Pakistani Youth Defeating ‘Taliban’

October 30, 2009

Ali Khan | PakistanFirst

In his recent interview Gen Athar Abbas director general Inter services public relation said that military can buy time and soften the situation. According to him military operation is not the full action that government of Pakistan and its people will take against these anti-Pakistan terrorists and foreign elements in Waziristan. There is another important part of this operation; government coming down and taking control of the situation.

This is where most of Pakistanis put blame on the government that it is not doing its job and are afraid of bad consequences. But we, the people of Pakistan fail to recognize that it is not only the government rather it is us, we are part of this failure, as we are not playing our part. We are not taking the right steps ourselves then he can we blame just the government. Indeed this does not absolve government of its responsibilities.

We need to ask ourselves: what are doing to fight against this menace? And what steps have we already taken to do our part of the operation against terrorists and those who we know are working against the interest of Pakistan; i.e. our interest, the interest of the people of Pakistan. And what do we plan to do in future?

The most common answer that I get from most people including our youth is: what can we do? Fighting is not our job and we cannot help. In an interview some students of International Islamic University Islamabad, the most recent victim of two suicide bombers, were on a private television just hours after the blast and were repeating these lame excuses putting all the blame on government. Surprisingly not even one statement came from them condemning these perpetrators of heinous crime.

Why do we, the educated youth and the people are so hope less and believe that we cannot do anything. Before we try to analyze how much difference we, the youth and the people can make let me give you a very recent example.

Some very motivated youth, under the umbrella of Future Leaders of Pakistan (FLP) , Payaam Foundation and Pakistan Young Journalists Forum(PYJF) lead a rally in International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) . This great rally, a symbol of youth’s war against terrorists and anti-Pakistan forces, started from the main gate of entrance of IIUI and was lead to the very point where two suicide bombers blew themselves up and killed 7 students in total including three female students, shouted slogans: “Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Army Zindabad” and they called it “Save Pakistan Rally”.

I ask you think about their resolve, their motivation that in these circumstances these young men and women of Pakistan fought a battle against terrorism. If we think that the government let these terrorists win by closing schools, colleges and universities for couple of days, these young people defeated terrorists by slapping them on their face and telling them, “We are not afraid of you, you couldn’t break us!”

This group of young men and women told these terrorists: try your best but you cannot stop us from making this country the best “nation-state in the world”, from believing in our selves, you cannot make us think less of our selves, you might be able to kill a few of us but our will is still strong; This youth told them: you have lost this battle and you, the blood thirsty animals, will lose this war.

I ask you if these young children can win one battle at IIUI, why can’t we the middle class, educated people of Pakistan defeat Taliban and anti-Pakistan forces in our cities and towns? Are we not motivated enough? Do you think you won’t make a difference? Yes you will, your one word can make a difference! Your one slogan can make difference.

I urge all of us to not to underestimate the power of one’s self, let us not let these anti-Pakistan, inhuman win. You don’t need an organization, you don’t need money ;what you need is resolve and believe in yourself that you are better, that you won’t lose this war, that you will stand by your armed forces and those souls who didn’t deserve to die this horrible death.

If you didn’t bow to India in 1965 an enemy 7 times greater than yourself then how could you bow down to these few terrorists? Show them you are Pakistani and you will not lose this war. Not in your own home; and you will not let your child, your brother or your friend die a horrific death.

Our mother land is asking today that are we ready to give shelter to our brothers, sisters and elders from Waziristan? Are we ready to give hope? Are we ready to provide them food and clothing? Do we stand beside them in the time of need? Are we willing to stand united to against these terrorists? Are we ready to build homes for our brothers and sister in Waziristan, once the operation is complete?

These young men and women of Pakistan seem to believe, yes they can. The question is: Do you?



  1. Defeating Taliban physically will be an ad-hoc approach. Pakistanis need to defeat it in the mind first.

    What the youth of Pakistan need today, is to get rid of the burden of history, marked by ultra-nationalistic jingoism.

    Learning from the experiences of past six decades is the need of the hour, and formulating new realistic policies towards the neighbours is the only way to survive and bring peace and prosperity back.

    • Mr. Neel Pakistan has always had good relations with its neighbours infact it is india which never had good relationship with all of its neighbours cuz it believe in chanakya’s philosphy of being enemy with neigbour and friendship with neighbour’s neighbour.

  2. Yaar har aik admi apna mohalla ma wahabi, deobandi masajid aur madaras ki checking kara. These are behind mostly deadly attacks.

    And i know here where i live some peoples are also trying to recruit. And soon take action against him.

    • I agree with that approach plus, there should be checking of everyone’s mind set, What’s running in their mind, like Pakistani we all are paki’s, its ok here we have sindhi, pashto, muhajirs, kashmiris, memon’s, what crap comes is in party bazi :/ they do catastrophe like situation mentioned below, one silent terrorist sucking blood of innocent peoples:


    • Thats right, we must also look around ourselves, and try to mitigate Anti-Social act , like we are all Paki’s , Punjabi, Sindhi, Mahajir, Kashmiri etc , but the party bazi thing make major Catastrophe like mentioned in below link:


  3. Yes we must not bow down to the terrorists. But its not really the terrorists that may eventually put us down. Infact its corruption in our society that is destroying this nation.

    Allied Forces Secretly Helping Taliban:

  4. I read this news from press tv about the peshawar bomb blast.
    “Pakistan’s pro-Taliban militants blame private US security firm Blackwater for a Wednesday bomb blast in Peshawar which killed over 100 people.

    Hakimullah Mehsud, head of the Tehrik-e-Taliban, said Blackwater and some Pakistani agencies were involved in the bomb explosion at a crowded market in Peshawar.

    According to the latest reports, the death toll has mounted to 106 with over 150 injured while rescue workers say that more people could still be buried under the debris. Most of the dead were women and children.

    Pakistan army says since the militants are facing defeat in the South Waziristan tribal region, they are now targeting the people.

    Mehsud has rejected the claim, saying the US security firm Blackwater, in collaboration with some local agencies, were involved in the attack.

    On Sunday, about 200 supporters of the Tehrik-e-Taliban party held an anti-US demonstration in Dera Ismail Khan, denouncing Blackwater and chanting anti-US slogans.

    The provincial chief of the Jamat-e-Islami party, Saraj-ul-Haq, said that the Pakistani operation against militants, which is being conducted ‘with the consent of America’, should be stopped as it only fulfills the aims of the enemy.

    “Now this is sure, that all the blasts, either carried out on Faisal Mosque or Khyber Bazaar, are carried out by Blackwater,” he said.

    About 28,000 soldiers are battling an estimated 10,000 pro-Taliban militants, including about 1,000 tough Uzbek fighters and some Arab al-Qaeda-linked members.

    Analysts have warned of the possibility of more violence as the militants come under pressure in South Waziristan. “

    • @ Mu-Salman

      This Haikumullah mehsud is an agent, and hope he burns in hell. No one should take this @$$hole seriously.

      Pro Pakistani are only the Afghan Taliban and those are Mullah Omar’s men!

    i m a student of INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD (IIUI), n this article made me immensly motivated to something for my country.
    we can no more rely on our givernment or simply ‘others’ to bring about a change. its WE who have to do sumthing to save teh future for cuming generations Inshallah.

  6. yes we will defeat terrorist taiban soon INSHA-ALLAH

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