TEJAS: India’s Continued Embarassment

October 30, 2009


Talha Mujaddidi | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com

A lot can be achieved in two and a half decades. For an individual, its roughly one-third of the average lifespan. For a nation, its enough time for an entire generation to come through. A nation can be transformed from a marshy swamp into one of the largest economies of the world – as in the case of Singapore.

What did Indian Air Force (IAF) achieve in twenty six years while consuming over $2 billion? the answer to that is Zilch; Zero; Nada; Nothing – except a failed project and a continued embarrassment in the shape ‘Tejas’. Tejas LCA (Light Combat Aircraft, also known as Last Chance Aircraft) has gone many trials and tests and there’s no sign of induction as yet. It has now been announced to enter IAF in 2010.

Pakistan’s own ambitious JF-17 project was launched in partnership with China in 1995. In just eleven years and with just $500 million spent, the JF-17 was flying in Pakistani Airspace on March 23rd 2007 – with the maiden flight having taken place much earlier in 2003.

The Indian Air Force on the other hand has with significant assistance from France, Israel, and the United States worked on the Tejas (meaning Radiant) LCA project for over two decades and the aircraft is no closer to induction. Infact it gets worse; the unit cost of one JF-17 is $15 million dollars, while a Tejas will cost up to $31 million – which is closer to the far advanced Russian Su-30’s starting cost ($33 million). India would be well advised to buy more of the Russian aircraft instead of wasting billions of dollars in trying to produce its own ‘indigenous’ fighter plane.

In 1983, IAF launched a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) program to replace its flying coffins, the MiG-21’s. Earlier in 1981, a study was conducted by IAF, the ‘Long Term Re-Equipment Plan’, to make plans for a future aircraft that would not only replace MiG-21’s but also be cheaper option to foreign imported planes. The Indian government created an entire agency to manage the LCA Tejas program. Tejas was to be developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), but Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) was the managing agency of the program.

To develop Tejas, India sought help from Israel and France. The IAF’s Air Staff Requirement for the LCA would not be finalized until October 1985. So, for the first four years, Indian authorities failed to even come up with personnel list who would work on the project. Initially Indian authorities believed they would be able to do a test flight in 1990, and have Tejas induction ceremony in 1995. You would think that 12 years would be enough to produce a fighter plane – however thanks to India’s utter incompetence, Tejas is still waiting to be inducted into IAF as of October 2009.

In 1990 HAL started work on the technology demonstrators but because of the financial crunch in India, full-scale funding was not authorized until April 1993. First technology demonstrator, TD-1, was rolled out in Nov 1995 and was followed by demonstrator 2 in 1998, but they were kept grounded for several years due to structural concerns and trouble with the development of the flight control system. (http://www.aerospaceweb.org/aircraft/fighter/lca/).

The Indian engineers wanted to develop a fly-by-wire system of its own. This is no easy task and requires extensive knowledge of flight control laws and the expensive writing of a considerable amount of software code for the flight control computers, as well as its integration with the avionics and other electronic systems. India tried but failed. With no other option left, India sought help from British Aerospace and Lock Heed Martin for its ‘indigenous’ project, who in turn obliged in 1993.

Until 1998 when India, in an attempt to flex its muscles conducted meaningless nuclear tests which have recently been revealed to have been complete failures, Lockheed Martin was helping India’s failing Tejas project by providing a series of in-flight simulation tests of the integrated flight control software which were conducted on F-16 VISTA until July 1998.

For the Multi-Mode Radar (MMR) of Tejas, India turned to Ericsson, and Ferranti Defense Systems, who make such radars. The Indian engineers disgracefully decided to copy those radars and call it indigenous production. As of 2002, the development of MMR was experiencing major delays and costs escalation. It took India four years just to figure out the problem with the radar. Test results in May 2006 proved that the there was a compatibility issue between radar and the advanced signal processor module. The Indians would be well advised to learn from China – the undisputed champions of reverse engineering – before its own botched and expensive attempts.

India also signed a deal with Rafael of Israel to supply Laser pods, and Sextant of France and Elbit of Israel to supply multi-function displays. Despite all these failures, the Indian authorities still believed they produce the engine on their own. Initially it was decided to equip Tejas with the General Electric F404-GE-F2J3 engine. In 1986, a parallel program was developed to produce an indigenous engine. It was named, Kaveri, but India overconfidence while trying to reverse engineer only managed to ensure the production was slowed because of technical difficulties – followed by the 2004 test of the engine that was a complete failure.

In the end India had to turn to French aircraft company Snecma for technical assistance. The height of India’s false ego and attempts at saving face is evident from them naming the French engine that will be used in Tejas, as Kaveri. On the other hand, the GE engine is still being procured for use in Tejas planes that are going to be produced for induction into IAF. The engine trouble didn’t end there, in 2008 it was announced that Kaveri, is not ready for Tejas, and India announced, in May 2009, a tender for $750 million for more powerful GE engine or Eurojet EJ200 engine. (http://www.hinduonnet.com/fline/fl1802/18020420.htm)

As a result of all this rambling the unit cost of Tejas has jumped from $21 million to $30 million. The first batch of Tejas is scheduled to be inducted in IAF in 2010, and will be combat ready in 2012 – or so they say. By 2012, PAF will have at least 60 JF-17’s combat ready fully equipped and prepped up.

The JF-17 Thunder – a joint project between Pakistan and China – was riginally designed to be a small and capable lightweight fighter powered by a single engine to reduce costs – the JF-17 was supposed to be a simple and inexpensive solution for replacing large fleets of obsolete types in the air forces of developing countries. The JF-17 evolved into a more advanced fighter during the later stages of development with revised terms of reference by the Pakistan Air Force and the incorporation of more modern features and technologies.

Being simultaneously manufactured in Pakistan and China, ten JF-17’s have already been inducted in PAF. The Pakistan Air Force plans to make the first JF-17 squadron officially operational by the end of 2009.

Apart from smaller Air Forces, Egyptian and Iranian Air forces have confirmed interest in purchasing these aircraft from Pakistan.
The JF-17 Thunder project has been completed in a record period of four years. China National Aviation Corp officially signed the development contract for the FC-1 airplane in 1999. The project initially suffered a setback due to imposition of sanctions in 1999, which hindered acquisition of avionics and weaponry for the aircraft. The avionics had to be delinked from airframe development in 2001. China National Aviation Corp completes the detailed preliminary design in 2001 and in 2002 the company completed the detailed design structure and the system charts.

On 25 August 2003 the “owlet dragon” FC-1 airplane carried on the initial flight. It flew 17 minutes before it returned to the airport.
The aircraft was intended to be a match for the Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), which is (despite all setbacks) still expected to form the backbone of the Indian Air Force in future. There are, however, some features like advanced and futuristic avionics and cost effectiveness that give the JF-17 an edge over the LC – apart from the fact that it is actually ready and being inducted in the Pakistan Air Force, compared to its Indian counterpart which may take many years, if it is ever finished. There are rumors within official circles in India that a proposal to purchase the 60 JF-17 aircrafts from Pakistan was actually drafted before being vetoed by Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik after the attacks in Mumbai.



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JF-17 – Specifications

Role: Multi-role combat aircraft.
Manufacturer: Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.
First flight: 25 August 2003.
Introduced: 12 March 2007.
Status: Under serial production and in active service.
Primary user: Pakistan Air Force.
Produced: In Pakistan: January 2008.
Unit cost: US$20 million (estimated).

General characteristics

Crew: 1
Length: 14.0 m
Wingspan: 9.45 m (including 2 wingtip missiles)
Height: 4.77 m
Wing area: 24.4 m²
Empty weight: 6,411 kg
Loaded weight: 9,100 kg (including 2× wing-tip mounted air-to-air missiles)
Max takeoff weight: 12,700 kg
Power plant: 1× Klimov RD-93 turbofan
Dry thrust: 49.4 kN
Thrust with afterburner: 84.4 kN
G-limit: +8.5 g
Internal Fuel Capacity: 2300 kg


Maximum speed: Mach 1.8
Combat radius: 1,352 km
Ferry range: 3,000 km
Service ceiling: 16,700 m
Thrust/weight: 0.99


Guns: 1× 23mm internal GSh-23-2 twin-barrel cannon.
Hard points: 7 in total (4× under-wing, 2× wing-tip, 1× under-fuselage) with a capacity of 3,629 kg (8,000 lb) external fuel and ordnance.

Rockets: 57mm/90mm unguided rocket pods.
Missiles: Air-to-air missiles: PL-5E, PL-9C, PL-12 / SD-10.
Air-to-surface missiles: anti-radiation missiles; anti-ship missiles (AM-39 Exocet); cruise missiles (Ra’ad ALCM).

Bombs: Gravity/Unguided bombs: general purpose (Mk-82, Mk-84); anti-runway (Matra Durandal), Precision guided munitions: laser-guided (GBU-10, GBU-12, LT-2); satellite-guided, Cluster bombs: anti-armour (CBU-100/Mk-20 Rockeye).

Others: Up to 3 external fuel drop-tanks (1× under-fuselage 800 liters, 2× under-wing 800/1100 liters each) for extended range/loitering time, Externally mounted avionics pods for EW, ECM, ELINT, FLIR and targeting, BM/KG300G self-protection jamming (ECM) pod, KZ900 electronic reconnaissance (SIGINT) pod, Blue Sky navigation/attack pod, FILAT (Forward-looking Infra-red Laser Attack Targeting) pod.

Avionics: NRIET KLJ-7 multi-mode fire-control radar.

Production: 10 aircraft already inducted. First full batch manufactured in Pakistan to be inducted by end of the year.  30 planes will be manufactured at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex every year.

JF-17 Planned upgrades: all PAF JF-17 jets will be modified to aerial refueling capable; Subsequent upgrades will be made on PAF JF-17 jets approximately every five years.

PAF JF-17 Order: Pakistan Air force will produce total 350 JF-17 jets excluding export.


The Indian Air Force Tejas LCA

Tejas – Specifications

Role: Multi-role fighter.
Manufacturer: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
First flight: 4 January 2001.
Introduction: 2011.
Status: Under development / pre-production.
Primary user: Indian Air force.
Unit cost: US$20 million (estimated).

General characteristics

Crew: 1
Length: 13.20 m
Wingspan: 8.20 m
Height: 4.40 m
Wing area: 38.4 m²
Empty weight: 6,500 kg
Loaded weight: 9,500 kg
Max takeoff weight: 14,500 kg
Power plant: 1× General Electric F404-GE-IN20 turbofan
Dry thrust: 53.9 kN
Thrust with afterburner: 85 kN
G limits: +8.5 g
Internal fuel capacity: 3000 liters


Maximum speed: Mach 2.0
Range: 3000 km
Service ceiling: 15,950+ m
Thrust/weight: 1.02

Guns: 1× mounted 23 mm twin-barrel GSh-23 cannon.
Hard points: 8 total: 1× beneath the port-side intake trunk, 6× under-wing, and 1× under-fuselage with a capacity of >4000 kg external fuel and ordnance.

Missiles: air-to-air missiles: Astra BVRAAM, Vympel R-77, Vympel R-73.
Air-to-surface missiles: Kh-59ME TV guided standoff Missile; Kh-59MK Laser guided standoff Missile, Anti-ship missile, Kh-35, Kh-31.
Bombs: KAB-1500L laser guided bombs, FAB-500T dumb bombs, OFAB-250-270 dumb bombs, OFAB-100-120 dumb bombs, RBK-500 cluster bombs.
Others: External fuel capacity: 5×800 liter tanks or 3×1,200 liter tanks, totaling 4,000/3,600 liters.

Avionics: EL/M-2052 AESA radar.

Production: Still in pre-production.

IAF orders: Indian Air force will get total 220 Tejas jets (Expected).



  1. @ Talha Mujaddidi,

    Surely, India’s R&D failures gives you the ecstatic high of having drugs. But that does not improve Pakistan’s situations, nor does it change the course India has chosen for itself.

    Have you ever wondered why China, with its massive R&D efforts, have not been able to produce a decent aircraft engine till date, ( except for managing to steal/decode the source codes of Russian SU-27 computer) ?

    India will do what it thinks right, regardless of what you Pakistanis wish, because India will use its own resources, not the beggers aid from the Americans.

    Would it not be better to concentrate in your own country’s affairs, not offer your un-solicited advise and leave India alone… ?

    • India will use its own resources ( This is your sentence neel)
      Please read the article and you will know france, israel, uk, russia and american all are supporting to make your Paper jet(tejas lca)

      • sorry bud, this article was written by a jealous paki, hence its info is false

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      • As opposed to Pakistan which has developed in this article’s words “Zero, zilch, nada” on its own! This article is written by some half wit who cant even comprehend that despite all the fake jubilation at the induction of the Jf-17, the PAF still considers it a crap and thus has not inducted it in any significant number and neither has the PLAAF! So much for the success of the JF-17! On the other hand the knowledge base and technology that the LCA has helped India develop is inestimable to a country has still cant manufacture an aircraft that handed down by the Chinese! I’d save the posturing for people who have at least tried something original rather that those who failed to even successfully copy!

    • @ neel123 …lol lol lol

      Oh there there …i think talha has stepped on your 1 inch tail for good …lol lol

      It hurts when your shown a face of the truth doesnt it ?.. How easily you get fired up when shown ur failures compared to other nations. It shows what you are really worth.

      Now let me give you a reality check. If India has been working on its economy and has been able to make a few bucks off of it OUTSOURCED IT services. Pakistan has been doing in the same in the DEFENSE ARENA :D. We are now preparing to market our defense goods to other countries.

      If you can get US, UK and other countries to bring call centers then when have gotten china to bring in weapons and developed an aircaft with them.


      The difference is what we do is SMARTER :). We can not only sell those items outside, we can use it ourselves and kick ur ass too…lol lol

      As far china being able to make a decent aircraft engine ?..then beggars cannot be choosers !.. China has achieved a whole lot in this world in terms of producing its own fighter jets, tanks, advanced military equipment and become a WORLD POWER. They are also on their way to build COMMERCIAL JETS now ..LOL

      How dare you cow piss loving bigots ..who consider faggotism to be acceptable talk about a stupid engine development ?

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    • you surely apparently think you can do wonders. however, the reality is only opposite. its time you start considering that bragging and boasting does not solve problems, as evident from indian military failures of its nuclear capability, missiles, aircratfs and tanks. what brings you on fire to hear the truth about LCA? do you really deny that it has not taken LCA 3o years to reach at a point where it can be called a car at least ? Do you not agree that LCA is hardly an indigenous aircraft. The fact is france,usa,israel,russia and uk have actively participated in its production and research by offering services of world class firms like dassault, rafael, Mil and lockheed where you still call it indigenous. pakistan has never denied chinese involvement in jf17. its officially announced to be a 50-50 partnership and we are not in that denial mode. Also, you are quite ignorant on Chinese capabilities and developments. its true that china does not brag alot like india but that doesnt mean it doesnt have anything in surprise. if you havent heard of j10, you should know that USA and european countries are much troubled by its development and have officially acknowledged it to be first fighter to challenge western aircrafts. j10 is only comparable to eurofighter in its capablities. as far as chinese r&d is concerned, reverse engineering is what they all do and theyre best at. no need to be zealous of it. world will not cry and stop progressing for your failures. then, you should also be aware of Jxx and how it is seen in west in terms of challenging western exports and defense capabilities.

      pakistan or the world, simply ignores what india makes for all it cares. probably you should tell mr.bharat verma to leave pakistan alone with what hate he keeps spilling whenver his mouth opens.

      the world exactly knows your resources, so please could you take a break from bragging. try it once, it will soothe whatever is burning in you.

      history has proved that whatever india has tried to produce on its own it has failed. arjun, lca, agni,nuclear weapons,brahmos, trishul are just some of many examples.

      its good you just leave pakistan alone because we’re quite really very sick and tired of this cancer called india eating us.

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  2. Neel lolz,
    We pakistanis arent interested in your counterfeit stories, as you Fugly indians are getting humiliated since 1998. your missiles dont work anymore, your aircrafts don’t work anymore. Whenever your army tries out to for a test ur plane crashes lolll..
    And then you ppl convince yourself by saying we are the 2nd superpower? Are you ppl livin in your own imaginary world, you ppl are scared of only 2 countries, which includes, Pakistan & China. And InshahALLAH its in your destiny to get destroyed by those 2 countries mentioned above, we gona muck u up..
    thats da reason you ppl are in a shape of balls now adays, which can be seen underz american’s so called fake Boomstick.
    Our nation is awake now, We just need sometime to act back, just wait for our retaliation. Live as much as u can in your Garbage bharat.
    May ALLAH send his laanat on ur face. AMEEN

    • Ameen (___)
      | |

    • Aameen

    • agian Pakistanis never learn.. the era of Military wars are over… now the wars are fought economically .. country who have strong econmoy will win.. can’t you see. .India and china are having border troubles and lot of rhetoric is going on… but still Chinese and indians are meeting and talking on table .. china is much stronger than India but still they are talking to India .. why ..
      because china is India’s largest trading partner .. the bilateral trade is expected to cross $51B by 2010.. Pakistan on the other hand hoping to increase bilateral trade with china to $15B by 2011… so for china .. Pakistan is just pawn to countercheck on India but they have greater business interest in india than pakistan..
      I wish every pakistani on this forum to open their mind and see whats happening in the world rather than just pitting their chest about military might ..

      • i agree with u . but u cant reason with most pakis. they are blind with india-hate they were taught from childhood

      • Ayaz, I wish all Pakistanis would have the wisdom that you possess. When i come across Pakistanis like you, i see there is hope. Our people have been fed with anti Indian rhetoric since conception and today we sound like one of our Punjabi Movie stars. Rhetoric does not help, we must learn to walk the talk, rather than talk the talk. Yahya Khan the (once upon a time) ruler of our Country had said that one of our soldiers = to 10 of theirs (Indian) and we lost our eastern part forever. Wake Up guys and learn from Ayaz.

      • Ayaz and Sarfraz Askeri
        that makes just 2 sensible pakis.
        no wonder the country is going to the dogs

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  3. @ neel123 …lol lol lol.

    Oh there there …i think talha has stepped on your 1 inch tail for good …lol lol

    It hurts when your shown a face of the truth doesnt it ?.. How easily you get fired up when shown ur failures compared to other nations. It shows what you are really worth.

    Now let me give you a reality check. If India has been working on its economy and has been able to make a few bucks off of it OUTSOURCED IT services. Pakistan has been doing in the same in the DEFENSE ARENA :D. We are now preparing to market our defense goods to other countries.

    If you can get US, UK and other countries to bring call centers then when have gotten china to bring in weapons and developed an aircaft with them.


    The difference is what we do is SMARTER :). We can not only sell those items outside, we can use it ourselves and kick ur ass too…lol lol

    As far china being able to make a decent aircraft engine ?..then beggars cannot be choosers !.. China has achieved a whole lot in this world in terms of producing its own fighter jets, tanks, advanced military equipment and become a WORLD POWER. They are also on their way to build COMMERCIAL JETS now ..LOL

    How dare you cow piss loving bigots ..who consider faggotism to be acceptable talk about a stupid engine development ?

    Have you looked at urself recently ?.. you need a facewash in a toilet bowl ! before you can ask others for an explanation of achievement for others.

    Your food minister has asked people to eat RATS ?.. Would it not be better for you to get back to some rodent hunting and leave advancements to more civilized people !


    Enjoy ! 😀 …lol lol

  4. well said emperor…lol lol 🙂

  5. Very good and fitting response to Neel by all members here. When you confront these Indian bastards, they balk-off.

    These are the very people who don’t leave an opportunity in butting in our personal affairs and Neel wants us to leave India alone?

    Hell No.!!!!

    We WILL tear and smash the “Shining India” myth.

    • INSHALLAH PAK FAUJ’S boot on indian soil,PAF JF-17 petroling indian airspace,PAK navy petroling indian ocean and PAKISTANI flag on dehli fort.
      we mean it and we will do this INSHALLAH
      PAKISTAN ka matlab kiya LA ILAHA ILALLAH
      hindustan ka matlab kiya bhar mai jai hum ko kiya



    • its not a myth boy. no use getting jelous

      • Sal
        world bank has said the poor in India are increasing despite the growing economy!

        Here read more about ur ‘Baby Business’

      • @IM

        cmon man. be real. its just abot surrogate mothers

      • @sal

        My point this is how poor people are making money to survive!

  6. the thing is k beshq india k saath america, isreal, russia ho but hamare saath Allah hein…
    n dats our power n strength

  7. JF-17 is indeed an achievement of Pakistan and China.

    Allied Forces Secretly Helping Taliban:

  8. lol never thought that pakistan can produce fighter aircrafts. Hope ur country survives the Taliban and Co. Or else from a failing state like Pakistan we will in near future see Taliban flying your home produced JF-17.LOL Hope Pakistan can produce a two barrel shot gun on their own.If u can please pass on the technology to us.After all we are good neighbour right!

    • @shittyneighboutIndia

      Daym…u r really good in crap!

      We can also see the ‘Dhruv’ helicopter produced by u guys which u sold off to Ecuador and it CRASHED during a military parade! The Ecuador newspapers have put front page headlines as “Take back ur helicopter India” … LOLZZZ

      • it was pilot error, IM dont be niave

      • @ SAL

        sure it was SAL. The helicopter wasnt landing it fell in MID-AIR. When you have SHITTY EQUIPMENT it falls, thats not pilot error thats equipment error. Dont come up with half baked idiotic spurts to prove a lost point !

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      • @Porkeater.Babur

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        continue pleasing ur camel:D

      • @ sal

        Yes Pakistan doesn;t have Dhrub order coz it doesn’t make DHRUV $HIT helicopters!!

        Pakistan has orders for JF-17 thunder!

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    Also, making fun of’em doesn’t really effect them… Gays ki waisay bhi kia izzat hoti hai 😉

    • Guys,

      By supporting the Gay Indian movement, India hasn’t started something new. They have revelled in this culture of lust, promiscuity for centuries. Just research on “Khajorao temple”.

      If you look at the statue from old India, you will notice women walking around bare chested.

      I met an indian student at this university I was going to. He proudly talked about his “Bhagwaan” Krisshan’s achievement in the following words:

      “Bhagwaan Krishan baray haraami thay. Unhon nay bohat bachian rakhee hui theeN…”

      and I was like how detestable these Indians are.

      • which university you have graducated .. just for my curiosity ..

  10. There are rumors within official circles in India that a proposal to purchase the 60 JF-17 aircrafts from Pakistan was actually drafted before being vetoed by Air Chief Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik after the attacks in Mumbai.

    source please, or is it frm ur wet dreams?…. why would india want this jf17 which even china is reluctant to induct it? and when it is ordering air superiority fighters like su-30mki and 126 MRCA? jf17 at best compares to a f86 sabre lol..

    • hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      the same f86 sabre that downed 5 of ur dumBASS airforce’s far advanced Hunters ?? 😀

      Get a life kid !!

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  12. Hmm..

    Your triumph and ego is still appreciable..though ultimately you people did it in a joint venture with China.

    But,If you think you people have done it yourself within the time frame of 4 years then forget it.

    It was china who helped you to call it indigenous, and remember that even china is also not capable of developing an aircraft in 4 years from the scratch.

    We are no doubt behind you but ultimately we will have our own technology and a 4.5th generation fighter aircraft.

    Dont forget that even after seeking the help from China you are having a 4th generation fighter aircraft.

    All in all if you are so triumphant for you Joint venture then just wait till December 2009 or Earlier 2010 when India will get its jointly developed 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft with stealth capabilities. And you have even no plans of developing such an aircraft.

    • famous saying “gun doesnot matter …it is the man behing the gun”so advance your system as much as you can …still we can blow you without using our single aircraft and history proves it:
      all waiting for some action just even think…oohhh you have tried lasy year but what happened…iaf jets tried to enter in PAKISTAN but ??? i think this is enough for you and remember one thing dont ever try to look at PAKISTAN with some evil intentions we will not only pullout your eyeballs…the world will read in history book “there was some country called india but now its only PAKISTAN”.

      • hehehe hoohoh . .very good joke .. can you please repeat .. or come up also with other … the thing is You are still living in the world 500 yrs back .. today noone from your country ( May not be from community too) is leading any of the field ….
        there is very nice say.. ” When people in the west were builidng universities, the mughal emperor were builing tomb for his wife ..
        that is the reason West is ahead .. and you are busy in blowing yourselves up…

  13. Pakistan will disinegrate within few years. Better defend your people from drone attacks, your country, your people, killed openly by american drones. Where are your jf-17’s, what is your military doing? Who is controling your politicians? Think.

  14. May Allah give Pakistan streanth that it will not take any Aid from US loby InshaAllah

  15. plzz tell me does pakistan produce anything on its own other than terrorist , correct me if i am wrong they dont have even steel factory to produce there own steel

  16. Hey all this talk about pakistanis superiority because of LCA delay makes me roll over and laugh.

    Who won in 1948?
    Who won in 1965?
    Who won in 1971?
    Who won in Kargil?

    End of story.

    • This is the biggest CRAP of the century!

      • but its true. u know it

      • @sal

        Bull$h!T enough proof have been given about ur failures…so buzz off!

  17. Forget wars has pakistan won a single battle against india in any of the above mentioned wars.

    battle of longewalla, ichilogil bund, assal uttar, srinagar….

    in fact in assal uttar indians where outnumbered 5 to 1 and a 100 man infantry position voluntarily held a 3000 man armoured brigade for 12 hours till daybreak.

    assal uttar- indians where outnumbered 3 to 1.

    except battle of hilli which ended in a statelemate pakistan has not even won a single battle despite mostly drawing first blood, Why should i respect what any of you have to say when you have nothing to show for yourslef.

    • So you mean to say we are responsible for your current population ? 😛 WOW we were the ones who are bigger in population rite ?! What a load of crap!

      • no i just said you dont have the brains or guts to fight.

  18. This post and comments are so funny.. JF-17 who are buying thi JF-17 and the joke is India is planning to buy .. why India will buy if they can afford to buy SUKHOI or jaquar or F series .. anyway.. The comment by Man is right .. JF 17 cannot save agianst drones .. .Pakistani are making so much hue & cry but neither they can stop drones nor they can refuse aid (“Bhik” is more proper) …
    All these commentors are definitely future terrorists..

    • U r the biggest beggar of the world..go and research on ur country debt!

      • IM,

        Oh.. really.. good that you touched this point .. lets look at India ..
        External foreign debt : $200 B
        Forex Reserves : $290 B … It shows India’s capacity to Re-pay .. Its actully taking the Advantage of leverage ..
        Lets look at paksitan now..
        External foreign debt: $51B
        Forex reserves : $14B ….Heheheh.. this shows you canot survive without aid .. as your industry is not growing
        You will not understnad these debt and all concept becuase in your business scholls the asset side is always taught as funds from external debt .

      • Dude ur 78% GDP is in Debt according to CIA Factbook!

  19. It’s funny how the only recourse for a nation that is being bombed by the Americans at will is to compare d*ck sizes !! OK… your JF-17 is better than our LCA. I’m assuming that knowledge will now suddenly make terrorism go away and give food and shelter to all your people…. So ok… keep insulting us. Who cares.

    • @ an abused indian – ALBEIT his father ..lol

      Dude, can u tell me why does INdia have the largest Bastard community in the world ?…lol lol lol

      The failure of LCA is an insult to you – so take it easy man.

      And as if your inflated economic clout has reduced world poor – coming from a country where 66 % of the people defecate out in the open, what have you done for your poor ?

      Wat a clan of jokers you guys are …lol

  20. well from when is Jf 17 a pakistan CHINA collaboration
    if YOU ask me it kinda looks like a F-16 copy…..
    (10 yrs to copy and their proud of it LOL)

    well BY pakistani collaboration u mean providing the chinese>>>>>>>> american f-16’s so they can copy it,,,,,, for a country which depends on foreign aid and imf loans to sustain pakistani’s sure have a loud mouth….

    how can you guys be proud of your millitary your army runs on “AMERICAN millitary AID”

    • u idiot jf17 is a mig21 copy not f16 copy

      • @ sal

        take that cows cock out of your mouth please.

        lol lol

  21. You are taking about so called failure of LCA as if it is failure of a country – india, but have you ever thought of india’s nuke-sub, moon mission and hypersonic space vehicle programme or the sucess of its Satellite, BVRM and indegeneous aircraft carrier programme, as of now pakistan can not even think of even starting any such activity, least succeding in that. LCA IS NOT A FAILURE IT WILL GET IOC in 2010 and its second ADVANCED version is underway. But pakistan whose almost all heads of state including benezir to nawaz and of course now musarraf had all been absconding and taking shelter in other countries, is a failed state!
    A failed technical programme is always better than a failed state. Non of india’s military head ever thinks of challanging civilian auhority and the gevernment is run successfully even with 24 independnt parties involved in it.

    Love yourself rather than hating others.

    • @ a gay-man

      lol lol

      Which nukes are you talking about ?…The ones that are in doubt ?..which your own scientists claim were not successfull ?..then along those lines these subs are harmless as well.

      Pakistan just purchased german top class submarines ..but then you wont dare coming close us now as you guys can only back stab !

      Enjoy !

      • india has never backstabbed dear pork eater. plz give me an eg.

        pak on the other hand, i remember kargil happened just after vajpayee opened the lahore bus sevice as a good will gesture

      • @ sal

        One sec sal – ur mom is here ….lol lol lol


  22. For all these years since independence the Pakistani military has managed to keep its people under a tight leash – feeding them dogmatic morsels of anti-India propaganda,only to serve its own supremacist interests.Spreading canards abouts Indians – and Hindus has been a pet favourite – conveniently forgetting that Pakistani military has not won a single war with the so called ‘Hindu ‘India.It has only suffered reverses – 1971,1965,Siachien,Kargil and now the proxy war in Kashmir.The truth is that Pakistan is failing because of its Army – which has emptied up all its coffers and carved a strategy which was bound to fail.The Pakistani Army top brass has become an oligarchy in itself – impossible to reign in domestically.From Yahya to Gen Zia to Musharraf – all military rulers have ruined the identity of Pakistan.If only Pakistan could have become what its founding father wanted it to become – a liberal state with Muslim majority – and not a Islamic theocracy which Zia almost made it – the fate of the Indian subcontinent would have been very different.The Pak Army created the Taliban – hand in glove with America – and now is fighting the same monster for its survival.Americans continue to use Pakistan like a condom and Pakistanis cannot do anything but to accept their fate.Pakistani Army propaganda machine paints India as a ‘anti-Islamic’ country,forgetting that there are more Muslims in India than the whole of Pakistan.India has prominent Muslims in every walk of life – there have been two Muslim Presidents so far.India’s present Vice President is a Muslim.The point is that india continues to move on a constitutionally defined liberal path – secular,socialist and democratic.India has its many flaws but overall there is lots of optimism about the country.Pakistan is nowhere there – it remains tied up in its own contradictions.Unless Pakistanis see who their real enemy is – there is little hope of their country.The real enemy continues to play the Great Game,preferring to keep Pakistan as a pawn in the game.Pakistanis cannot see beyong India – some like to derive childlike pleasure in deriding small issues (like the subject of this article – Tejas),forgetting that this has no consequence for the future of their country.India will soon sign a MMRCA deal for 126 multi-role fighters -it has that kind of money.India has begun joint development of a fifth generation fighter aircraft with Russia – Tejas or No Tejas it does not make a difference.Pakistan needs to grow up and spit its venom of jealosy somewhere else – the foreigners continue to use Pakistan as a ‘nautch girl’ – dancing to their too familiar tunes.The country lives on doles – its ex-President is on the run.He cannot come back to the country after brandishing himself for 8 years as the saviour of Pakistan.The biggest misfortune is that Muslims have become Pakistan’s existential enemies – who are Taliban after all?The Punjabi terrorists,created by Pak Army have turned on to their masters.Pakistan has a crisis going on in every sphere of life – electricity,agriculture,security and education.Extremists have gained upperhand over pragmatists and moderates.People like Zaid Hamid continue to poison young minds with anti-India propaganda.The saner lot of Pakistanis need to counter these merchants of hatred and tell their folks that Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony for many years and the two-nation theory is a faulty theory.Today very few people bother about religion – they are worried about rozi-roti,bijli,pani,sadak.So wake up – face the real enemy and end the evil cycle of hatred.Pakistanis cannot never remove India from themselves – they like Indian movies where Muslim stars rule,their favourite singers are Lata,Asha,Mohammad Rafi and Kishore.They secretly admire Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni and they prefer to call themselves ‘Indians’ abroad(in the West)- so scared they are of retribution if described as Pakistani.So its high time the Pakistanis stopped listening to their Army-extremist propganda and started listening to their own conscience.

    • @ yogi

      What kind of rat did u have today ? 😀

      And is your wife up for sale ?

      Ive heard these are the two hotest things going around in india these days…lol lol lol

      • Dear Emperor Babur,
        Its better to eat a rat rather than being a slut in the worlds biggest harem.Take care of your country – I wonder if you have any abroo left after the Goras have screwed you so many times.My wife isnot on sale but Pakistan certainly is.Taliban and America are taking turns at you and your women!

      • @ Yogi


        And what did India do with its nuclear program ?…. gave it to the americans with the nuke deal.

        Although credit must be given to the indians for selling a fake nuke program to the americans….lol lol lol

        By the way people who take pride in displaying their sisters and mothers in well exposed films should be the least concerned about “Abrooo” …hahahahahaha

        Specially when a foreigner can come and kiss shilpa right on national television !

        But i guess that is not an argument for “abroo” anymore since ur known to be pimps in that arena.

        oh and one last thing, were not selling our wives like you are here :

        Check this out :


        and trust me you dont what to get me started on the “Devdasi culture in india” ?

        or how you marry of your 7 year old girls to frogs ?…, Is this how you protect “abroo” you dimwit ?


        Abroo us ki izat hoti hai jis ki koi izzat ho, but u people lack both in a big way !

        Enjoy !

      • @ yogi


        Are you marrying of your kids to a frog too ?….

        and u still havent answered my question regarding your wife ? 😀 :D….lol

      • why r u so happy?
        did the camel come all over ur face? 😀

      • @ SAL

        can u please take that cow’s cock out of ur mouth please…lol lol

  23. How is a JF 17 better than LCA, LCA has Python 5, we know what the pythons can do in a dogfight when you look at what the israeliis. It is just a matter of time till LCA becomes operational and it will be a 4.5 generation fighter while the JF 17 will always be a third generation fighter. The avionics on the LCA are two generation ahead of the JF 17.

    You pakistanis are so stupid, the JF 17 falls in line with Chinese strategy of superiority by numbers. This works well for them in bullying countries like thailand, cambodia, vietnam even taiwan. But how does that strategy work for Pakistan against India when you dont have technology and numbers.

    • @ Rajesh

      lol lol lol

      Wat kind of an Idiot are you ?..the Jf-17 is an OPERATIONAL PLANE ! …the lca is a FAILED PROJECT – which PYTHON rubbish are you talking about ?

      Go drink some cow piss !

      • yeah jf 17 is an operational, so was every world war 1 biplane.

  24. JF 17 is a _____ under red blanket. No one knows what is inside it so every tom and dick is speculating it is like f16 and 4 gne ect ect..

    where as LCA is very transperant. every one knows how many hours it had flown and whats the problem in each part.

    you can have 10 cents in your finger and say i have a most powerful item in my hand, and people will believe it. because only you know what is in your hand…

    so jf17 is nothing more than 10cent that is hidden in your hand.. no one has seen it firing a missile using its gun or atleast dropping a live bomb…

    where as we have seen some thing in LCa…



    • @ gay – king

      King, have you urinated ur cows today ?..or did u forget to suck in on them that you come up here to vent your frustration ???

      Your LCA is a mythical aircraft like the other things in ur culture. PLease do not compare that to our flying and airforce inducted aircraft.

      Have u tested ur Fake and unreal nuclear weapons lately ?? – The ones u developed in conjuction with the russians ?…lol lol – because u guys cant built a urine mechanization system lets alone an atomic bomb…LOL LOL

      Buddy Pakistanis are not the ones spending 10 billion on buying military aircraft. INfact we are exporting military aircraft now 😀

      One of the several things india has miserably failed at.

      Oh and yes LCA is very transparent, infact thats all it is bogus non-operational aircraft. First get a balloon of the ground and learn from that …planes come after a while .

      Take it slow eh …ur not pakistan …so take ur time to learn …hahahahahahahahahahahah

      • who is buying united nations of africa.

  25. I could be wrong; but didnt the Indians slaughter Pakistan in 2 major wars. I’m a keen military history enthusiast and from the looks of it, it was only owing to pressure from the International arena and their own political leaership that the Indian Top Brass refrained from entering Islamabad; something that they could very well do in some 48 hrs after the Karachi port was being targetted by the Indian NAval fleet in 1971.

    • Well dear, today it is not 1971. Today Pakistan is a Nuclear Power. Today U.S.S.R. is not half the country it used to be! Yesterday 48 hours to take over Islamabad Today in 48 secs more than half of India will be reduced to ashes!
      Times have changed! Move with it!

      • in 1998 kargil u said dear this is not 1971 in 1971 u said dear this is not 1965
        in 1965 u said dear this is not 1947…..

        now u say this is not 1998.

        what is this some kind of back to the future movie show.

      • Just try us ONE MORE TIME 😉 and you wont live to see another day!

    • @ Vladmir

      Did you know that pakistanis ruled india for a 1000 years ?

      Did you know that the Taj Mahal was built by a muslim emperor ?

      and many such things like that… we have living proof of our heritage ?…question your indian friends about what do they have in pakistan if they were such successful conquerors 😀

      • no i didnt know, no muslim ruled the area i am from and never will.

      • @ rajesh

        No worries, I bet …. u also dont know ur fathers name ..because from where u are, they have many right ?

        lol lol lol lol

      • hey babur,
        whatever you say dont talk about my father. it is a good thing you sat somewhere and typed that. If you had said that to my face or ever say that to my face i will open your heart and drink your blood. i could type here like that about your parents very easily but i wont go there.


      • @ Rajesh !

        But you already did that . My country and my heritage is my MOTHER. You defame it then their wil be no rules !

        Learn to shut up and talk sense as opposed to uttering non-sense. And dont mess with people twice ur size .. U undertand u scumbag !

  26. The JF 17 is an outdated aircraft and its sale is quite unlikely to make any difference to Pakistan’s pathetic economic state.Pakistan cannot take care of its own farmers but it is leasing out land to Saudi Arabia for farming.People are dying of hunger but these jokers want to call foreigners to bail them out.Look how they have kept their abroo for sale – Kerry Lugar bill is a complete surrender of soverignity.

    • @ Yogi,
      Son, get your facts right. JF-17 is competing low Budget Fighter planes. Regarding lands it is strategic placing of assets for the Midlle Eastern coutries to think of Pakistan for Investment. Taking care of farmers…hmmm. when we have maoists & Naxals. we’ll know if we are taking care of them…

  27. I only hope that we do not meet in the air…if we do we will blast ur a….off. I am a fighter pilot and know what we are capable of doing. Look back at the history and see for your self what happened. Put your house in order…it is about to collapse.

    • OH really??!!! Have you forgotten M.M.ALAM in his F-86 Sabre when he met and fumigated 5 of you in less than a minute?!

      Indian Trainer: (while training the Indian Pilots)
      This is how you take OFF and manuver and shoot and stuff… pretty kewl haaan.
      Trainee Pilot: Sir, how to land the LCA ?

      Answer: Leave that to the Pakistan AIR FORCE !

      Well LCA will not need any Pakistani Fighter Pilot’s skill to bring it down.. Your sorry a$$ is going to go down anyway using such trash and then later on followed by your media to report it as a fu** Pilot error Only!

    • @ Sk India

      lol lol

      I just recovered laughing at your comical diatribe, look whose talking.

      Which plane are you capable of hitting us with ?.. The mig 29 which are flying coffins ? or the LCA which is as mythical as ashoka ?

      An indian airforce pilot on a pakistan forum is proof here how we are your true MASTERS 🙂

      We ruled you for a 100o years and we will do it again – Inshallah 😀 !!

      Buddy, can you explain to me if you were so damn courageous then why did you run like rats when you came with loaded planes to attack lahore after the mumbai attacks 😀

      What stopped you ?…The roar of the pakistani shaheens and their split second response time shocked the living hells out of your pilots who were reported to have shit in their pants over this incident :D…hahahahahahahahahahaha

      Here – read about ur colleagues running away like wimps !


      Why dont u worry about ur house with kashmir and naxalites nect to break after pakistan, bangladesh and soon to follow kashmir and asam.

      What a joker !…:D

      • Oye IDIOT bhikhari

        You said is Mig-29 which is known as flying coffin???

        You dont even know whats the difference between Mig-21 and Mig-29.Now thats why you are a IDIOT loser who comes to this site with fake stuff…
        You indeed came from a paki madarasa…


        What a joker…

      • Ameet

        where did u get ur education from ‘TEMPLE’??

        Bhikari go check ur DEBT…biggest bhikaris in the world!!

  28. The people who ruled India for 1000 years are now being blown off by medieval thugs all over their country – so much for Muslim brotherhood!Americans have put up a condom shop in Pakistan – in their Embassy so that they do not need to go out to the countryside to pick one up eveytime they want to screw Pakistan.Emperor Babur has leased his wife to an American marine so he asks me whether mine is for sale!Father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb is under house arrest.Mr 10% is the President and the previous President – the ‘saviour’ is on the run.Gen Hamid Gul – the guy who created the Taliban is is an international terrorist but a national hero in Pakistan. Kerry and Lugar now decide whether Emperor Babur will get his daily bread or not.Taj Mahal was made by a Muslim ruler but in 60 years Pakistanis have managed to make only a Mess out of themselves.India has preserved that Taj Mahal and it is an international tourist destination.Pakistan’s claim to fame is Mathar Mai – that poor lady who got her nose chopped off by someone like Emperor Babur.It is Pakistans miserable fate that it will foreover cry over sour grapes because – the idea of Pakistan itself is a faulty, screwed up idea.No wonder the state is failing.Pakistan likes to call China a friend but in no war against India has China dared to support Pakistan.Friendship – my foot!Pakistani cricketers have sold their izzat for money.Nothing seems to be going alright for the shit state.I wont be surprised if it breaks up in pieces – Baluchistan,Pakhtunistan,Sindh,Punjab,Frontier province etc.Kashmir of course will go to India!

    • @ yogi

      stand on a street corner and then do your business man … were not interested in your wife or the other stuff you come up here to sell man…..ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      MAN ARE YOU NUTS ??….we pakistanis told you indians THAt were not interested in your wives or cows or monkeys or pigs

      For god sake were not a market up here, we buy only quality goods 😀 …lol lol – which you guys dont have ………..lol

      Give me a new deal ?…what else have you got ?….lol lol lol :d 😀 😀

    • Mr Yogi…

      Muslims DIDNT rule India for 1000 years but only few hundreds years…

      Infact muslims could never rule whole india ever.

  29. @ yogi

    here yogi …here boy …come on go fetch that COW …come on now …LOL LOL LOL LOL


    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • and u go eat some pig sh.t

      • @ Rajesh

        Pig is haram in Islam :D…although cow urine is a favorite drink amoung u guys isnt it Rajesh ?

        Go get another shot :D….lol

  30. @ emperor

    lol lol lol …………hahahahahaha

    Abay yaar emperor kiyoon itna gunda ker raha hai isko ?….ab to yeh rona shuru kerdayga


    • @ Ali

      No worries … yeh peda hi aesa hua tha ….lol

      Enjoy !

      Pakistan Zindabad ! :d 😀

      • Emperor – Rather than spending or wasting time on this anti-India rhetoric, can we not spend our quality time on discussing a vision for Pakistan. Whether u like it or not, they (Indians) are far ahead of us in all respects. They are a functioning democracy for 62 years, their economy is robust, their industries are growing, their forex reserves are at a high, they have proved to the world that it is one of the few countries that is recession proof. For us, too, they can be an inspiration. Are you aware, what is the waiting list for Pakistanis wishing to get their heart repaired at a hospital in Bangalore. Come on Emperor – get real and let us have your vision to build a strong , democratic Pakistan. Our armed forces have taken us for a ride since they decided they are the best to rule us. They have only succeeded on feeding us in this anti-Indian hatred, but never won a war decisively, this far and never will. Let us accept it – we are a nation on the brink and we have no direction at all. Unconditional friendship with India is the only way out for us and we will all be happy. Today, even the Kashmiri has no hope on us because we as Muslims are killing each other and they must be crazy to join hands with us. Remember Sufism and the Islam we practice are never going to be compatible. If u are going to equate the Kashmir issue as a revenge for losing East Pakistan. Please note, as a realist and accept it. East Pakistan was lost because our Generals were on a pleasure trip and because of their excesses there. India came in after the harm was done.If u ask me India is a better bet for them and we must put this issue on the back burner and go ahead with a warm hand of friendship, which i believe is for our own good. America, China etc are all fair weather friends – India is where we came from. Let us allow them to survive in peace and we will naturally survive as a strong democratic Country. Once our vision for friendship is clearly defined and put in place, i can bet my last dollar – every General from our Army will be comfortable in their barracks and we will give rise to a new set of rulers who will then lead our Country with a vision that is similar to the QEA-MAJ. Come on Emperor, u seem to have lots of talent, why waste it on this non-sense. Let us hear of you plans of getting our Country rid of the Zardari’s, Kayanis, Sharifs, Zaid Hamids, Musharafs, Maliks, etc. These are the real enemies of Pakistan – Not India, for sure. We are supposed to be an example for the Muslim world – is this an example we are setting.

  31. @Emperor Babur

    You live in dreams and that is why you get r…ed every time. We are ready for it again and this time you will be back to stone age. Let Goras and Taliban finish you off, we will take it on after that.Keep dreaming while some one is doing the job on you.

    • @ Sk

      Oh we know Sk, you guys are a bunch of piggy backers trying to win a little battle on the back of the Goras.

      Very brave for a country 10 times our size to do 😀

      It shows ur mindset of something smaller than a rodent 😀 …lol lol

      The goras first should save themselves in afghanistan, they have enough issues there.

      You can score a point or two but we will be winning the final Battle 🙂

      Like our ancestors did 😀

      Because it is your destiny to be ruled by us !

      Enjoy the wait till then …lol lol lol

  32. u pakistanis talking very courageously makes me fart i dont know why. You guys cant even control the taliban, balochis now looks like occupied kashmir might go out of control. You sont have the guts to fight a open war against the Indian military so you cowardly push terrorists through the border and these imbeciles kill innocent people withput weapons. Take the xample of mumbai attacks, you morons kileed innocent women and children, you didnt have the guts to fight the men one on one and just shot them. Why dont your military stop pushing terrorists in the middle of the night and come for a open war. You dont do it because you know you will be defeated. In fact didnt your god allah tell you that borrowing or lending money wrong. Arent you going against your own god by begging for money from the americans. There is another term for the term pakistani it is called “hypocrite” or ” liar”. My hatred and disgust for you two talking liars knows no limits. In fact I look forward to the day when there will be one more war.

  33. @EmperorBabur,

    Sleep tight. We don’t have to waste our Air Force or our Army on you guys. You will be taken care of by Talibans and others guys in Wazirestan. Whatever is left out will be taken care by Mr 10%.

    • @SK India
      The way ur Russian cheap @$$ jets keep crashing u don’t even have enough jets to waste!

      Congratz on getting a world record 500 jet crashed! (Flying Coffin)

  34. @ Rajesh

    lol lol lol lol

    Rajesh, u thick headed idiot, i think ur morning dose of cow piss is running out, so go get another drink of it.

    Firstly, the mumbai terrorists were RAW agents, people of ur brahmin caste and they killed ur own people ..because according to ur religion dalit and other castes are less than a cow .. so killing them is actually a good deed…this was the rational they had 😀 😀

    Now as far as fighting goes, we have kicked ur ass several times and the latest example being KARGIL when ur sorry ASS had to run to the americans to help solve that issue because u had lost militarily 😀

    Here we still hold point 5353 in kargil which was our land – like the whole of india is ours 😀 😀

    The mughals were pakistanis hence anything belonging to them is ours 😀 😀

    and were coming to get it 😀 😀


    And as far as coming face to face – Then why dont u start the war – YOU are 10 times bigger than US and you dont have the BALLS to ATTACK US !

    You want to read how ur airforce ran like mice over lahore after PAF chased them away like the rodents they are !

    Here read :


    Like cowards they ran away.. and go fix ur house first …we love humamity unlike you who treat them worse than cows!

    Good luck !

    • Mughals pakistani!!!!
      Get a life.
      The mughals were based mainly in Delhi/agra were they had their capital.

      Pakistan was a sidey frontier area where no muslim dynasty ever had a capital.All the main mughal architecture(except a few in lahore)is in India.
      There are 160 million muslims who are claimants to the traditions of Indian Medeival mughals.
      Get lost, and manufacture yur history for ypuself.

      • How many pakistani muslims are there 170-175 million.
        There are 160 million muslims in India.All muslim rulers of note were based either in India or in afghanistan.Yur Babur is not pakistani, but central asian from where babur came.The mughals settled in Delh, agra, the Indian deccan, not anywhere in pakistan.
        Stop lying to yourself.

      • @Rajk

        I think I have given you enough proof of who the Mughals are ancestors of so keep ur filthy mouth shut now!

    • hey moron ( emperor babur),
      if kargil was a victory for pakistan then why do we still have kargill. maybe u won it and decided to grant it to us in an act of kindnes, or wait maybe the americans pressurised you so much that you had to give it back to us. Let me tell you something about krgill the americans put the pressure on us not to open more than one fronts, we had moved our strike corps to offensive positions. we just relented to save more lives being lost. Also your nuclear weapons didnt save you then. We blockaded karachi port and at the end of kargil pakistan only had petrol left for one seven more days, your nuclear weapons couldnt save you against the blocakde. Whats changed now, you have gwadar port, we will just bomb all the bridges, train lines and pipelines from gwadar to punjab and then it will be back to karachi as well as bomb the port itself. what is next you won in 1947, 65, and 71. ok take it you won in kargill, everything else. now go sleep tight in your mommys lap.

    • mughals owned 40% of india go check the map of babur, akbar etc. aurangazeb lost many times to shivaji. The only time shivaji surrenedered to aurangazeb was when jai singh led aurangazebs forces and shivaji did not want to fight a hindu king. The Ahom kingdom in northeast india defeated aurangazeb many times and he eventually gave up trying to do anything in north east india. If you consider states in the south and east india there where many regions that never experienced mughal rule. so you can go take the mughals and shove them up your ass.

      • i forgot to mention it was ram singh that led the aurangazebs forces against the ahoms. this just proves that there was no concept of present day india before 1947. during the mughals time sikhs never fought with marathas, marathas never with rajputs, tamils never with rajputs, assamese never with tamils. now you have to fight all of them at the same time.

    • Mumbai attacks where planned by the RAW. Are you some kind of idiot. i know u r not an idiot u just think putting a thought like that deflects pressure on you.

      1/ If RAW ever attacked a TATA building such the hotels targeted there will be no more RAW. TATA is the biggest and most powerful conglomerate and their power goes tp the highest level of the Indian government.

      2/ RAW mossad have had friendly ties for over 40 years, if you think RAW would ever plan an attack on Jews such as the Nariman house then forget it.

      The pakistani cowards kill innocent indians including women and children, I talked to a pakistani on a flight to dubai and he said there is a reason for the mumbai attacks and that is the anger of pakistanis towards indians. I realized there are pakistanis who are actually happy that these unarmed women and children where killed and many after being torured for many hours made me realise something. There can never ever be peace with pakistan. you people have been so brainwashed by your army and madrasas that you have become canibals, you have no idea of what indians think or want. The way I look at it if somebody treats me with respect i treat them with respecty, if somebody wants to kill me, then i kill them before they could do that.

  35. […] TEJAS: India’s Continued Embarassment October 30, 2009 . pkkh pakistankakhudahafiz.wordpress.com […]

  36. I fully agree with Mr. Sarfraz Askeri. Better live in a friendly atmosphere and work for the betterment of our people and enjoy our common culture.

    • Thanks Man – Unfortunately, sanity does not prevail in our Country. We are filmy, even in our spirituality – hence Allah, too, is fed up of our facade and i assume has given up on us. The ‘land of the the pure’ has surprised even the Creator. When i go through this post, i wonder if the whole Country has been talibanised. Please God – i hope i am wrong.

      • @sarfaraz

        YOU FILTHY INDIAN…keep ur mouth $hut and go get ur dose of cow piss!

  37. […] TEJAS: India’s Continued Embarassment October 30, 2009 . pkkh pakistankakhudahafiz.wordpress.com […]

  38. […] By: PKKH […]

  39. The pakis are Hilarious.
    Poor chaps their country, with no name or idea before 1947 has to borrow on traditions and history of others.Be it the afghan kings, the mughal and sultanates of India, the turks.
    Similar goes the mysths how pakistan has ‘defeated india’ in kargil etc etc.

    WHAT the pakistanis do not tell you is THAT AFTER EVERY ENCOUNTER WITH INDIA, be in 1965,1971,kargil, they have been thrown in turmoil and the leader leading them at that time has been disgraced.
    Be it Ayub in 1965, bhutto in 1971 and Nawaz in 1999 kargil.
    None of these leaders were honoured.
    Wld they not have been heroes if they had won a war or some benefit for pakistan.
    Defence of pakistan day is the biggest fraud on pakistan, as Durrani , a paki general himself as said.In fact it was a ploy of India to cross the IB into pakistan, this drew in pakis forces from akhnur, who were supposed to occupy it and cut of kashmir.Pakis as usual thought that the Indian raection would be limited .
    In 65 pakistan was supposed to free kashmir in operation Gibraltar and Grand Slam.Did IT?
    1971 we all know.
    In kargil pakis walk into empty posts and vacate it in a few months.
    Pakis like to claim that america did it(when it was nawaz, pants down who ran to washington).
    What they do not tell you is that India walked into Siachen in 1986.Pakis tried their best to get India out, YET SO MANY YEARS LATER, INDIA HAS NOT MOVED AN INCH FROM SIACHEN.THAT IS CALLED OCCUPYING A POSITION.Not the downhill run that paki army displayed in kargil.
    It is this refusal to accept pak mistakes in the past that has brought pakistan to the state that it is in now.

  40. @rajk wake up darling its morning now and its time for u to suck ur GODS URINE ( cow urine) its ur break fast time baby..

    • Types of Emperor Babur, khail and Haider will soon be wearing burqas…..Talibans will make them do that….they are in very dangerous situation. Americans from one side and Talibans from other.

      • @ sk

        and your types will soon have a dick in their butt …since ur supreme court has not legalized gay sex …:D 😀

        Happy ass wipping faggots 😀 😀

  41. How come people can be blind from facts?
    The writer of article itself is a part of rumor machine which keep ordinary man in dark.
    Can’t you see people whatever you do whatever you achieve you can’t change your neighbors?
    To leave peacefully and increase the value of life in our region we must start living with harmony.
    Nobody can change the fact that all South Asian countries are leaving in the region from last 25,000 years. Only different religion can’t change the fact that we all belong to same race and gene pool.
    The biggest challenge in the region is:
    1. Eradicate Poverty
    2. Improve Health Service
    3. Educate People
    4. Food Self Reliance
    5. Economic Reforms
    And to achieve these goals, 1st Step (Beside other concrete things) is to create peaceful and fearless environment. And the challenges are:
    1. Religious harmony and tolerance
    2. Border issues
    3. Terrorism
    The world is divided on many fronts; most visible divide is on race (If you see the prosperity in different races)
    1. Division by race: there are five kinds of large different races in the world:
    • White people (North America, Europe, Australia etc)
    • Mongolian People (China, Japan, Koreas etc)
    • South Asians (SAARC countries)
    • Black Africans (Africa)
    • South American (All South American countries)
    And some mix races like OCEAN countries (Indo-Chinese), Indo-Europeans, African-White, Latinio-Whites etc.
    From last 4-5 centuries White people are dominating world and they made sure that all technological advancement does not goes to other races; you can see most of the developed countries in world are countries with white people. They are biggest consumer of resources on earth and still considered as preachers.
    2. Division by Religion: No need to say that though this division is not creating any level of life difference but this is the most violent and dangerous divide which has hampered development from many regions in the world including South Asia.
    3. Division by political view: Communism vs. democracy.
    I just want to open the eyes of people from subcontinent that stop fighting with each other and start grow together as units and make this region as one of the most develop region of world. All South Asian people are capable of achieve anything. Why some countries achieved something and why some can’t is because of political decisions taken by few people and not changed their stance after releasing that it’s a blunder. The key to success is to educate people with right and truth education not the biased education. Make people tolerant not fanatic should be the aim of education. Value the achievement of others and teach them to accept failures.

    Weather Tejas became successful or F-17. This can’t be considered as success as both will kill people. If we can make this region free from threats then that will be success.

  42. Just for reference-
    03 Nov 2009 8ak: A Pakistani web-site has trashed the indigenously developed LCA – Tejas in comparison to its China partnered JF-17, labelling it as the Last Chance Aircraft and described the ambitious project as a constant source of embarrassment for India. It alleges that the LCA was not an Indian creation, since the Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) and Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) had sought help from France, Israel, British Aerospace and Lockheed Martin at each stage to develop the LCA, further accusing India of copying the designs of Multi-Mode Radar (MMR) from the Ericsson and Ferranti Defence Systems, who make such radars.

    In comparison to the Tejas, the web-site claims the JF-17 project launched in 1995, to be a success story, as the aircraft not only has a superior futuristic and advanced avionics system compared to the Tejas, but the tab for its production stands at US$500 million much below the US$2 billion of the yet to be inducted Tejas, whose development was initiated way back in 1983. Whereas, the Joint Pakistan-China venture reached its logical conclusion in a span of 11 years after it was mooted in 1995, when the JF-17 took to skies in March 2007, three years after its maiden flight in 2003.

    As of now 10 JF-17s have been successfully inducted into the Pakistan Air Force and the first JF-17 squadron is expected to be operational by this year end, whereas, the first Tejas would be inducted into the Indian Air Force (IAF) in 2010.

    However, contrary to the claims of the Pakistani web-site, Wing Commander Raghu Rajan (retd) of the IAF says, “It is true that we have taken a reasonable degree of external help, but then as the time has passed we have developed our own technology as well.” Elaborating on the issue, he says that to ridicule India for the delay would not be fair, as we were attempting to make an indigenous 4.5 generation combat aircraft for the first time so delays are expected. He substantiates his point by citing the Indian space program which nearly took 40 years to come of age, but now India is amongst the few elite nations to possess such advanced space technology.

    The wing commander further says that the JF-17 has a Russian engine, which the Pakistanis are simply assembling in the factories, a practice which the HAL has been undertaking for years now, as it has been producing the Russian Mig-21, Mig-27, Jaguar etc at its facility for a very long time.

    Before Pakistan calls India’s LCA project a failure, we need to look at certain parameters, which have been ignored by the Pakistani site. For starters, The Tejas is expected to cost around US$22 million and not the $31m quoted in the article. At this price it is much cheaper than any 4.5 generation fighter (The Times of India quoted the cost of French fighter Rafael to cost around Rs 270 crore – US$61 million). The Tejas also happens to be the smallest and lightest aircraft in the world, a fact not recognized by the site yet again. The site has also discounted the fact that the Tejas has a far more superior Beyond Visual Range (BVR) capability in comparison to the JF-17. The JF-17 is still considered a 3rd generation fighter whereas; the Tejas is a 4.5generation aircraft. Finally, it seems that China itself has not inducted the JF-17 in to its own fleet! Need we say more?

  43. Dear Indis ‘Rising and Shining’,

    Kindly refrain from unhealthy discussion and improve the living conditions for your 80% population.

    Rather than attaining the knowledge for only destruction purposes and to be proud on that, you have to invest your resources on other way around.

    Kindly also educate your people while they are in other countries, not to spit the ‘pan’ and ‘gutkas’ in the stairs/lifts/etc. Such behaviours are not suitable for ‘Rising and Shining’ nations and to those who claims to be the future ‘SUPER POWER’.

    The following article is neither from any jealous Paki nor from any unfriendly media group. It is purely from Tom and Indi alliance:

    In India’s villages: No toilet, no bride
    From Harmeet Shah Singh, CNN
    October 29, 2009 — Updated 0325 GMT (1125 HKT)

    To meet its sanitation goal by 2012, India must build 112,000 toilets a day.
    • To meet sanitation goal, India must build 112,000 toilets a day
    • Less than 30 percent of people have latrine access
    • Government offers incentives to build bathrooms
    • Lack of toilet seen as human rights issue
    • India
    • Health and Fitness
    • Asia
    New Delhi, India (CNN) — Most Indian mothers want their daughters to marry decent men who make a good living. Now, in parts of rural India, women have a new — and rather unusual — demand for matrimony: a toilet.
    “No toilet, no bride,” has become a rallying cry for women raising a stink about the lack of a basic amenity.
    They see it as a human rights issue, especially in villages where plumbing can be nonexistent.
    It was that way in Sunariyan Kalan in the northern state of Haryana. Sumitra Rathi said village women had no choice but to relieve themselves without privacy.
    They would go before sunrise or hold it in until darkness fell once again to avoid being seen. Or they would walk out to the fields and endure embarrassment. They don’t want their daughters to face the same indignity.
    “Many of them do make serious inquiries from the families of grooms about latrines,” she said.
    As a member of the local council, Rathi has helped build toilets in 250 houses in Sunariyan Kalan since 1996.
    Still, about five dozen homes lack covered bathrooms.
    The problem is so big in India that the country would need to construct 112,000 toilets every day if it wants to meet its sanitation goal by 2012, according to the Ministry of Rural Development.
    Even as India emerges as a global economic power, millions of its citizens still live in poverty. The government estimates that less than 30 percent of villagers have access to latrines, which poses serious health risks and increases the threat of deadly diseases like typhoid and malaria.
    To help overcome the enormity of the sanitation challenge, the government is offering incentives to encourage villagers to build bathrooms. The poorest
    of the poor in Haryana stands to receive Rs. 2,200 ($48) for each toilet they install, said P.S. Yadav, a state coordinator for the sanitation campaign.
    The incentives are especially attractive to women, for whom the problem transcends health issues.
    Local women, often illiterate, have taken a keen interest in bathroom construction, said Roshni Devi, the council chief in Haryana’s Kothal Khurd village.
    And through it, they have gained a sense of self, making the lowly toilet seat feel more like a lofty throne.

  44. While browsing for news regarding the Tejas I found this stunning article apparently written by a pakistani. I knew previously that the Pakistanis are expertised in reverse engineering, reverse writing and reverse theories (ex. 9/11 was carried out by americans themselves, 26/11 was done by brahmins, etc). However the reason why I say ‘stunning’ article is not because of the real facts shown about the LCA project, but the kind of language used and the magnitude of mockery involved in a desperate attempt to bring down the esteem of Indians.

    The pakistani mindset cannot digest the facts of India’s achievements in other areas – this is completely ruled out, it is as good as the saying in Tamil that goes “How can you expect a donkey to relish the smell of camphor?”. But still I do believe there exists a section of a Pakistani population that acknowledges the overall facts (and differences) of Pakistan and India’s developments, governance and integrity given the vast difference of population and land area. I find a completely different pakistani in “Sarfraz Askeri” who has posted just a little above, same holds good with other prominent figures from Pakistan like Wasim Akram, Rameez Raja and a few other singers who have openly acknowledged the mammoth difference between the two countries.

    Talkin more about the larger section of the Pakistani masses that enjoys chastising India and non-islamic religions for petty issues and one-off incidents, I must say they are very unfortunate – very unfortunate that things like respect and appreciation will never come around their lives. Generally, the very fact that one resorts to ridiculing and taunting someone is on more occassions than one due to jealousy. It happens in every household where there are brothers and it is the younger brother who ultimately resorts to ridiculing and complaining/crying due to the fact that he cannot do anything else (he has no power).

    You do not require a spy or an intelligence agency or a rocket scientist to find the reason why an average pakistani behaves like the posts of “Emperor.Babur” and “khail” flooded above. In India we are taught in school during childhood that all religions and all human beings are one. God remains the same but people pray God in different forms with different customs. Thats why in India a hindu respects other religions and all muslims here feel definitely safer than the islamic state of Pakistan. If Hindus were violent, intolerant cowards according to various desperate conspiracy theories propagated by Pakistani islamic fanatics, how could 80% of Hindus manage to live at peace with the minorities? I myself being a Hindu am proud of my muslim friends and we live like brothers because we are taught the facts of history in school. It is incumbent that every Pakistani should be aware that inspite of the fact that Muslims are minorities in India, the total muslim population exceeds that of the Pakistan’s population. If the conspiracy theories were true then Hindus would have cleansed muslims the way ethnic cleansing was done in Kashmir by militants sent from Pakistan for Kashmiri pandits. It would not have been a worser scenario than the way minority SriLankan tamils were denied privileges and underwent ethnic cleansing in the early 1980’s and this year’s war. If the conspiracy theories were true then muslim population in India should have decreased to abysmal levels rather it has been growing at a tremendous rate more than the Hindus.

    The crux of the argument that I want to establish is that as long as the way Pakistanis are educated in the current form for the last few decades, the situation in Pakistan will be ever on the downward trend. Education is a gift, it is an asset, but a reverse education – an education that teaches venom and animosity always results in turmoil for the future of the country. This is the very reason that Hindus and other minorities are on the decline in Pakistan. Pakistanis are taught that India is cursed with caste problems while in their own backyard sunnis and shias are having a catfight in each other’s funeral processions. The army who are apparently running Pakistan, looting the funds and people’s money, forcing reverse education (for ex. India came from Pakistan, etc) on innocent people of Pakistan think that this would enable them to destabilize and capture India. Alas, they forgot that reverse theories will also have reverse effects – today India is one of the big global players in the fields of Space technology, Information Technology exports, Automobile industries, Electronic Hardwares, etc whereas Pakistan and Pakistanis are today famous for IT (International terrorism), suicide bombers, loads of terror outfits like the Lashkar e Toiba, etc. The ambitious Pakistan army who took over the governance on many occassions were intending to cause an utter confusion and a colossal damage to India’s integration by feeding in some of their home grown brainwashed, misguided, poisonous innocent youths have lost their “east” already and are now facing the brunt of North West frotier and stiff resistence from Balochs due to denial of equal rights. They are today baffled internally and I will not be surprised if it has affected their cerebral function because it is evident from their inability to talk to the point whenever asked about the situation of Pakistan. They are certainly baffled for what they intended to inflict on India, the tremendous amount of efforts carried out over the decades by various hawala transactions and weapons supply, they find that it has instead boomeranged on their own soil. I remember one Pakistani general who was interviewed on Times Now channel during the aftermath of 26/11, replied for a question on why ISI is still carrying out the old fashion of sending trained innocent youths like Ajmal Kasab with a completely brainwashed, surrendered mind to kill innocent, unarmed people of India he said – “Look at your security!! What security you have got! They could not find out these people who came from across the border and got into the 5 star hotel to kill people!??” This is the kind of behavior and subjective response given by any Pakistani. They are taught not to deal with the question asked rather attack the negative areas. Even now I would not be surprised if the elements like “Emperor.Babur” and “khail” reply to my post simply by referring to cow’s urine and Gay Indian. Because we understand their mental calibre, their cerebral function, the way they are groomed to argue. It portrays their standard and way of life – catfighting, suicide bombing and bickering.

    I would like to sign off by saying a simple but hard to accept fact for an average Pakistani that unless there is a complete revamp of the education system in Pakistan, there is no hope for a stable Pakistan. It will remain in turmoil like the way it has been with various coups of different regimes, lost territories and growing violence across the country. Also clipping the powers of the ambitious, corrupted, reverse minded army would do a world of good for Pakistanis to enter the real world of hard facts from a fool’s paradise.

  45. Dear Indis ‘Rising and Shining’,

    First of all, the article which pinched you is not from any Pakistani, it is from ‘From Harmeet Shah Singh, CNN’ (you can confirm the article and writer from CNN – Indis are also expert in IT and remember this is global village age) and I think he did not committ a sin by reflecting the real truth.

    In general, I also realized the Indis are ‘Narrow Minded’ peoples. On one hand they appreciated the ‘truth’ by ‘Mr. Sarfraz Askeri’ and on the other hand they do not accept the ‘truth’ by one of their own people.

    The progress of india does not upset any ‘Pakistani’ and believe me it is a truth. We generally appreciate, it has also positive consequencies on Pakistan. If I being myself a trader can get a competing product from India then why I will turned to Europe or USA with many folds of price.

    Only thing which you are considering as achievement is irritating to us, the development of arms and ammunition only. This attitude is not esteemful, it is negative attitude. For whom you are developing this, for Mainland China? Believe me you can’t. Don’t even think of that. Just remember 1962. Your goverment consists of jokers and mockerers. Kindly donot retaliate pointing finger of Pakistani Goverements, we also consider them the same.

    The history taught to you in schools is not 100% right and I know it very well. Revise your history sallaybus it well help your nation to be in harmony with others. We are aware of the ‘Pakistani Taliban’ probelm and we are taking care of it. In the mean time you should positively investigate the death of ‘Mr Karkare and the link to Col. Prohit’. Investigate the ‘Samjhota Express Blast’, the ‘Maligaoon Massacre’, the ‘Gujrat Massacare’ the crackdown on Sikhs in operation ‘Blue Star’.

    You will soon realize how good your esteem is?

    If you can’t answer these blunders go to ‘youtube’ and listen whats going on, just don’t depend on your media – mostly the bunch of liars only propagating the ideas of Jokers in Indis goverment.

    IT is not related to International but ‘Inidan sponsored Terrorisim’. Wheather it is in Kashmir, in Pakistan and in Afghnistan.

  46. its our money we will spend it anyway we want. we will take 20 yearss to build a plane, we will take 100 years to build a plane if we want to. what are you going to do about it or better question what can you do about it. are you going to declare war on us because the lca got delayed?. ooh i am so scared.

    • @ si

      After you’ve done taking a carrot in ur rear ..you can take as long as you like to build a teja – Its called a failure 😀 😀 ….and we in the meantime will build and empire and march to delhi 😀

      Just like we did during the moghal reign …happy slaving !

      • It appears that this is the universal Muslim comeback to the world these days – up yours and I’ll be over to invade your country shortly. It really doesn’t matter the history of it – here you are in the US and all over Europe, eh? You are enslaved by your dreams of an even larger Caliphate. My cousin is a world authority on the art and culture of the Mughal empire. And you thought European Americans did not know anything. You don’t have to stick a carrot up your rear – just in your ear because you don’t seem to hear anyone but your own voice. You are bent of destruction. What do you create – beyond chaos these days. The days of the Mughals is past. Their most precious manuscript is now in Iran. How is it that the Persians have this and you do not?

      • @Emperor.Babur

        Of all the commentators here, you are the least effective because you do not engage in ratiocination anywhere – just in foul mouth comebacks and using the Muslim weapon of choice – fear (we are coming to get you). Why is it that religion and not DNA is more important to you in the region, eh? You do not make a good case for your side.

  47. […] Tejas: India’s continued embarrassment […]

  48. […] Tejas: India’s continued embarrassment […]

  49. You can’t compare Tejas to JF-17.

    Tejas is an all Indian design and the actual knowledge and experience of building it rests with Indians.

    JF-17 is an all Chinese design(well, it is supposed to be unless it’s hiding some stolen tech) for which Pakistan is the first foreign customer; the knowledge and experience of building it does not rest with Pakistani; it rests with Chinese.

    • @ foreigner

      You need a brain check by a psychiatrist… The chinese airforce is not conducting the jf-17 in its airforce because they were designed for long missions over india. This means they were designed by pakistan with chinese help. This does mean a “first customer” it means an indigenous user. When you dont know about stuff learn to SHUT UP as opposed to uttering garbage learned at your failed high school level.

      Coming from a country where only 15% of the people produced by the country are employable !

      😀 😀 – go back to ur bull cart and start pushing !

      • @ Emperor.Babur

        > This means they were designed by pakistan with chinese help.

        So when can we see Pakistan exporting JF-17? Why is it that Chinese are exporting JF-17 when it is supposedly designed by Pakistan?

  50. Well pakistan designed jf-17! wonderful. May be that is the reason china is not using it and who knows pakis may be desiging a nuclear submarine and also a rocket for their mars mission. Well this quite possible with the help of bearded intellectuals from madarsas having wide experience of fighting american drones and if the prjects are funded with american aid.

  51. JF-17 is a crappy fighter jet and Pakistanis are proud of it lol. I call it target practice for SU-30mki pilots haha. Now I know Pakistani economy is doing sooo poor compared to India and China.

  52. Some facts about JF-17:
    First airframe mfd in China
    First flight in China
    First pilot to fly is Chinese
    And china has no intention to fly these in their airforce!!

  53. PAC v/s HAL

    Pakistan Aeronautical Complex
    Production history
    * JF-17 Thunder
    * MFI-17 Mushshak
    * MFI-395 Super Mushshak

    Aircraft parts

    * K-8 Karakorum (also known as Hongdu JL-8)

    Aircraft maintenance components

    * F-16 Fighting Falcon
    * Dassault Mirage III and Dassault Mirage V
    * Chengdu F-7
    * Shenyang F-6
    * Nanchang A-5

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
    * Ubabeel Aerial Drone – A small arms target designed for target practice use by operators of small arms, machine guns. Also used to train operators for the larger and faster Baaz Aerial Drone.[2]
    * Baaz Aerial Drone – A recoverable aerial target designed for use with air defence guns and surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems.[3]
    * SELEX Galileo Falco – A surveillance UAV, production began in August 2009.[4] [5]

    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

    Fighter aircraft

    * HF-24 Marut — Mk1 and Mk1T
    * Tejas — Light Combat Aircraft
    * FGFA — under joint-development with the Sukhoi Corporation
    * MCA — India’s indigenous stealth fighter
    * Su-30MKI, a derivative of Sukhoi Su-27 co-developed with Sukhoi Corporation

    HAL Dhruv of the Indian Army

    * Dhruv — Advanced Light Helicopter
    * Light Combat Helicopter (under development)
    * Light Observation Helicopter (under development)
    * Indian Multi-role Helicopter (under development)


    * GTRE GTX-35VS Kaveri- Co-developed with GTRE(DRDO)(under development)
    * PTAE-7- For indegeniously designed Lakshya PTA

    Light trainer aircraft
    Closeup of a HAL Kiran aircraft.

    * HT-2
    * HPT-32 Deepak
    * HUL-26 Pushpak
    * HAOP-27 Krishak
    * HA-31 Basant
    * HJT-16 Kiran — Mk1, Mk1A and Mk2
    * HJT-36 Sitara — Intermediate Jet Trainer (under development)

    Transport aircraft
    Saras, developed by HAL and National Aerospace Laboratories.

    * Saras — Co-developed with the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)
    * HAL Multirole Transport Aircraft — under joint-development with Ilyushin Design Bureau

    Passenger Aircraft

    * Indian Regional Jet (IRJ) of 70-100 seater capacity to be jointly developed with NAL.


    * HAL G-1 — first original design produced by the company in 1941; only one built.
    * Ardhra — training glider

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    * Lakshya PTA — Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    Licenced production

    * Harlow PC-5 — first aircraft assembled by HAL
    * Percival Prentice — 66-built by HAL
    * Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 — FL, M, Bis and Bison upgrades variants
    * Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27 — M variant
    * SEPECAT Jaguar— IS, IB and IM variants
    * AdourMk 811 for Jaguar
    * Adour Mk 871 for BAE Hawk Mk 132
    * HAL Ajeet — improved version of the Folland Gnat
    * Aerospatiale SA 315B Lama — HAL Cheetah, Lancer, Cheetal Variants
    * Aerospatiale SA 316B Alouette III — HAL Chetak, Chetan Variants
    * Dornier Do 228 and Garret-5 engine
    * HAL HS 748 Avro
    * Sukhoi Su-30MKI
    * BAe Systems Hawk Mk. 132 — scheduled production of 42 aircraft

    • So for 2 decades HAL was sitting idle, banging head on LCA !! 🙂

      • Its nature dude. No matter how good a person might look, but a single mole on his face is what the masses will be talking about at first. But for critics, nothing is visible other than the mole. Pakistanis are experts in this while talking about India.

        But if a person is able to see and talk about a good thing in the most ugliest looking person – it is divine. Pakistanis are experts in this while talking about themselves.

  54. “A lot can be achieved in two and a half decades. For an individual, its roughly one-third of the average lifespan. For a nation, its enough time for an entire generation to come through. A nation can be transformed from a marshy swamp into one of the largest economies of the world – as in the case of Singapore”
    Now, let me ask you one question how much did Pakistan achieved in the same time period. We dare to develop technology and it is not like making suicide jackets on which you have specialization. As you have such a big mouth now here this the JF 17 program was started in 1984 as super 7 program where the F-7(A cheap Chinese copy of Mig 21 which in your language is a flying coffin) needed to have side air intake and a new radar upgrade but, as it is known to entire world that Chinese can’t develop anything they can just copy. Then after getting US aid for food and education programs(which you are lacking and stands almost last in the list) was diverted to military program as Pakistan has a tendency to copy India even if they don’t have food to eat anyway that is not the point here now regarding Jf -17, China had not spent even 5% of its brain to develop it and Pakistan’s contribution was only to provide their pilots because Chinese has never flown any modern jets. Chinese purchased the rejected design of Mig 33 from Russia and tried building the aircraft but they failed and their were severe design failures including crack in the airframe. After spending almost 2 years for no success they contacted Russians to help and then it was redesigned by Russian engineers which was claimed by the engineers openly. Chinese tried to copy the RD 33 engine but they failed in that also then they decided to use the RD 33 engines on the aircraft rather than their failed engine. Now, coming to the avionics of Jf 17 it is still not decided which Radar it is going to use as there is a several design issues to incorporate a good radar that means it is still in under design phase as you cannot use aircraft in war without radar(Great aircraft). Now, here my question is how a country can blame another country for R&D which ha not made even a 2 stroke engine for a scooter or bike of its own leave the electronics that is far beyond your scope.Here in the development of Jf 17 you already had the design(Russian) you already had the engine(Russian) Because china doesn’t have good avionics you still doesn’t have it in your so called production aircraft. We can compare the same with HJT 36 in the same analogy which was developed in the record time of 48 months because engine was Russian, design- Indian, avionics- Indian

    Now, LCA as a failure as per your analysis:

    Do you know LCA project was actually started in 1989 after receiving ASR from IAF. If you say the program was conceived in 1983 then you can claim F22 also as failure because the program was conceived in 1980. The biggest problem in the development of the LCA was frequently changing ASR as per the original design the engine required to produce 56Kn thrust, after sometime they changed it to 75 and now it is atleast 90 Kn. The original design was successful. The problem with Indian Air Force is they want LCA to be stealth as F-22 Raptor,Maneuverable as Mig 29 or Flanker, weapon load as of Hornet.

  55. what a shame this babel.. We all come from the same gene pool. We all get discriminated against in the western world.. people make money out of our ignorance and hate.. Wish we would all grow up see what the westerners are doing to Now even the chinese…

  56. Pakistani conspiracy theories (including that of Americans executed 9/11 and Brahmins executed 26/11) are now stripped open in world media. India has been asserting it for ages, but it has taken so long for a channel like BBC to nail the notorious Paki conspiracy theories. Have a look http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8369914.stm

    The report precisely states the need of the hour for Pakistan and what invariably is happening on media channels. This act is only going to further damage the current turmoil, which will never enable a stable Pakistan. Which further means that South asia will remain a dangerous place. Thank God it is India next to Pakistan, because if it were to be Israel next to Pakistan, then the word ASIA might have been removed from the dictionary by this time.

  57. why would they name the jet after an American State???
    Tejas = Texas

  58. Tejas hasent taken 26 goddamn years if u are posting something atleast take some pain to do R&d abt the matter…..Anyways the funding of the project started in 1993 and the first prototype was made in 1995 and then in 1998 with its first successful test flight in 2001 known as TD-1(technology demonstrater – 1)

  59. You are talking of the instruments of war and of who has the best toys? Shame on you. Why aren’t you comparing literary heroes or artists or philosophers. I am weary of weapons. I wish we could lay all of them down but that is not realistic. But to highlight cultures via weaponry is to add fuel to the fire. Is that how you wand to be remembered? At least India had Gandhi. And Pakistan had but killed Bhutto. We all assassinate what is good and worship that which is evil. “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me” as the song says.

  60. Pakistan has succeeded in making JF 17 in record time? Congratulations!.

    The arguments being presented in this section are very narrow and prejudiced. The larger picture is not seen by anybody except a few.

    Let me state some other facts about India.

    India is the largest democracy in the world and also a responsible nuclear power with impeccable nuclear non proliferation record. This describes everything and I can conclude here.

    But, let me continue,

    A 360 degree approach in developing the nation is being made in India. India has made technological developments in other fields also. For example space, agriculture, medicine, education and many more. Most importantly, India has free press and freedom of expression.

    India’s moon mission is one such example which depicts technological expertise attained. There is a lot to achieve. But I am sure if the same positive attitude will be maintained by India.

    An Indian need not go to US for medical treatment. Our doctors are capable of doing anything from organ transplants to stem cell therapies. India develops her own vaccines. For example, indigenous H1N1 vaccine is going to be made available for public use by April 2010.

    IIT and IIMs are among best teaching institutes in the world.

    LCA is one of the smallest projects being handled by this huge country. It is agreed that LCA project is bit delayed. But designing an altogether new aircraft like LCA is a very complex task and even most countries have taken around 20 years when they did it for the first time. I do not know how Pakistan has done this in just 5 years ?.

  61. Nagara – it is well that you cataloged India’s continued contributions to the world. I have been a student of India’s art history and through Indian friends here have a contemporary view but yours is a very broad-based and succinct “update.”

    The same case for Pakistan should also be made to honor her history and accomplishments. Especially with the US and other western nations making incursions into her, she needs to be seen in totality and not just as a nation in turmoil. It truly helps to remember what a country IS outside the theater of war and regional conflicts that could lead to war. A Punjabi voice needs to make the cultural case for Pakistan. Again, Thanks Nagara.

  62. In the above article is the quote: India would be well advised to buy more of the Russian aircraft instead of wasting billions of dollars in trying to produce its own ‘indigenous’ fighter plane.

    India is working closely with the Russians as you have suggested. From a recent post of mine Filed under Russia:

    The [PAK FA] is expected to enter in service in 2015 and will be supplied to the Russian Air Force along with Su-35 fighters. Commenting the start of PAK FA flight trials, Sukhoi head Mikhail Pogosyan also mentioned that India will join the program on later stages. [Aviation Week]

    And India now has a strategic partnership with South Korea “under which defence industry collaboration is anticipated to expand.” Out of this, South Korea has garnered the sale of up to 60 KT-1 Woong-Bee intermediate trainers to meet Indian Air Force requirements. [Jane’s]

    In truth, the arms supply industry (air, missile, etc.) is in flux. New strategic alliances exist side by side with the old.

  63. Both countries are tinpot nations,grow up and stop fighting like kids,or else,Europe could recolonise you!The west is rich they can indulge their military,India and Pakistan are poverty stricken countries technologicaly backward and in need of education!Uplift your people and than you qualify to play on the world stage.

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