Hillary Clinton’s despair in Pakistan

November 2, 2009



  1. Two of her statements are typically feminish(ZANANA):

    1)On KL bill-( If you do not want the aid,don’t take it.)

    2)After leaving Pakistan,she said in an interview-(If they have objection on KL bill,we also have our doubts about OBL in Pakistan.)

    Yes, White House nay thapki dee,next day when WH supported her.

  2. Apna bill aur apni aid apni toi wich pa loo!!!

    Sano towadi aid di zaroorat nahi!!!

    • oaie dil khush kar dita e Shara.

      • behtareen
        bus yeh dua bhe sath ho in kanjaron dangaron say bhi jan chotee

  3. They’re f**king with the wrong people.After Zardari is ousted we’ll force our way into Afghanistan and butcher the Yankee’s just like we did the old USSR!.AfPak will also eventually become USA’s graveyard from which they’ll never recover as history will certainly repeat itself.

  4. If obama still dnt respect the sentiments of PAKISTAN
    and want to carry on with War in Afghanistan.

    Inshallah we wil distance themselves frm ths War On Terror.

    We request General Kiyani to take control of the govt and declare NEUTRALITY with regarding to WAR on TERROR. And start giving covert support for Afghan Taliban to kick out these NATO frm ths region.

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