Hillary’s visit to Pakistan, NOT a BlockBuster

November 3, 2009

MS and Atif F Qureshi | PKKH

Failed Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, popped up in Pakistan recently on a ‘marathon’ three day visit to ‘assuage’ the offended Pakistani population who – for some reason – strongly object to being killed by American drones and car-bombed in the fallout of obscene American policies. Apparently, three days is all it takes.


Let’s review the ill-will tour.

Supine, corrupt, feckless Pakistani politicians cleared their empty diaries even further to wine and dine her. These are the same rogues who have impotently presided over the mass murder of civilians at the hands of the American sponsored ‘faux Taliban.’ Puppets owe their careers to puppet-masters, so they were only too grateful that Her Imperial Majesty could spare the time to condescend to visit them.

After all, as Secretary of State, she has an extremely busy schedule. War mongering, fundraising with AIPAC, harassing sovereign Muslim nations and scheming with fellow CFR vampires takes up a lot of one’s day and leaves one with little or no time for the ‘little people’.

True to form, her pretence of motherly reassurance quickly disappeared as her inner east-coast imperialist arrogance rose to the surface. The lecturing, haranguing demeanor that makes her so despised in America and loathed in Pakistan was in full gear as she urged Pakistan to “DO MORE!”

Spitting on the graves of thousands of Pakistani soldiers martyred in defence of their nation and people, she accused them of harboring Al Qaeda and failing to check an insurgency that ironically, it was America who sparked in the first place: “I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are [Al Qaeda] and could not get them if they really wanted to… Maybe that’s the case; maybe they’re not gettable. I don’t know… As far as we know, they are in Pakistan,” she self-assuredly carped.

Such shocking, inflammatory comments left Pakistanis reeling. Typical of imperialists everywhere, the disrespectful and undiplomatic remarks were banded about with absolutely no proof or evidence whatsoever. This from the same proven liar who coined the new political term ‘miss-spoke’, after she once fancifully claimed that she had arrived in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War as First Lady “under sniper fire.” She hadn’t. But no matter, anyone can mistake little schoolgirls carrying flowers for Serbian snipers!

She swatted away any criticism of the immense humanitarian fallout of her nation’s policies in Pakistan. Appearing bored and imperious in interviews, she could only trot out the usual clichés about ordinary Pakistani’s making “sacrifices” and deserving “credit” for their efforts in defending themselves against the sheer chaos that America has caused in the region.

Pakistanis were left open-mouthed as she clumsily tried to deflect all blame for America’s gargantuan failures in the region onto Pakistan. A shocked senior security official rebutted her lies: “Pakistan has done far more than any other country in combating al-Qaeda, capturing at least 700 of its activists.”

Interestingly, only the young students of Lahore University were brave enough to personally call her out on her ludicrous assertions. During a meeting, one student asked: “What guarantee can the Americans give Pakistanis that you guys would not betray us like you did in the past?” Another asked: “Why is America bombing the northwest of Pakistan with drones that do not discriminate between children and women and kill them with equal precision?”

Her shocking arrogance echoed around the walls of the university hall: “If you want to see your territory shrink, that’s your choice!” For all the effect it had, she might as well have been saying: “Come on kids, those babies killed in drone attacks could have grown up to be Al-Qaeda operatives. Haven’t you heard of our new-fangled policy of ‘pre-emptive strikes’? Who says it’s terrorism? White is black, night is day. We say so! Do you have a problem with that?- U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!”

When a bold TV anchor caught her off guard during an interview asking why the KL bill was so carelessly written as the majority of the Pakistanis had felt humiliated by the bitter language used, the Wicked Witch of the West was momentarily stunned. She smiled nervously and joked, ‘Who said the Pakistani media is not free?” The TV anchor was not deterred and raising concerns about the hidden agenda of the bill linked with controlling Pakistani intelligence and security agencies.

By this stage she must have felt a little dazed by the sheer gap between what these critics were saying and how slavishly the politicians in Islamabad were debasing themselves on their knees for KL crumbs. Shocked that these ‘third worlders’ should be questioning her, one could tell what she really wanted to say: “Beggars ought to adhere to the conditions or die with famine. No one is forcing the money down your throat, but your leaders always ask for more!”.

Blaming the media for ‘sensationalizing’ and ‘telling lies’ about the KL bill and American intentions in Pakistan, she seemed to be assuring the panel that Americans are perfect and can do no wrong, and it is only ignorant foreigners (like you) who are to blame for the furor. Even though she knows that the views of the elite in power and those of 99.9% of Pakistanis are at complete odds, she then had temerity to remark irately: “No-one is forcing you to take the money!”

You’re dead wrong Mrs. Clinton! We don’t want your grimy money! But you know awfully well that someone IS forcing us to take it! It’s the cretins that your CIA placed in power over us! We don’t need it, but they do! Stop your treachery!

Unrepentant as her own masters expect her to be, Mrs. Clinton believes that the ‘little people’ must surrender themselves completely to authority. Incredibly, her interference in Pakistani affairs then extended to the level of offering opinions on the taxation code. Clearly not content with killing civilians, she began recommending to the elite the best ways to suck wealth from the Pakistani people.

Cheerily calling it “best practice,” she stated, ‘The percentage of taxes on GDP in Pakistan is among the lowest in the world… We [The United States] tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, and that’s not what we see in Pakistan. You have 180 million people. Your population is projected to be about 300 million. And I don’t know what you’re gonna do with that kind of challenge, unless you start ‘planning’ right now”.

So much for America for NOT intending to meddle in Pakistan’s internal affairs! Enough already!

On one hand we welcomed a guest who is abhorred by the vast majority Pakistanis and on the other hand we faced the most barbaric massacre of the year in Peshawar. A blast that ripped through one of the main markets in the city claimed more than 110 martyrs and injured 250 others.

This, Ms. Secretary is the cost we are to swallow nearly every day. We must watch the lives of innocent children, women, young and old being snatched away. We are not talking about hundreds of lives Mrs. Clinton, we are talking about thousands. You had one 9/11 and are still busy milking it for all its worth. Meanwhile we are ‘nine-elevened’ on a daily basis. Who to blame, when the culprits are welcomed on red carpet, showered with flowers, by our own government who shuts its eyes towards the scene of carnage the nation witnesses.

While America deviously dictates to our ‘democratic’ elite in this country, and continually insists on how significant the KL bill is, common Pakistanis witness the trauma of death and despair your truculent policies bring for our fellow countrymen and can only sob and curse you from afar.

If our government really wanted to, they could reject this blood-soaked aid. Of course, they won’t, because these ‘democrats’ do not represent the will of the people of Pakistan, only the will of their own wallets. The cost of the aid will be borne in the shape of the tremendous sacrifices of self respect, autonomy and in precious lives of ordinary Pakistanis.

America treats us with total contempt, kills our civilians, offers us peanuts, and then demands that we be grateful? Enough! The KL bill cannot compensate for a single Pakistani life lost through their drone terrorism. Not even a hundred KL bills could pay back what it feels for a mother who loses a child in a blast or a wife who turns into a widow. The lives of our fellow citizens are NOT FOR SALE!

We don’t blame the people. They, like us, are helpless to stop this humiliation. We can only ask the government to take a stand for our dignity. If not 110, then how many lives need to be sacrificed before this incorrigible government is willing to share our grief? Was receiving a foreign guest important enough to force the entire city of Lahore into lock-down, with people dying in ambulances waiting to receive treatments yet couldn’t make it to hospitals. Was showering a butcher with absolutely unmerited attention so essential that the nation mourned the loss of innocent lives lost over the years to same American-instigated terror, while she thought she could camouflage all the filth by just wearing green colored clothes for the day?

We do not need America. They need us. They have us fooled. Even now we can capitalise on the fact that America is dependent on Pakistan for their supply route to Afghanistan. 70% of their supplies go through our territory. They are using our bases, our air corridors and our roads. Within one day, we could send their adventure in Afghanistan crashing into oblivion. Yet we still beg for peanuts? This government will not see sense. It is time for change. We must heed the lessons of the past. The only guarantee the Americans can give Pakistan is that they WILL betray us.

Mrs. Clinton returns to Washington confident that she still has Pakistani politicians eating out of her hands, but what she also knows is that their future is not certain. Anger is mounting.

As a result of her visit, Pakistanis are now even more embittered and angry, not just at America, but at their own government too.  Considering it was a trip meant to shore up the puppets, it was a spectacular failure.



  1. Looking at the past week, one can see how resilient Pakistanis have become. Suffering numerous suicide bomb attacks and wide-spread military action, we are here yet again, still standing. But how long can we sustain ourselves at this current rate of demolition? How many times will we resist smacking the hammer on our own foot? Nowadays we seem to have become the offspring of Glenn Beck and the Republican Party. With a constant denial of the harsh reality and a love for misconstruing and fabricating baseless facts that just aim to maim the United States, we seem to be struggling. And when we struggle, we play the role of a secluded, spoilt child.


    • do you want to spread hope or u want to spread despair?
      everyone knows reality and also knows from where this reality is imposed on us..
      what you are talkin abt is what mainstream media is doing its best to shove at our faces and even exxagerrate to an extent, that it is crippling the society, spreading despair which is haraam for muslims…if u want to spread despair, go ahead bro.
      Things are tough but we have resolved to get out of the menace as a nation! and we will inshaAllah… hope to have u on board along the way too


      • I am sorry MS, but the mainstream media has not highlighted what I have talked about in my article. Go to ahmadquraishi.com and you will see. All of his articles have one common theme. The USA is the devil. There is not talk of the poor, the effects of the NRO, the corruption in our political elite, lack of accountability of government. Ahmad Quraishi’s partner in crime Zaid Hamid also has this very agenda. Many other journalists follow this rule as well. What I am trying to identify are our own mistakes so that a) they are not committed again and b) we learn from them and head into the future with a stable country. This is not despair brother, this is merely a wake up call to us.

  2. Not a day go when my heart won’t bleed.Kill these bastards who r ruling u,u guys came on roads for chief justice then what is stopping u now.that time it was for judiciary this it is for ur survival.plssssssssssssssssssssssss come on roads once again and ask ur pashtun brothers to come along with u.Save pakistan or otherwise these crooks,thugs,murderers will sell pakistan.Pakistan paindabad

  3. Just one word so we sow so we reap.

  4. Absolutely brilliant article! Very impressive writing style, well done to both authors.

    If you have no objections, I would like to link some of your articles from my website (currently plans are underway to overhaul the site).

    Nawaz. Angry Man Of Pakistani Origin.

  5. Musammat Hillary must be wondering what sort of democracy is in Pakistan.The so-called elected reps are not talking the same language as their electorate.

    I would have wished a peaceful public rally in,say,Multan or Faisalabd( all political parties combined) to show how masses hate America for its policies,so that she didn’t have to say “Only extremist religious leaders are opposing America.”

  6. @Zaid
    I agree with you..I am also trying to battle out same with PKKH forum . but they are simply ignoring the liberal views from pakistni society. They are simply now allowing criticisum on this forum and promptly removing comments. This forum is just preaching hate agianst all the thnigs in the world without any slightest attempt to introspect our own policies of acquiring “strategic depth” etc. I urge to you my brother bring more sane pakistanis like you to this forum and let world undertand that Hatemongers in this country are still smaller in number ..

    • All the liberals r invited in india,and all the islam loving muslims from india will b bartered with pakistan.Hope soon when shariat will come in pakistan u liberal secular ppl can choose india or usa,for me I will choose pakistan then.Till then i will pass my time in india (as a slave of hindu rather than a slave of americans).

      • Allah shall reward you for this sabr… Keep faith and soon Pakistanis will liberate you all InshaAllah
        Islama Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad

    • @Shabbir

      You are an Indian and that freaking @$$ using the name ‘Zaid Hmaid’ is also an Indian, he has commented earlier as well insulting respected Zaid Hamid, using the same username.

      The mods get IP, so all the Indians pretending to be Pakistanis can’t fool’em!

      • Verry funny, IM so .. I ma indian.. Irfan hussain is indian, Ayaz Amir is Indian .. Nadeem F Paracha is indian.. Look at article below ..It is written by pakistani ..Agha Haider Raza which is also Indian?

        Then my question is who is pakistani ? the person who hates west & India .. is the only sole defination of being pakistani ? Is the only identity remained of being pakistani ? I reject it and mind it .. there are thousands of pakistanis who are rejecting this defination.. if you guys allow comments which are not suiting to you .. then only you come to know … read the blog in the above link please .. & then go one step back and think rationally..
        Allah Pakistan pe Nazir ho.. Alah hamare gunah ko maaf kare ..

      • @Shabbir

        Look at your posts you have written it urself that you are an Indian Muslim…get urself checked for short term memory loss.

        And what suits you everyone who says India and west are pure??

        The ones talking crap are just ‘few’ the majority of people know the reality and know which all country is behind the mess in Pakistan. As you can see the majority of the comments posted on PKKH. And we don’t need INDIANS to tell us who is right and who is wrong, we are well aware as to what is best for our country!

        If PKKH didn’t allow comments than probably even your comments wouldn’t be visible here, you should be thankful that they let you comment, unlike majority of the Indian sites and forums!

  7. Correction “They are simply not allowing criticisum on this forum and promptly removing comments made by Pakistanis who are opposing their views “

  8. @ Musalman Khan – Allah shall reward you for this sabr… Keep faith and soon Pakistanis will liberate you all InshaAllah
    Islama Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad

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