Dr. Shireen Mazari on Waqt TV

November 1, 2009

Dr. Shireen Mazari on Waqt TV explaining current events and policies.

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  1. Mr. Neel don’t worry abt pakistan.There r enough wellwishers of pak inside and out of pakistan.U better take care of india for the meanwhile till we muslims rule india again ,take ur puppet zardari and co. with u and let them migrate to india or ur bosses in united states of israhell.

    Shireen mazari is quite responsible.yes pakistan helped their muslim brothers in afghanistan against ur ally earstwhile ussr now russia.The result of that fight is in the freedom of many muslim states like turkmenistan,kazakhstan,uzbekistan,azerbaijan,tajikistan.Taliban fighting in afghanistan r not terrorists but yes those who r being armed by raw,mossad and cia r terrorists.
    Well i must say that u r a naive person don’t u know that our brothers in afghanistan r fighting militarily in afghanistan ,soom inshallah u will c that united states of israhell will run away from afghanistan and that will inshallah result in broken states of america and israhell.India my country is again on the wrong side of history but since it is under hindu rule we cant do anything but time is not far when india will once again be ruled by muslims cuz brahmins cant rule they only presume that they r the superior creed on earth alongwith jews.
    Whether world trust pakistan or not but we muslims trust that we have atom bombs.Those atomic bombs under the possession of pakistan r meant for whole ummah.It is now the responsibility of my pakistani brothers to keep it and when required nuke it on israhell.once israhell is bombed india won’t muster courage to say anything to pakistan.But before that pakistan has to make their qibla in right direction.Pakistan paindabad.

  2. Dr Shireen Mazari exposed, very frankly, what is going on in Pakistan. The interviewer was also a very professional one, not biased but very neutral. The Kerry Luger bill is not aid, but a bribe – take money with one hand and in exchange, give us your country.
    I agree with Mazari on most points; however, I don’t agree on some, namely:

    1. Musharraf may not be a democratically elected president, but his government was the cleanest governement Pakistan has ever seen. There is no allegation against him or his government of stealing the peoples’ money. He came in cleanly and went out like that too. If he made a few mistakes during his rule, instead of constantly harping on about it, these mistakes should be ignored, as they did not harm the nation. In fact, removing a corrupt judge was better for the nation and judiciary.

    2. Musharraf was not a despot as some like to paint him; freedom of press was there even during his rule. He repeatedly had televised meetings with citizens, youth included, who spoke frankly against his government and questioned him bluntly, and he never minded, but in fact, encouraged that. There was more peace and security and progress during his rule, than there is now.

    3. I don’t think that democracy is always the answer. What good had democracy EVER done for Pakistan? Every time a democratically elected leadership has come, hell has broken loose in Pakistan. They always come with their own personal interests and agendas, never for the people. Look how the nation is suffering because of their desire for democracy! I am a proponent of democracy but there is a time and place for it, and Pakistan right now, in this time, is not the place for it. The Pakistani nation either due to mass corruption and/or due to ignorance, is better off being ruled by a just and visionary leader who is not there for his own personal reasons, but to serve the country.

    4. Imran Khan may or may not be a good leader, only time will tell. However, I agree with Dr. Mazari that he will not come for his personal agendas and this his party is not a ‘jageer’ party, as is the PPP.

    5. I don’t agree with Dr. Mazari that Nawaz Sharif could be a good leader. He is a corrupt, petty minded person whose ego has been so badly bruised by Musharraf when the latter exposed his actions, that now he is consumed and obsessed with the idea of avenging himself and punishing Musharraf. A person so petty and corrupt could never be a leader in the true sense of the word.

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