Is Pakistani Media Awake?

October 31, 2009

Sumayya Chawla | PKKH

Under the headline of ‘New US Policy to Raise Aid for Pakistan’ (DAWN News, Friday 30 Oct) is the biggest and most worrying shift in US policy towards Pakistan. The outline for this new policy was made very clear by Senator John Kerry when he declared that “Pakistan is not only the headquarters of Al Qaeda today but could eventually become the epicentre of extremism in the world.”  He went on to say that there was ‘virtually no Al-Qaeda’ in Afghanistan. He repeated the same old mantra that Pakistani intelligence agencies have used Taliban as a ‘hedge’ in the past and that there are concerns that they will continue to do so in the future.  After all the denials by the American Ambassador in Pakistan in the aftermath of the KL Bill, that Pakistan’s ISI was not being accused of funding extremists and terrorists, this ‘policy shift’ is indeed a very strange development. Keeping in view the reports from the US media claiming that the Obama administration is now convinced that no amount of troop surge in Afghanistan can eliminate Taliban as a political and military force, a clear pattern is emerging in terms of the real intentions of the US towards Pakistan and perhaps the real reason why the Afghan war was launched in the first place.

However, what is indeed stranger is the attitude of Pakistan’s mainstream media as they hardly seem to be able to have a grip on reality. Even while the media was in an uproar over the Kerry-Lugar bill, it seems bizarre that the debate that raged on in media circles was still primarily concerned with the question of whether or not the US is a friend of Pakistan. One cannot help but notice that during the recent visit to Pakistan by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Pakistani mainstream media again adopted the attitude of a an anxious child , expostulating with the honourable guest about the ‘arrogant’ behaviour of the US administration.

The ‘tough love’ response of Mrs Clinton to this was something along the lines of  ‘ well I am sorry you feel that way but it wasn’t our intention, you don’t have to take the money you know, if you don’t want to’. What exactly is going on here? Why isn’t anyone telling madam secretary that your country is killing innocent Pakistanis, killing babies rather, as she was so keen on pointing out in her address to university students in Lahore. Why didn’t any of our esteemed journalists ask her why the US is busy killing and bombing Pakistanis if we are such great friends and allies? Why wasn’t it politely suggested to her that she perhaps should not have come to Pakistan as she wasn’t very welcome here. Why don’t we see a revolt in the Pakistani media against the freak show that was Clinton’s visit to Pakistan? Why didn’t the big shot media anchors boycott the interview with Hillary Clinton while more than a 100 Pakistanis were being blown up in Peshawar and hundreds more were fighting for their lives? If Mr. Zardari and his government are not human enough to feel any empathy for his fellow Pakistanis who suffered terribly in this outrageous attack, where was the Pakistani media, why didn’t they refuse to cover her visit due to a national tragedy?  If they are such torchbearers of truth, then how dare they sat in their suits and ties and conducted an interview that amounted to nothing in terms of expressing the real sentiments of the majority of the Pakistani public? American Govt. has taken off its gloves and is now openly hostile to the Pakistani state and people, so why in God’s name are we still walking on eggshells.

Is the mainstream media in Pakistan unable to think or act independently or have they deliberately blind-folded themselves? This is our question to all those who attended the press-conference that was organised by this shameful government of Pakistan.


  1. Well whoever posted that article,i think that person might be really stupid or dumb.First of all i know that Peshawar blast killed around 100 people.The entire nation shares their sorrows and grief but it doesn’t mean that we should stop living ourselves.Life still goes on.Hillary Clinton is the US Secratory of State.She deserves much respect.It was a great honour for us to have her here.She should be given esteem and admiration.Can u tell me anything which Hillary Clinton did wrong or anything which she said wrong on her tour of Pakistan.

    I know that there are issues of Drones attack and other problems also but thats not the solution as u said that our media should not broadcast the visit of Clinton on the News channels.Things cant work like that.

    • You say what she have done wrong? So listen, Fuck Hillary Clinton and Fuck You!!!!

      • Dude paki mujahid, control urself and think like a nuetral person. Ppl like u are future terrorists which our country is famous for all over the world. Ppl like u bring shame to our country. I see nothing wrong in the comments written but fact. Its just u have to come out of the extrimist mentality and see the facts as facts no matter if its against us or for us. I see this site depicits all the things in a wrong manner and is equally culpable for fomenting hatred in young minds. Please stop doing so.

    • @ Abdul Rafay:

      So how much do you get to lick bullshit?

      If it had been one of your family members that were blast, you just might’ve understood what we’re talkin about………

      Some ABCDs tend to be so cold-blooded! Get lost Abdul Rafay, cuz at the moment, no one around here is more stupid than you!

    • Abdul Rafay …you are a good man. Good post.

    • Abdul Rafay, you my friend are probably living in the same purple haze that our media is! Hillary Clinton is the US secreatry of state, not Pakistan’s. OUR TRAGEDY of losing 100 should mean a lot more to us than some foreign official on a visit to our country! You want to know what HC did wrong? well lets start with errr representing a country which is now very clearly hostile to Pakistan, a country that is sending in militias and conductind drone attacks that kill Pakistani citizens. Do you know what any other country in the world would see this as if it were happening on its sovereign territory?? An INVASION!
      IF ur gonna criticize the article please have something intelligent to say..other wise …just dont bother.

      • Summaya,

        Excellent article. You bring up a very important point which is getting lost in the noise of these bought-out Pakistan’s US-propagandists. These people have lost self-respect.

        If it was a Pakistani leader being grilled in American media, these people will complacently and sheepishly watch without raising an eye brow. Remember, how Iran’s president was humiliated when he was invited to American University.

        Don’t worry about these idiots. They are not our crusaders. I want to get this messages to these Sorrow-asses (like Rafay):

        1) If we are democratic, self-respecting, sovereign, then we should act as one.
        2) The deal with Americans is to fight the terrorist and NOT innocent citizens of Pakistan. Clinton should have been grilled on these US excesses.
        3) US Embassy in Pakistan carefully manipulated Clinton’s visit. They didn’t allow those journalists who would have given Clinton the hardtime.

  2. although I appose military take over in Pakistan but under such circumstances I wish Army took control over this blood thirsty government.

  3. @ Kutta Indian: We don’t need your DogShit you Indian Bi@tch!!

    Speaking of freedom of rights and will to run our own country does not make us extremists.

    What about Shiv Sena staging protests for the Australian team to go back? Go and clean India of these dirty Hindus and then come and talk to us!

    • Looking at all these comments I started fearing the very existsnce of my country pakistan.. Looking at this website .. it is sure .we are not ready or matured yet to shun away the islamist extrimisum and ready to venture in 21st century like many of our neighebouring countires are doing ( Bangaldesh too..) In fact we are more and more beciming hardliners getting close to Taliban .. thank god .. My father left pakistan back in late 70s..and I do not hold green passport .. which world sees as terrorist

  4. Military Must takeover … & Whip out the ASS of zardary & CO.

  5. Salam to all,

    Guys we need to calm down and not let go off our etiquettes and ethics. How we can defend Islam and Pakistan by using foul language?I understand how difficult it is to control your emotions when a beloved of yours is lost(I lost my eldest brother during Mush regime)but we have to show the world that we are peace loving people only to the point you want us to. One issue that I would like my countrymen to expose is that how Extremist Liberals are causing much damage to Pakistan and Muslims. These people are no lesser evil than so called “Muslims Jehadis”. It’s time to rise! Rise Pakistan claim your identity. Tell the world that we are the real victims of terrorism and paying the prices of crimes that our nation, our people never committed.Our leaders must understand too that if they persist with the same behavior they have now,you will never be able to prevent lifting arms and taking matter in their own hands. May Allah bless us all and our country.

  6. abdul rafay you are a piece of shit, hillary clinton said that she cnt believe that pak dont know where obl is? ok what a god damn joke, are we going to believe that CIA, NSA And alll the fuken agencies of US 16 of them with over $100 billion budget and 50 fucken sats in the air dont know where Obl is and al zawahiri is ? stop licking ameircan balls if u cnt live in this country as a patriot then get out go to usa or uk. get lost.

  7. Rafay you are changing the discussion I think article talks about our media not questioning her good enough. I would like to add one more point here when she was asked about american support to a dictator she replied it was bush who did it?
    Our journalists should have asked who she is representing America or Obama???

    • Good point Shahid!

      • @ sumayyac,
        Just one point comes out of all the discussion you guys have in Pakistan. Americans from the outside, and the PPP and Zardari from the inside are responsible for everything that is going wrong in Pakistan.

        You guys would argue with the whole world that Pakistan is as much a victim of terrorism, like any other nation.

        But no one has sofar shown the guts to question, who in Pakistan is responsible creating these Terrorists in the first place. No one would touch the issue of whether it is a sane policy to use thse terrorists as instrument of Foreign policy, that Pakistan has been doing for so long.

        You need people with guts, to get out of the current mess, who can dare bring a change in Pakistan’s policies.

        If Pakistanis like you think they can stick to their guns, and make the whole world change to their views towards Pakistan, well then you are living in denial, in fool’s paradise …………

      • Our media was like…:”Our leaders should learn from Miss Hillary she cares a lot about interaction with media and the “Awam”…It was like the media was telling to Pakistanis…”Guys! Americans wouldn’t be bad to be our Masters”

        There are still many of us, who are loyal faithful servants of Angrez…Like Mr. AbdulRafey who thinks we are so honoured to have a White skinned American in our country!

        We should remember how the Turks reacted when Obama went there!

      • @neel, so whats your point? Are you referring to Pakistan’s support for Afghan Mujahideen? well we dont consider them terrorists and neither does the Pakistani military. Now let’s turn to the other ‘terrorists’ who are the TTP goons aided and trained by the Indian military..so we should really ask you…why dont YOU GUYS IN INDIA have the guts to talk about what ur government is doing and why your army is using terrorists as instruments of Foreign Policy!!!!????

        We dont need lessons from hypocrites like you. We have the guts and the confidence to speak the truth and question our own media and goverment. Kindly keep your nose out of our country’s business.

  8. no need to do anything , convert to hinduism & all the problems go away.


    • really? so what if I turn to Hinduism only to find out I am one of the lower castes…so then I spend the rest of my life being treated like a sub-human?? Sorry mate, I dont exactly see how that translates to ‘all problems going away”. hahahaha. Loser.

  9. Wise discussion means leaving the foul language out.
    OK , so I wonder why the media ,lawyers, the good(politicians..in minority) have not questioned the NA Parliamentary Committee on why they have passed the NRO?(Thieves are passing laws to legalize their thefts!!!!!!) Where is the Legally blind CJ now? Why do you have to put your palm out to USA to beg for money?Nothing is free in this world.
    You have elected the goons who are sitting in the Senate,NA and PAs.They are only worried about their plots(Punjab PAs)while the President is enjoying his life…why dont you question him as to where is the cane and the neck brace and the doctors papers and the fake degree he used to flout…now he looks like a casonova.
    HC is right and was very candid.She is only responsible to the American public…not to you. So if you dont like it change yourselves, stop whining and dont beg.

    • Asad,

      This speaks volume of your slavish mentality. The article in question is talking about “Why we didn’t ask Hillary the tough questions? why did we go so easy on her?”.

      She alleged openly that Pakistan knows where Bin Laden is. Nothing can be so outlandish than that. She should have been asked ” How can America not know where Osama Bin Ladin is? A country which is the biggest exporter of highly sophisticated weapons can not find Osama.”

      She should have been reminded of the Benazir interview in which she disclosed that Osama bin ladin is dead.

      Too bad a sheepish team of journalist was selected.

  10. Neel,

    The reason many Pakistanis don’t like to answer your this argument is because you are the number one supporter of insurgency and terrorism in Pakistan for the last 60 years.

    When Indian-planned Mumbai event was staged, you guys raised a lot of hue and cry while you try to bleed us to death by thousands and thousands of bomb blasts throughout Pakistan.

    So don’t give me this “Bhashan”!!! We know India’s reality very well.

  11. Asher,
    Your comment is typical; blame others for mistakes that you do individually or collectively.
    Reactions you see are actions taken in past;now either you whine about the past “leaders” or take stock of the present and improve yourself and the younger generation.
    The leadership that is present in Pakistan is a mirror of the aspirations of the people…is’nt that what free democracy is all about for which the politicians were striving?
    You forget the aim you need to strive for…one Osama will not change anything…after all you have the democracy you yearned for…has it changed anything for better?
    Stop criticizing other countries..dont beg for money…

    • Asad,

      If you are a Pakistani, then I must say that I am disappointed in you. Where has your self-respect gone man? Are you really unable to stand up as a citizen of a sovereign nation?

      I am sure you believe in democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, then why you are unable to support those who stand up for these very values? You guys talk of democracy but you don’t practise it. You are allowing a foreign country to invade our land to fix her old scores? Don’t you think you have the right to say no? Are you afraid of USA? If yes, then I guess if somebody more powerful than you rapes your sister you probably, sheepishly, find some excuse to not confront the perpetrator.

      I was NEVER for this sham democracy. This is autocrcay in disguise. How dare you call it democracy? It is supposed to be a parliamentary system. The head of this system is the Prime minister. With him rests the ultimate decision. Instead, you have the president making ALL the decsion. This president is the one who had so many criminal cases filed against him. But he is still ruling because of this illegal/undemocratic/undebated NRO. Can you see that happen in USA? President Clinton was about to be impeached because he was fucking Monika Lewinsky. Our president and his entourage fucks many Monikas, live lavishly in palaces, drink the most expensive piss-drink-wine, all paid for by the taxes of poor Pakistanis. Rich Pakistanis get away from such taxes just like Rich Americans do.

      What has this democracy really changed? The instability has ONLY increased from Musharraf’s time. Power still rests with the President. NRO remains promulgated. Chief Justice has yet to be tried for his silence on NRO. He also has to yet to be tried why he accepted this promotion to “Chief Justice” from Musharraf’s “illegal” dictatorship. He also has yet to be tried for his inaction against the attempted murder of 300 passengers by Nawaz Shareef during the fateful day of 1999 after which Musharraf took over. The only positive change that I am seeing is the Pak Military success against these terrorists and increasing number of journalists voicing their opinions against Pakistan’s enemies.

      • Asher,
        I dont know why do you say that you are disappointed in me.
        I have served this country like no one else for 25 years from my youth. I fought against corruption at my own level and made a lot of people unhappy. I cant speak of things I did…but if I was afraid I would have progressed to a very high position…not that it was not available…I chose a different path..the straight one. This forum is not about me….it is about the country….
        What pains me most is the direction this is going…you have echoed my sentiments in your words about this sham democracy.
        I would feel happy if the nation learns from mistakes…they dont..every time amnesia sets in and the musical chair routine starts again.
        The need of the hour is to learn to correct the innerself and stop the dependendancy on aid from outside without strings…
        May Allah Grant Strength to protect the country from evil and greedy aspirations of all.

  12. First of all please dont use foul language.If u ppl dont have enough material to support ur comment then plz dont use stupid language which shows nothing but ur family background.Now let me come on the point.


    You cant say that America is hostile to Pakistan rather u should say that our own Leadership is hostile to Pakistan.Our leadership is responsible for todays conditions of our motherland,Not HC or any other US personal.If our Government dont care for us then why should they show sincerity and sympathy with Pakistani ppl.Its better to blame ur Government for Drone attacks not H Clinton or US bcz our leaders are not yet ready to take the action.And i wud also like to remind you that your beloved Baitullah Mehsud was killed due to a Drone strike by the United States.Its true that many civilians are being killed by Drones but US intentions are just only to destroy important Taliban leaders.Just think yourself,why would they kill those people who bring nothing to Pakistan.But yes their intentions are to finish our scientists(Abdul Qadir) and Intelligence.And also IRAQ protested against unlawful activities by the US(like Drone attacks) and what happened to IRAQ.See yourself.I think we all dont want to see PAkistan like Iraq or Afghanistan so think wisely and dont criticise the possitive steps made by the US government.Just tell me has any Pakistani Leader(President or PM) visited Allama Iqbal’s tomb.Now you will say that HC did it for some political reasons.Yes maybe she did it for this but still she went there and prayed for our Great Iqbal.If you have problem with someone like HC then thats not the solution which u gave in your article.

    And my comments doesn’t mean that i am an American and i m their slave and all that.For God sake guys i am just as patriot as u ppl are.Dont take me negatively.And also ppl like Neel and other Indians should be welcomed here to comment.After all we Pakistanis would also like to listen what our neighbours think of ourselves.

    • @Rafay,

      While Summayya comes back here, I will answer your response since I don’t want your propaganda to have any longer shelf life.

      We have not stopped Indians from commenting. These very indians, that you so want to support, have removed many of my comments about their youtube videos. They are third rate enemies and will not stop from using any unethical means to destroy Pakistan.

      Don’t support America for her excesses. If you use that line of thinking, then every terrorst is justified. Why should we blame them? They are enemies of America and whatever they did was to protect their own interests. If these Americans can not secure their borders, they have NO right to invade any sovereign nation. They should face the consequences of their own dirty politics. Why drag Pakistan, or any other nation, into this?

      It is interesting that you only read what you want to read and conveniently ignore the other facts. PKKH, Zaid Hamid, Shirin Mazari and many other loyal Pakistanis have consistently stated that Behtullah Mehsud is NOT Afghan Taliban and that he is supported by USA. USA has been confronted by Pak Military during Musharraf’s regime. USA was tricked into attacking Behtullah Mehsud. Go and check your facts!!!

      We have every right to confront any US spokesperson of any US government. They are our criminals. They have wronged us: both physically and violating our trusts by regular desertion. Knowing the history of USA and her aggressive bullyish attitude towards the world, We, the citizen of Pakistan, RESERVE the right to question their EVERY move, their diplomatic talks and their covert/overt actions.

    • @Rafay,

      YOU SAID: true that many civilians are being killed by Drones but US intentions are just only to destroy important Taliban leaders.

      These important Taliban leaders were the ones with which Pakistan Military struck an alliance to reduce terrorism. When we gave the GPS coordinates of Behtullah Meshud and his cadre, US did nothing. What does this suggest? This suggests a major breac of trust by the US. That USA is not fighting against terrorism. That USA is in their to destabilize Pakistan for her political motives.

      YOUR SORRY ASS SAID: And also IRAQ protested against unlawful activities by the US(like Drone attacks) and what happened to IRAQ.See yourself.I think we all dont want to see PAkistan like Iraq or Afghanistan so think wisely and dont criticise the possitive steps made by the US government.

      I infer from this that you are saying: “Don’t criticise the unlawful activities by US since Iraq did that and look they bombed it. So Pakistanis let’s not challenge the bully and let them rape us, take our land, rob our natural resources, strip us of our honor/culture/religion.”

      YOU SAID: Just tell me has any Pakistani Leader(President or PM) visited Allama Iqbal’s tomb.

      Thanks for reminding us that All what Pakistanis need is a visit to Allama Iqbal Tomb by our corrupt to the core politicians. We really don’t need, clean water, food, availability of rice, wheat, sugar, elimination of poverty, elimination of illetracy, availability of high quality free medical care.

      Thank you Hillary Clinton for giving what All Pakistanis needed at this critical juncture in Pakistan’s history.

      • Excellent Reply Asher! 😀 Thanks for making my job easier..I dont think there is much left to say to Mr. Rafay..you have done a brilliant job of countering his argument! Thank you! 🙂

  13. One thing I cannot understand. On the one hand the Pakistani complain that USA deserted them by leaving after they won in Afganistan in 1991. And on the other hand they want USA to leave today from AfPak. If USA leaves today and when you Pakistani will bungle again, will you complain again that USA left you?
    Why is it that when USA and Russia left afganistan , a celebration of azaadi was not done. Instead all the complaining of why USA left? Are you incapable of handling your affairs?

    • Yes USA has deserted us many times. We had an alliance with them and they were to come to our rescue if attacked but they didn’t come in 1965 or 1971. Instead they put sanctions on Pakistan. This was the fruit of preferring USA over Russia. Then we helped them in during Afghan War. Once, the Russians were kicked out, they simply left without doing something about the mess they left behind.

      Now, they are at our door again forcing us to fight their own war. Pakistan has done a lot but they keep saying do more. They keep supporting the terrorists and are back stabbing Pakistan. This time we definitely want them to leave.

  14. How STUPID are our Pakistani brothers.

    These are the questions Clinton was asked. Any woman with some common sense will throw a ‘BITCH FIT’ like Hillary did. She showed at least some restraint.

    Bitch Fit #1
    K-L bill: Firt of all Pakistan has been a beggar for last decade. Beggards cant be choosers. Thaz exactly what Hillary told them. Plain and simple. You dont have to take the money because, Americans asked to be a democratic country and pprotect your freedoms, not let terrorists get protection, training and hunt them down so that they dont blow up people in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, London, New York, Sydney etc.


    Bitch Fit #2

    Why not Pakistan alone should fight against terrorist?

    Because Fu*** terrorists are all in our Pakistan. Anyone denies this Fu**** fact?

    Hillary just threw her buggest butch fit for this question. SHe kept on lettting her steam out..
    “It is hard to believe that none of the inteliigence people in Pakistani government knew where osama and al queda are?……”

    Just think about it guys, seriously, who the Fu*** believes that we dont know where these guys are. Dont you remember where Khalid Sheik and other fuc*** Al Quaeda arab caught? RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DEFENSE COLONY in garrison town of PINDI. Every time American sqeeze the balls of Pakistani army/ISI they cough out one Al Quaeda terrorist.

    So we ought to KEEP our Fu**** mouth shut because our ISI and army are sleeping with the Arab terrorists and all other terrorists.

    Bitch Fit #3

    Why not US foce India to give up Kashmir

    Who are we kidding??? We have no control over NWFP, Wazirstan, Baluchistan Fuc****** South Punjab. Who the FU**** will believe we can take care of Kashmir.

    WE LOOSE THE WAR IN WAZIRSTAN OR BALUCHISTAN….or make peace with Fu**** Taliban again..We can kiss our claim to Kashmir once for all.

    Heck, we better hang on to our shoes and run for life just to save Punjab.

    Quit complaining about media and do something to get out of the DENIAL that we did not fight Taliban to make Americans happy everything will be happy and we can Keep fu***** Indians. WAKE UP FUC*** MORONS.

    • How many people died in 9/11 and how many casualties have Pakistan suffered till now? Does 9/11 still mandates that America shud impose her terms and conditions on Pakistan? In this US budget alone, 2 billion US dollars were given to Bird flu. Thats good but keeping in view sufferings and threat in Pak, was the money justified? America’s brutality in Iraq and Afghanistan is evident. A force such strong has failed badly to ACHIEVE HER OBJECTIVES. How can it be expected that Pakistan can do so within such scant resources? And these tribal areas are our own people who have been a part of our country since decades having a lot of resources. And mostly they are our weapon against our arch rival. We can’t GENOCIDE them. The matter needs deliberation and negotiations. Y America doesn’t let Pak to settle terms with them? Still more to say.. But I know that which non muslim in the world wud like a sole muslim nuclear power to survive easily? Yea,.. we have got weaknesses. Our government needs to adopt a foriegn policy of their own and then stick to it regardless of any sorts of pressures…

  15. It is a daunting debate at this time of terror visiting and revisiting our cities, day after day, as to where one should draw the line between fending for oneself and creating a sense of panic while doing so. The debate basically revolves around fear and prudence. For instance, anxiety has gripped the parents of many school-going children today. Authorities in Lahore keep closing down private schools that are not found to be ‘prepared’ enough to face a terrorist attack


  16. Drone attacks killed Baithulah Messud .. so that time we were happy .. we need more drone attacks some civilans will die but drone attacks are effective ..

  17. America can never be our friend. It is playing a double game with us. It doesn’t want us to succeed against criminal Talibans in FATA. They wish to destabilize Pakistan and destroy our nuclear capability. The answer lies in re-aligning our course. All Americans and Indians in Pakistan and Afghanistan be directed to leave both these countries alongwith their spy-networks within next 3 months. Let the people of both countries decide about their futures. We can live stronger without the American aid. Let us stand on our two feet. This is the only key to success.

    • Shutup @ “ejaz”!

      Pakistan NEVER created these terrorists. It was America who wanted to fight the Russian invasion of Afganistan. It is America who supported and nurtured Afghan Resistence movement. It is America who created Osama. George Bush family had VERY old business ties with Osama’s family. Osama was one of the major players to recruit Jihadis.

      As far as PALEED Hindustan is concerned, I can tell you one thing: innocense is far removed from these vultures, they are opportunits who take the piggy-ride of the powerfuls of the time. Their shrewdness and VILE cunningness has no parallel. This DESERVED-TO-BE-DESTROYED BHINDIA, is guilty of many many many TERRORIST actions and insurgencies against Pakistan from the day one. So you better not come here and justify Bhindia for there is ONLY one way to deal with this nuisance: Destroy them COMPLETELY leaving no traces behind giving the world a big new plateau.

      • Ass…er,

        AGAIN…Our Pakistani leaders are opportunistic. Why dont you go back in the history.

        We wanted to piggy back America to fight Indians with CENTCO first. Later, when Americans ditched us like some toilet paper in the 1960s, we went on piggy backing China (after China won the war against India). Then, came a chance for Zia, to piggy back Americans again when they needed our army to do their dirty work. After 911, we shamelessly went back to become American ‘BIT***’. Now were being screwed front by American and back by Taliban (our own sons). Our leader (BUSHARAFF) sold our country men to CIA and pocketed the money. Now, Zardari and the clowns are bought by American money to kill Taliban (I am sorry, I forgot about civilians). Our army and leaders keep their mouths SHUT and take American money and let them bomb our people everyday. They go on TV and want us to believe INDIANS are behind all the terrorist attacks. what a BS..you fell for this.

        What the hell were we doing with the terrorist after Afghan war? We let them grow unchecked and raised an army out of them. You blame America and plead innoncence….GO ON BLAME THE WORLD.

        I dont know about INDIA but every terrorist in the world is either a Pakistani(descendent) or trained in Pakistan. You know internet…GOOGLE and find out.

        WAKE UP DUMBO.

  18. Assalam-o-Alykum to all my brotherz n sisterz..
    I am not here to comment on what other people commented on Sumayya Chawla article.. Every single person has their right to express their views of thoughts.. All i wanted to ask all my Muslim brothers and sisters and before that to myself that “Why do we even blame someone else for what we have done to ourself? confused? My point might not be much clear to some of you.. But i believe in Quran as you all do.. And in Quran -e- Kareem, ALLAH SWT Says “Jaise log waise hukmaran MUSALAT” So why we blame Media or America or Zardari, PPP. Today when i call to my friends in Pakistan and talk about our Country, they go like ALLAH KHAIR KARAY.. YES ALLAH HE HAFIZ HAI, THA AUR HAMESHA RAHEGA INSHAALLAH BUT IF WE WONT OBEY OUR ALLAH SWT, HOW WE CAN EXPECT ALLAH’s HELP? WE DONT OFFER SALAH AND WE ASK FOR PARADISE? TRUST ME BROTHERS AND SISTERS CHANGE YOURSELF FIRST. TAKE CARE OF YOUR IMAAN. LETS HOLD EACHOTHER’S HANDS AND FIGHT BACK THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY CAN RULE NOT JUST OVER PAKISTAN BUT US TOO.. DONT FORGET OUR FOREFATHERS HAD SACRIFICED THEIR LIFES FOR OUR BETTER FUTURE BY HAVING UMEED JUST WITH ALLAH SWT. NOT WITH AMERICA, NOT WITH MEDIA, NOT WITH ARMY.

    • agree with u ahsan, good comment, atlest the ppl who are -ve in their views and who spit venom on our neighbouring countries must read ur article and think twice, to just rephrase ur statement, its like, so u sow and so u reap…. these terrorists are the one, once we have helped them grwo bigger and stronger due to whatever statergic reasons we have, and how the very own ppl have turned against us and we are fighting the very one with whom we have sat/ate/drink togather.. my dear brothers and sister, just dont get carried away by this blog/site, it is corrupting young minds and sowing the seeds of hatred. Just open your minds, think with a cool head, and ask urself, 1) why is the whole world calls our country as epicenter of terrorism, 2) why ppl say that every terror attck emancipates from pakistan.3) our problem is we dont accept the fact even if the whole world agrees to it9especially terrorism), we prefer to live in alice in wonderland and tend to deny everybody and turn off our eyes…. so my dear brothers and sisters, just let this webiste know that we are not the one who can get carried away by its articles, its time for us to be braodminded and think with a open mind, just as ahsan said.. .. AA SALAI WAK AQLA, MUQLA BIN KULLUKUM MUNKIN…

      • @ “Zaid Hamid”,

        What an IDIOT you are? We Pakistanis can smell Indians very well since you stink so bad.

        You thought we can not see your Hindu tail, you wolf-in-hiding!!!

      • The problem is that when you define the word “World”, you only include USA, Israel, India and UK. The small little gang of bullish countries does not speak for the whole world. In fact, it was USA who went against United Nation’s resolution and attacked Iraq. Interestingly, they raised the same slogan against it: “Smoking guns”, “Weapons of Mass destruction”, “War on terror.” etc.

        After so many years of Iraq war, did we uncover any weapons of Mass destruction? No. But we sure did see US companies making huge profits for rebuilding Iraq. Similarly, Talibans were kicked-out on the pretense of providing sanctuaries to Al-Qaida. Were they able to capture Osama? It is hard to believe that the major exporter of the sophisticated military equipments does not know where Osama is?

        Now they are eyeing on Pakistan by supporting terrorism in Pakistan so as to create an artificially-incubated justification to attack Pakistan.

        In short, we know very well what game is going on. So, you Indians can spare yourself some time. You can not win our hearts and mind anymore.

  19. Sumayya,
    Love your name. What does that mean? Are you Muslim. I love your picture also.

  20. Hey all,

    In my view, the article seems to be a bit harsh on the Pakistani media. I believe that some journalists really showed their anger at Hillary at the interview. However, one thing which I would like to point is that a lot of westernized pseudo intellectuals have taken birth.

    Thease people have no nationalism in themselves anymore. Infact, their level of diginity is non existent. They would not understand the pain of losing a citizen of your country. However, it does not even matter. I am hopeful that Inshallah a revolution will come and it will be a bloody one this time.

    American government can never have a favorable policy towards Pakistan. It is only because of ISI that our country is surviving. Inshallah, Pakistan will be there till Day of Judgement.

    Indians: please avoid coming here in disguise. I understand that your blood is all about deceiving and being cowards.

    Thank you.


  21. […] her fantastically ridiculous piece, Is Pakistani Media Awake?, she is unflinchingly absurd, demonstrating to us all she has somehow escaped any character trait […]

  22. The media should be more responsible.
    well done Sumayya! Really a nice read!

  23. […] her fantastically ridiculous piece, Is Pakistani Media Awake?, she is unflinchingly absurd, demonstrating to us all she has somehow escaped any character trait […]

  24. in words of the Qur’an :

    O YOU who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide people who are unjust. (Quran 5:51)

    The Muslim Nations are just too lazy & spineless to start a League of their own….
    There is none left to lead …before Pakistan ,Iraq got destroyed and Iran is on its way ….

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