were very much the sons of the soil not Mongol’s or anything like that but i expect a jealous Bengali who got his ass whooped to deny Pakistanis any credit!.The people involved in terrorism in Pak are not Pakistanis but coming from across the border but i’m not complaining rather we’ll get even in time.Whatever the count of Pakistanis being killed i assure you it’s nowhere near the number of those filthy traitor Bangladeshis who got their ass whooped in 1971 because we’re talking about hundred of thousands!!

      What a joker accusing Pakistanis of living in the UK when your people learn a living here by cleaning toilets,atleast we have passports where as all you pan chewing monkeys with red teeth and green mouths are living under asylum rules.You think i’ll give you my personal passport details…why don’t you give me your home adress and passport details eh???….but it shows how stupid you are still try typing “Bangladeshi ass kicker” and it’ll show up on the records assplane!.You’re just a Bangladeshi monkey obsessed with Pakistanis visiting our sites i mean why don’t you fk off to some Bangladeshi website and speak from there eh!!?

      Doesn’t matter who is ruling Pak and neither is it any of your business instead worry about your own filthy nation however Pak is for Punjabis,Balochis,Pathans and Sindhis…in every nation you get a few traitors but we’re dealing with it.No Allah is not punishing Pak because our nation is eternal and here to stay though there is hardship but i assure you that we’ll survive and come back stronger on the other side!

      By the way like it or not but if Pak had not existed then Bangladesh would not have been on the map either!.Your shitty nation is the indirect result of Pak being established by MA Jinnah.Now go and eat pan you filthy dog!!

      • @Irfan

        If Bangladeshi’s are so happy why are there refugees also called ‘Bihari’s’ living in Bangladesh who even when given a chance to have Bangladeshi nationality ‘REFUSED’ because many say we fought the war of freedom for Pakistan and NOT for Bangladesh hence we want to have nationality and want to be known as ‘Pakistani’.

        Secondly how can you say crap like ‘Allah is having Jihad against Pakistan’..just coz someone is facing a bad time does not mean that Allah swt is punishing them. Don’t forget how Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h was humiliated and thrown stones at, many Muslims in early times endured severe tortured and died because of that. Even than you would say God forbid Allah swt was punishing them!!

        Get some senses into yourself ‘machi’ eater!

  17. salam my pakis brothers

    We bengalis are with you in this holy duty. Please allow us to be one again !

    • @BENGALI TIGER ooo thats sounds funny …. U love india and hate pakistan IZIN IT?? JUST GET LOST FROM HERE we dont want your support.. BANGLADESH LOW LAND FOR LOW LYING PEOPLE

  18. Guys, take a break all these @ss w00ps are f**ked-up piss drinking Hindu bhindians (using miuslim names e.g Irfan), who can only talk talk and talk rat’s shit. If they are so brave then should have fought with us at the time of Kargil.

    Just ignore these retards.

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